Kintera Leadership



Ephraim Feig
Kintera, Inc.
Chief Technology Officer
9605 Scranton Road
Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121
  - PhD, Mathematics, Graduate Center PhD, Mathematics, Graduate Center

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

9 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
4 Years      Policy Analysis and Development
8 Years      Business Operations
10 Years    Internet Industry Experience




Kintera, Inc.
San Diego, CA
2000 – Present

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for overall technology and marketing strategy and execution.

Yorktown Heights, NY

Program Director, Emerging Technologies (Research Division)

  • Accelerate the transfer of novel technologies from Research to the marketplace

Program Director, Media Platforms (Internet Division)

  • Responsible for technical strategy of IBM’s Internet media related products and services.
  • Architected the Digital Media Framework, a blueprint for IBM’s solutions incorporating rich media into e-business solutions.
    Manager, Multimedia Applications (Research Division)
  • Managed the development of multimedia products:
  • Full-Motion Video (MPEG) for IBM’s Aptiva line of computers.
  • PowerPC Notebook videoconferencing (the fist ever commercially preloaded videoconferencing function).
  • MPEG, H.263 and supporting multimedia software for the Ultimedia Services product on AIX for RS/6000 and PowerPC computers.

Manager, Signal Processing and Coding (Research Division)

  • Developed novel coding and compression algorithms for images, video, and multi-spectral satellite image-data.
  • Designed algorithms for the JPEG software in IBM’s ImagePlus product.
  • Managed the production of browse facility for NASA’s Earth Observation System’s multi-spectral image data sets.

Research Staff Member, Mathematical Sciences (Research Division)

  • Researched and wrote patents and publications in the areas of theory and application of transform algorithms in signal processing, algebraic complexity theory, coded modulation techniques, magnetic resonance imaging, range-Doppler radar, fast algorithms for polynomial root finding, and theory of computation.