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Sponsoring Organization's Proposal






In this application, IATA, a not-for-profit association that has played a leading role in the global travel industry since 1919, with members in 143 countries and offices in 75 countries, seeks to launch a new TLD focused on the travel industry which will be known as “.travel”.  This will be a restricted TLD, available only to businesses in a position to meet objective and transparent criteria which establish their legitimacy as reputable providers of travel-related products, services and information.  Thus, members of the Internet community will be able to rely on “.travel” addresses as reliable sites in which to engage in e-commerce transactions.  While travel is already the largest sector of commerce conducted on the web, the introduction of this restricted TLD will promote even further the realization of the efficiencies and convenience of e-commerce for consumers and suppliers alike, in all parts of the world. 


IATA is uniquely and ideally positioned to sponsor this initiative.  Its core activities have always included the setting of industry standards to facilitate cooperation among travel industry suppliers, for the benefit of their customers.  In this digital age, it is only logical that IATA exercise its traditional leadership role to enable the travel industry and the customers of that industry to fully exploit the potential of the Internet. 


As a not-for-profit organization, IATA will operate the “.travel” TLD on a cost recovery basis.  In line with longstanding tradition and commitments made in regard to other such activities, any surpluses that might result would be dedicated to public interest-based initiatives such as expanding the availability of internet services to travel suppliers and consumers in developing nations in order to “bridge the digital divide,” and increasing travel industry infrastructure and efficiency to make travel more affordable to consumers worldwide. 


Significantly for the broader Internet community, this proposal offers the potential to introduce much needed competition in the provision of registry services, which will drive down prices and increase the array of choices to the benefit of users not only of “.travel” but of all TLDs.  The plan to introduce quality controls to validate the businesses which seek “.travel” domain names will serve as a model for future restricted TLDs focused on other sectors of the economy. 


For all of these reasons, which are more fully addressed in the remainder of this application, IATA respectfully submits this proposal clearly merits approval by ICANN. 





C1. Please submit a comprehensive description of the structure and nature of the sponsoring organization and the manner in which that organization will conduct its operations, including policy‑formulation activities. We strongly recommend retaining professional legal assistance to aid in the formulation of your Sponsoring Organization's Proposal and accompanying documents.


The following documents should be attached to the description:

                      articles of incorporation, association, etc.;

                      bylaws or any similar organizational document;

                      list of persons presently on the supervising Board of the organization (or to be initially on the Board); and their resumes.

                      To the extent applicable and not clear from the attached documents, the description should address the following topics in detail.


IATA lies at the very heart of the world’s largest industry – travel and tourism.  It is a not-for-profit association, whose membership consists of 275 airlines, based in 143 different countries and territories, which together transport in excess of 95 percent of the world’s scheduled international air traffic.  IATA’s membership runs the gamut from the very largest airlines operating thousands of flights each day over worldwide route networks, to relatively small airlines concentrating on service in particular geographic regions of the world.  Attachment C1.A contains a complete list of IATA’s current membership. 


IATA’s Head Office is located in Montreal, Canada and has its Executive Office in Geneva, Switzerland.  Additional offices have been established in 75 countries.  IATA’s worldwide network of offices is set forth in Attachment C1.B. 


In addition to its airline membership, IATA counts among its customers approximately 90,000 IATA accredited and endorsed travel agents located in 209 countries; the operators of other modes of transportation such as railways and ferry companies; and numerous other suppliers of travel-related services including hotels, travel insurance providers, etc.  Attachment C1.C shows a list of allied and associated organisations that are participants in our Partnership Program. 


IATA was originally founded in 1919, when air travel was truly in its infancy. After the Second World War, when the United Nations decided to base ICAO, its specialized agency that deals with air travel, in Montreal, IATA was re-constituted by a Special Act of the Canadian Parliament, which received Royal Assent on December 18, 1945.  Attachment C1.D contains a copy of the Special Act of Parliament establishing IATA. 


Attachment C1.E contains the Articles of Association of IATA, which provide further details concerning the governance and management of IATA.  Under IATA’s Articles, the Association is ultimately responsible to its Annual General Meeting, which consists of the Chief Executive Officers of all IATA Member airlines.  Management of the Association is entrusted to a Board of Governors, consisting of the CEOs of thirty-one Member airlines.  Drawn from a mix of large and small airlines from all parts of the world, the current composition of the IATA Board of Governors, together with biographical information on each Member of the Board, is listed in Attachment C1.F.  The IATA governance structure ensures the Association remains responsive to the diverse needs of a dynamic and global industry



C2. Organization Information. Principal location, legal status of the organization, laws under which it is organized, type of organization (for profit, non‑profit, corporation, association, etc.).


As set forth in C1, IATA’s Corporate Headquarters is in Montreal, Canada, and its Executive Office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Other principal regional offices are located in Amman, Jordan; Beijing, China; London, England; Miami, USA; Nairobi, Kenya; and Singapore, with a network of offices in a total of 75 different countries.  IATA is organized as a not-for-profit association under Canadian Federal law (Special Act of Parliament of Canada).  See Attachment C1.D. 



C3. Organization Structure. Size of organization, number of officers, directors and advisors, roles/duties of directors and officers and other staff, supporting and/or contributing organizations, affiliates, membership.


IATA currently employs over 1,700 staff.  Its senior management consists of a Director-General & Chief Executive Officer, and eight (8) Vice Presidents.  These individuals are listed, their resumes, and descriptions of their roles and duties, are provided, in Attachment C3.A.  A complete listing of IATA’s current membership is contained in Attachment C1.A, referenced above.  Exhibit C3.B is IATA’s “GlobalSource” CD-ROM containing a listing of the approximately 90,000 travel agency locations accredited or endorsed by IATA and IATAN (IATA’s wholly-owned US subsidiary) throughout the world. 



C4. Organization Purpose. Functions and mission of the organization, definition of community to be served (if any), method of ensuring operation in the interest of the stakeholders of the community to be served and the Internet at large.


The essence of IATA is to serve as a neutral, trusted, intermediary to develop standards which facilitate cooperation among travel industry enterprises.  Because IATA has developed standardized airline ticket formats which are recognized around the world, it is possible to buy a ticket from a travel agency in Vancouver, Canada, that will be recognized and accepted by a domestic airline in South Africa, for a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  Similarly, the IATA “interline” system makes it possible to purchase a single ticket, with a single payment, covering travel on a succession of different airlines (e.g., United Airlines from Los Angeles to New York; connecting to Virgin Atlantic for the flight from New York to London; and returning from London direct to Los Angeles on British Airways).  Few industries in the world today can offer their customers the flexibility and benefits of this type of cooperation and standardization, all of which is dependent upon the coordination role played by IATA. 


IATA has been entrusted by the industry, and by governments around the world, to design and equitably administer the coding systems essential for the smooth and efficient functioning of the travel industry.  It is IATA that assigns airport codes (such as “LAX” for Los Angeles or “SYD” for Sydney); airline designator codes (such as “AA” for American Airlines or “MK” for Air Mauritius); and that assigns tens of thousands of unique codes to identify travel agency locations around the world.  The IATA coding system has been the backbone of communications and information exchange in the travel industry for decades.


IATA provides a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of travel industry customers. IATA Industry Settlement Systems is the principal vehicle for processing payments from travel agents to their principals, handling remittances in excess of US$ 130 billion each year.  The IATA Clearing House provides an efficient means for Members, which include not only airlines but other transport entities as well, to offset debits and credits due each other, processing over US$ 32 billion in transactions in 1999.  Numerous IATA publications (which increasingly are available in electronic format as well as traditional “hard copy”) are recognized as the authoritative source for state-of-the-art information in the field of transportation and travel.  These exhibits include:


·        Customer Focus Guides: Cargo, Travel and Tourism, Airlines, Airports, Civil Aviation  (Exhibit C4.A)

·        IATA Handbook Part 1, 2, & 3 (Exhibit C4.B)

·        Airline Coding Directory (Exhibit C4.C)

·        IATA City Code Directory (Exhibit C4.D)

·        Multi-Lateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA) (Exhibit C4.E)

·        Passenger Services Conferences Resolutions Manual (Exhibit C4.F)

·        Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual (Exhibit C4.G)

·        IATA GlobalSource CD ROM (Exhibit C3.B, the world’s most comprehensive directory of travel agencies). 


IATA is also working toward the launch of a digital security service for the travel industry, which will capitalize on IATA’s traditional role as a neutral, trusted intermediary to provide a basis for ensuring authentication, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation for electronic transactions conducted over public networks. 


Now that our industry, along with the rest of the world, is coming to rely increasingly on the internet to meet its communications and information exchange requirements, IATA has identified a need to create a “.travel” restricted Top Level Domain.  IATA is prepared to devote its unique expertise to sponsor and effectively manage this new TLD, for the benefit of the travel industry and the millions of consumers worldwide served by our industry. 


IATA’s interest in offering the Internet community a travel industry-orientated TLD is not of recent vintage.  On July 2, 1997, IATA became a signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Generic Top Level Domain Name Space of the Internet Domain Name System (gTLD-MoU).  Pursuant to that decision, IATA pursued the establishment of a new TLD for the travel industry.  Now that ICANN has announced its intention to authorize new TLD’s, and now that the travel industry has established itself as the largest e-commerce segment of the “.com” world, IATA enthusiastically renews its longstanding interest in achieving the myriad benefits of the proposal to create a TLD for this, the world largest, industry.


Over the years, IATA has established criteria and processes, which validate, equitably and efficiently, whether a business constitutes a part of the travel sector of the world’s economy.  Since its inception, IATA has organized on-going “Traffic Conferences” which are forums in which its Members and other partners come together to discuss such matters as industry standards and procedures.  The IATA Traffic Conferences are open to all governments of the world to observe, and proceedings are filed for public comment with relevant governmental agencies, such as the US Department of Transportation.  It is through these Traffic Conferences, which operate on the basis of consensus, that IATA has developed industry standards for such things as the design of universally-recognized passenger tickets and baggage tags, accreditation of travel agencies, and the industry coding systems. 


Recognizing the unique needs of the travel industry for cooperation and coherence in such matters, the IATA Traffic Conferences have been granted a public interest-based exemption from the antitrust laws of the United States.  Civil Aeronautics Board Order 68-7-55, July 12, 1968.  Exemptions from the competition laws of the European Union, Australia, and other nations have also been obtained. 


In order to do business as an airline, it is imperative to be assigned a two-character airline designator code by IATA.  This coding system, open to both IATA Members and non-members, exists pursuant to a Resolution 762 of the IATA Passenger Services Conference, which is contained in Attachment C4.C.  Without an IATA airline designator code, computer reservations systems would be unable to accept an airline’s schedule, other airlines would find it impossible to participate in the through-ticketing of connecting passengers, and myriad financial, information, and communications systems would be unavailable.  Possession of an IATA designator code is as vital to an airline as possession of a domain name for any business intending to engage in e-commerce. 


Because airline designator codes consist of only two characters (usually two letters, but sometimes a letter and a numeral), the supply of codes is limited.  It is IATA that has been entrusted to allocate this scarce resource among both Member and non-member airlines worldwide.  IATA has developed criteria to validate that applicants are indeed legitimate airlines, and has implemented a fee structure which creates an incentive for the surrender for re-allocation of codes no longer in use (e.g., because an airline has merged or gone out of business), and provides a source of funding for projects which benefit the entire travel industry.


IATA also is responsible for allocating the three-letter codes which designate the cities and airports of the world (e.g., “JFK” for New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport; “NYC” for New York City; “LHR” for London-Heathrow Airport; and “LON” for London, England).  See Resolution 763 contained in Attachment C4.D.  Whenever controversies arise concerning the allocation of these codes, IATA procedures come into play to obtain the input of all concerned parties, including the relevant governmental authorities.  Based upon that input, IATA strives to build a consensus consistent with pertinent public interest considerations among the affected stakeholders


Another area of IATA’s responsibilities has been the development of standards for accreditation and endorsement of travel agencies, to ensure these businesses are reputable, financially solvent, and equipped to provide the travelling public with knowledgeable and professional services.  See, for example, Resolution 814, contained in Attachment C4.E.  IATA has processes in place to review and action approximately 90,000 application renewals every year from accredited and endorsed travel agencies around the world.


Attainment of the benefits of a restricted TLD will require the equitable and substantive evaluation of domain name requests, to weed-out applications from other than bona fide travel industry constituents, while ensuring the TLD is available for use by its intended constituency.  Because of its expertise in performing precisely this type of function with respect to travel industry systems that have been in existence for decades, IATA is uniquely and ideally suited to carry out this responsibility. 


IATA views the community to be served by the “.travel” TLD as the peoples of the world who travel, and the firms which provide services in the travel sector of the global economy.  IATA has several mechanisms already in place for ensuring the “.travel” TLD will be managed in the best interest of the stakeholders of the community to be served. 


First, as noted in response to C1, IATA is ultimately accountable to its Annual General Meeting comprised of the Chief Executive Officers of 275 international airlines, drawn from 143 different countries.  Accordingly, IATA is uniquely positioned and indeed mandated to ensure the objectives and aspirations of all parts of the global travel community are given the maximum possible opportunity to flourish. 


