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Information Page for Sponsored Top-Level Domains

A listing of all versions of the Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement for .XXX that were considered, including the executed version, is available at

On 28 November 2005 ICANN posted the sTLD Evaluation Report and supporting documentation that were generated as a result of the sTLD application process. The applicants were afforded the opportunity to redact confidential materials from these documents.

Status Report on the sTLD Application Process (Updated 03 December 2005) [PDF, 108K]

Appendix A - sTLD Selection Criteria (RFP) [PDF, 26K]

Appendix B - Evaluators' Questions for Applicants [PDF, 78K]

Appendix C - Applicants' Responses to Questions [PDF, 5,700K]

Appendix D - Evaluation Reports [PDF, 389K]

Appendix E - Supplemental/Follow-up Materials (Updated 30 November 2005) [PDF, 17,000K]

To post general comments, send an email to The archive of general comments is available at

Comments on specific proposals are now closed. Archives of comments are available as indicated in the table below.

For background information on the sTLD-RFP process, see the Application Explanatory Notes. See also the original announcement of the RFP, the public comments leading to the RFP and the criteria for Independent Evaluators.

Proposed TLD Comments Archive Web Address

In addition to the documentation and coments described above, over 90000 email messages concerning the .xxx proposal were received. Because of practical difficulties in providing a web archive with over 90000 entries, a sample of these are archived here.

Spam and off-topic postings sent to the above addresses are archived at and, respectively.

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