Series 1: Searching the Web

1.      When you are looking for a specific person, service provider, organisation or other entity on the Internet for the first time, are you very likely, likely, or unlikely to:


Very likely



Do a keyword search from my web browser home page





Look for an established directory listing in that area





Type in variations on possible website addresses until I hit the right one






Go right to my favourite search engine (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, AskJeeves, or Excite)





Use the search command in the web browser like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer






Try to find a specialised web portal or search engine on that subject





2.      When you use search engines to locate a specific person, service provider or organisation which of the following best describes your experience:  [Please choose only one answer]


q         I often give up because I am frequently overwhelmed with results that run on for pages and seem to have nothing to do with my search

q         I have to redo or refine my search again and again to find what I want

q         I usually get the information I want in one or two attempts

q         I can always get right to the information that I need


3.      When you are searching online, how useful would it be to you to have a system in place that pre-filters websites and listings so that only certified sites are returned as results for your search? [Please choose only one answer]


q         Extremely Useful

q         Very Useful

q         Somewhat Useful

q         Not at All Useful


Series 2: Domain Names


1.      In addition to suffixes such as  .com and .org, new suffixes may soon be available.  It may be possible to locate licensed professional services using a web address such as .pro.  Which professional categories would you expect to find under .pro?  [Please choose any that apply]


q         Accountants

q         Architects

q         Doctors

q         Engineers

q         Financial Planners or Brokers

q         Health Organisations and Hospitals

q         Insurance Agents

q         Law Firms

q         Lawyers



2.      In your opinion, what would be the most appropriate way to authenticate that the individual or organisation listed as “.pro” is licensed to practice their profession?   [Please choose only one answer]


q         An independent group of experts

q         A trademark, service mark or proof of incorporation

q         An established professional association such as the General Medical Council (GMC) for doctors or the Bar Association for lawyers

q         A Government Agency

q         Other________________________



3.      How comfortable would you be using a new system to search for a professional service, if organisations and individuals could be listed as licensed professionals in their field? [Please choose only one answer]


q         Extremely Comfortable

q         Very Comfortable

q         Somewhat Comfortable

q         Not at All Comfortable