VIII. Differentiation of the .org TLD

C38 In this section Organic Names describes the measures it is proposing to differentiate .org from TLDs intended for commercial purposes.

Defining .org

Originally .org was the default catch-all of what became the Global Top Level Domains. RFC 1591 states: 'ORG - this domain is intended as the miscellaneous TLD for organisations that did not fit anywhere else. Some non-government organisations may fit here.'

However, over time the perceived purpose, or charter for the domain appears to have changed. Whilst .org is an open SLD in which any entity can register, it has come to be recognised as the natural home of non-commercial, non-governmental organisations such as societies, charities and other good causes.

As of 1 March 2002, just over 3 million .org names have been registered. In comparison there have been 24.4m .com registrations and 4.6m .net registrations.

Organic Names believes that the provision of a dedicated .org registry supported by a sustained and strategic marketing campaign will enhance the standing of this robust domain.

Organic Names believes that .org has immense yet unexploited potential and the following section outlines the marketing initiatives that Organic Names proposes to implement.

A re-launch of .org

The introduction of new gTLDs by various organisations in the recent past has shown that by far the most troublesome area has been the attempts to apply rules relating to intellectual property, trademarks, challenges, sunrise periods and land-rush issues.

In the case of .org the sun has already risen, and the wide collective of existing registrants would make retrospective application of new rules an unfair and Herculean task.

For the future Organic Names seeks to bring a branding of corporate social responsibility to .org. Organic Names wishes to encourage the adoption of the .org name by organisations and corporations that see themselves as having a social dimension, an indication that they are more than just money-making machines.

In addition Organic Names believes opportunity for .org exists in the developing Internet markets and it seeks to grow .org as being a domain which makes a positive statement about its registrants.

Marketing Mission Statement

To provide marketing support to enhance the global reputation of the .org domain name that creates a statement of confidence for existing users and generates a positive awareness environment for potential users so that the database of the .org registry continues to grow at a consistent healthy rate.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase the size of the .org registry.
  • Ensure profitability.
  • Emphasise the position of .org as a global asset.
  • Develop a core brand identity for .org. for organisations with a human face.
  • Seek to change the perceptions of the .org name (currently seen as third choice).
  • Expand the appeal of .org.
  • Offer a more open accreditation programme to expand the registrar base.
  • Plan for costs to registrars to remain static.
  • Provide a 24 x 7 premier after-care service.
  • Introduce character-sets other than ASCII quickly.
  • The above activities will benefit the registry through increased registrations and also bring added value to the existing registrants.


    1. Existing .org users.
    2. Current ICANN accredited registrars.
    3. New registrars.
    4. New users/less Internet developed countries.
    5. ICANN and other relevant Internet related organisations.
    6. Other NICs.
    7. Governments.
    8. Charities, associations, new not-for-profit enterprises, foundations, religious bodies.
    9. Brand protectors.
    10. The media.
    11. Strategy

      The re-launch of .org as a global brand would require resources beyond the reach of any single domain name registry, even VeriSign. To achieve this Organic Names will rely heavily on co-marketing operations. Organic Names strongly believes that registrars have a good understanding of the local markets, languages and cultures in which they operate.

      In addition to this the thrust of registrars advertising is to the retailing of their Internet products and offerings to the local retail market. Organic Names recognises that co-marketing assistance to local advertising is the most effective use of its marketing expenditure.

      Assisting with local advertising is seen by registrars as a helpful activity and by giving such assistance through a rebate or discount on domain names registrars find cash flow benefits.

      This type of assistance is also particularly beneficial to registrars in countries where exchange control rules make cash payments difficult or expensive.

      This type of financial assistance will provide the backbone of its marketing activity. However Organic Names will also:

      • Issue regular press releases to the world's appropriate media.

      Organic Names will direct the worldwide press campaign from its UK headquarters. The company has the appropriate facilities in-house to write and distribute news releases. Board members are trained to speak to the media and are comfortable in speaking on the radio or television.

      Key members of staff are also fully trained in pro-active PR.

      To assist Organic Names to provide a truly international campaign, from time to time newswire organisations such as Internetwire or PRnewswire will be employed to ensure important news is conveyed to the appropriate media quickly and simultaneously.

      In addition, where appropriate, Organic Names proposes to employ an international public relations counsel to assist in raising the profile of the .org name in the developing Internet countries.

      • Open up immediate discussion with accredited registrars for feedback

      One of the primary tasks upon winning the .org bid will be to re-assure ICANNs accredited registrars that they will be well served and that their suggestions and comments are welcome.

      • Identify and communicate with further ISPs and hosting companies world-wide to invite them to become accredited registrars

      To achieve this objective, Organic Names proposes carrying out a major direct mail campaign.

      • Create a newslist for public comment.

      Organic Names will create a newslist that will welcome all interested parties to comment on the running and ensuing success of .org.

      • Employ dedicated helpdesk staff at call centres around the world that provide 7 x 24 support and speaking several languages

      As a Registry, CentralNic has always prided itself on its quality customer service and Organic Names intends to deliver this same quality of service. Organic Names wants users of .org to be confident that they are being served well and that contact with the registry is a pleasing experience.

      • Develop a re-launch of the .org brand

      As previously stated Organic Names proposes to add dimension to .org by developing a core brand identity. Activities to achieve a successful re-launch would include, market research, a press campaign, direct mail, and sponsorship.

      • Encourage corporate social responsibility by adopting the .org name

      Organic Names proposes to approach major organisations and corporations who wish to portray themselves as having a social dimension to encourage them to use the .org name. Organic Names will use direct mail together with a press campaign to achieve this objective in order to enhance the positive perception of the .org name.

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