Second, to provide an effective channel for direct input to IATA regarding management of the “.travel” TLD, IATA proposes to establish a new .travel Advisory Committee, which would include a broad range of representatives of members of the “.travel” stakeholder community, including specifically travel consumer groups, and travel services suppliers. 


IATA has a long history of organizing and facilitating entities of this nature to provide a forum for dialogue and action across diverse stakeholder groups on issues of mutual concern.  For example, earlier this year, IATA launched the “Simplifying Passenger Travel Interest Group” which brings together government control authorities (i.e., Immigration and Customs agencies), airports, airlines, and technology providers, to expedite the travel experience for passengers using innovative technological solutions such as biometrics and smart cards.  Attachment C4.A contains further information on the vision and work program of this Group.  Another Interest Group coordinated by IATA, known as “Cargo 2000,” brings together freight forwarders and airlines to focus on automating cargo processing in order to achieve efficiencies and economies for the benefit of cargo shippers.  In the two year period preceding the “Y2K” rollover on January 1, 2000, IATA took the initiative to coordinate an unprecedented effort to assist travel industry enterprises worldwide in assessing their Y2K readiness and to take the necessary measures to achieve compliance.  This project brought together, under leadership of IATA, Member and non-member airlines, airport authorities, air traffic control providers, fuel suppliers, and a myriad of other travel industry-related interests, to work together toward the common and vital objective of avoiding any disruption to services available to the travelling public on the Y2K rollover date. 


Yet another instance where IATA has sponsored and coordinated dialogue among diverse stakeholder groups is the “Airline-Consumer Forum,” which has been in existence for the past fifteen (15) years.  The Consumer Forum brings together airline and consumer organization representatives at least twice-yearly to discuss and agree actions on issues of common interest.  The current membership of the Airline Consumer Forum is shown in Attachment C4.B.  Thus, IATA’s commitment and ability to establish a successful and meaningful Advisory Group to provide input in the management of the “.travel” TLD is proven by the years of practical experience gained in coordinating the extensive range of multi-stakeholder groups described above. 


Third, IATA already has a fully developed website, www.iata.org, which provides a convenient and virtually cost-free means for members of the travel community, in the broadest sense, to provide their input to IATA.


For the reasons detailed in C5 below, approval of this application will benefit the internet at large by offering a competitive alternative to the existing “.com” TLD, focused on the largest economic sector on the web today, the travel industry.  It will significantly alleviate the pressure on the availability of “.com” domain names, and will validate innovative policies targeted against speculation and trafficking in domain names and discouraging the hoarding of domain names on which no distinctive content has been posted, which may be useful to apply to other new gTLDs to be established in the future. 



C5. Appropriateness of Community. If the organization is intended to serve or represent a particular community, define the community and explain why that definition fits the TLD proposal.


Air transport is at the centre of the travel and tourism industry (see Attachment C5.A). Today the sector has an estimated economic impact of some US$ 3,575 billion according to World Travel & Tourism Council estimates and supports about 200 million jobs. Some 657 million tourists travelled to foreign countries in 1999, spending almost US$ 455 billion, according to World Tourism Organization data.


There are more than 100,000 travel agency outlets worldwide and air travel accounts for 60% of their total business. The world’s scheduled airlines performed some 1,560 million passenger journeys during 1999, as reported by ICAO. (The actual number of individual passengers is estimated to have been over 500 million.)


Detailed data on other sectors of the travel industry are difficult to obtain but, according to the International Hotel & Restaurant Association, there are over 300,000 hotels and 8 million restaurants around the world. It is also estimated that more than 6 million people went on ship cruises during 1999.


Of significance for this application has been the rapid growth in the past few years of on-line travel distribution, from basically zero five years ago to about US$ 5 billion in the USA for the year 2000, according to Jupiter Communications. This turnover is expected to more than double during the next three years, with airlines leading the way in the travel industry in terms of the e-commerce share of their total business.


Airlines operating in the USA could be doing more than 10% of their business on-line by 2003, up from 6% today, again according to Jupiter Communications. Growth in other regions of the world is expected to be even faster, although from a smaller base.


The community to be served by the establishment of the “.travel” TLD will consist of all organizations involved in any aspect of travel. Specifically this will include but not be limited to:


Scheduled Airlines

Charter Airlines



Train Operators

Bus and Coach Operators

Ground Handlers

Catering Companies

Car Rental Companies

Hotels and Resorts

Bed and Breakfast Houses

Camp Facility Operators

Tourist Boards/Associations

Tourist Facility Operators

Travel Guide Publishers

Travel Agents

Tour Operators


Internet Service Providers for Travel

Computer Reservation Systems/Global Distribution Systems



C6. Representation. Manner in which the organization will represent and take input from community to be served, the categories of stakeholder to be included in the organization.


As outlined in C4 above, IATA proposes to institute an Advisory Committee modeled on its Airline-Consumer Forum, Interest Groups, and other such multi-stakeholder dialogue and action bodies, to enable representatives of all segments of the “.travel” TLD constituency to provide input directly to IATA.  Meetings of this Advisory Committee will be open to the public, notices, agendas and minutes of meetings will be posted on a website, and the location of meetings will rotate through different parts of the world to afford all members of the “.travel” constituency the maximum opportunity to participate.  In addition, IATA will encourage individuals to provide input via its website.


To provide appropriate input to policy decisions IATA also intends to establish an IATA-Registrars Forum. This forum will consist of the management of IATA directly concerned with overseeing the policy in respect of “.travel” TLD together with representatives of all registrars approved to process applications for the domain name.


The Forum will:

·        provide an input to the policy development in respect of the TLD

·        establish a formal two way channel of communication between registrars and the sponsoring organization to increase mutual understanding and determine point position on matters of common interest

·        make representation to ICANN, Government regulatory bodies and consumer organizations so as to advance the common interest of the parties and the furtherance of the objective of ICANN to enhance the utility of the DNS.


The IATA-Registrars Forum will meet twice a year.


The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be selected by the Forum by common consent and the appointment confirmed by the IATA Director General.  IATA will appoint a senior executive to act as Secretary to the Forum.



C7. Openness and Transparency. Measures taken to promote openness and transparency, access to information, web site use, public posting of information, meeting minutes, notice and comment provisions.


IATA will make full utilization of its website to efficiently, economically, and rapidly promote communications with the “.travel” constituency.  As a start to that process, this application is being posted on the IATA website at www.iata.org, and IATA is encouraging interested persons to provide comments on the application.  As noted in C4 above, IATA will establish an Advisory Committee to provide further input on the management of the “.travel” TLD, and will post advance notice and agendas of the meetings of that Committee, as well as minutes of committee proceedings and other relevant documents, on the publicly-accessible portion of the IATA website.  Comments on agenda items will be accepted via the website from members of the public for consideration by the Advisory Committee.  Meetings of the Advisory Committee will be freely open to the public, and in accordance with longstanding IATA policy and practice, will rotate among the different regions of the globe to promote accessibility to all members of the “.travel” constituency, wherever in the world they may reside.  As noted in C6 above, IATA also intends to set-up an IATA-Registrar Forum to provide additional input to policy making.



C8. Initial Directors and Staff. The identity and qualifications of the initial directors and staff.


The current senior management of IATA is identified, including copies of their resumes, in Attachment C3.A. The Vice President who currently is responsible for, among other things, IATA’s e-commerce initiatives and the IATA website, and whom it is envisaged would be responsible for the “.travel” TLD is Louise Roy, whose resume is included in Attachment C3.A.  Before joining IATA, Ms. Roy served as President & CEO of Telemedia Communications, Inc., and prior to that was President & Director General of the Montreal Urban Community Transit Commission, and a Vice President at Air France.  IATA’s Senior Director Information Technology Services, Karin Gebert, would also play a key role in management of the “.travel” TLD.  Ms. Gebert’s career with IATA has spanned 17 years, and has included a number of promotions to progressively greater levels of responsibility.  Her resume is included in Attachment C8.A.



C9. Selection of Directors, Officers, Members, Staff, etc. Eligibility, method of selection, term of service, compensation, liability, conflicts of interest, resignation, removal, vacancies.


IATA is committed to hiring and promoting on the basis of merit.  It is firmly committed to non-discrimination in its hiring policies, and views its diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural workforce from over 75 nations as one of the organization’s major strengths.  Openings for IATA staff positions are posted on the IATA website, and made known via internal e-mail to existing IATA staff members.  In some cases, vacancies are advertised in newspapers and other media, and the services of employment agencies may be utilized to assist in recruitment efforts.  Most IATA staff positions are permanent appointments, supplemented by fixed-term contract appointments depending on the nature of the specific job requirements and anticipated duration.  Compensation and employee benefits are designed to be competitive, taking into account local market conditions, to enable IATA to recruit and retain the most highly qualified candidates for each position.  IATA is committed to gender parity in its compensation policies.  IATA has in place customary Directors & Officers liability insurance coverage, as well as “Errors and Omissions” liability insurance coverage.  Accordingly, IATA staff, directors, and officers, do not face any personal liability with respect to acts, errors, or omissions committed in good faith in the course of conducting their duties for IATA.  All IATA employees must sign the Business Standards and Ethics Guidelines, a copy of which appears as Attachment C9.A, which obliges them to confirm they are free of all conflicts of interest.  IATA directors, officers, and employees are free to resign their employment with IATA by giving the period of notice specified in their employment agreements, which is generally set in accordance with prevailing local conditions in the country where they are based.  In the infrequent event of termination of a director, officer or employee by IATA, all contractual provisions and local legal requirements in regard to notice, severance packages, etc. are observed. 



C10. Policy‑Making Procedure. Provide a detailed description of the process for formulating policies for the TLD, including a detailed description of the requirements for adoption of different types of policy.


In the first instance, IATA proposes to have detailed discussions with ICANN on the formulation of policies for the TLD.  As indicated in this application, we intend to be as open as possible and consistent with the policies of ICANN for DNS.  Being a restricted TLD, we will establish certain selection criteria to ensure only qualified applicants will be allowed to register in the TLD.  By doing so, as more fully explained in Section E of this application, an innovative and significant value-added service that will be attractive to users of the internet will be provided, and thus, “.travel” will become an attractive alternative and a viable competitor to the “.com” TLD for the largest segment of e-commerce today, the travel industry.  As indicated in C4 above, we intend to establish an Advisory Committee to enable representatives of all segments of the .“travel” TLD constituency to provide input directly to IATA.  Furthermore, as outlined in C6, IATA intends to establish an IATA-Registrar Forum to provide additional input to policy development in respect of the TLD. 


All policy proposals in respect of the domain name will be presented to IATA’s Board of Governors for approval in exactly the same way as other policy discussions of the organization are processed.



C11. Meetings and Communication. Frequency of meetings, location of meetings, provisions for telephone meetings, other methods of communication, generation of minutes for meetings.


As indicated previously, IATA will establish an IATA-Registrar Forum and an Advisory Committee, each of which will meet twice per year.   In accordance with longstanding IATA policy, the location of the meetings will rotate through the different parts of the world, to provide equal opportunity for attendance to all members of the global constituency served by the “.travel” TLD.  To the extent useful, IATA envisages that these bodies will make use of teleconference, video-conference, and other such technologies, to enable members who may not be in a position to travel to attend a meeting in person, to nevertheless provide input.  IATA will encourage the use of its website and e-mail to facilitate communications from stakeholders.  Minutes of meetings will be generated by secretariat staff assigned to support these activities, and will be posted on the website, as will notices and agendas for upcoming meetings. 



C12. Fiscal Information. Initial budget, expenses, existing capital, sources of revenue, accounting, audit, annual report and annual statement.


Attachment C12.A, contains the most recent audited financial statements of IATA, including fiscal information, expenses, existing capital, sources of revenue, accounting procedures, audit report, annual report and annual statement.  IATA is not required to, and has never before, made public its financial statements.  Consistent with its commitment to openness and transparency, and in the interest of enabling all who may be interested in commenting on this application to have a complete basis upon which to do so, IATA is not requesting confidential treatment of this information.  As the financial statements show, IATA has an annual budget in excess of US$ 240 million.  While IATA is a not-for-profit entity, it is accustomed to managing activities with sizeable financial implications, and unquestionably has the capabilities and resources to successfully launch and operate the “.travel” TLD.  A pro forma initial budget for the “.travel” sponsored TLD activity is set forth in Attachment C12.B.  The IATA Annual Report is contained in Exhibit 12.A.



C13. Liability. Liability of the organization, directors, officers, and staff.


All liabilities of IATA, its directors, officers, and staff pertinent for purposes of financial reporting and disclosure under generally accepted accounting principles are fully disclosed in IATA’s audited financial statements contained in Attachment C12.A.  IATA does not require reporting of, nor maintain any records of, whether individual directors, officers and staff may have personal liabilities, such as mortgages, etc., which we trust would not be relevant to this applicationIATA maintains third party liability insurance coverage in an amount exceeding US$ 50 million, errors & omissions coverage in the amount of US$ 10 million, as well as fidelity and directors & officers liability coverage.



C14. Amendment of Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws. Procedures for making amendments to the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other organizational documents.


