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Members of the

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Mr Samuel M. Jabbour


Samuel M. Jabbour joined the Universal Postal Union in February 1993. He was appointed Head of the Postal Technology Centre (PTC) based in Bern, Switzerland. He is charged with driving and co-ordinating the UPU’s Technology Projects and their associated activities, including defining, developing and implementing a comprehensive range of postal applications, products, and value added services for postal operators.


The result of that initial effort is now visible through the growing activities of the Postal Technology Centre and its five Regional Support Centres operating in Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America. The PTC is supporting over 70 postal operators worldwide with its products and services, the key ones being the International Postal System (IPS), the International Financial System (IFS), its global telecommunications network POST*Net, and its POST*Mail, POST*Star, and POST*Info services.


Prior to joining the UPU, Mr. Jabbour held several positions within the Amadeus Development Company. Amadeus is the largest civil data processing centre in Europe. It provides central computerised reservation facilities and services to airlines and to their business partners, including travel agents networks, tour operators, hotel chains and car rental companies worldwide. Mr. Jabbour headed consecutively the departments of Communications, Distributed Systems, and Systems Architecture and Planning.


Earlier, Mr Jabbour occupied several positions within IBM Australia and IBM Europe, in the Systems Engineering, Product Planning, Development, Marketing, and Strategic Planning functions. Mr. Jabbour participated in the definition, promotion and implementation of IBM's telecommunication and network products to the Australian and European Telecoms. He played a key role in the definition of IBM's "Directory Assistance" and "Intelligent Network" product strategy, in the preparation of the related marketing and business plans, and in the definition of the products’ architecture. Other significant achievements were accomplished in the areas of Common Channel Signalling System No. 7 (CCITT #7), X.400 Public Message Handling Systems, and Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN). During his last period with IBM, Mr. Jabbour was part of the core group of experts that developed, marketed and successfully implemented the technical foundation of the Amadeus system.


Mr. Jabbour is an Australian national. He holds a Civil Engineering Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Degree (Computer Sciences option).

Mr Marc Defalque


Marc Defalque is 39 years old and a Swiss citizen. He is a qualified Economist.


Marc is presently in charge of corporate development at the Swiss Post, a company which has a turnover of CHF 6bn and employs 40'000 people. The Corporate Development Unit acts as an adviser to both the CEO and the board of directors and has functional responsibilities for strategic projects at group level. The unit consists of 10 highly skilled specialists who act as project managers with their own fields of responsibilities.


Marc’s duties include:


·       devising and implementing strategic plans;

·       analysing and adapting organisational structures and processes in response to market changes;

·       initiating and supervising M&A activities;

·       managing the “TQM” and “Learning Organisation” programmes.


Mr Stefan Lindholm


Stefan Lindholm is Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Sweden Post.

Stefan is responsible for strategic and international business development.


Sweden Post, a fully deregulated company since 1994, is in the forefront of using technology to improve its business services in Sweden as well as on an international basis.  The company provides world-class services for physical and electronic mail, EDI, parcels and internet banking & payment services. Sweden Post has developed address directory services for physical and email services, both available and well used by customers.


Stefan’s position requires involvement in most Post organisations, such as International Data Post, Universal Postal Union and IPC.  Mr Lindholm is an active member of Commercenet Europe, Swebizz – the Swedish association for internet trade and a few EU-projects. 


Together with colleagues in Finland, Norway and Denmark, he initiated the creation of the Nordic Post Security Services group, now called the PSS and since some time a base for the UPU global security services.


Stefan invented the combined “street and internet email address”, named @post and later on the idea of the .POST TLD  to support  the internet becoming an everyday global infrastructure for the everyday person.


On behalf of Sweden Post his aim is to enable Posts with similar strengths in the Information Technology generation as they have in the physical world.  Particularly, to ensure that customers of any Post are provided a global and interoperable secure service throughout the world, like what is offered in today’s physical services. This goal demands that the Posts unify under basic IT standards for electronic services, .POST being one, equal to what they have always done to secure interoperability of physical services.


Prior to Stefan joining the Sweden Post, he spent many years with Xerox, Ericsson and AT&T, in company management and senior executive positions. Stefan’s job positions have allowed him and his family to spend approximately 10 years outside of Sweden. Many of these years in England with some shorter assignments in other parts of the world.

Mr Kenneth P. Ceglowski


Kenneth Ceglowski is currently serving in the capacity of Associate Vice President, Business Proposals, Planning, and Processes for the United States Postal Service.  His group focuses on the identification of new business opportunities and manages the processes that move the ideas into reality.


Ken has over 20 years of experience with the United States Postal Service. He has held numerous managerial positions in the Information Technology organization.  These include managerial roles in the telecommunications, data center operations and systems development organizations. He started his Postal career in the Marketing Department as a research analyst and initiated the development of the first postal automated sales management system.


Ken has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and economics from the University of Denver and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr Luc Mangin


Luc Mangin is a 36 year old senior executive for the New Services Development Direction of La Poste (French Post Office). Luc is in charge of partnerships and development of new technology.


Current projects include:


·       Public implementation

·       E-mail distribution

·       Hybrid mail policy

·       E-business policy

·       Certificate and signature policy


Luc is also involved with the development of products and services for:


·       Citizen products

·       Corporate products

·       Organisation products

·       International postal products