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Appendix00 Red Cross Proposal
Appendix01 Receipt of Wire Transfer to ICANN
Appendix02 Global Name Registry Certificate of incorporation
Appendix03 Global Name Registry Articles of Association
Appendix04 Red Cross Charter
Appendix05 Red Cross Trustees Report
Appendix10 Escrow, triangular contract draft
Appendix11a Escrow NCC offer
Appendix11b Escrow, DSI offer
Appendix13 Backup Sagitta TSM installation
Appendix14 Ironmountain
Appendix20 ESS
Appendix21 Ess overview
Appendix22 Foundry and GNR
Appendix23 BigIron Architecture
Appendix24 BigIron
Appendix25 Platypus solid state storage
Appendix26 PIX security
Appendix30 Code of Conduct
Appendix31 Equivalent Access
Appendix32 Compliance Manual
Appendix33 Compliance Training
Appendix50 Letters of support
  Appendices 06-09, 12, 15-19, 27-29, 34-49 intentionally omitted