The Special Act of Parliament of Canada establishing IATA may only be amended by further Act of the Parliament of Canada.  The Articles of Association of IATA may be amended by majority vote at an IATA Annual General Meeting. 



C15. Reconsideration and Review. Any policy for allowing reconsideration and review of organization policy or implementation decisions.


Any party dissatisfied with any policy or decision of IATA may seek review of that decision by the IATA Board of Governors, and if dissatisfied with the disposition of the matter rendered by the Board of Governors, by the IATA Annual General Meeting






[This section is intended to address the extent of the policy authority to be delegated, NOT the specific policies proposed. Specific policies should be described in the Description of Proposed TLD Policies part of the application.]


C16. List and describe in detail the areas over which a delegation of policy‑formulation authority is sought. For each area in which policy authority is sought, please address:


As set forth in section E of this application, IATA seeks authority to manage the ".travel" restricted TLD.  This will include authority to:


(a)       Enter into a contract with a registry operator;

(b)       Enter into contracts with registrars;

(c)       Enter into contracts with members and registrants;

(d)       Establish and implement criteria for travel industry registrants’ initial and continued membership in the ".travel" TLD;

(e)       Establish and implement criteria for initial registration and continued use of domain names in the ".travel" TLD;

(f)        Establish and implement naming conventions;

(g)       Resolve membership disputes; and

(h)       Resolve only those domain name disputes that are submitted to IATA by the parties' mutual consent.



C16.1. Scope of authority sought;


(a)       Enter into a contract with a registry operator:


IATA seeks full authority to negotiate a contract with a registry operator, to be limited, however, by the DNS and other technical requirements.


(b)       Enter into contracts with registrars:


IATA seeks full authority to negotiate contracts with registrars, to be limited, however, by the DNS and other technical requirements.


(c)       Enter into contracts with members and registrants:


IATA seeks full authority to negotiate contracts with members and registrants, to be limited, however, by ICANN policies.


(d)       Establish and implement criteria for travel industry members' initial and continued membership in the ".travel" TLD:


IATA seeks authority to establish and implement TLD membership criteria as more fully described in Sections E16 through E19.


(e)       Establish and implement criteria for initial registration and continued use of domain names in the ".travel" TLD:


IATA seeks authority to establish and implement TLD registration criteria as described in Section E17.


(f)        Establish and implement naming conventions:


IATA seeks authority to establish and implement global and geographic-specific naming conventions within the ".travel" TLD as described in Section E3.


(g)       Resolve membership disputes:


IATA seeks authority to resolve membership disputes as described in Sections E18 and E20.


(h)       Resolve only those domain name disputes that are submitted to IATA by the parties' mutual consent.


IATA seeks authority to resolve only those domain name disputes that are submitted to IATA by members' and/or third parties' mutual consent as described in Section E21.  Otherwise, members and/or third parties must submit to domain name dispute resolution under ICANN's UDRP.


C16.2. Reasons/justifications for seeking authority;


As fully explained  in section E, the essence of this proposal is to launch a new TLD which will offer the internet community the advantage of quality control based on objective and transparent criteria relevant to the conduct of e-commerce.  Registrants which are unwilling or unable to comply with the criteria set for the “.travel” TLD will continue to be free to register and operate websites in unrestricted TLDs such as .com.  Registrants that wish to offer their customers the value-added features inherent in qualification for the “.travel” restricted TLD will register here.  In order to offer the internet community this new and expanded level of choice, it is key that the sponsor of this restricted TLD be delegated authority to implement these policies.


C16.3. Method of guaranteeing that your organization will administer the policy in the interest of the Internet at large; and


IATA proposes that while it seeks the authority to develop objective and transparent criteria for registration in this TLD, it will work closely with users, registrars, and other stakeholders in this process through the .travel Advisory Board and the IATA-Registrars Forum, previously described in section C4.  Input from these groups will also be used in the continual review and updating of the criteria for granting the “.travel” TLD in the future.  Moreover, IATA intends to add the criteria for registration in the “.travel” TLD to the list of activities of its Board of Governors, which in turn is accountable to the IATA Annual General Meeting composed of the CEOs of 275 airlines from 143 different countries.  In so doing, IATA will ensure that viewpoints from all parts of the globe are duly taken into account in the development and administration of these policies. 


C16.4. Whether variation from existing ICANN policies is intended at the opening of the new TLD.


No further variations from existing ICANN policies is intended at the opening of the new TLD. 






[Sponsoring organizations are responsible for securing an initial registry operator for the proposed TLD and ensuring that the registry operator completes the Registry Operator's Proposal. Sponsoring organizations should also enter detailed contracts for the provision of registry operation services. These contracts should address all of the required functions as outlined in the Registry Operator's Proposal.]


C17. Identification of Registry Operator. Please list the full legal name, principal address, telephone and fax numbers, and e‑mail address of the registry operator:


JVTEAM, LLC, 112 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 550, Washington DC, 0005, USA:

Tel: +1 202 533 2600

Fax: +1 202 533 2975

Email: ken.hansen@neustar.com



C18. Contract with Registry Operator. Please attach one of the following:


C18.1. a copy of your contract with the selected registry operator for provision of registry services;


C18.2. proposed terms for a contract (i.e. at least a detailed term sheet) with a registry operator for provision of registry services, proof of commitment from the registry operator for provision of services under those proposed terms, and a notation of the estimated date of entry into the contract; or


C18.3. a statement that the sponsoring organization will also serve as the registry operator for the proposed TLD. (In this case, the sponsoring organization must prepare and submit the Registry Operator's Proposal in addition to the Sponsoring Organization's Proposal.)


The signed, binding Term Sheet covering the contractual arrangement between IATA and JVTEAM, LLC is attached as Attachment C18.A.  The estimated date of entry into the contract based on this binding Term Sheet is December 1, 2000, subject to finalization of any outstanding issues with ICANN.


IATA has engaged in a thorough examination of the options for registry operator services, and engaged in extensive and serious discussions with a number of potential partners.  The outcome of this process was the selection of JVTEAM.  This decision was based on a number of factors including JVTEAM’s financial strength, specific expertise in the operation and management of a significant country code TLD, and expertise as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA), all of which assure the necessary financial and managerial resources will be available to bring this “.travel” TLD to fruition once it is authorized by ICANN. 


In addition to the benefits of this proposal for the worldwide travel industry and its customers, IATA views this as an opportunity to launch a credible competitor to VeriSign, which is obviously the dominant provider of registry services today.  By creating an alliance between IATA’s proposed TLD based on value-added quality assurance of registrants which the internet consumers of today are demanding, and the financial and technical strengths of JVTEAM as the registry operator, ICANN is presented with a unique opportunity to afford the internet community not only the extensive array of advantages described in this particular proposal, but also the very significant benefit of introducing viable and desperately needed competition into the broader market for the provision of registry operator services. 


As indicated above, IATA has been in contact in the course of this process with a number of other existing and prospective registry service providers which are expected to be involved in other proposals to ICANN in this round of applications.  All of the registry operators with which IATA has been in contact have been keen to work with IATA.  IATA’s first choice of registry operator is clearly JVTEAM, as indicated above.  IATA anticipates that in consideration of the material set forth in section D of this application in particular, ICANN will agree JVTEAM has presented superior qualifications on all accounts to serve in this capacity.  Nevertheless, in the event ICANN in its judgment were for any reason to direct IATA to partner with a different registry operator, IATA hereby confirms it would be prepared to do so, assuming mutually agreeable terms with the registry operator recommended by ICANN could be negotiated.




By signing this proposal, the undersigned attests, on behalf of the applicant(s), that the information contained in this application, and all supporting documents included with this application, are true and accurate to the best of applicant's knowledge.









________P. Jeanniot_          ________

Name (please print)


_____Director General_____________




Name of Entity to Which Title Applies


__ ___October 2, 2000____________












(c) 2000 The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

All rights reserved.


Updated August 15, 2000















Attachment C1.A







275 Members (246 Active and 29 Associate) on 26 September 2000





ACES (Aerolíneas Centrales de Colombia S.A.)




Adria Airways


Aer Lingus Ltd.


Aero Asia International (PVT) Ltd.


Aero California


Aero Zambia Ltd.


Aeroflot (Aeroflot Russian Airlines t.a.)


Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A.


AEROMEXICO (Aerovias de Mexico S.A. de C.V.)




AEROPERU (Empresa de Trans. Aéreo del Perú)


Aerosvit Airlines


Affretair (PVT) Ltd.


Air Afrique


Air Algérie (Entr. Nat. d’Expl. de Svcs Aériens)


Air ALM (ALM 1997 Airline Inc., d.b.a.)


Air Austral


Air Baltic Corp. SIA


Air Berlin GmbH & Co.


Air Bosna


Air Botnia Oy Ab


Air Botswana Corporation


Air Caledonie International


Air Canada


Air China International Corp.


Air Contractors (UK) Ltd.


Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, S.A.


Air France


Air Gabon


Air Jamaica Ltd.


Air Kazakstan


Air Koryo


Air Liberté S.A.


Air Littoral


Air Madagascar


Air Malawi Ltd.


Air Maldives Ltd.


Air Malta p.l.c.


Air Marshall Islands


Air Mauritius


Air Moldova International


Air Namibia


Air New Zealand Ltd.


Air Niugini (Air Niugini Pty Ltd. t.a.)


Air Nostrum L.A.M.S.A.


Air Pacific Ltd.


Air Seychelles Ltd.


Air Tanzania Corporation


Air Ukraine


Air Vanuatu (Operations) Ltd.


Air Zimbabwe Corporation




Alaska Airlines Inc.


Albanian Airlines MAK S.H.P.H.


Alitalia - Linee Aeree Italiane S.p.A.


Alliance Air (African Joint Air Services t.a.)


Alpi Eagles S.p.A.


America West Airlines, Inc.


American Airlines Inc.


ANA (All Nippon Airways CO., Ltd.)


Ansett Australia


Antinea Airlines


AOM French Airlines (AOM - Minerve S.A.)


Ariana Afghan Airlines Co. Ltd)


Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd.


Armenian Airlines


Atlas Air, Inc.


Augsburg Airways GmbH


Austrian Airlines


Avant Airlines


AVENSA  (Aerovias Venezolanas S.A.)


AVIACO  (Aviación y Comercio S.A.)


AVIANCA (Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S.A.)




Avioimpex A.D.p.o.


Azerbaijan Airlines (Azerbaijan Hava Yollari)


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines


Belavia - Belarusian Airlines


Bellview Airlines Ltd.


Biman Bangladesh Airlines


Braathens (Braathens ASA, t.a.)


British Airways p.l.c.


British Midland Airways Ltd.


BWIA West Indies International Airways Ltd.


Cameroon Airlines


Canadian Airlines International Ltd.


Cargolux Airlines International S.A.


Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.


Ceske Aeroline/Czech Airlines (CSA)


China Eastern Airlines


China Northern Airlines


China Northwest Airlines  


China Southern Airlines


China Southwest Airlines


China Xinjiang Airlines


China Yunnan Airlines




Comair (Pty.) Ltd.


Compagnie Aérienne Corse Méditerrannée


Continental Airlines Inc.


Continental Micronesia, Inc.


COPA (Compania Panamena de Aviación S.A.)


CORSAIR (Corse Air International)


Croatia Airlines DD


Cronus Airlines


Crossair, Ltd. Co. (for Reg. Eur. Air Transp.)


Cubana de Aviación S.A.


Cyprus Airways Ltd.


Delta Air Lines Inc.


Deutsche BA Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH


DHL International E.C.


Dinar Líneas Aéreas S.A.


DRAGONAIR (Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd.)


EAT (European Air Transport)


ECUATORIANA (Ecuatoriana de Aviación S.A.)




El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.




Estonian Air


Ethiopian Airlines Corporation


Eurowings AG


FedEx (Federal Express Corporation)


Finnair Oyj


Flight West Airlines Pty. Ltd.


Garuda Indonesia


GB Airways


Ghana Airways Corporation


Gulf Air Company G.S.C.


Hapag Lloyd Flug GmbH


Hemus Air


IBERIA (Líneas Aéreas de España S.A.)


ICAR (Independent Aircompany)




Indian Airlines


Inter Air  (Inter Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd.)


Iran Air, The Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Iran Aseman Airlines


Iraqi Airways


JALways Co. Ltd


Japan Air System Co. Ltd.


Japan Airlines Co. Ltd.


JAT (Jugoslovenski Aerotransport)


Jersey European Airways


Kenya Airways Ltd.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


KLM uk Ltd.


Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd.


Kuwait Airways Corporation


L.B. Limited


LAB (Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano S.A.)


LACSA  (Linéas Aereas Costarricenses S.A.)


LAM - Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique


Lan Chile S.A.


LAPA (Lineas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas S.A.)


Lauda Air Luftfahrt AG


Libyan Arab Airlines


Lithuanian Airlines


LOT (Polskie Linie Lotnicze)


LTU (Lufttransport-Unternehmen GmbH & Co.)


LUFTHANSA (Deutsche Lufthansa A.G.)


Lufthansa Cargo A.G.


