Sponsored TLD Application Transmittal Form

Sponsoring Organisation's Proposal

C1. General Description of Structure and Organization.
C2. Organization Information.
C3. Organization Structure.
C4. Organization Purpose.
C5. Appropriateness to Community.
C6. Representation.
C7. Openness and Transparency.
C8. Initial Directors and Staff
C9. Selection of Directors.
C10. Policy-Making Procedure.
C11. Meetings and Communications.
C12. Fiscal Information.
C13. Liability.
C14. Amendment of Articles of Incorporation.
C15. Reconsideration and Review.
C16. Delegation of Policy-Formulation Authority.
C17. Identification of Registry Operator.
C18. Contract with Registry Operator.

Appendix to Sponsoring Organization’s Proposal.

Ericsson Proof of Concept
CVs for Telnic Directors and Senior Management.

Registry Operator's Proposal

D1. General Information.
D2. Registry’s Name & Headquarters Address.
D3. Other Locations.
D4. Type of Business Entity.
D5. URL of Registry Operator.
D6. Dun & Bradstreet Number.
D7. Number of Employees.
D8. Revenue.
D9. Full names and positions of Board, Officers and Management.
D10. Contacts regarding this proposal.
D11. Subcontractors Identified.
D13.1 Business Capabilities.
D13.2 Registry Business Plan.
D13.3 Pro-Forma Financial Projections.
D13.4 Supporting Documentation.
D15.1 Technical Capabilities and plan.

Description of TLD Policies

E1. General TLD Policies.
E2. TLD String Proposal.
E3. Naming Conventions.
E4. Registrars.
E5. Intellectual Property.
E6. Dispute Resolution.
E7. Data Privacy, Escrow, and Whois.
E8. Billing and Collection.
E9. Services and Pricing.
E10. Other.
E11 Registration Policies During the Start-Up Period.
E12. Startup Registration.
E13. What Limits if any are Being Proposed on Registrants and how Will They be Implemented.
E14. Describe mechanisms to Dampen Demand
E15. Will we be offering any “Sunrise” Period?
E16/17. Detail registration restrictions being proposed
E19. Enforcement Procedures and Mechanisms
E20. Appeal Procedure From Denial of Registration
E21. Cancellation of a TLD Registration
E22/23. Distinguish the TLD From Existing or Other Proposed TLD's
E24. Community and/or Market Served/Targeted by TLD
E25. How Proposal Enables the DNS to Meet Presently Unmet Needs
E26. How the TLD Would Enhance the Utility of the DNS for Internet Users
E27. Competition.
E28/32. Value of Proposal as a Proof of Concept.


1. Pre-Registration Agreement (Proposal 1)
2. Pre-Registration Agreement (Proposal 2)
3. Registration Agreement (Post Launch)
4. Domain Name Change Agreement
5. Data Privacy Policy
6. Website Terms and Conditions
7. This Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
8. Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
9. Sample Web Page Relating to Trademarks, Passing Off and Cybersquatting
10. a copy of the Ericsson Limited letter.