Non-Disclosure Agreement


Appendix F — Non-Disclosure Agreement

I understand I am an employee assigned to Public Interest Registry (PIR), Afilias, or another employee who has a need to know information related to the business of PIR and Afilias which is proprietary, confidential or business sensitive, belonging to the business of PIR, Afilias, or other companies or customers of the Registry Business ("Need to Know Employee"). I agree not to disclose or otherwise disseminate such information to anyone other than Need to Know Employees, except as directed, in writing, by the President/CEO of PIR or Afilias or his/her designee. This prohibition is specifically intended to prevent the disclosure of any such information to personnel of ICANN-Accredited Registrars. I understand that disclosure of such information to anyone other than a Need to Know Employee or use of such information could result in personal liability for such unauthorized use or disclosure.

I agree to use such proprietary, confidential and/or business sensitive information only in the performance of requirements necessary to carry out my duties as a Need to Know Employee, and I agree to take suitable precautions to prevent the use or disclosure of such information to any party, other than Need to Know Employees. I will report to the President/CEO of PIR or Afilias or his/her designee any potential violation of this agreement. I further agree to surrender any and all data and information, of any type whatsoever, to the President/CEO of PIR or Afilias or his/her designee upon the termination of my employment as an employee of PIR/Afilias.

I certify that I have read and fully understand this Non-Disclosure Agreement and agree to abide by all requirements contained herein. I understand that my strict compliance is essential to PIR and Afilias, and any violation of these requirements may result in termination of my employment.

Agreed to: ___________________________________________________

Employee Date Verified: ________________________________________

          President/CEO, Public Interest Registry [or Afilias Limited]

Date: ________________________________________

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