Luxair (Soc. Lux. de Navig. Aérienne)


Maersk Air A/S


Maersk Air Ltd.


Malaysia Airlines


MALEV (Hungarian Airlines Public Ltd. Co.)


Manx Airlines Ltd.


MAT - Macedonian Airlines


MEA (Middle East Airlines Airliban)


Meridiana S.p.A.


Merpati Nusantara Airlines


MEXICANA (Comp. Mexicana de Aviación S.A. de C.V.)


MIAT Mongolian Airlines


Nigeria Airways Ltd.


Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) Co. Ltd.


Northwest Airlines Inc.


Olympic Airways S.A.


Oman Air (Oman Aviation Services Co. [SAOG] op. as)


Palestinian Airlines


PGA - Portugália Airlines


Philippine Airlines Inc.


PIA  (Pakistan International Airlines Corp.)


PLUNA S.A. (Pluna Líneas Aéreas Uruguayas S.A)


Polynesian Airlines Ltd.


Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise


Qantas Airways Ltd.


Qatar Airways Co. (W.L.L.)


Red Sea Air PLC


Regional Air (AirKenya Aviation d.b.a.)


Regional Airlines


Riga Airlines


Royal Air Maroc


Royal Airlines


Royal Brunei Airlines


Royal Jordanian


Royal Swazi National Airways Corp. Ltd.


Royal Tongan Airlines


Ryanair Ltd.


SA Airlink (Pty) Ltd.


SAA (South African Airways)




Samara Airlines


SAS  (Scandinavian Airlines Systems)


Saudi Arabian Airlines


Sempati Air


Shanghai Airlines


Sierra National Airlines


Singapore Airlines Ltd.


Skyways AB


Solomon Airlines


Spanair S.A.


SriLankan Airlines Ltd.


Sudan Airways Company Ltd.


Surinam Airways


SWISSAIR (Swiss Air Transport Co. Ltd.)


Syrian Arab Airlines


TAAG - Angola Airlines (Linhas Aéreas de Angola)


TACA International Airlines S.A.


TAESA (Transportes Aereos Ejecutivos S.A. de C.V.)


TAM - Transportes Aereos des Mercosur Socidad Anonima


TAM Transportes Aéreas Meridionais S/A


TAP - Air Portugal


TAROM (Romanian Air Transport S.A.)


TAT European Airlines


Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd.


TMA (Trans-Mediterranean Airways S.A.L.)


TNT Airways S.A.


TRANS BRASIL (Transbrasil S.A. Linhas Aéreas)


Transaero Airlines (Joint Stock Company)


Transavia Airlines (Transavia Holland B.V.)


Tunis Air


Turkish Airlines Inc.


Turkmenistan Airlines


TWA  (Trans World Airlines Inc.)


Ukraine International Airlines


United Airlines


UPS Airlines


US Airways, Inc.


VARIG S.A. (Viacao Aérea Rio-Grandense)


VASP (Viaçao Aérea Sao Paulo S.A.)


Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.


Wideroe Flyveselskap A/S


Xiamen Airlines


YEMENIA Yemen Airways


Zimbabwe Express Airlines




AEROSUR (Comp.Boliv.de Transp.Aér.Priv. S.A.)


Air Jamaica Express Ltd.


Air One SpA


Air Tahiti


Aloha Airlines, Inc.


Qantas New Zealand (Tasman Pacific Airlines of NZ Ltd. t.a.)


Austral Líneas Aéreas S.A.


Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation - C.A.A.


Eagle Aviation Ltd.


Falcon Air AB


Forward Air International Airlines, Inc.


Gill Aviation Ltd.


Hazelton Airlines


Jet Airways (India) Ltd.


Kendell Airlines (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.






Lan Perú


Lufthansa CityLine GmbH


Mount Cook Airlines


Pacific Airways Corporation


Safair Freighters (Pty.) Ltd.


Sahara Airlines Ltd.


SATA Air Acores


Southern Winds S.A.


Sunflower Airlines Ltd.


TAM Transportes Aereos Regionais S.A.


Volare Airlines S.p.A.


Zambian Airways Ltd.
















Attachment C1.B


IATA Office Addresses

Attachment C1.B – IATA Office Addresses




Official Name:  IATA ARGENTINA

                   City Code:    BUE          BER

                   Units on Site:  ER

                   Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza

                   Ministro Pistarini - Terminal B 1st Floor

                   1802 Ezeiza

                   Tel:    +54 11 4480 2623

                   Fax:   +54 11 4480 2606


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Roberto Rodrigues

                   Project Manager Argentina

                   Official Name:  IATA ARGENTINA

                   City Code:    BUE          BUE

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Paraguay 577, Piso 3

                   C1057AAE Buenos Aires

                   Tel:    +54 11 4312 6006

                   Fax:   +54 11 4312 0093

                   TTY:  BUESFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       11

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Eliana Lopez Garrido

                   IDS Manager - Argentina


                   Official Name:  IATA AUSTRALIA

                   City Code:    SYD          SYD

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   83 York Street, Level 4

                   PO Box 3563 GPO

                   Sydney 2001 NSW

                   Tel:    +61 2 9249 6866

                   Fax:   +61 2 9261 2772


                   Approx No of Staff:       50

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Bindi Rogers

                   Assistant to IDS Manager


                   Official Name:  IATA AUSTRIA

                   City Code:    VIE           VIE

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Karlsplatz 1/1/4

                   Vienna A-1010

                   Tel:    +43 1 504 0360

                   Fax:   +43 1 504 0362


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Rudy Hesser

                   IDS Manager Austria


                   Official Name:  IATA BELGIUM & LUXEMBOURG

                   City Code:    BRU          BRA

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS


                   Stationsstraat 26 (B.5/6)

                   B-1930 Zaventem

                   Tel:    +32 2 711 5380

                   Fax:   +32 2 711 5399


                   Approx No of Staff:         7

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Marc Thoens

                   IDS Manager - Benelux

                   Official Name:  CFMU AIRCRAFT OPERATORSLIASON CELL

                   City Code:    BRU          BRE

                   Units on Site:  O&I (EUR-CFMU)


                   Rue de la Fusee 96

                   B-1130 Brussels

                   Tel:    +32 2 729 9751

                   Fax:   +32 2 729 9019


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Len Hearnden

                   Manager Infrastructure Europe



                   City Code:    BRU          BRO

                   Units on Site:  ER/CS/O&I

                   Avenue Louise, 350

                   B-1050 Brussels

                   Tel:    +32 2 626 1800

                   Fax:   +32 2 648 5135


                   Approx No of Staff:       14

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Laurence De Barros

                   Assistant to R-O&I Director-EUR


                   Official Name:  DED.4 - CODA

                   City Code:    BRU          BRW

                   Units on Site:  O&I - DED.4 - CODA


                   Rue de la Fusee 96

                   B-1130 Brussels

                   Tel:    +32 2 729 9751

                   Fax:   +32 2 729 9019


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Rudy De Winter

                   Manager, Infrastruct. - Europe


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIASON OFFICE - BOLIVIA

                   City Code:    SRZ          SRZ

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Calle Independencia Esquina Ingavi

                   Galeria Central Piso 1 Oficina 7

                   PO Box 6306

                   Santa Cruz

                   Tel:    +591 322 514

                   Fax:   +591 332 515

                   TTY:  SRZSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Juan Carlos Vargas

                   Local Coordinator Bolivia


                   Official Name:  IATA BRAZIL

                   City Code:    SAO          SAO

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Rua Carneiro da Cunha no 167 cj 96


                   Sao Paolo SP CEP 04.144-00

                   Tel:    +55 11 5072 3707

                   Fax:   +55 11 276 3055

                   TTY:  SAOSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       20

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Faustino Pereira

                   IDS Regional Manager - Brzl, Arg, Uru


                   Official Name:  HEAD OFFICE

                   City Code:    YMQ         YMQ

                   Units on Site:  HQ/IATAN/ASO Canada/BSP Bermuda

                   800 Place Victoria

                   PO Box 113

                   Montreal H4Z 1M1 QC

                   Tel:    +1 514 874 0202

                   Fax:   +1 514 874 9632

                   TTY:  Roro

                   Approx No of Staff:     500

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Francois Aubin

                   Ladouceur (65) Gabriel (30)


                   Official Name:  IATA WINNIPEG

                   City Code:    YWG         YWG

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   c/O ADP Systems, 2nd Floor

                   363 Broadway Avenue

                   Winnipeg R3C 3N9 MB

                   Tel:    +1 204 957 1885

                   Fax:   +1 204 942 3003


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Wayne Oliver

                   Manager BSP Canada Proc Centre


                   Official Name:  IATA CHILE

                   City Code:    SCL          SCL

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Dr Barros Borgono 123



                   Tel:    +56 2 264 0311

                   Fax:   +56 2 235 4181

                   TTY:  SCLSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         9

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Grete Ruber

                   IDS Manager - Chile


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE FOR LATIN AMERICA

                   City Code:    SCL          SLC

                   Units on Site:  ER

                   Av 11 de Septiembre 2155

                   Torre A Of, 903


                   Tel:    +56 2 233 0063

                   Fax:   +56 2 232 4687


                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Patricio Sepulveda

                   Regional Director, Latin America


                   Official Name:  IATA COLOMBIA

                   City Code:    BOG         BOG

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Carrera 7a  No.24-89 Piso 39

                   Torre Col Patria

                   Bogota 8

                   Tel:    +57 1 342 0188

                   Fax:   +57 1 284 6682

                   TTY:  BOGSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       15

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Juan Carlos Gutierrez Pedraza

                   IDS Manager Colombia


                   Official Name:  IDS CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEAN

                   City Code:    SJO          SJO

                   Units on Site:  BSP Central America/CASS

                   Edificio Edicol 2do Piso

                   PO Box 7-1040

                   San Jose - Sabana Sur

                   Tel:    +506 296 5922

                   Fax:   +506 231 5491

                   TTY:  SJOSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       54

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Marco Alvarenga

                   IDS Regional Manager, Cent Am & Carrib


                   Official Name:  BSP - CENTRAL & WESTERN AFRICA

                   City Code:    ABJ          ABJ

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   1er Etage, Escalier A, Immeuble El Nasr

                   6 Avenue du Commerce Plateau,

                   17 BP 410

                   Abidjan 17

                   Tel:    +225 20 323 255

                   Fax:   +225 20 323 253


                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Kokoe Ayivi-Guedehoussou

                   IDS Regional Manager - Central & W Africa


                   Official Name:  IATA CROATIA

                   City Code:    ZAG          ZAG

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   BSP Hrvatska

                   Primorska 12

                   Zagreb 10000

                   Tel:    +385 1 3770 674

                   Fax:   +385 1 3774 862


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Gordan Balen

                   IDS Manager - Croatia


                   Official Name:  IATA CYPRUS

                   City Code:    NIC           NIC

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   22 Chytron Street, Suite 22

                   PO Box 23453

                   Nicosia 1683

                   Tel:    +357 2 768 022

                   Fax:   +357 2 786 007


                   Approx No of Staff:         3


General Office Contact:

                   Mr Andreas Antoniou

                   IDS Manager - Cyprus


                   Official Name:  IATA CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS

                   City Code:    PRG          PRG

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Vitezne Namesti. 2


                   16000 Prague 6

                   Tel:    +420 2 2431 6621

                   Fax:   +420 2 311 4282


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Antonin Venus

                   IDS Manager Czech Rep/Slovenia


                   Official Name:  IATA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC & HAITI

                   City Code:    SDQ          SDQ

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Gustavo Mejia Ricart 69,

                   Edificio Dato Centro, 3 Piso

                   Ensanche Nacho - Santo Domingo DN

                   Tel:    +1 809 562 4282

                   Fax:   +1 809 540 6166

                   TTY:  SDQSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       23

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Maria del Carmen Objio

                   Local Coordinator - Dominican Republic


                   Official Name:  IATA ECUADOR

                   City Code:    UIO           UIO

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Av Naciones Unidas 825 y Shyris

                   Edifio Mastercard - Piso 8


                   Tel:    +593 225 6450

                   Fax:   +593 225 6338

                   TTY:  UIOSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       12


General Office Contact:

                   Ms Alexandra Morales

                   IDS Manager - Ecuador


                   Official Name:  IATA EGYPT

                   City Code:    CAI           CAI

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   3, Abdul Feda Street - Zamalek

                   PO Box 159 Gezira

                   11211 Cairo

                   Tel:    +20 2 340 4609

                   Fax:   +20 2 340 4724


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Mohamed Abdel Ghani

                   IDS Manager - Egypt


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - EL

                   City Code:    SAL          SAL

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Banco Cuscatlan-Caribe

                   Paseo General Escalon

                   3551 Colonia Escalon - San Salvador

                   Tel:    +503 298 1971

                   Fax:   +503 298 1971

                   TTY:  SALSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Cesar Barragan

                   Local Coordinator - El Salvador


                   Official Name:  IATA ETHIOPIA

                   City Code:    ADD          ADD

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Ethiopian Shipping Lines Building

                   PO Box 22682

                   CODE 1000 Addis Ababa

                   Tel:    +251 1 502 914

                   Fax:   +251 1 502 915


                   Approx No of Staff:         1


General Office Contact:

