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The Proposal

C25. Describe each Registry Service (as defined in subsection 1.16 of the model .org Registry Agreement) that you propose to provide for a fee. For an example of a description of this type, see http://www.icann.org/tlds/agreements/name/registry-agmt-appc-1-03jul01.htm.

As defined in the model .org Registry Agreement, Registry Services include:

  • receipt of data concerning registration of domain names and nameservers from registrars
  • provision to registrars of status information relating to the Registry TLD
  • dissemination of TLD zone files
  • operation of the Registry TLD zone servers
  • dissemination of contact and other information concerning domain-name and nameserver registrations in the Registry TLD
  • such other services required by ICANN in the manner provided by the appropriate Registry Agreement

This definition creates a certain amount of ambiguity in the designation of which services provided by the registry operator should properly fall under this section. Many of services which Unity Registry proposes to offer, other than simple registration of a domain, are offered as optional services, are not required for registration and could in principle be offered by others: the .org database, for example, is a simple listing of .org registrants and their details and could be assembled by a number of means.

However our intention is to provide ICANN with the fullest possible information about our proposal for the development and maintenance of the .org registry, so we are listing here all services which we plan to offer through Unity Registry, on the understanding that some of them may later be determined to be outside the scope of ICANN’s intended definition of ‘Registry Services’. Before offering these services we will agree a maximum charge with ICANN.

We would anticipate that the final definition will be clarified during the discussions on the Registry Agreement.


The core registry services provided by Unity Registry for a fee will be provision and renewals of domain names in the TLD through ICANN accredited registrars and the provision of services relating to the org-branded directory (described in full in Section 38).

Domain name provision/renewal

ICANN-accredited registrars may, after entering into a Registry-Registrar Agreement, register domain names in the registry conforming to the following:

  • domain names must conform to all relevant RFCs
  • domain names must conform to all relevant ICANN policies
  • domain names area allocated on a first come, first served basis
  • domain names can be registered or renewed for a period of 1-10 years and no domain shall extend beyond 10 years in the future to expiry
  • an agreement must be in place between Registrar and Registrant
  • accurate data must be used in the provisioning of the domain, and it must be kept up to date.

During the period that these names are provisioned with Unity Registry they will appear in the public WHOIS lookup services as well as the .org zone file as generated by Unity Registry for distribution.

Advanced use of the org-branded database

The org-branded database will extend the capabilities of the thick registry being proposed by Unity Registry to create a service allowing much greater detail about the nature and activities of registrants to be held and made available by those who wish such information to be made available.

The ability to query database will be freely provided - see Section C27 - for simple use. However a more advanced service will allow a much greater level of customisation, both in terms of search capabilities and display of results. An API will be provided for this service, and a micropayment scheme will be put into place that charges per query. This level of service will essentially allow a rebranded version of the .org directory to be made available on a third-party website. But, more importantly, the API will allow third parties to develop additional interactivity.