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Marshall Strauss
DotOrg Foundation
51 Broad Street
Salem, MA 01970
  - BA, with honors from Harvard College

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

20 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
15 Years      Policy Analysis and Development
15 Years      Business Operations
1 Years        Internet Industry Experience




Combined Federal Campaign
Washington DC

Chair of the National Combined Federal Campaign Committee 2002-Present

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the annual workplace giving campaign for U.S. federal employees. It incorporates an internationally recognized certification program for charities, which it applies to more than 1,300 national and international charities and 40,000 community charities. The CFC raised approximately US$240 in million 2001.

Over the years, Strauss has served in a variety of capacities in the National CFC Committee – a coalition representing 23 national charity federations, federal employees and others involved in administering the campaign. In 2001, for example, he was elected vice-chair.

Human and Civil Rights Organization of America, Inc.
Salem, MA

President and Chair of the Board
An organization he helped establish in 1994, HCROA serves more than 70 national and international affiliated NGOs including Americans for Indian Opportunity, Campaign to End Genocide, Center for Law and Social Policy, Center of Concern, EarthRights International, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), Freedom House, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Human Rights Watch, International Fellowship of Christian and Jews, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Public Citizen Foundation, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Washington Office on Latin America.

HCROA is working with faculty at Yale University and Boston College to strengthen the validation and certification programs that target multi-national corporations. As president of HCROA, Strauss is a member of the steering committee of the Corporate – NGO Foreign Policy Roundtable, a forum involving leading multi-national corporations and human rights groups.

Freedom Channel
Summerville, MA

Founding Executive Director and Board Member
An organization of Russian political activists and American supporters established in 1993, Freedom Channel works with Russian journalists, pollsters, and politicians to use television in support of democratic reforms. While Strauss was executive director, Freedom Channel produced more than 20 human rights documentaries which were broadcast nationwide in Russia in the mid-1990s. Strauss also led the organization’s groundbreaking analysis of state sponsored television and radio for legislative coverage (eg, C-SPAN) which was used by the Russian State Duma to guide the development of their own system.

While with Freedom Channel, Strauss advised Russian politicians, their staff, and leaders of the media on techniques of political activism, the production of media advertisements, and polling. He led multiple delegations of American media experts to Russia to advise their equivalents. Strauss initiated and advised on the production of Russia’s first get-out-the-vote television advertisements, broadcast in the run up to that nation’s first free election of the Duma. These PSAs eventually received the Soros Award.

Democracy for China Fund
Newton, MA
1989 - 1993

Founding Executive Director and Board Member
An organization of Chinese political activists and American supporters established in the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, the Democracy for China Fund emerged as a leading force helping to shape U.S. policy toward the People’s Republic of China during the early 1990s. Strauss organized and participated in the 1991 Human Rights Delegation to China led by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

In 1992, Strauss assisted Shen Tong to become the first Tiananmen Square leader to successfully return to China after going into exile. When Shen Tong was subsequently arrested by Chinese authorities, Strauss led an international effort to obtain his release, which ultimately succeeded.

Strauss conceived and helped produce an award winning get-out-the-vote television advertisement which was widely used across the U.S. in 1992.

Child Welfare Leauge of America
Washington, DC

Associate Director
The leading association for state agencies and NGOs dealing with the care and treatment of children. Strauss was responsible for the League’s marketing and fundraising.

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)
Boston, MA

Associate Director
PSR shared in the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in educating the public and political leaders as to the dangers of nuclear weapons. Strauss was responsible for PSR’s marketing and fundraising, doubling its budget.

Prior to 1980, Mr. Strauss held various positions including special assistant to Massachusetts Governor Francis Sargent and special assistant to U.S. Senator John Durkin. Mr. Strauss was a research associate at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy from 1994-96, and was an adjunct member of the faculty of Emerson College in 1995.

Here and overseas, he has been interviewed extensively on issues of human rights by, among others, the Associated Press, UPI, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, ABC News, Actuel (Paris), BBC, and Russian National Television.