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The Proposal

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Commercial Banking
City Commercial Centre
15 Bishopsgate London EC2P 2AP

CO/COMM/PP/2583 PO Box 34


Telephone: 020 7454 6530/2138
Lynn Davis Facsimile: 020 7454 2027/6398
Poptel Limited Website: www.rbs.co.uk
21?25 Bruges Place
Randolph Street


11th June 2002

Dear Lynn,

Internet corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers US $ Transfer

Please accept this letter as confirmation that the following transfer has been made today from the Poptel account.

Beneficary Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Beneficary Bank: Bank of America Branch 0914

Beneficary Account: 09142?07182

Routing Indictaor: 121000358

Amount: US $35,000

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely

Paul Ponzini
Commercial Banking


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