Initialization fee (one time only) $ ___

*Annual maintenance/storage fee $ ___

includes one cubic foot of storage space

Additional Services Available:

Electronic Updates

Transmitted once daily (5 times per week) $___ / year

Price quoted is limited to 1 CD per update.

Electronic Updates over 1 CD $__ / CD


Additional Services

Verification / File Listing Services $___ / year

(This includes up to one hour of service

for each deposit)

Additional Storage Space $ __ / Cubic foot

Payable by Licensee or Producer Only Upon Release Request:


Due Only Upon Licensee's or Producer's

Request for Release of Deposit Materials $ __/Product per Licensee for

initial 2 hrs. and $ __/hour for

each additional hour




Fees due in full, in US dollars, upon receipt of signed contract or deposit material, whichever comes first.

Thereafter, fees shall be subject to their current pricing, provided that such prices shall not increase by more

than 10% per year. The renewal date for this Agreement will occur on the anniversary of the first invoice.

If other currency acceptance is necessary, please contact your Account Manager to make arrangements.