Kintera Technical and Management Team



Dahlia P. Bona
Kintera, Inc.
Director of Platform Development
9605 Scranton Road
Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121
  - MS, Software Engineering, National University
- BS,Industrial Engineering, St. Louis University
- Certification, Client Server Developer Centura Software Corp

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

6 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
8 Years      Policy Analysis and Development
18 Years    Business Operations
6 Years      Internet Industry Experience




Kintera, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Director of Platform Development. Responsible for the design and implementation of the corporate database serving as the centralized data repository. Created database documentation including schema diagrams, data dictionary and database programming standards. Provided database-programming support in the development of stored procedures and views in support of a 3-tier architecture. Managed the database and quality assurance team in support of product development and deployment. Manage ongoing database requirements and specifications in support of business and applications requirements. Provided technical guidance in the implementation of a data access mechanism to standardize the database interface. Provided technical support and guidance in the design and implementation of an optimized solution and architecture to support a web-based transaction processing application.

San Diego, CA

Director of IT/DBA Manager
Responsible for the Data Base Administrators group, providing technical support in database design and implementation. Also interfacing with Product Development and Internal application’s developers to facilitate allocation of DBA resource and task monitoring and accomplishment. Primary developer for the internal data collection applications and responsible for software enhancements and maintenance. Project included: migration of existing data repository to SQL Server 7.0, conversion of data assets obtained thru acquisitions of other data providers including export and import of data to and from external data sauces. Lead the design of an integrated database model to collect and house a multi-faceted dataset relevant to the commercial real estate industry.

Senior Software Engineer 1996- 1999

Developer for the internal data collection applications (Worksheet and Data Manager), in support of the entire data life cycle from initialization to the electronic publication of data on the Internet. The comprehensive data entry applications are client-server based hosted on Microsoft SQL Server. Functionality includes: real-time validation, workflow tracking, automated record migration from data collection phases/checkpoints, and active-X support for data collection utilities. The centralized database hosted in San Diego supports more than 120 simultaneous users accessing the applications via LAN and WAN, with users based in San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix and Bethesda. The client server application is highly optimized utilizing stored procedures in the backend to support WAN user’s performance requirement. Participated in the design of the RealBid web application, that allows web users to submit buyer profiles and preferences. Data is utilized for electronic advertising and broadcast. Developed a web-based Voting application using ASP and SQL Server back-end for company-tide implementation. Participated in the conversion of a DOS-based Tenant data entry system into a client-server based application utilizing Delphi as the front-end development tool with SQL Server 7.0 as the backend.

Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc.
San Diego, CA
1993 - 1996

Senior Principal Systems Analyst

Program Manager responsible for the Client Server Development Group. Duties include personnel management and allocation of resources on several client sewer implementation projects. Also responsible for providing technical direction in the evaluation and recommendation of software and hardware platforms including application design. Participated in code development utilizing Centura SQLWindows as the front-end tool and various back ends: including Microsoft SQLServer and Centura SQLBase. Lead Developer in the development and implementation of the following projects: Time Warner inventory System, Glacier Water Commissions Tracking System, San Diego County Airport Lease Management System San Diego County Requisition Manager System, ISA’s Customer Lead Tracking system and several smaller software maintenance projects. All these systems were developed using Centura SQLWindows, and implementation of object classes using Centura, visual tool chest objects, quick objects and OCX and VBX controls. Experienced in the use of software development tools including Windows SDK, Erwin &RX modeling tool, Team Windows version control and Microsoft SQL Server Utilities. 1990 - 1993, Senior Swans Analyst. Lead programmer/analyst for the Financial Availability Maintenance Budget Systems (FAMBS) responsible for user requirements analysis, software development and maintenance. Duties include analysis, coding and testing in a windows environment. The system offers graphical user interface and client server architecture to optimize processing of high volume database. Program Manager responsible for projects including: the Coast Guard’s Maintenance Support System, the Navy’s Maintenance Resource Management System and Financial Management systems. As program manager, duties included: project financial tracking, personnel management, task coordination, customer interface and liaison, and marketing.
Project lead responsible for the following:

  • · Coast Guard’s Configuration Tracking system using PROGRESS 4GL on BTOS environment. The system tracks engine configuration, repair history and over-all inventory data for engine components.
  • · Automated Accounting Information System (AA&IS). The project included conversion of the financial system to conform to Naval Comptroller’s processing requirements.
  • · The Info Quest Prototype system. A yacht-searching product aimed at yacht brokers to facilitate remote access to a central database using X.25 on PC platforms.

Analyst 1988- 1990

Programmer/Analyst for the Waterfront Maintenance Management Network System
(WMMSNET) using dBASE III plus and Clipper. Responsible for the full life cycle of the system. Programmer for the Ship Repair Facility Planning module. The system is a Planning and Estimating subsystem utilizing FOCUS 4GL on a VAXNMS system

U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility
Subic Bay, Philippines

Computer Systems Analyst. Staff analyst for the MIS Office.
Evaluated and documented new system hardware and software technology as applicable to the requirements of the facility. Developed and maintained programs and documentation on PC applications. Assistant ADP Security Office for the facility responsible for compliance to DOD requirements, periodic risk assessments, tempest certification for secure systems and accreditation procedure. Assistant site manager for the Waterfront Maintenance Management System on the DEC 8250 platform.