Technical and Management Team



Richard Roberto
Director of Engineering
3 Witzling Court
Flemington, NJ 08822

  - American College of Computer and Company towards a BS in Computer Science through distance learning

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

11 Years      Policy Analysis and Development
11 Years      Business Operations
14 Years      Internet Industry Experience


New York, NY
2000 - Present

Director of Engineering, Registry Advantage
Responsibilities Include:

  • Assist in business development of new proprietary infrastructure applications
  • Manage project timelines and application development efforts using a combination of UP and Agile development methods
  • Architecting and implementing a new infrastructure to run very high performance proprietary distributed software for high volume transactions over the internet
  • Developing all system, network, and storage specifications to support these applications
  • All phases of procurement and vendor management, including securing data center colocation space and internet connectivity around the globe
  • Platform validation and stress testing of all components, including proprietary software
  • All aspects of project management, including resource leveling and scope management
  • All aspects of the implementation, from racking and stacking, to assigning 24/7 escalation responsibilities in our System and Problem management systems
  • All business continuity and fail over scenario planning and testing
  • Performance management, including collecting realtime metrics of all infrastructure components and key application metrics for capacity forecasting
  • 5 dedicated staff, and 5 other teams matrix reporting into me for network support, system engineering, Unix system administration, Unix Operators, and DBA support


Merrill Lynch
Tokyo, Japan
1999 -2000

Senior Unix Systems Administrator
Responsibilities included:

  • Y2K upgrade program for the Unix environment, including milestone management within the project plan, and Asset Insight inventory/reporting tool
  • Head of the Unix projects group which included 1 full time staff and matrix reporting of 12 additional staff
  • Operation and Maintenance of existing BMC Patrol and Alert monitoring system
  • Design and development of a replacement monitoring environment using Tivoli TME 10 3.6 and Remedy ARS 4.0
  • Develop SARGraph graphing package to graph sar data and an associated web interface so that daily sar performance data and graphs are available on line
  • Develop ad-hoc monitoring of the automated DNS and Sendmail Aliases management and generation batch processing
  • Maintain and support perl based management scripts for managing DNS, Sendmail, mailing lists served by Majordomo
  • Consult on global email archiving implementation for Exchange and SMTP mail


AVP Private Client Architecture
Princeton, NJ

Responsibilities included:

  • Development of Unix monitors and Tivoli event correlation
  • Integration of NT monitoring events into a Tivoli framework
  • Development of deployment strategies for systems management software


NatWest Securities Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Assistant Manager of IT, Head of Unix Administration
Responsibilities included:

  • Assistant managing day to day IT operations, including 9 staff
  • Regional manager for Unix infrastructure for S.W.I.F.T. Alliance server on Solaris 2.5.1 and other related systems (including IStarCM from Nomura) for Asia Pacific
  • Regional manager for an internal capture/settlements/P&L system's Solaris and Sybase infrastructure (including TibCo's Rendezvous publish & subscribe middleware) for Asia Pacific
  • Managing the Reuters Triarch market data unix infrastructure
  • NatWest GFM Global DNS steering committee member and 3rd tier global DNS support
  • Implemented "hands off" London DNS implementation for Greenwich NatWest (London) in perl
  • Tokyo Millennium Program coordinator (this was primarily a project management and executive reporting function)
  • Business Continuity Planning (disaster recovery) project co-coordinator


Bear, Stearns & Company, Inc.
Whippany, NJ
1996- 1997

MIS Systems Administrator
Responsibilities Included:

  • SunOS/Solaris systems administration, focusing on replacing ad-hoc methodologies with engineered support and maintenance solutions using scripting and automation
  • Restructuring name service management and NFS management
  • Developing distribution and maintenance procedures for in house developed risk analysis software (RACS), including managing an extremely dynamic development environment
  • Managing critical file transfer batch processing to mainframes and external entities using UUCP, Zmodem, and FTP

Systems Administrator / Local Head of IS (Tokyo, Japan)
Responsibilities Included:

  • Continued support of the NY/NJ overnight batch processing and HA issues
  • Office expansion project assistance including network infrastructure upgrade and Mac to NT conversion
  • Local Cc:Mail PO administration issues
  • 1st level HP/UX support including the support of a NAS450 filer
  • All local technology purchasing, maintenance, budgeting, and apportionments


ScotiaBank, the Bank of Nova Scotia
New York City, NY

Senior Systems Administrator
Responsibilities included:

  • Production support of a SunOS based distributed computing environment, including NCD Xterminal thin clients, in an extremely high availability trading environment
  • Development of tools to automate administration tasks including centralized user management, fault tolerance, and application distribution
  • Project management for all Unix and network infrastructure upgrades
  • Centralized proxy based network/system monitoring and performance analysis (tekmon + home rolled scripts)


Total Tec Systems, Inc.
Edison, NJ

Senior Systems Integrator
Responsibilities included:

  • Development and staging of custom systems and networks
  • System and network administration design and training on SunOS and Solaris, including disaster recovery planning and data availability (Legato and On Line: products)
  • Network and system performance tuning on Solaris 2.x platforms (tunefs, enhanced newfs parameters, tuning the paging algorithm, using dispadmin for dispatch queue optimization, using ndd to tune /dev/tcp parameters for high volume short lived connections, etc.)
  • System tailoring and tuning on VAX and AXP platforms
  • 3rd party integration into VAX and Sun environments
  • Providing training on complex administrative issues, tool creation, and window manager customizations



  • Formerly a member of Phi Theta Kappa Academic Honors Society while enrolled in Raritan Valley Community College
  • Student instructor for adult elementary mathematics, also while enrolled in RVCC.

Special Skills

  • Programming in: perl, bourne and C shells, C
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Internet technologies, including web server administration, CGI programming, extensive DNS knowledge including having written a custom threaded resolver library for performance and load testing