.org Reassignment: Request for Proposal Materials
Posted: 20 May 2002

.org Reassignment: Request for Proposals

On 31 December 2002, the current registry agreement for the operation of the .org top-level domain (TLD) expires. Accordingly, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing to solicit proposals from those seeking to assume responsibility for operating the registry for the .org TLD beginning after that expiration.

On 22 April 2002 ICANN announced a target schedule for the .org Request for Proposal process. Under that schedule, draft RFP materials were posted on 1 May 2002. Based on community input, various revisions have been made to the draft materials, resulting in the finalized RFP materials listed below. (Please note that the RFP materials are subject to being updated or corrected until the deadline for submitting proposals. Applicants should check this page immediately before submitting their proposals to ensure they are aware of all corrections and updates.)

The RFP materials consist of the following:

We have also posted responses to questions regarding the RFP materials and process.

For the benefit of .org applicants, we have separately posted real-time captioning output of the ICANN Board's 14 March 2002 discussion on .org reassignment at its meeting in Accra, Ghana.

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