                   Mr Tilahun MESHESHA

                   BSP Liaison Officer Ethiopia


                   Official Name:  IATA FINLAND

                   City Code:    HEL          HEL

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Vernissakatu 6 (4th Floor)

                   PO Box 84

                   FIN-01301 Vantaa Tikkurila

                   Tel:    +358 9 836 2680

                   Fax:   +358 9 857 3196


                   Approx No of Staff:       10

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Kai Arvinen

                   IDS Manager - Finland


                   Official Name:  IATA FRANCE

                   City Code:    PAR          PAR

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   43 Rue de Dunkerque

                   75010 Paris

                   Tel:    +33 1 4491 8400

                   Fax:   +33 1 4491 8401


                   Approx No of Staff:       20

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Patrick Lantin

                   IDS Manager France


                   Official Name:  IATA FRANCE CARGO CUSTOMS

                   City Code:    PAR          POO

                   Units on Site:  O&I

                   4 Allée aux cerfs

                   94370 Sucy en Brie

                   Tel:    +33 1 4982 7192

                   Fax:   +33 1 4982 7192


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Daniel Peudupin

                   Asst Dir, Cargo Customs Facilitation


                   Official Name:  IATA GERMANY

                   City Code:    FRA          FRA

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Poststrasse 2-4

                   60329 Frankfurt-am-Main

                   Tel:    +49 69 242 536 0

                   Fax:   +49 69 25 19 50


                   Approx No of Staff:       17

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Ina Fiedler

                   IDS Manager - Germany


                   Official Name:  IATA GREECE

                   City Code:    ATH          ATH

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   8, Ioannou Metaxa Street, 1st Floor

                   Aghios Dimitrios

                   173 43 Athens

                   Tel:    +30 1 976 8031

                   Fax:   +30 1 976 8038


                   Approx No of Staff:       13

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Nicki Boussioti

                   IDS Manager - Greece


                   Official Name:  IATA - GUATEMALA

                   City Code:    GUA          GUA

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Avda La Reforma 12-01, Zona 10, Oficina 1005

                   Edificio Reforma Montufar

                   Guatemala City 01010

                   Tel:    +502 361 4748

                   Fax:   +502 331 8405

                   TTY:  GUASFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Viviana Pozuelos

                   Local Coordinator Guatemala


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - HONDURAS

                   City Code:    TGU          TGU

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Sucursal Bancasa Calee Real..

                   ..Frente a Parque Libertad 2ndo Piso


                   Tel:    +504 238 4251

                   Fax:   +504 238 4228

                   TTY:  TGUSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Suyapa Rivera

                   Local Coordinator - Honduras


                   Official Name:  IATA HUNGARY

                   City Code:    BUD          BUD

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Kristof Ter 7/8


                   70258 Budapest 1052

                   Tel:    +36 1 266 0156

                   Fax:   +36 1 318 9598


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Agnes Sipos

                   IDS Manager - Hungary


                   Official Name:  IATA INDIA

                   City Code:    BOM         BOM

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Shree Sound Cine Studio

                   4th Floor, Behind Chotra Cinema

                   Madhavdas Pasta Road

                   Mumbai 400 014

                   Tel:    +91 22 418 1235

                   Fax:   +91 22 418 8081


                   Approx No of Staff:       15

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Kiran Yadav

                   IDS Manager - India

                   Official Name:  IATA BSP CALCUTTA

                   City Code:    CCU          CCU

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   C/o Deutsche Bank

                   Brooke House

                   9 Shakespeare Sarani

                   Calcutta 700 071




                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Rana Choudhury

                   BSP Manager - Calcutta


                   Official Name:  IATA BSP DELHI

                   City Code:    DEL          DEL

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   c/o MCS Ltd. Sri Venkatesh Bhavan

                   212-A Shahpurjat, behind Panchsheel Club

                   New Delhi 110 049

                   Tel:    +91 11 649 5292

                   Fax:   +91 11 649 5291


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Pran NAYYAR

                   Manager, Northern India

                   Official Name:  IATA BSP CHENNAI

                   City Code:    MAA         MAA

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   c/o MCS Ltd.

                   225, Thambu Chetty Street, 2nd Floor

                   Chennai 600 001

                   Tel:    +91 44 523 1814

                   Fax:   +91 44 522 0116


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr N Krishnan

                   BSP Assistant Southern India


                   Official Name:  IATA INDONESIA

                   City Code:    JKT           JKT

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/DPC

                   Sarinah Thamrin Office Building, 9th Floor

                   Jalan. M.H. Thamrin 11

                   Jakarta 10350 A

                   Tel:    +62 21 390 3540

                   Fax:   +62 21 390 3538


                   Approx No of Staff:       20

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Richson Silitonga

                   IDS Manager - Indonesia


                   Official Name:  IATA IRELAND

                   City Code:    DUB          DUB

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS/DPC

                   Ashley House

                   182/184 Parnell Street

                   Dublin 1

                   Tel:    +353 1 873 0988

                   Fax:   +353 1 873 3353


                   Approx No of Staff:       16

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Tom Lonergan

                   IDS Manager - Ireland


                   Official Name:  IATA ISRAEL

                   City Code:    TLV          TLV

                   Units on Site:  ISS

                   21, Mapu Street

                   Tel Aviv 63434

                   Tel:    +972 3 523 9894

                   Fax:   +972 3 524 0080


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Raffie Stiel

                   IDS Manager Israel


                   Official Name:  IATA ITALY

                   City Code:    ROM         ROM

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Viale Di Val Fiorita 86

                   I-00144 Rome

                   Tel:    +39 06 545 5920

                   Fax:   +39 06 591 3226


                   Approx No of Staff:       22

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Carlo Pirro

                   IDS Manager - Italy

                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE INFRASTRUCTURE -

                   City Code:    ROM         ROO

                   Units on Site:  O&I

                   Piano San Nicola Nr 1

                   02038 Scandriglia (Rieti)

                   Tel:    +39 0765 878 141

                   Fax:   +39 0765 878 978


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Hans Fischer

                   Asst Dir, Airport Projects



                   Official Name:  IATA JAMAICA

                   City Code:    KIN           KIN

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   "The Towers"

                   25 Dominica Drive

                   Kingston 5

                   Tel:    +1 876 929 2828

                   Fax:   +1 876 926 2010

                   TTY:  KINSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Annette Lewis

                   Local Coordinator - Jamaica


                   Official Name:  IATA CORPORATE COMMS - ASIA PACIFIC

                   City Code:    TYO          TYC

                   Units on Site:  MRC

                   The Stage Waseda 902

                   2-5-12 Nishi-Waseda


                   Tokyo 169-0051

                   Tel:    +81 3 5292 9375

                   Fax:   +81 3 5292 9376


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Anthony Concil

                   Manager, Corporate Comms


                   Official Name:  IATA JAPAN

                   City Code:    TYO          TYO

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   4th Floor, Aviation Building

                   18-1 Shinbashi 1-Chome, Minato-ku

                   Tokyo 105-0004

                   Tel:    +81 3 3595 1878

                   Fax:   +81 3 3597 0633


                   Approx No of Staff:         8

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Ryo Murai

                   IDS Manager - Japan


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE FOR MIDDLE EAST

                   City Code:    AMM         AMM

                   Units on Site:  O&I/ASO/BSP/ER

                   Villa no 14, Abdulla Bin Masood Street

                   PO Box 940587

                   Amman 1194 Shmeisani

                   Tel:    +962 6 562 4122/3

                   Fax:   +962 6 569 4943


                   Approx No of Staff:         8

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Rula Malky

                   Regional Office Secretary


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE FOR AFRICA

                   City Code:    NBO          NBO

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/O&I

                   American Life House

                   Nyerere Road/Mamlaka Road

                   PO Box 47979


                   Tel:    +254 2 723 999

                   Fax:   +254 2 723 978


                   Approx No of Staff:       17

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Abdul Khalfan


                   Official Name:  IATA KOREA

                   City Code:    SEL          SEL

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   2306 Marine Centre Building

                   118 Namdaemun-ro 2-ka, Chung - Ku

                   Seoul 100 - 770

                   Tel:    +82 2 3705 1500

                   Fax:   +82 2 3705 1515


                   Approx No of Staff:       14

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr S.W. Hong

                   IDS Manager - Korea


                   Official Name:  BSP KUWAIT

                   City Code:    KWI          KWI

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Al-Qubia Tower, 13th Floor

                   Fahed Al-Salem Street,

                   PO Box 27572

                   Safat 13136

                   Tel:    +96 5 245 2168

                   Fax:   +96 5 245 2140


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Monzer Mohammed Ghandour

                   IDS Manager Kuwait


                   Official Name:  IATA LEBANON

                   City Code:    BEY          BEY

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Aresco Tower - 8th Floor

                   Central Bank Avenue

                   PO Box 113-5885


                   Tel:    +961 1 748 666

                   Fax:   +961 1 748 520


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Imad Abdul-Malak

                   IDS Manager - Lebanon


                   Official Name:  IATA MALAYSIA

                   City Code:    KUL          KUL

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/DPC

                   Kelana Business Center, 704 Block B (7th Floor)

                   No 97 Jalan SS7/2 Kelana Jaya,

                   47301 Petaling Jaya

                   Selangor Darul Ehsan

                   Tel:    +60 3 7492 0001

                   Fax:   +60 3 7492 0100


                   Approx No of Staff:       25

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Lee Sook Wah

                   IDS Manager - Malaysia


                   Official Name:  IATA MALTA

                   City Code:    MLA          MLA

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   2, Sonoli Court, Dragut Street

                   Sliema SLM 11

                   Tel:    +356 333 326/7

                   Fax:   +356 333 328


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Philip Cilia

                   IDS Manager Malta


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - MAURITIUS

                   City Code:    MRU         MRU

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   MEDCOR Building - Shop 33 E Level 2

                   President John Kennedy Street

                   Port Louis

                   Tel:    +230 210 1808

                   Fax:   +230 210 3161


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Amrita Rajcooma

                   Local Liasion Officer - Mauritius


                   Official Name:  IATA MEXICO

                   City Code:    MEX          MEX

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Paseo de la Reforma 76, Piso 17

                   Col. Juarez, C.P.

                   06600 Mexico City

                   Tel:    +525 546 9024

                   Fax:   +525 5703 3635

                   TTY:  MEXDFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       26

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Judith Guerra

                   IDS Regional Manager - Mexico


                   Official Name:  IATA MOROCCO

                   City Code:    CAS          CAS

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   269 Boulevard  Zekrtouni

                   Casablanca 20000

                   Tel:    +212 2 950 928

                   Fax:   +212 2 950 969


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr El Bachir Menni

                   IDS Manager - Morocco


                   Official Name:  IATA NEW ZEALAND

                   City Code:    AKL          AKL

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   9th Floor, 43 High Street

                   PO Box 1493

                   Auckland DX 68169

                   Tel:    +64 9 379 8096

                   Fax:   +64 9 379 8019


                   Approx No of Staff:         7

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Brian Downes

                   IDS Regional Manager - New Zealand and SWP


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - NICARAGUA

                   City Code:    MGA         MGA

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Edificio Bancentro

                   Km 4 1/2 - Carretera Masaya


                   Tel:    +505 278 6530

                   Fax:   +505 278 6530

                   TTY:  MGASFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Lizzette Saballos

                   Local Coordinator - Nicaragua


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - PANAMA

                   City Code:    PTY          PTY

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Edificio Ibiza - Mezanina, Oficina 1

                   Calle 54  y Eric del Valle

                   El Cangrejo

                   Panama 5

                   Tel:    +507 223 3173

                   Fax:   +507 263 4186

                   TTY:  PTYSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Miss Ana D'Anelo

                   Local Coordinator - Panama


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE FOR CHINA

                   City Code:    BJS          BJS

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS/IAMS/ER/CS

                   12a Floor, Bldg 12, Xibahe Beili

                   Chaoyang District

                   100028 Beijing

                   Tel:    +86 10 6420 1975

                   Fax:   +86 10 6429 8684


                   Approx No of Staff:       30

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Zhang Baojian

                   Director, Asia & India

                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE -

                   City Code:    CAN          CAN

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Room 508, Yungang Hotel

                   Guangzhou Baiyun Intl Airport

                   Guangzhou 510405

                   Tel:    +86 20 8612 8062

                   Fax:   +86 20 8612 0400


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Huang Bo

                   BSP Rep - Guangzhou


                   Official Name:  IATA HONG KONG SAR

                   City Code:    HKG          HKG

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/DPC

                   2nd Floor, 80 Gloucester Road


                   Hong Kong (SAR)

                   Tel:    +852 2528 9151

                   Fax:   +852 2520 0329


                   Approx No of Staff:       12

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Philip Lam

                   AS/BSP Manager

                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIASON OFFICE - SHANGHAI

                   City Code:    SHA          SHA

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Room 220, Hongda Building

                   Hongda Airport

                   Shanghai 200335

                   Tel:    +86 21 6268 7322

                   Fax:   +86 21 6268 7322


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Zhou Shitian

                   Manager, Shanghai


                   Official Name:  IATA PERU

                   City Code:    LIM           LIM

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Av Juan de Arona 893, Piso 15,

