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Michael Washburn
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51 Broad Street
Salem, MA, 01970
  - PhD, Forrest Resources, Penn State
- MS, State University of New York
- BS SUNY College of Environmental Science
& Forestry College

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

10 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
10 Years     Policy Analysis and Development




Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Global Institute for Sustainable Forestry

Director for Programs (January 2002 to Present)
Lecturer, Forest Certification Systems and Impacts on Forest Conservation (Spring 2002)
Utilizing a conceptual framework for relating global certification systems, which he has created, Mr. Washburn currently teaches the history and evolution of systems, as well as the global impacts on forest policy and management.

Associate Research Scientist and Director of Program on Certification (January to December 2001)
Program administration for Mr. Washburn meant coursework, research, and policy engagement. In his capacity, Mr. Washburn was responsible for contract management, budgeting, and reporting. He raised over $450,000 in funds for GISF programs in two years. Additionally, the program provided continuing education for forestry professionals.

During his year of service, Mr. Washburn participated in USDA Forest Service internal evaluation of certification options for the National Forest System.

Projects (2001 to Present):

The Intersection Project
For a project that ultimately would establish collaboration among corporations and environmental and human rights organizations, Mr. Washburn designed his own method of mapping the certification universe and creating more integrated approaches to certification.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Forestry Education in Forestry Schools of the United States
Mr. Washburn served as lead fundraiser and project manager, developing focus group protocol and a research plan with an advisory committee and university partners. Additional duties included coordinating on campus activities and supervising web-based and other communication.

Certification of Yale- Meyers Research Forest
In pursuit of joint SFI/FSC certification, Mr. Washburn served as a member of Yale’s forest management team, documenting experience as part of FSC evaluation. He also assisted in developing and reviewing submissions to RFP.

Proposed Projects:

  • Certification of the Yale-Meyers Research Forest, Washburn and Ashton, 2001.
  • Certification Evaluation, Information, and Service Project, Washburn and Cashore, 2001.
  • Pilot Testing Landscape Management Systems (LMS) in the Adirondack Park and
  • Russian Far East, Washburn and Fox, 2001.
  • A Comparative Guide of Forest Certification Systems and Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management. Washburn, 2000.

Sustainable Forestry Partnership, Washington, D.C. and University Park, PA

National Coordinator January to December 2000

As program liaison with government, industry, and NGO sectors, Mr. Washburn coordinated with university partners (Penn State, Oregon State, and Auburn University) and raised $80,000 in funds from foundations, government, and industry. Duties included reporting, record keeping, budgeting, supervision, and membership development. As an SFP representative on national committees, Mr. Washburn conducted public education, outreach to landowners, and stakeholder coordination.

Proposed Projects

  • Mainstreaming Sustainable Forestry Graduate Education in Forestry Schools of the United States: Washburn, Michael P., and A. Scott Reed, 2000.
  • Expanding Inter-Institutional Collaboration on Sustainable Forestry Research and Education: Washburn, 2000.
Associate Director January to December 1999

As SFP liaison for Penn State, Mr. Washburn raised $125,000 in funds from foundations, government, and industry; built partnerships with other universities, government, industry, and NGO sectors; and conducted strategic planning for SFP development. Mr. Mashburn additionally designed field protocol for evaluation of Sustainable Forestry Initiative SM company lands (Forestry Monitoring Program; Izaak Walton League of America, 1999). Conducted SmartWood Assessor Training (St. Mary’s Pennsylvania, February 1999).

Proposed Projects

  • Sustaining Communities on Private Ecosystems: Washburn and Unger, 1999.
  • Comparative Analysis of Certification Assessment Procedures: Washburn, Finley, and Nielsen, Penn State, 1999.
Graduate Associate January to December 1998

Mr. Washburn conducted strategic planning for Penn State’s participation in SFP, raising $55,000 in funds. Developing working partnerships on projects, he planned and coordinated conference on Promoting Certification on Non-industrial Private Forests in the United States ( January 1998), hosted by Rockefeller Brothers Fund at Pocantico on Hudson.

Proposed Project

  • Documenting Forestry Innovations: Virtual Forest Tools and Extension Education as Tools: Finley, James, C., Michael P. Washburn, Rick Fletcher, 1998.
Oregon State University, Corvallis OR
Visiting Scholar July to December 1997

Mr. Washburn conducted feasibility analysis for expansion of SFP. Additionally, he coordinated Inter-University Forum on Sustaining Forest Ecosystems (November 1997), focused on university research, training and extension. He raised and managed funds ($30,000) from foundations, companies, NGOs, and conference registrations.

Committee Appointments

National Sustainable Development Indictors Institute March 2002-Present

Government, NGO, industry collaborative to develop consensus based sustainable development indicators for the United States. Chair of the marketing and resources committee/The Pocantico Group.

Stakeholders and Partners on Non-Federal Forestlands. March 2000 to Present

Multi-institutional forum for private and public stakeholders focusing on non-federal forestland issues in 2002 Farm Bill. Co-convened by SFP and USDA Forest Service.

Roundtable on Sustainable Forests. November 1998 to Present

Serve on Communication and Outreach Work Group (Co-chair, 2001). Core Group participant from 2000-present. Multi-institutional, public/private initiative work to advance domestic use of Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Management of Temperate and Boreal Forests. Wrote initial charter, Communications and Outreach Work Plan. Designed web site.

Science of Sustainable Forestry Project, Advisory Committee. 1999 and 2000

Collaborative project of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and American Forest and Paper Association focusing on research to advance understanding of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative SM.