Kintera Leadership



Jeane Chen
Kintera, Inc.
Vice President of Engineering
9605 Scranton Road
Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121
  - PhD, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

2 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
7 Years      Internet Industry Experience




Kintera, Inc.
San Diego, CA
2000 – Present

Executive VP, Engineering

  • In charge of product and solution definition, design, and development

IBM Internet Division Hawthorne
Hawthorne, New York

Program Director, Interactive Media

  • Drive initiatives in Interactive Media pertaining to Internet and DTV through technology development and market deployment.
  • Product manager for HotMedia: rich media technology with a focus on enabling e-business for Web and TV. HotMedia received the PCExpo 2000 best of new software award.
  • Architected and managed the development of HotMedia Web tool with the following product releases: HotMedia 1.1 (2/99), HotMedia I .2 (3/99) HotMedia 2.0 (6/99), HotMedia 2 0 for Mac (8/99), HotMedia 2.5 (12/99), HotMedia 2.5 for Mac (12/99) HotMedia TV (6/2000).
  • Developed interactive TV solutions. Working with key customers to deploy ITV offering over digital cable

Senior Manager, Interactive Media Solutions

  • Managed research activities in Interactive Video, Digital Studio for HDTV, and Visual Computing.
  • Emphasized the commercialization and market impact of new technologies. Worked closely with Industry Solution Units and customers.

IBM China Research Lab
Beijing, China

Assistant Director

  • Participated in strategic and operational decisions for CRL
  • Technical manager of network technologies and solutions. Activities included: hyper-video, Internet video conferencing, Internet content selection, Java virtual machine, storage system support, distance learning solution
  • Close interactions with marketing organizations and customers

IBM China Co.
Beijing, China

Program Manager, Broadband Applications

  • Responsible for ATM market development via broadband application enabling
  • Key interface and consultant to China’s infrastructure network development CERNET and Golden Bridge
  • Designed and worked with the marketing team to establish the first ATM WAN broadband service showcase in China Customer was Shanghai Post and Telecommunication (SPT), the largest PPT in China Services included video conferencing and video on demand
  • Interactions with China government, including Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPT), Ministry of Electronic Industry (MEI), and State Education Council
  • Participated in joint venture negotiations with China government
  • Consultant for large account marketing teams on networked multimedia solutions Major wins included Bao-Shan Steel, the largest manufacturing account in China


IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY

Research Staff Member 1990- 1994
Engineer 1982-1990
Communication networks architecture and performance 1985-1994


  • Technical areas: wireless communication networks, ATM, fast packet switches, interconnected heterogeneous LAN environments, Gbps local area networks, broadband wide area networks
  • Technical contributions: design of network architectures, protocols, throughput analysis, input/output queuing, optimal buffer allocation, fairness access algorithms, traffic integration, dynamic routing, bandwidth management, and call control policies
  • Basic science- applications of queuing theory to the design and analysis of network architectures and algorithms
Design, analysis and prototyping of high-speed printer actuators 1983-1985


  • Finite Element modeling of magnetic fields
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Design of moving-coil actuators and clapper actuators

Optimal design and feedback control for electro-magnetic devices 1983-1985


  • Linear Programming for determination of optimal design parameters
  • Devise feedback control algorithm to minimize impact energy variations

Data compression for storage of Chinese characters 1982-1983

  • Font scaling algorithm for storage reduction

Professional Activities

  • Program Chair, “The First Annual Emerging Information Technology Conference – Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” Nov 2001, Newark, NJ
  • Program Chair, “Home and Office for the new Millennium,” MNTC’99, Nov 1999, Newark, NJ
  • Member of METS98, a select delegation of distinguished overseas Chinese scientists who meet with various government advisory boards and industry leaders to discuss emerging technology trends and their impact on Taiwan’s hi-tech industry The delegates also confer with the President and the Premier and submit their formal recommendation to the Executive Yuan, Taiwan, 1998
  • Session Chair on “Convergence of Web and TV,” MNTC’98, Nov 1998, Newark, NJ
  • Keynote speaker on “ATM Applications,” Shanghai International Conference on Computer Communication, Oct. 19, 1996, Shanghai, China
  • Invited speaker on “Future Trend on Multimedia Networking,” IEEE Photonics China’96, Nov. 5, 1996, Beijing, China
  • Invited speaker on “Distance Learning Solutions,” International Conference on Education, Sept. 19, 1996, Beijing, China
  • Invited panelist on “Direction of Networked Multimedia,” InterMedia’95, April 95, Singapore
  • Invited speaker on “Multimedia Network Technology and Market Development,” China’s Multimedia Seminar sponsored by Ministry of Economy and Trade, Nov. 30, 1995, Beijing, China
  • Book reviews editor, IEEE Communication magazine. (1990-1992)
  • Referee for technical journals and conferences


  • Over 30 patent applications in areas of networking, multimedia, and e-commerce while with IBM
  • Five IBM Invention Achievement Plateaus
  • Four patent applications in area of e-marketing with Kintera


  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, “ For Design and Development of HotMedia Product,” Feb. 1999
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, “ For Design and Development of HotVideo,” May, 1998
  • IBM Research Div Award, “For Leadership in Developing Networked Multimedia Applications,” May, 1997
  • IBM Research Div Award, “For Contributions to the Architecture and Design of BBNS,” Dec. 1994
  • IBM Research Div Award, “For Contributions to the IBM Infrared Wireless Personal Area Network Product,” March, 1994


  • Thirty technical publications in Professional Journals and Conference Proceedings and two book chapters in areas of Networking (Broadband, ATM Wireless), Multimedia, and Performance Analysis