TLD Application Process: Information for Applicants

At its 16 July 2000 meeting in Yokohama, the ICANN Board of Directors adopted a policy for the introduction of new top-level domains (TLDs) in a measured and responsible manner. It is anticipated that this policy will lead to new TLDs coming into operation early in the year 2001. The policy involves a process in which those interested in operating or sponsoring new TLDs may apply to ICANN. After reviewing the applications, ICANN will select applications that will enter a negotiation process with ICANN.

This web page collects the principal resource materials for those seeking to apply to sponsor or operate a new TLD.

1. ICANN Board Action in Yokohama. The policy action of the Board is set out in a series of resolutions. These resolutions authorize the President (and the ICANN staff, which acts under his direction) to proceed with a program to invite applications, to evaluate them, and to establish guidelines for selection from among applications.

2. ICANN-Staff-Prepared Overview of Process. On 3 August 2000, the ICANN staff published an overview of the process, to assist those considering applying to prepare to meet the requirements.

3. New TLD Application Forms. This web page has links from which you can access and print out the the application forms. Be sure to read and follow the "Detailed Instructions for Filling Out the Application" (item #4 below) carefully. Applications are to be submitted between 5 September and 2 October 2000.

4. New TLD Application Instructions. Please carefully review these instructions before preparing your application.

5. Statement of Criteria for Assessing TLD Proposals. Consistent with the Board resolutions in Yokohama, this document describes the factors the ICANN staff intends to consider in evaluating applications for recommendation to the ICANN Board.

6. Answers to Questions. Until the close of the application period on 2 October 2000, questions concerning the application process may be sent to tld-applications@icann.org. To help provide all applicants with equitable access to information about the process as they prepare their applications, until the application deadline all requests to ICANN for information about the process or issues arising in preparation of an application must be submitted in written form (preferably by e-mail). During this period, requests for personal or telephone consultations regarding these matters will not be granted. Ordinarily, substantive responses to written questions submitted during this period will be posted. Those sending questions should take this into account in framing their questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those seeking information about the possibility of registering domain names within an existing or to-be-created TLD should direct their questions to icann@icann.org. Questions of this character should not be sent to the tld-applications mailbox.

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