E - Applicant's Request For Confidential Treatment.

E1. applicant's full legal name:

The full legal name of the applicant:


The Global Name Registry, Limited


Registered Office and Principal Address of applicant:


125 High Holborn

London WC1V 6QA

United Kingdom

E2. confidential treatment request

Does the applicant request confidential treatment of any portion of the application or any material submitted in connection with the application or any material submitted in connection with the application?


E3. information for material

If the response to Item E2 is yes, please provide, on sheets of paper attached to this statement of requested confidential treatment of materials submitted, the following information as to which the applicant requests confidential treatment:


Clearly identify exactly what material is subject to the request for confidential treatment.  The identification should state the general nature of the material (e.g., “economic terms of prior agreement submitted to demonstrate operational capabilities”) and precisely and clearly state every place in the application or material submitted where the material appears (e.g., “the first full paragraph on page 24 of the .org proposal”).

On behalf of its parent company, GNR Limited (“GNR”), Global Name Registry requests confidential treatment for its annual report and financial statements for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2001 (together, the “Financial Reports”), which are attached to this proposal as Appendix 06.  The word “CONFIDENTIAL” appears at the top of each page of the Financial Reports.

E3.2. restrictions on disclosure, use, and handling.

State precisely what restrictions on disclosure, use and handling of the material is requested.

Although it has attached its Financial Reports for the purpose of supporting this proposal, Global Name Registry respectfully requests that other than the ICANN Board and limited members of the ICANN staff, no other individual, corporation, organization or other entity be allowed access to the Financial Reports.  Global Name Registry further requests that each of the individuals on the ICANN Board and staff who gain access to the Financial Reports treats such reports confidentially and does not disclose any information derived from the Financial Reports to any party.

Once review of this proposal has been completed, Global Name Registry respectfully requests that the Financial Reports provided be destroyed.

E3.3. justification.

Provide a justification for why the material should be treated confidentially and why the restrictions on disclosure, use and handling are appropriate.

As a private limited company organized under the laws of England and Wales, other than in accordance with those laws, GNR does not make it a practice of releasing its Financial Reports.  The Financial Reports attached are in fact in draft form and have not been filed with the Companies House in accordance with English laws.  Confidential treatment of the draft Financial Reports is critical because to the extent that information is disseminated, any misstatements or material errors therein may adversely impact Global Name Registry and/or GNR in the context of its relationships with its existing investors, new potential investors (potentially affecting any future valuation of the company), and/or suppliers.  Final versions of the Financial Reports will be completed and filed in due course.   Until such time, Global Name Registry, on behalf of GNR, respectfully requests that confidential treatment be accorded.


By signing this Statement of Requested Confidential Treatment of Materials Submitted, the undersigned certifies that he or she has authority to do so on behalf the applicant. The undersigned agrees on behalf of himself or herself and the applicant to the procedure described in section I of this statement and that there is no claim to confidential treatment for any material submitted by applicant not clearly identified in response to item E3.1 and marked "CONFIDENTIAL."  The undersigned agrees, on his or her own behalf and on behalf of the applicant and each of its officers, directors, employees, consultants, attorneys, agents, partners, and joint venturers, that neither ICANN, nor any of its officers, directors, employees, consultants, attorneys, and agents, shall have any monetary liability for disclosure or use of submitted materials contrary to the procedure described in section I of this statement, except where that disclosure or use is done to maliciously harm applicant.








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