                   San Isidro - Lima 27

                   Tel:    +51 1 421 7213

                   Fax:   +51 1 422 0433

                   TTY:  LIFSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Adriana Carbonel

                   IDS Regional Manager PE, CH, BO, EC


                   Official Name:  IATA PHILIPPINES

                   City Code:    MNL          MNL

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Sagittarius Building, 12th Floor (B)

                   H.V. De la Costa Street

                   Salcedo Village, Mak

                   1227 Metro Manila

                   Tel:    +63 2 817 2552

                   Fax:   +63 2 818 6437


                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Marcelito Jovida

                   IDS Manager - Philippines


                   Official Name:  IATA POLAND

                   City Code:    WAW        WAW

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/DPC

                   UI. Szpitalna 6, apt 1b

                   00-031 Warsaw

                   Tel:    +48 22 625 2500

                   Fax:   +48 22 625 5188


                   Approx No of Staff:         8

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Krzysztof Rudnicki

                   IDS Manager - Poland


                   Official Name:  IATA PORTUGAL

                   City Code:    LIS           LIS

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Rue B Edificio 7 - 1 Andar

                   Aeroporto de Lisboa

                   1700 Lisboa

                   Tel:    +351 21 841 6609

                   Fax:   +351 21 841 6610


                   Approx No of Staff:         8

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Francisco Reis Dias

                   IDS Manager - Portugal


                   Official Name:  IATA ROMANIA

                   City Code:    BUH          BUH

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Str. Drobeta 4-10, et. 3,  ap. 15,

                   Sect 2


                   Tel:    +40 1 210 3116

                   Fax:   +40 1 210 6189


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Denisa Maria Sanda

                   IDS Manager - Romania


                   Official Name:  IATA RUSSIAN FEDERATION

                   City Code:    MOW        MOW

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Novy Arbat 7, 6th Floor

                   Moscow 121019

                   Tel:    +70 95 956 7034

                   Fax:   +70 95 956 2553


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Dmitry Shamraev

                   IDS Manager - Russia


                   Official Name:  IATA SAUDI ARABIA

                   City Code:    JED           JED

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/DPC

                   Al-Hayat Commercial Center

                   Medina Road Northbound

                   PO Box 12372

                   Jeddah 21473

                   Tel:    +966 2 651 8424/1016

                   Fax:   +966 2 653 0704


                   Approx No of Staff:       21

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Cameron Smith

                   IDS Manager - Saudi Arabia


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE INFRASTRUCTURE -

                   City Code:    DKR          DKR

                   Units on Site:  O&I

                   Immeuble SOSECODA

                   16, Avenue Léopold Sédar Senghor

                   BP 2053


                   Tel:    +221 821 8961

                   Fax:   +221 823 5834


                   Approx No of Staff:         5

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Djamel Otsmane

                   Regional Technical Representative


                   Official Name:  REGIONAL OFFICE FOR ASIA

                   City Code:    SIN           SIN

                   Units on Site:

                   77 Robinson Road, #05-00

                   SIA Building

                   Singapore 068896

                   Tel:    +65 438 4555

                   Fax:   +65 438 4666


                   Approx No of Staff:       50

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Jafred Tan

                   Manager, HR


                   Official Name:  IATA SLOVENIA

                   City Code:    LJU           LJU

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Dunajska c.22

                   1511 Ljubljana

                   Tel:    +386 (1) 232 2244

                   Fax:   +386 61 132 6130


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Stasja Grkman

                   IDS Manager Slovenia


                   Official Name:  IATA SOUTHERN AFRICA

                   City Code:    JNB          JNB

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   First Floor, Office Block 1, Riviera Office Block

                   Crnr Oxford & North Roads, Riviera 2193

                   PO Box 1177

                   Houghton 2041 JNB

                   Tel:    +27 11 486 1385

                   Fax:   +27 11 486 0870


                   Approx No of Staff:       15

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Faizel Cassim

                   IDS Regional Manager - Africa & Middle East


                   Official Name:  IATA SPAIN

                   City Code:    MAD         MAD

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Plaza Castilla 3, Planta 18 - A

                   28046 Madrid

                   Tel:    +34 91 315 0640

                   Fax:   +34 91 733 7661


                   Approx No of Staff:       14

                   General Office Contact:

                   IDS Manager - Spain


                   Official Name:  IATA SCANDINAVIA

                   City Code:    STO          STO

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   5th Floor, Centralvägan 12-14

                   PO Box 1242

                   171 24 Solna

                   Tel:    +46 8 470 0200

                   Fax:   +46 8 470 0290


                   Approx No of Staff:       21

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Catharina Amandusson

                   AS/BSP Manager


                   Official Name:  EXECUTIVE OFFICE

                   City Code:    GVA          GVA

                   Units on Site:  Main Office

                   33, Route de l'Aeroport

                   PO Box 416

                   1215 Geneva 15 Airport

                   Tel:    +41 22 799 2525

                   Fax:   +41 22 798 3553


                   Approx No of Staff:     375

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Antoinette Stagnetto

                   Manager, Internal Communications


                   Official Name:  IATA SWITZERLAND/LIECHTENSTEIN

                   City Code:    ZRH          ZRH

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Ifangstrasse 12

                   PO Box 485

                   8302 Kloten

                   Tel:    +41 1 804 8181

                   Fax:   +41 1 804 8199


                   Approx No of Staff:       12

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Angelo Lassandro

                   IDS Switzerland


                   Official Name:  IATA TAIWAN

                   City Code:    TPE          TPE

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   9, F, No 40-1

                   Nanking East Road, Section 5

                   Taipiei 105

                   Tel:    +886 2 2753 5598

                   Fax:   +886 2 2766 7256


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Jimmy Hsu

                   AS/BSOP Manager


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - TANZANIA

                   City Code:    DAR          DAR

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Peugrol House, Ground Floor

                   PO Box 71625

                   Dar Es Salaam

                   Tel:    +255 51 111 282

                   Fax:   +255 51 111 282


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Miryam Mjema

                   BSP Liasion Officer Tanzania


                   Official Name:  IATA THAILAND

                   City Code:    BKK          BKK

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   11th Floor, Vanit II Building

                   1126/2 New Petchburi Road

                   Rajdhavee District

                   Bangkok 10400

                   Tel:    +66 2 655 2308/9/10

                   Fax:   +66 2 655 2311


                   Approx No of Staff:         6

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Prote Setsuwan

                   IDS Manager - Thailand


                   Official Name:  IATA NETHERLANDS

                   City Code:    AMS         AMI

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP/CASS

                   Evert van de Beekstraat 33

                   Triport 1 Gebouw

                   (PO Box 75636)

                   1118 CL Schiphol-Airport

                   Tel:    +31 20 316 3840

                   Fax:   +31 20 316 3850


                   Approx No of Staff:         7

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Heidi Desomer

                   Assistant, IDS The Netherlands

                   Official Name:  IATA NETHERLANDS

                   City Code:    AMS         AMS

                   Units on Site:  IAP

                   Evert van de Beekstraat 17

                   Triport 1 Gebouw

                   (PO Box 75636)

                   1118 CL Schiphol-Airport

                   Tel:    +31 20 316 3700

                   Fax:   +31 20 316 3800


                   Approx No of Staff:       65

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Diana Kalverla

                   HR Assistant IAP


                   Official Name:  IATA EASTERN CARIBBEAN

                   City Code:    POS          POS

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   First Floor (East), West Mall

                   Western Main Road,


                   Tel:    +1 868 632 1629

                   Fax:   +1 868 632 1754

                   TTY:  POSSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       10

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Colin Jones

                   IDS Manager - East Caribbean


                   Official Name:  IATA TUNISIA

                   City Code:    TUN          TUN

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Immeuble Cristal Palace, Bureaux 3 B2/B3

                   Les Berges du Lac

                   Tunis 2045

                   Tel:    +216 1 862 366

                   Fax:   +216 1 862 136


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Mohamed  Dhaouadi

                   IDS Manager - Tunisia


                   Official Name:  IATA TURKEY

                   City Code:    IST           IST

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Cumhuriyet Cad. 171/7


                   Istanbul 80230

                   Tel:    +90 212 219 6600

                   Fax:   +90 212 219 6605


                   Approx No of Staff:         7

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Funda Calisir

                   IDS Manager - Turkey


                   Official Name:  IATA GULF AREA (BAHRAIN, OMAN, QATAR)

                   City Code:    SHJ          SHJ

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Corniche Al Buhaira Road near Corniche Plaza

                   Post Office Box 2266


                   Tel:    +971 6 572 4228

                   Fax:   +971 6 572 4680


                   Approx No of Staff:         4

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Jock Boehm

                   IDS Regional Manager - Gulf Area


                   Official Name:  BSP DATAPOROCESSING - UK

                   City Code:    LON          CAD

                   Units on Site:  DPC

                   c/o GSI, Stanhope Road (Data Processing Center)

                   PO Box 158

                   Camberley GU15 3PS Surrey

                   Tel:    +44 1276 685 085

                   Fax:   +44 1276 686 485


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Jean Battrawadan

                   Senior Supervisor, CASS

                   Official Name:  IATA LONDON ACC PROJECT MANAGER

                   City Code:    LON          LHR

                   Units on Site:  O&I Airports

                   Room 2006 - 2nd Floor

                   Queen's Building - Heathrow Airport

                   Hounslow TW6 1BU Middlesex

                   Tel:    +44 208 745 0149

                   Fax:   +44 208 745 0155


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr John MacDonald

                   Project Manager, ACC


                   Official Name:  IATA LONDON OFFICE

                   City Code:    LON          LON

                   Units on Site:

                   Central House

                   Lampton Road

                   Hounslow TW3 1HY Middlesex

                   Tel:    +44 20 8607 6200

                   Fax:   +44 20 8607 6350


                   Approx No of Staff:     125

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Amanda Jackson

                   HR Manager

                   Official Name:  IATA LONDON - FUEL SERVICES

                   City Code:    LON          WOK

                   Units on Site:  IFS

                   Field House

                   Heathlands Road

                   Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 3AW

                   Tel:    +44 118 977 0504

                   Fax:   +44 118 977 0933


                   Approx No of Staff:         1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Keith Carter

                   Assistant Director, Fuel Services


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - URUGUAY

                   City Code:    MDV         MVD

                   Units on Site:  ASO/BSP

                   Plaza Cagancha 1335

                   Piso 5  Of. 510

                   11100 Montevideo

                   Tel:    +598 2 902 3790

                   Fax:   +598 2 902 3791

                   TTY:  MVDSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Ana Daguer

                   Local Coordinator - Uruguay


                   Official Name:  MIAMI REGIONAL OFFICE

                   City Code:    MIA           MIA

                   Units on Site:  IDS IAMS CS ER O&I IFS

                   5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 690

                   Miami 33126- FL

                   Tel:    +1 305 264 7772

                   Fax:   +1 305 264 8088


                   Approx No of Staff:       35

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Gil Madrid

                   IDS Regional Director


                   Official Name:  CARGO NETWORK SERVICES CORP.

                   City Code:    NYC          NYC

                   Units on Site:  IDS - CNS

                   300 Garden City Plaza, Suite 312

                   Garden City

                   New York 11530-3302 NY

                   Tel:    +1 516 747 3312

                   Fax:   +1 516 747 3431


                   Approx No of Staff:         9

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Tony Calabrese

                   President CNS



                   City Code:    NYC          NYL

                   Units on Site:  IDS - IATAN

                   300 Garden City Plaza, Suite 342

                   Garden City

                   New York 11530-3302 NY

                   Tel:    +1 516 747 4716

                   Fax:   + 1 516 747 4462


                   Approx No of Staff:       15

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Elizabeth Milward

                   President IATAN

                   Official Name:  AGM COORDINATOR

                   City Code:    PHX          PHX

                   Units on Site:  MRC

                   8713 E San Martin Drive

                   Scottsdale 85258- AZ

                   Tel:    +1 480 951 8952

                   Fax:   +1 480 315 1156


                   Approx No of Staff: 1

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Anne Pavey

                   Manager - Executive Events


                   Official Name:  CASS - USA

                   City Code:    SDF          SDF

                   Units on Site:  CASS

                   Cargo Network Services Corp, CASS-USA

                   1231 Durrett Lane

                   PO Box  851400

                   Louisville 40285-1400 KY

                   Tel:    +1 502 315 2447

                   Fax:   +1 502 315 2448


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr Ron Dues

                   Manager, CASS USA



                   City Code:    WAS         WAS

                   Units on Site:  ER/MRC

                   1776 K St. N.W. - Suite 400

                   Washington DC 2006 DC

                   Tel:    +1 202 293 9292

                   Fax:   +1 202 293 8448


                   Approx No of Staff:         3

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Wanda Warner

                   Assistant Director, US


                   Official Name:  IATA VENEZUELA

                   City Code:    CCS          CCS

                   Units on Site:  BSP/CASS

                   Centro Seguros Sud America

                   Piso 6, Officina 6-A Aptardo 65253

                   Av Fco de Miranda Cr

                   Caracas  El Rosal

                   Tel:    +58 2 953 9363

                   Fax:   +58 2 953 2909

                   TTY:  CCSSFXB

                   Approx No of Staff:       20

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mrs Ireny Torres

                   IDS Manager, Venezuela


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - ZAMBIA

                   City Code:    LUN          LUN

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Ltd

                   North End Branch, Cairo Road


                   Tel:    +260 1 703 154

                   Fax:   +260 1 222 673


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Mr David Mutale

                   Local Liasion Officer - Zimbabwe


                   Official Name:  IATA LOCAL LIAISON OFFICE - ZIMBABWE

                   City Code:    HRE          HRE

                   Units on Site:  BSP

                   Mezzanine Floor, Standard Chartered Bank

                   African Unity Square, Cnr N.Madela Av/Second St.


