Kintera Team/Management



Lonnie Brownell
Kintera, Inc.
Director of Product Development
9605 Scranton Road
Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92121
  - BS, Information and Computer Science University of California, Irvine

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

1 Year        Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
8 Years      Business Operations
7 Years      Internet Industry Experience




Kintera, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Director Product Development
Direct teams of engineers developing Sphere and Friends Asking Friends, Kintera’s service that provides online communication, event management and fundraising services for non-profit organizations. Responsible for requirement gathering, project planning, design overview, establishing and enforcing development policies and procedures, and release management. Maintain the project schedule using Microsoft Project, providing different views of the plan to different audiences (engineers, management). Implemented a program using VB.NET to drive Microsoft Visual Source Safe to do project-wide merging of parallel development branches.

Akamai Technologies
San Diego, CA

Director, Forum Development
Direct development and QA engineers working on Akamai Forum, an Internet/intranet webcasting application. Work with product management to develop roadmap and requirements, work with the engineering and operations teams to produce design specifications, develop project plans and manage to them, coordinate with other engineering and operations organizations, and implement process improvements.

Director, Client Application Development 2000-2000

Continued directing Publish, Syndication and DRM projects begun at INTERVU (see below) until Akamai cancelled them, prior to taking over the Forum product (see above). Took on role of San Diego White Hat leader. White Hat is the highest engineering problem escalation mechanism at Akamai.

INTERVU 1998-2000

Director, Client Application Development
Directed development of several projects, including AUDIENCE (see below), Multimedia Manager (see below), Conference (automated conference webcasting), Videoseeker (automated video site production for NBCi), Publish (content management), Syndication (content reuse), and Digital Rights Management or DRM (multimedia content protection and licensing). Required managing several groups of engineers working on disparate projects. In April of 2000, Akamai Technologies acquired INTERW.

Lead Engineer 1996-1998

Responsible for the design, implementation, test direction, maintenance and release of the Multimedia Manager (an internet-based multimedia player installer/updater) and AUDIENCE (a promotional tool). Responsibilities Included providing task assignments and design architecture to other engineers as well as developing significant parts of the applications.

Senior Engineer 1995-1996
Developed a prototype streaming MPEG video player that provided the proof-of-concept that allowed INTERVU to go forward. Worked in conjunction with one other engineer to add synchronized audio and transform into a Netscape plug-in--one of the first plug-ins, one of the first streaming video players, and INTERVU’s first (free) product. Helped develop InstaVU player and creator, which allowed playback simuilar to progressive JPEG of MPEG video. Participated LII design of streaming network, servers and network analysis tools.

Proprietary Software Systems (PSS)
Santa Monica, CA

Manager, Compiler Products
Performed both product and project management for PSS’ JOVIAL and Ada compiler products. Duties ranged from meeting with customers to establish requirements, report progress and deliver releases, develop designs, manage developers, manage system testers, and do a significant amount of the development work. Products supported included JOVIAL compilers used by Boeing (for the B-2), MacDonald Douglas (for the B-l), Israel Aircraft Industries (for the Lavi fighter), as well as the official Air
Force JoVIAL development system. PSS also produced an Ada compiler for a specialized Zoran signal-processing computer for Martin Marietta (for the Apache/Longbow). Helped establish configuration management and QA processes and tools.

Senior Engineer 1985-1995
Initial task at PSS was to create a parameterized code auditor for the JOVIAL language to test for adherence to coding standards. From there worked on several other JOVIAL compiler projects, including implementing a Zilog 28000 target, procedure-call customization for MIL-STD-1750A targets, and re-hosting and retargeting to the DEC VAX architecture.

Litton Data Systems
Van Nuys, CA

Participated in initial design phase for a real-time operating system to be used in a battlefield command and control system for the US Marine Corps. Joined an R&D project working on software development tools and methodologies-an early forerunner of highly integrated systems such as the Rational development suite.

San Diego Gas & Electric
San Diego, CA

Joined the distribution engineering department performing programming tasks, primarily writing custom reports against engineering databases and cost/performance optimization programs for sizing electrical services.

Litton Data Systems
Kanoga Park, CA

Designed and implemented the user interface for a communications control system for the US Navy, as well as several other modules within the system.