- Application for the .org Top-Level Domain -
The .ORG Foundation
- APPENDIX H - eNom Inc. -

eNom Business - trade/credit references

Business Name: Catavo
Address: 211 Wheaton Ave #405
City/State/Zip: Wheaton, IL, 60187
Contact: Joe Gorup
Phone: 630.752.4118

Business Name: Verisign Inc.
Address: 21345 Ridgetop Circle
City/State/Zip: Dulles, VA 20166
Contact: Stephanie Iles
Phone: 703.948.3414

Business Name: Microsoft Corporation
Address: One Microsoft Way
City/State/Zip: Redmond, WA 98052
Contact: Bill Whitham
Phone: 425.705.4518

Bank Reference

Business Name: Merrill Lynch
Address: 601 108th Ave NE #2100
City/State/Zip: Bellevue, WA 98004
Contact: Vicki Callaghan
Phone: 425.468.1267

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