                   Tel:    +263 4 790 135

                   Fax:   +263 4 790 135


                   Approx No of Staff:         2

                   General Office Contact:

                   Ms Sandra Lambert

                   Local Liasion Officer - Zimbabwe















Attachment C1.C


IATA Partnership Programme Members



Attachment C1.C - IATA Partnership Programme Members



ACI Worldwide (EMEA) Ltd


Aéro Net

Aero-Print Limited

AFS Aviation Fuel Services & Management GmbH

Air BP Limited

Air Cargo Equipment Corporation

Air Total International

Airbase Services, Inc.

Airbus Industrie

Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG)

Airgate Engineering Ltd.

AIRGO Industries, Inc.

Alenia Marconi Systems

Alusuisse Singen GmbH


American Express TRS Company, Inc.

American Science and Engineering, Inc.

Amtrak Corporation

Ancore Corporation

AND Global Aviation

Andersen Consulting

Appleton Papers

ARCO Products Company

ARINC Incorporated

Asia Pacific Magnetic Card Co. Ltd.

Atraxis AG

Aviation Defence International

Aviation Loss Consultants Limited

Aviogei Airport Equipment SRL

AXESS International Network, Inc.

BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft S.A

Barringer Instruments Inc.

Bartsch GmbH International

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Bombardier Regional Aircraft Division

Boullioun Aviation Services, Inc.

Bridport Aviation Products

British Telecom PLC

C.I.C. Inc. Aerospace Division

CAE Electronics Ltd.

Caljan A/S

Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty., Ltd.

Cargo Network

Century Aero Products International Inc.

CFM International

Chase Manhattan Corporation

Chevron Products Company

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Citibank Salomon Smith Barney

CIVAS Civil Aviation Security Services GmbH

Civil Aviation Computer Information (CACI)

Coastal Refining & Marketing Inc.

Commerchamp, S.A.

Confidence International AB

Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.

D.A.T.A., S.A

Dae Myung Business Forms Co., Ltd.


Datasouth Computer Corporation

DEA Mineraloel AG

Deutsche Bahn

DGM Support B.V.

Easy Flying S.A.


ELF Antar France

Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A.

EMTEC Magnetics GmbH, European Multimedia Technologies

Ernst & Young

EssoAir International Limited

Eurostar Group Ltd.

Evans & Sutherland

EyeTicket Corporation

First Research Inst. Ministry of Public Security

FlightSafety Boeing Training International

FLS Aerospace Limited

FMC Corporation

Fortum Energy House Ltd.

Frigotainer Insulated Air Cargo Container AB

Friobox Express

Fujitsu Limited

Galileo International

GE/ General Electric


Genicom Corporation

Gilardoni S.P.A.

Goldenware Travel Technologies, LLC

Guhl & Scheibler

Hainan Phoenix Information Systems (HPIS)

Heimann Systems GmbH

Hewlett-Packard Company

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

HitchHiker Software GmbH

Honeywell, Inc.

Hudson General LLC

Hummel, Data Media Division


IBM Corporation

ICTS International N.V.

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Imaging Automation, Inc.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Industrias Alen, S.A.


Inmarsat Aeronautical Services Division

Innovata Llc.

Innovative Solutions International, Inc. (ISI)

Intentia International


InVision Technologies, Inc.

Ion Track Instruments

ISETO Corporation

Japan Energy Corporation

Japan Information Processing Service Co., Ltd. (JIPS)

Jeppesen GmbH

Jiang Su Heng Bao Industrial Development Co. Ltd.

Kale Consultants Ltd.

Kenyon International Emergency Services

Kinetics, Inc.


Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company (K.S.C.)

Laser Data Command Inc.

Lufthansa Systems GmbH

Marconi PLC

MATERNA Information & Communications

Merlin Air Trade

Mitsubishi Hitec Paper Flensburg GmbH

Mobil Int'l Aviation & Marine Sales, Inc.

Moore Business Systems Australia

Motorola, Inc.

Muhibbah Airline Support Industries Sdn Bhd

NCR Corporation

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nordisk Aviation Products

Northrop Grumman - Canada Ltd.

OAG Worldwide

Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

Oracle Corporation

Origin B.V.

Pacific Consultants International

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad

PerkinElmer Instruments

Petrobras Distribuidora S.A.

Philips Semiconductors

Pratt & Whitney


Q8 Aviation


Rapiscan Security Products Inc.

RepWorld, Inc.

Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Rolls-Royce Plc

Sabre Inc.


Safe Passage International, Inc.


Samsonite Europe N.V.


Saudi Arabia Oil Company

SCS Corporation

Securair Limited

Securitas Ltd.

Security Label GmbH

ServiceTec International Group Ltd.


Shanghai Matsuoka Co., Ltd.

Shell Aviation Ltd.

Sick AG

Sihl GmbH


Smart Approach Limited

Smiths Industries Aerospace


Sonera Ltd

Start Informatik GmbH


Stena Line Limited

Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Telair International

Texaco Ltd.

Texas Instruments

The Boeing Company

Thomson Training & Simulation

Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd. (GMCC)

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Toyo Kanetsu K.K.

TransMontaigne Product Services Inc.

Ultra Electronics

Unisys Corporation

Van Leer Flexibles, L.P.

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam

Veba Oel AG

VIA Rail Canada

VISA International

















Attachment C1.D










* Statutes of Canada, 1945, Chap. 51 (Assented to 18th December, 1945) as amended by Statutes of Canada, 1974-75-76, Chap. 111 (Assented to 27th February, 1975).




Whereas Herbert James Symington, Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and one of His Majesty’s Counsel, of the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, president of the unincorporated Association known as “International Air Transport Association”, hereinafter called the “unincorporated Association”, John Cobb Cooper, executive, and John Elliot Slater, executive, both of the city of New York, in the State of New York, one of the United States of America, members of the Executive Committee of the unincorporated Association, and Hugh Emmett O’Donnell, of the city of Montreal, one of His Majesty’s Counsel and Attorney-at-law of the unincorporated Association, have, by their petition on behalf of the unincorporated Association, prayed that it be enacted as hereinafter set forth,and it is expedient to grant the prayer of the petition; Therefore His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:


1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

Air Service

(a) “air service” means any air service performed by aircraft for the public transport of passengers, mail or cargo;

Air Transport Enterprise


(b) “air transport enterprise” includes those persons, corporate bodies and unincorporated bodies, companies, firms, partnerships, societies and associations, now or hereafter operating an air service for public hire, under proper authority, in the transport of passengers, mail or cargo under the flag of a State eligible for membership in the International Civil Aviation Organization;


Civil Aviation



(c) “International Civil Aviation Organization” means the organizations provisional and permanent provided for by the Interim Agreement on International Civil Aviation and by the Convention on International Civil Aviation concluded on the 7th day of December, 1944, at the city of Chicago, in the State of Illinois, one of the United States of America, at the International Civil Aviation Conference.








2. The said Herbert James Symington, John Cobb Cooper, John Elliot Slater and Hugh Emmett O’Donnell, and all the present members of the unincorporated Association, together with such other persons, corporate bodies or unincorporated bodies, companies, firms, partnerships, societies and associations, as may hereafter from time to time become associated with them for the purposes of this Act, and become members of the Association hereby incorporated, are incorporated under the name of “International Air Transport Association” hereinafter called “the Association”.



3.  The purposes, objects and aims of the Association shall be:

(a)  to promote safe, regular and economical air transport for the benefit of the peoples of the world, to foster air commerce and to study the problems connected therewith;

(b) to provide means for collaboration among the air transport enterprises engaged directly or indirectly in international air transport service;

(c)  to co-operate with the International Civil Aviation Organization and other international organizations.

Head Office


4. The head office of the Association shall be at the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, or at such other place as the Association may determine by by-law from time to time.

By-laws, rules and



5. The Association may, by by-laws, rules and regulations:

(a) define and regulate the qualifications, admission, termination, suspension and expulsion of members, determine the different classes of members and their rights, duties and privileges, and fix the fees, subscriptions and dues to be paid by them;

(b) establish an Executive Committee of the Association with executive powers, determine the method of election or appointment thereto or selection

thereof, define the constitution, powers, duties, quorum and terms of office of such Executive Committee and fix the number, powers, duties, quorum, terms and conditions of office of the officers and committees of the Association;

(c) fix the time and place for holding the annual meeting and other meetings of the Association and the notice to be given thereof;

(d) provide for the administration and management of the business and affairs of the Association and the furthering of its objects, purposes and aims, and such delegation as it may deem proper of any of its powers to the Executive Committee of the Association, and to any other committee as it may from time to time appoint.



6. (1) In addition to the general powers accorded to it by law and to those set forth elsewhere in this Act, the Association shall have power:

(a)  to acquire the whole or any part of the rights and properties owned or held by, for or on behalf of the unincorporated Association;

(b)  to purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire and acquire by gift, grant, devise, legacy or otherwise and to own and hold any estate, property or rights, real or personal, moveable or immovable, or any title or interest therein, and to alienate, sell, exchange, manage, develop, lease, hypothecate, mortgage, change, pledge or otherwise deal therewith in such manner as the Association may determine;

(c)  to borrow money for the purposes of the Association;

(d) to draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable or transferable instruments;

(e)  to invest and deal with the monies of the Association not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be determined;

(f)   to carry out all or any of the objects of the Association and do all or any of the above things as principal, agent, contractor or otherwise, and either alone or in conjunction with others;

(g)  to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the Association.

(2) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to authorize the Association to issue any note payable to the bearer thereof, or any promissory note intended to be circulated as money, or as the note of a bank, or to engage in the business of banking or insurance.

Present officers’ tenure of office


7. The present officers and members of the Executive Committee and of the committees of the unincorporated Association shall subject to the by-laws, rules or regulations of the unincorporated Association continue to hold their offices until their successors shall have been appointed or elected in accordance with the provisions of this Act and of the by-laws, rules or regulations made thereunder.

Existing constitution, by-laws and rules retained

8. The existing constitution, by-laws and rules of the unincorporated Association, insofar as they are not contrary to law or to the provisions of this Act, shall be the constitution, by-laws and rules of the Association until altered or repealed at an annual or special general meeting of the Association.

Extra-territorial powers


9. The Association may exercise its functions throughout Canada or elsewhere and meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee and any other committees of the Association may be held at any place other than the head office of the Association and either within or without Canada.



10. The Association may adopt and use a corporate seal in such form as may be deemed expedient.















Attachment C1.E











Articles of Association to regulate the activities and affairs of an association known as the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”).




In these Articles of Association, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. “Act of Incorporation” shall mean An Act to Incorporate the International Air Transport Association, Statutes of Canada, 1945, Chap. 51 (Assented to December 18, 1945) as amended from time to time;

2. “air service” shall mean the public transport of passengers, mail or cargo by aircraft;

3. “airline” shall mean an entity operating an air service;

4. “Articles” shall mean these by-laws, articles of association, rules and regulations adopted pursuant to Section 5 of the Act of Incorporation (hereinafter “Articles”);

5. “Board” shall mean the Board of Governors established pursuant to Article VIII(2)(a) of these Articles;

6. “dues” shall mean any prescribed amounts required to be paid by a Member to maintain membership in IATA, and any other duly authorised assessment;

7. “fees” shall mean any prescribed amounts required to be paid by an airline to apply for and to acquire membership in IATA;

8. “IATA Conferences” shall mean the conferences established by a General Meeting pursuant to Article IX(3)(c) of these Articles;

9. “IATA Standing Committees” shall mean the Committees established by a General Meeting pursuant to Article IX(3)(c) of these Articles;

10. “international air service” shall mean any air service operated between the territories of two or more States;

11. “Member” shall mean the member airlines of IATA, admitted pursuant to the terms of Article V of these Articles.



Head Office

The Head Office of IATA shall be at Montreal, Canada, or at such other place as a General Meeting may determine by amendment to these Articles.



Mission and Aims of IATA

The mission of IATA is to represent and serve the airline industry. In carrying out this mission IATA shall:

1. Promote safe, reliable and secure air services for the benefit of the peoples of the world;

2. Provide means of collaboration among airlines engaged directly or indirectly in international air transport;

3. Cooperate with the International Civil Aviation Organization and other relevant international organisations.




1. Category of Membership

a. Membership in IATA is available to airlines as:

i. Active Member: any airline operating an international air service;

ii. Associate Member: any airline operating an air service other than an international air service.

b. A Member who changes the nature of its business operations such that it is eligible for a different category of membership, shall immediately give written notice of such changes to the Corporate Secretary, and may submit its application for membership in the appropriate category.


