Kevin Polakoff

Proven manager of cash flow positive Internet company with hands-on experience in the set-up & management of international call center.

Honorable Mention in the 2000 ICSA SOUL Awards.

The ICSA Soul Awards recognizes an individual or team who has made a significant contribution toward providing Service On Unbelievable Levels or SOUL. This award is dedicated to exemplify and honor a distinct class of professionals dedicated to providing exceptional customer service through dedication, resourcefulness and creativity.


  • Set-up and management of 24-hour international call center
  • Created and managed change and control process for information distribution to 200 Customer Service Representatives on International scale
  • Multiple customer communication vehicles (email, voice, fax, chat)
  • Provided multilingual support to International customers
  • Provided support for International character domain names
  • Coordination of programming, sales & marketing departments
  • Able to interact effectively with senior management
  • Appraising customer satisfaction
  • Staff development
  • Design and implementation of global e-commerce systems
  • Ability to address both retail and corporate markets


  • Managed multi-lingual center comprised of 7supervisors, 5 level III support, 20 level II support, and 160 level I support personnel. Team was responsible for troubleshooting DNS, zone file and proprietary software issues for customers. Support group was responsible for the support of 4 million domain names with 1.4 million users
  • Designed and implemented construction of foreign call center. Responsible for furnishing, staffing and management of 200 employees with 5000+ emails/faxes/chats each day. Brought online on time and on budget.
  • Launched training programs for new products, services, and multiple marketing campaigns. Launched programs were: Platinum URL forwarding, Digital Certificates, First Step Site, Web site Now, Virtual Broker, Domain Manager v3.01, Site Submit, multilingual domain names, Name Spinner, 30 country code top level domains and 6 general top level domains (. com., net, .org, .name, .biz, .info), launch of mail, launch of critical path mail, migration of customers to critical path.
  • Created reporting metrics and procedures to track daily results for senior management review and to use to manage the department.
  • Implemented customer satisfaction standards that increased satisfaction by 80%.
  • Developed global e-systems in coordination with programming, marketing and sales.

Special Projects

  • Managed the. info/.biz new registration process.
  • Managed client side integration of new phone system, Nortel Merdian option 11, install for Canadian Call Center
    Responsible for planning call routing and call handling for incoming calls.
  • Integrated the corporate and indirect teams into the support department.
  • Responsible for creating new two new groups within the support group that focused on the support of the business-to-business customer. Added these teams from existing support staff with out losing service level standards.
  • Implemented the “Live Chat” feature into support department.
  • Increased support group to customer communication by 10%. The interactive help sessions between users and support members allowed for a quicker response time then just email.
  • Determined operational standards for call center.
  • Lead group that researched best in class support departments to determine their response times. Created “online” benchmark and then set more aggressive goal in order to achieve best in class and best in medium. Found that average response time on phone was 90 seconds and email was 24 hours. Support groups goal was 30 seconds on phone and 3 hours on email.
  • Researched location for call center.
  • Studied options and developed report for second geographic location for call center. Developed best case/worst case scenario for the Lehigh River Valley in Pennsylvania. My work was able to conclusively show that Yarmouth, Nova Scotia was number one choice for best-cost savings and employment opportunities for call center operations. Implemented the Yarmouth option.

Rainmaker Productions: 1997-1999. PRODUCTION MANAGER

  • Managed staff of 25 to scan documents and prepare video depositions for litigation support.
  • Worked closely with our Attorney clients Dewey Ballantine and O'Melveny & Myers to develop in court presentations for the Waste Management Toms River Remediation case.
  • Worked with Farrell Fritz on the Lockheed Martin V. Silicon Graphics patent infringement case
  • Developed and adhered to budgets for projects.

Jarad Syndication: 1996-1997. DIRECTOR OF AFFILIATE RELATIONS

  • Doubled the number of radio stations airing the syndicated radio show “The Techno-File” within 6 months.

The Gap: 1994 – 1996. ASSTANT STORE MANAGER

  • Motivated staff of 100 employees to reach daily sales goals.
  • Allocated resources to meet service levels.


Bachelor of Science, Skidmore College, May 1993, Business Major
Extensive computer literacy