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The Proposal

C26. State the maximum price you propose for each Registry Service identified in item C25.

Unity Registry will offer its Registry Services on the following basis:

Domain registration

Registry pricing per domain per year USD:

0-3.5 million domains


3.5-4,0 million domains


4.0-5.0 million domains


5.0 million names and over


Org-branded database

It is not possible at the present time to set a price for access to the enhanced facilities of the org-branded database, since the exact nature of the database and its utility to registrars or others have yet to be determined.

Unity Registry will enter into discussions with ICANN and the .org Member Coop on the appropriate fee to charge for this service nearer to the time of its implementation.

It is in the best interests of the community served by the TLD and of the Internet community as a whole that the registry operation is effective, efficient and sustainable. These prices have been chosen to meet the following criteria

  • the .org TLD must be viable and sustainable by itself
  • the Registry Operator alone should be viable and sustainable on the 90% confidence level projections - i.e. the lowest projected take-up - but should not abuse its position as the sole provider of registrations within the gTLD
  • the business of being a registrar should be attractive enough for Unity Registry to be able to recruit them

Unity Registry will take such reasonable steps as are necessary to be able to provide a fair and accurate account of revenues and expenditures pertaining to the operation of the registry.