Supplemental Question #12 to NeuStar (With Response)

Supplemental Question #12 to NeuStar (With Response)

Supplemental Question No. 12:
(posed to NeuStar on 12 September for response by 14 September 2002)

The "Non-transactional services" table in item C17.6.1 of NeuStar's proposal refers to an "Annual maintenance fee". No mention is made of a maintenance fee in item C26 ("State the maximum price you propose for each Registry Service identified in item C25") of your proposal.

Do you propose to charge a maintenance fee? If so, please fully describe the fee. If not, please explain the reference in item C17.6.1 to a maintenance fee.

Response to Supplemental Question No. 12:


No, we are not proposing to charge an annual maintenance fee. Due to a production error, this line item was inadvertently included in Section C17.6.1. The reference to a “license fee” (pgIII-38, table entitled “Registrar Administration”) was also a production error. Per ICANN’s RFP instructions, NeuStar's complete pricing proposal, which does not include either of these fees, can be found in Section C26. NeuStar appreciates this opportunity to clarify this section.

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