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November 3, 2000




Dear Sir/Madam:


We are writing to endorse the application for a new Internet Top Level Domain (“TLD”) being submitted by RegistryPro, a joint venture between register.com and Virtual Internet.  Legg Mason has worked with register.com since January 1999, and we have completed equity offerings in both the private and public markets for register.com.  We are familiar with the Company’s business model, management team, and growth strategy and believe the Company has the necessary infrastructure and experience in place to manage and deliver quality service for ongoing maintenance of the registry support. 


By way of background, Legg Mason Wood Walker (“Legg Mason”) is a full service investment bank.   Legg Mason has established public offering capabilities, and has managed / co-managed 167 public equity offerings since 1997, raising more than $23.6 billion.  Additionally, Legg Mason has significant private placement experience completing over 39 private placements since 1997, raising over $2.5 billion.  Legg Mason also has a highly regarded research group, and extensive merger and acquisition experience.  In the e-commerce sector, Legg Mason has 27 dedicated professionals in the investment banking and research focused on public and private capital raising, M&A advisory work, and research. 


Register.com has successfully raised funding in both the private and public equity markets.  The Company has attracted top tier investors in both the private and public markets.  We would expect that public and private institutions as well as other strategic investors would be interested in funding such an initiative.   In the event the RegistryPro application is approved by ICANN, and the new entity is granted the Registry Authority, Legg Mason is prepared to assist register.com in both the private and public markets, subject to market conditions, to raise the capital necessary to fund RegistryPro’s registry infrastructure.  We will be happy to work with ICANN and its representatives during the application process to help make the RegisteryPro registry proposal a success and also answer any questions regarding our role as well as providing our insights into the current market environment.





Edward P. Meehan

Managing Director