C17.6. Billing and collection systems. Technical characteristics, system security, accessibility.

The .org TLD billing and collection system will maintain the registrar's account data, from which invoices, audit tracking and financial reports are created.

After UIA receives an official notification from ICANN stating that the registrar has been issued .org accreditation, UIA will begin the ramp up process for the registrar, including setting up the registrar's financial account within the SRS.

The registrar will be able to view its account balance through the Web-based Registrar Tool. Only staff members authorized by the finance group will be given password-protected access to the CSR Tool to increase or decrease a registrar's account balance.

Registrar financial account balance data will be included in the SRS database. As a result, this account data is maintained through the same back-up and escrow procedures defined in Section C17.7 and the high system security standards described in Section C17.9.

The Registry Operator's billing and collections handles the following billing and collections functions:

  • Debiting and crediting registrars' accounts
  • Initiating low-balance notifications
  • Enabling customers to view their accounts
  • Tracking and reporting historical information

The Registry Operator's TLD Payment Model will include the following features:

  • Utilization of a secure payment model. The system implemented by the UIA Team will debit a registrar's available credit balance by the wholesale fee. The system will debit the account in near-real-time batch updates.

  • Monthly invoices. UIA will have the registrars invoiced on a monthly basis for the wholesale fee due for each billable transaction conducted during that calendar month net grace period transactions. The system will automatically calculate the monthly charges for each registrar based on system-generated billing reports.

  • Fees will be debited from the account for each registrar as transactions are conducted. Payments received will replenish a registrar's available account balance.

  • Financial requirements. The following documents comprise a registrar's financial obligations to UIA:

    • Registrar credit application. The application will be used to establish a registrar account with the registry.

    • Payment security. The payment security will be used to secure all billable transactions that a registrar performs each month. It will be held without action, unless the registrar's invoice is not paid in accordance with the terms of the Registry Registrar Agreement. The minimum payment security must be equal to at least the number of anticipated monthly registrations x number of years (minimum of one year and maximum of ten years) x $6 USD registration fee. The amount of the payment security will depend upon the registrar's business plan. Registrars will be required to increase their payment security at any time that their registration levels increase consistently beyond your then current payment security.

    • Acceptable vehicles to satisfy the payment security are:
      Cash deposit
      Irrevocable stand-by letter of credit from a bank
      Payment security bond from an approved surety or bank

  • Distribution. Registrar's transaction reports will be accessible through the Registrar Tool and will be posted to a report server for download as a flat file. Daily reports will be posted the following day and will remain on the site for 30 days. Monthly reports will be posted on the first day of the following month and will remain on the site for 90 days.

  • Grace periods. Credits will be applied to registrar accounts for grace periods, pending periods and rules for overlapping grace periods, based on system settings.


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