C17.16. Registry failure provisions. Please describe in detail your plans for dealing with the possibility of a registry failure due to insolvency or other factors that preclude restored operation.

In the unlikely event of a registry failure due to insolvency or other event that would preclude technical restoration by the UIA Team, all registration data is provided to a third-party data escrow company, as further described in Section C17.7 of this proposal. A successor registry provider with appropriate systems would therefore easily be able to obtain the data, load it into their system and resume operations.

The UIA Team further asserts that they would honor their commitment to stability of the Internet in the event of such an occurrence by willingly transferring any necessary customer data and by otherwise fully cooperating in any transition plan required by ICANN. Under this proposal, all customer files and other pertinent information are well documented and retained, thereby allowing for a smooth transition if necessary.


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