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The Proposal

C18.4. The effect of the transition on (a) .org registrants and (b) Internet users seeking to resolve .org domain names.


If the first migration plan is selected (Plan A under C18.1), .ORG registrants will not be affected during the transition, but may be affected once VeriSign removes .ORG from its RRP servers. Since Unity Registry will be running its own RRP servers by this stage, and would have informed all Registrars with the necessary details to connect to the new registry, the only delay to registrants would be in registrars configuring their systems with the new RRP server IP address.

If the second migration plan is selected (Plan B under C18.1), .ORG registrants would not be able to add new records or update records in the VeriSign registry during the data migration. We estimate this will take two days.


Regardless of the migration plan selected, Internet users seeking to resolve .ORG domain names may be affected during the name server migration process, due to DNS propagation delays.