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The Proposal

C17.16. Registry failure provisions. Please describe in detail your plans for dealing with the possibility of a registry failure due to insolvency or other factors that preclude restored operation.

Unity Registry has provided for the continued operation of the registry function in case of company insolvency.

Were the Unity Registry SA company to become insolvent, both Poptel and AusRegistry are individually and severally responsible, as per their service contracts, for the continuing provision of registry services. As such if either party remains solvent then they will be required to take control from the other.

Further, if Unity Registry, Poptel and AusRegistry were all to be insolvent then the Registry Agreement we propose to enter into with ICANN provides for Unity Registry, Poptel and AusRegistry each to provide a one year license of all software, systems, data and all other relevant materials and information to an ICANN-nominated successor registry operator, at no charge, in order to assist in the smooth transition to this new operator.

Unity Registry will further make available a list of technical staff who would be available to provide assistance with this transition.