Report on TLD Applications: Preface
(9 November 2000)


This report contains a set of evaluations based on an extensive review of proposals for new top-level domain (TLD) registries submitted in response to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Call for Proposals in August, 2000. This report does not set forth specific recommendations specifying which new TLD proposals should, in the opinion of the ICANN staff, be selected by the ICANN Board of Directors. Rather, the report represents a compilation of the work of the ICANN staff and review team, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual proposals.

Based on the March, 2000, recommendations of the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO), the ICANN Board on July 16, 2000, adopted a program leading to the selection of a limited number of top-level domain registries for addition to the Domain Name System (DNS) "in a measured and responsible manner." The objective of the ICANN staff and evaluation team in preparing this document is to present to the ICANN Board, and the broader Internet community, sufficient information and analysis to make such a selection.

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