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The Proposal

C27. Describe each Registry Service (as defined in subsection 1.16 of the model .org Registry Agreement) that you propose to provide without charging a fee.

Unity Registry will provide the following Registry Services without charging a fee:

  • publicly accessible lookup/WHOIS service as described in Section C17.7
  • provide assistance in the resolution of domain name disputes in collaboration with registrars and sponsors
  • full technical support and 24x7 helpdesk
  • registrar toolkits
  • registrar side XMLRPC to EPP bridge
  • online reporting and accounting facilities. An information service which will include:
  • advice on appropriate names, names that are not available, general policies of the TLD
  • advice on issues such as aliasing to web sites and mail servers, domain multi parking etc.
  • advice on how to transfer their domain names between registrars
  • maintain the customer relationship including informing customers about developments in the TLD.