Section 16 Officers



Rajiv Samant
Chief Operating Officer
575 8th Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
  - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Operations Research at Indian Institute of Technology.
- Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science at The University of Wisconsin Madison.
- Master of Business Administration (MBA) at M.I.T. Sloan School of Management

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

16 Years      Policy Analysis and Development
11 Years      Business Operations
16 Years      Internet Industry Experience


New York, NY
2000 - present

Chief Operating Office

  • Operational oversight over all functions -- development, marketing, sales, support, finance, strategy, etc.
  • Diversitifcation of revenue stream
  • Reduction of cost structure through organizational redesign and consolidation (Walt Disney Internet Group) 2000-2001

Executive Vice President and General Manager:

  • P&L responsibility for (formerly Infoseek) – Disney’s portal
  • Operational oversight over all functions -- development, marketing, sales, support, finance, strategy, etc.
  • Lead an organization that spans multiple sites in the US and includes over 500 employees

Major Accomplishments:

  • Relaunched the portal to stake leadership in the entertainment space
  • Built the senior management team with key hires across most areas
  • Reduced cost structure through business model changes and consolidation
  • Diverisified revenue stream in areas other than online advertising
  • Improved customer loyalty through growth in traffic and repeat usage
  • Launched a $50 million national marketing campaign


IBM Somers
New York, NY

General Manager of IBM's Unix Operating System

  • P&L responsibility for AIX -- IBM's Unix operating system ($400 million revenue)
  • Operational oversight over all functions -- development, marketing, service, oem sales, finance, strategy
  • Led an organization that spans multiple sites in the US
  • Member of IBM's Senior Management Group -- a group of IBM's top 250 executives

Major accomplishments:

  • Formulated and launched IBM's Unix operating system strategy (code named Project Monterey)
  • Launched worldwide AIX 4.3.3 operating system release targeted at e-business applications
  • Forged partnerships with major industry players including Compaq, Intel, SCO, Unisys, and others
  • Led IBM's efforts to acquire Sequent Corporation for $810 million in support of strategy
  • Increased Unix brand mindshare with key industry analyst (e.g. Gartner, Meta), press, business partners
  • Revamped ISV support programs and forged partnerships with major ISVs (e.g Oracle, Cygnus, Veritas)

1997-1998 Vice President, ISV & OEM Programs

  • Responsible for building and executing on partnerships, worldwide with major ISVs and OEMs, for IBM’s Unix, AS/400 and NT servers that account for over $12 billion of IBM’s revenues.
  • Lead a group of over 300 people worldwide responsible for running technical support, joint-marketing, and joint-sales programs

Major accomplishments:

  • Increased IBM's participation in key e-business market segments (e.g. mail, collaboration) over a period of 12 months
  • Revamped IBM's ISV portfolio (over 150 leading ISVs) in the Unix Server market and strengthened joint-marketing and joint-sales activities to close gaps with key competitors
  • Launched major OEM relationships in Europe, U.S., and Asia Pacific to drive $200 million revenues.

1996-1997 Vice President, Business Development, PC Company

  • Responsible formulating strategy and executing on major business development initiatives for IBM’s PC business.

Major accomplishments:

  • Negotiated and launched a $1.5 billion outsourcing contract with Acer -- a key element of IBM's strategy in the PC industry.


New York and London

Resolve major issues facing CEOs of major corporations in the U.S. and Europe. Led McKinsey's electronics practice in Europe.

Industry expertise:
Specialized in computer, telecommunications, and electronics industry. Served major industry participants in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Italy in the hardware, software, and services sector (e.g. personal computers, groupware software)

Key accomplishments:

  • Developed and won the second GSM cellular license in Italy valued at more than $3 billion. Helped launch the service.
  • Launched a corporate restructuring program to stem multi-million dollar losses of a major European IT products and services supplier. Profitability improved by over $200 million in first phase.
  • Launched entry of a worldwide imaging products company into the color printer and media market place. Reengineered the PC business of a major IT vendor to improve profitability.
  • Achieved substantial reduction in machine type models resulted in over $100 million savings due to plant inventory and write-off reductions.

Intel Corporation
Portland Oregon

Product Development Manager (1987-1988) High Performance Computer Systems Division

Responsible for product development for a real-time systems product line based on an X-86 multi-processor architecture. Managed a development organization of over 50 engineers.

  • Launched Release 3.0 of Intel's object oriented operating systems (RMX) for real-time processing
  • Launched Intel's Multibus-II message based bus protocol for multi-processor systems.
  • Repositioned the product line to attain functional advantage by implementing virtual computer network on the system bus ('network-in-a-box')

Product Development Engineer (1985-1987) Unix Workstation Development Division
Responsible for development of UNIX based workstations based on Intel's 'x86' family of microprocessors. Ported Unix System 5.3 to Intel's 386 architecture. Designed and implemented the memory management architecture, file i/o, and the boot sub-systems.