Sales Number of names registered
Year 1
Sunrise period 700,000
New 1,380,454
Renewal 0
Year 2
New 1,716,661
Renewal 0
Year 3
New 2,381,088
Renewal 965,591
Year 4
New 3,007,082
Renewal 1,287,496
Total-new 8,485,285
Total-renewal 2,253,086
Average length of registration period(years) 2
Price per year $6
Renewal rate 75%
Cost of sales
Cost per year see note Assumed no costs which vary directly in proportion to sales,
except some technical labour cost ($5.5 million over 4 years), all other costs treated as operational
Per Register maybe able to put through some internet connectivity and
 customer service costs, but immaterial in context of numbers.
Headcount 27
Employers NIC/employee incentive scheme 22%
Average space per employee (sqr ft) 200
Cost per square foot per month($) 3.50
Other expenses see ( Detail pl and Other Inputs)
All expenses and wages set to increase by 10% per annum
Average monthly long distance usage per employee (mins) 500
Average cost per minute ($) 0.25
Fixed cost per month($) 5,000
Corporation tax rate, paid 9 months 12.5% Corporation taxonly becomes payable in Year 4, at which time the Irish Government
after year end (tbc) have pledged to have corporation tax at 12.5%.. Taqx losses are not shown
as an asset prior to this date as there is no guarantee that the entity will become
profit making.
Initial capital injection 10,000,000
VAT paid quarterly at rate of 21.0%
on all sales and purchase, tbc
PAYE, paid monthly in arrears 40%
Cash from sales recd 50% in month of sale
50% in month 2
Creditors paid 70% in month of purchase
30% in month 2