Technical and Management Team



Jordyn Buchanan
Director of Technology
575 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
  - University of Utah, English and EnvironmentalStudies, Degree Pending

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

2 Years     Policy Analysis and Development
4 Years     Business Operations
7 Years     Internet Industry Experience


New York, NY

Director of Technology, RegistryPro (October 2001 – Present)

From its conception, lead the design, development and deployment of .pro, a new global top level domain name for professionals. Champion the technology strategy of the domain name both inside and outside the organization. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Create specifications for the company’s entire technology platform, co-ordinate architecture and development, and effect timely deployment of software and hardware.
  • Co-ordinate extension of network to points of presence on three continents.
  • Manage the hiring of developers, managers, and other technology personnel as needed for specific projects.
  • Manage key technology relationships with both clients and partners.

Director of Strategy, Technology (Nov. 2000 – Oct. 2001, some duties ongoing)

Work directly with the CTO, CEO, COO, and various department heads as the company’s principal technology strategist. Key responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Develop business cases for prospective products, including extensive technology analysis and projected P&L.
  • Act as principal technology liaison to various industry fora, including the IETF, ICANN, the regional internet registries, and the ENUM Forum.
  • Create patent disclosure for newly developed intellectual property.

Lead Network/Security Engineer (June 1999 – November 2000)

Responsible for all aspects of network design and planning, guiding the development of a major dot-com’s network through IPO phase. Also responsible for information security throughout the organization. Developed budgets, negotiate for and purchase equipment and services required for the continued operation and expansion of the network. Hired and trained all network, security, and PBX personnel. Major accomplishments include:

  • Introduce significant improvements in fault-tolerance and performance, including: use of intelligent server load balancing, addition of geographically dispersed data centers and upstream internet service providers, pre-emptive caching of content.
  • Improved monitoring of hosts and network equipment to ensure prompt responses to problems and to evaluate long term trends in performance.
  • All major projects realized on-time and significantly under budget.
  • Significantly exceeded a series of uptime goals, from 99.7% in Q3 1999 to 99.97% in Q2 2000.
  • Reduced load time of the site's home page by approximately 50%, despite significant increases in traffic.

BestWeb Corporation
Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Director of Technology
First employee and technology architect for an internet service provider, from its inception through its development as a major regional provider. Oversaw all aspects of technology design, planning and operations, including network engineering, software development, and customer service. Made personnel decisions and managed all employees in the technology department. Initially acted as principal system administrator and architect for all services, including web servers, mail systems, caching proxies, and administrative systems. On an extremely limited budget, designed and deployed a highly redundant network with over a dozen POPs and three principal data centers.
AXXIS Internet
Salt Lake City, UT

System Administrator
Responsible for all aspects of administering several UNIX systems running BSDi, FreeBSD, and Solaris 2.5. Duties included upgrading and maintaining essential system services such as BIND, sendmail, and gcc, as well as altering kernel configuration to meet functional and security requirements. Responsible for all TCP/IP services, including INN, HTTP (Netscape, Apache and ApacheSSL), and FTP. Ensure that all systems and applications are secure. Extensive use of perl and C/C++ to develop scripts and applications needed to facilitate system administration. Developed and administered an e-commerce solution which handled all aspects of sales and product delivery for a popular gaming software package.
Salt Lake City, UT

Web Developer
Worked as an independent world wide web developer. Developed web pages for
local businesses using HTML, perl for CGI scripts and a variety of graphics tools. Also performed UNIX security analysis and consulting for a local Internet Service Provider.
Meridian Title Company
Salt Lake City, UT

System Administrator
Administered and maintained a SCO UNIX system. Duties included all aspects of system administration, including user and file management, network configuration/ troubleshooting and software maintenance, acquisition and installation.


  • Elected chair of the ENUM Forum’s Applications Working Group in 2001.
  • Selected to ICANN’s Redemption Grace Period Technical Steering Group in 2002.
  • Debate coach for New York’s Stuyvesant High School and Salt Lake City’s West High. Teams placed either first or second in respective state competitions six times.


Hardware: Intel-based systems; Sun Sparc; Cisco routers and firewalls;
F5, Extreme, Lucent, Netscreen networking equipment
OS: FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT/2000
Software: Apache, Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange, BIND, squid,
Languages: Perl, C, C++, Java, shell scripts, HTML, Apple Script