Exhibit 6:
Memorandum of Understanding between CentralNic and Organic Names

Organic Names Ltd
163 New King's Road
United Kingdom

Company No 04456018

12th June 2002

Steve Dyer
CentralNic Ltd
163 New King’s Road
United Kingdom

Subject to contract
Strictly Private & Confidential


Dear Steve,

Project Organic- Proposed application to ICANN for reassignment of .org gTLD to Organic Names Ltd, and outsource of certain operational functions to CentralNic Ltd.

As we have discussed verbally, Organic Names Ltd ("Organic") is in the process of making an application (the "Application") to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") with regard to the reassignment of the .org gTLD to Organic ("Reassignment"). CentralNic Limited ("CentraliNic") operates registry services for various domain names, for which purpose it employs certain staff and owns and develops certain business intellectual property.

Organic has passed to CentralNic a draft copy of the Application.

Organic and CentralNic each agree:

  1. Organic shall provide CentralNic, immediately prior to submitting the Application to ICANN, a copy of that Application. Organic shall be entitled, notwithstanding the confidentiality provisions in this memorandum, to summarise in the Application the terms of this memorandum only with CentralNic's prior consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

  2. The Application shall refer to CentralNic as Organic's 'bid partner', and CentralNic shall provide to Organic, and permit Organic to disclose, such information as is reasonably necessary for Organic to prepare and optimise the Application

  3. On signature of the contemplated agreement, CentralNic shall provide to Organic the services ('Services') of its management team and staff for the development, deployment and operation (from the date of Reassignment) of the .org domain ('Operation'), such operation to be carried out according to the provisions of the Application, or, if and when negotiated by Organic with ICANN, the resultant contract ('Contract') for the Reassignment. CentralNic shall grant to Organic, without charge, a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free non-assignable license to all intellectual property developed by CentralNic (including, for the avoidance of doubt, intellectual property developed or otherwise owned by CentralNic prior to the date of this memorandum) for the sole purpose of the Operation, to the fullest extent that it is able. Software purchased for the purpose of the Operation shall be purchased by CentralNic on Organic's behalf. CentralNic shall provide to Organic Names estimates of costs of Services ('Costs'), which it shall use reasonable endeavours to minimize, prior to commitment to such Costs. Where such Costs are authorized by Organic, Organic shall reimburse CentralNic for such Costs, and in addition pay to CentralNic a management fee ('Management Fee') equal to 10% of such Costs. All payments shall be made within 30 days of the date of undisputed invoice. Should payments not be authorized by Organic, and should CentralNic have fulfilled its obligations to minimize costs, then CentralNic will be released from its respective obligations under this agreement. Notwithstanding the above, no payments to CentralNic shall become due until 30 days after Reassignment.

  4. term of the contemplated agreement shall commence on the date of signature by both parties, and shall continue in perpetuity, but may be terminated by three months’ notice given by either party, such notice not to expire prior to the first anniversary of the Reassignment.

  5. In the event that ICANN reassigns the .org gTLD to a party other than Organic, or does not reassign the .org gTLD prior to 1 December 2002, either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement by notice in writing, such notice to take effect immediately.

  6. Subject to clause 2 above, each party will keep strictly confidential and not make or submit or procure the making of any public disclosure, statement or announcement concerning any of the matters referred to in this memorandum or about the Application without the written consent of the other party unless and to the extent that there is a legal or regulatory obligation to do so in which event the disclosing party will to the extent practical consult with the other as to the timing and content of any such disclosure or statement as appropriate.

  7. 1, 2, 6 and 7 of this memorandum shall be binding. The remainder of the clauses of this memorandum shall be non-binding, but shall become binding on Reassignment.

Please will you confirm your agreement to the above terms by signing below.

__________________________                ___________________

Alex Bligh                                             Date

On behalf of Organic Names Ltd

Agreed and accepted

__________________________                ___________________

Stephen Dyer                                        Date

On behalf of CentralNic Ltd