2. Rights and Privileges of Members

Except for the right to vote at relevant IATA meetings, which shall be available solely to Active Members, all Members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges attaching to membership in IATA.


3. Qualifications for Membership

a. Unless sponsored by at least two (2) Active Members, an applicant for Active or Associate membership shall have operated an air service for a period of not less than two (2) years, and performed for each such year at least five million (5,000,000) revenue tonne-kilometres. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an airline that does not meet these criteria may be admitted to membership if the Board considers such airline’s membership to be in the interest of IATA.

b. All applications for membership in IATA shall be made in the form provided and submitted together with the application fee to the Corporate Secretary. All applications are subject to the approval of the Board.

c. Membership shall become effective once payment in full of all fees and payment of dues for the current year are received and upon approval by the Board.

d. Any airline whose application for membership is not approved by the Board may appeal the decision to the next Annual General Meeting, the decision of which shall be final.


4. Fees and Dues

a. Upon the written request of the Director General, acting on behalf of the Board, a Member shall provide, by the date specified in the request, all data necessary to establish the annual dues payable by the Member. If such data is not provided by the specified date, the Board may prescribe the amount of dues to be paid.

b. Unless otherwise determined by the Board, annual dues shall be payable when invoiced and in the currency or currencies set out in the invoice.

c. Interest on arrears of dues shall accrue and be payable at the rate set by the Board, taking into account prevailing market rates for the relevant currency or currencies, unless due to exceptional circumstances, the Board waives this requirement.

d. A Member giving notice of resignation is liable to pay all dues payable up to and including the year of resignation.

e. Any Member under limitation is liable to pay all dues assessed during the period of limitation.

f. When membership in IATA has been terminated all dues outstanding on the effective date of termination are payable.

g. Payments of fees and dues are not refundable under any circumstances.


5. Membership Resignation, Limitation and Termination

a. Resignation

A Member may resign at any time by giving not less than thirty (30) days written notice to the

Corporate Secretary.

b. Limitation

i. Any Member in arrears in the payment of dues and interest for a period of more than ninety (90) days shall be placed in limitation by the Corporate Secretary and lose all rights and privileges of membership during the period that the limitation is in effect, unless the Board has agreed to alternative financial arrangements.

ii. The Corporate Secretary shall indicate in the notice of limitation to the Member the effective date of the limitation, and the conditions to be met for the limitation to be removed.

c. Termination

i. A Member no longer meeting the criteria for membership may have its membership terminated by the Board ninety (90) days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to its ineligibility.

ii. A Member declared bankrupt or placed in receivership, or making a voluntary assignment for the benefit of its creditors, or ceasing to hold the authority to operate, or otherwise ceasing to carry on the business that qualifies it for membership, may have its membership terminated by the Board effective thirty (30) days from the date of occurrence of such event.

iii. Notwithstanding sections 5.c.i and 5.c.ii, the Board may, upon the written request of the Member concerned, postpone the effective date of termination for a fixed period, as appropriate.

iv. The Board may also terminate membership if:

1) a Member is in breach of these Articles or any rule or regulation adopted thereunder;

2) a Member has committed any act or omission which is prejudicial to the aims of IATA;

3) a Member has been placed in limitation for a period of at least two (2) years.

v. A membership may be terminated at any time by a vote of two-thirds of the Members present and voting at a General Meeting.


6. Right to be Heard and Arbitration

a. A Member that has had its membership terminated by the Board and received a notice of termination may, by written notification to the Corporate Secretary within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice, invoke its right to be heard by the Board. Invocation of this right shall suspend the effective date of the termination, pending the results of the hearing by the Board.

b. A Member whose membership has been terminated by the Board or by a General Meeting may seek arbitration under the IATA Arbitration Rules. Invocation of this procedure shall suspend the effective date of the termination, pending the results of the arbitration.

c. The decision of the arbitration tribunal shall be final and binding. If the decision is in favour of IATA, the termination shall be effective on the date of the decision, and the costs of the arbitration shall be borne by the Member. If the decision is in favour of the Member, the termination shall be revoked as of the date of the original termination, and the costs shall be borne or reimbursed by IATA.


7. Voluntary Suspension of Membership

At the written request of a Member, the Board may agree to suspend its membership for a fixed period if the Board considers it in the interest of IATA. During the period of suspension, the Member shall not be required to pay any dues but shall not exercise any rights and privileges of membership.


8. Notice of Resignation, Limitation, Suspension or Termination

The Corporate Secretary shall notify all Members in writing of the resignation, limitation, suspension, and lifting of suspension of a Member or its termination of membership.


9. Re-Application

An airline that ceases to be a Member whether through resignation or termination may, with the prior approval of the Board, re-apply for membership and in such event the Board may specify the terms and conditions to be fulfilled, including payment of any fees and dues, before membership can be effective.




IATA Affiliates

The Board may establish a class of membership known as “IATA Affiliates”, and determine the criteria for membership, and the rights and duties thereof.



Annual Budget and Financial Statement

The Board shall approve the annual budget and prepare and submit an annual financial statement to the next Annual General Meeting. A General Meeting may approve any special assessments and conditions and procedures relating thereto.



Authority/General Powers

1. A General Meeting is vested with the ultimate authority to exercise all of the powers of IATA.

2. a. There shall be an executive committee to be known as the “Board of Governors” with authority to exercise all such powers of IATA as are not by law, the Act of Incorporation or these Articles required to be exercised by a General Meeting.

b. The Board is accountable to a General Meeting for the overall performance of IATA.



Annual General Meetings

1. The Annual General Meeting shall be convened at a place and time agreed to by a previous Annual General Meeting. In the absence of such decision or should the Board deem it impractical to hold the Meeting at the place and/or time so decided, the Board shall determine the place and/or time of the Meeting.

2. Not less than forty-five (45) days in advance of the Annual General Meeting, Active Members may submit to the Board, through the Corporate Secretary, matters for inclusion on the Agenda. The Corporate Secretary shall provide Members with not less than thirty (30) days written notice of, and the Agenda for, the Annual General Meeting. Upon a majority vote of Active Members present and voting at the Meeting, any other matter may be added to the Agenda.

3. The Annual General Meeting shall:

a. Elect its President;

b. Receive nominations to and elect members of the Board;

c. Establish IATA Standing Committees, IATA Conferences, and such groups and subordinate bodies as it considers appropriate, and confirm the membership of the IATA Standing Committees;

d. Confirm the appointment, term of office and duties of the Director General;

e. Receive and consider reports of the Board, IATA Standing Committees, IATA Conferences, and of the Director General;

f. Approve the financial statements for the previous year;

g. On the recommendation of the Board, approve the applicable dues and fees;

h. On the recommendation of the Board, approve the currency or currencies in which, and the time by which, such dues and fees shall be payable;

i. Appoint the external auditor for the current year;

j. Transact any other business as may properly come before the Meeting.

4. The President of the Annual General Meeting shall, before conclusion of the Meeting, appoint a Nominating Committee to make recommendations to the next Annual General Meeting for election to the Board. The composition of and rules applicable to the Nominating Committee shall be as established by a General Meeting.



Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting shall be convened at the written request of not less than one third of the Active Members made to the Corporate Secretary, or may be convened by the Board at any time. The Corporate Secretary shall provide thirty (30) days notice of, and a proposed Agenda for, such meeting. In the case of urgency, the Board may reduce the notice period as it deems appropriate.



Quorum and Voting at General Meetings

A majority of Active Members registered at a General Meeting shall constitute a quorum for the duration of the Meeting. Each Active Member shall have one vote which may be cast solely by its official representative present and voting at the Meeting. No proxy may be appointed by any Member.




1. The Board shall be composed of not more than thirty-one (31) persons elected by the Annual General Meeting from among the Active Members. Allowing for the differences of nomenclature in the Member airlines, members of the Board shall hold any one of the following, or similar, positions: Chairman of the Board; President of the company; Chief Executive; or Managing Director. The terms of office shall be as set by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Board. Ten (10) members of the Board

shall constitute a quorum but decisions shall require approval of a majority of Board members, which approval may be given in writing or by electronically transmitted and recorded means.

2. Should a vacancy arise on the Board, the Board shall elect a replacement from among the representatives of Active Members, who shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

3. The Board:

a. Shall elect its Chairman;

b. Shall meet immediately in advance of the Annual General Meeting, and otherwise as appropriate;

c. Shall be vested with executive powers and duties, including the general management and control of the business, affairs, funds and property of IATA;

d. Shall determine, review and approve IATA policy within the framework of the Act of Incorporation, these Articles and the resolutions of General Meetings;

e. Shall take action in response to specific requests from Members as it deems appropriate;

f. Shall appoint the Director General, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting, and determine the term of office, duties and remuneration;

g. Shall appoint the Corporate Secretary, the Chief Financial Officer and such other officers of IATA as deemed appropriate, who shall be subject to the supervision and authority of the Director General;

h. Shall establish subsidiary corporations, industry settlement plan offices, branches, regional and other offices of IATA anywhere in the world as it considers appropriate;

i. Shall approve the Agenda for a General Meeting;

j. Shall approve the Rules and Regulations of the Standing Committees and the Provisions for the Conduct of the IATA Traffic Conferences;

k. Shall establish and determine the membership, duties and functions of any subcommittee of the Board;

l. Shall either establish and determine the rules and regulations of any subcommittee of the Board, or authorise any such subcommittee to adopt its own rules and regulations;

m. Shall recommend to the Annual General Meeting the fees and dues and the time by which they shall be payable, as well as the currency or currencies in which they are to be paid;

n. Shall consider for approval applications for membership in IATA;

o. Shall take such action as may be appropriate with respect to the limitation, suspension or termination of membership;

p. May delegate, as appropriate, authority to subcommittees of the Board or to the Director General;

q. May adopt and amend its Rules and Regulations as deemed appropriate for the exercise of its executive powers and the performance of its duties.

4. The Director General:

a. Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of IATA and shall exercise, under the authority of the Board, the supervision, direction and control over the business and affairs of IATA, as well as such other functions and duties that a General Meeting or the Board may delegate or assign to the Director General;

b. Shall supervise the mechanisms for the settlement of transactions between airlines, branches, regional and other offices of IATA, and such other entities that the Board may consider appropriate in the interest of IATA;

c. Shall carry out the duties assigned or delegated to the Director General by a General Meeting or the Board, and report on the activities of IATA to the Annual General Meeting;

d. May, with the approval of the Board, establish such special committee(s) to advise on subjects of significant interest to the air transport industry. The Director General may, with the approval of the Board, dissolve any such special committee(s) at any time.



Majority Vote

At any General Meeting or meeting of the Board, or of any committee of IATA, a vote shall be determined by a simple majority of those present and voting, unless a greater majority is otherwise specifically provided by these Articles or the relevant rules and regulations of the particular body. Each Active Member represented by its official representative at a meeting shall have the right to exercise one vote.



Voting Procedure (General)

i. Voting at any meeting of Members shall take place by a show of hands and any Active Member may request a repeat show of hands. However, a roll call vote or secret ballot may be requested at any time by a majority of the Active Members present and voting at a meeting.

ii. A roll call vote or vote by secret ballot shall be taken in such manner as the chair of the meeting directs.



Telecommunication Meetings

With the consent of at least two-thirds of all Members entitled to participate in the meeting, a meeting of the Board or of any committee or subordinate body of IATA may be conducted by such means of telephone or other telecommunications facilities as permit all participants in the meeting to hear each other.



Signed Decision

A resolution in writing, signed by all the Members entitled to vote at a meeting of the Board, or of any committee, as the case may be, shall be a decision as valid as if it had been made at such meeting. The decision shall be effective from the date of the last signature. A copy of every signed decision shall be kept by the Corporate Secretary.



Committee Procedure

Unless otherwise determined by the Board or these Articles, each committee or subordinate body of IATA shall have the power to elect its chair, to regulate its procedure and to fix its quorum; provided that the approval of at least a simple majority of members of the committee or subordinate body, present and voting, shall be required for any decisions.




No Member or representative of a Member shall receive any remuneration for their services on the Board, any IATA Standing Committee, or any other body of IATA. Nevertheless, nothing herein shall be construed to preclude any Member or representative of a Member from being remunerated under a specific mandate which has been conferred by decision of the Board, the Director General, a Standing Committee, or other competent

body of IATA.



The Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary shall perform such duties as are specifically assigned to the Corporate Secretary in these Articles and as may be determined by the Board or the Director General, and in addition, shall act as the Secretary of General Meetings and of the Board.



The Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer, shall perform such duties as may be determined by the Board or the Director General.




All notices required to be given by IATA or by a Member in accordance with these Articles shall be deemed to have been effectively given upon delivery in person or on the day after electronic transmission or, if sent by registered or certified mail or by courier, on the date shown on the return receipt.




The languages of IATA shall be English, French, Spanish, Arabic (translation into Arabic is limited to those documents for a General Meeting as requested by Arabic speaking Active Members) and any other language that may from time to time be requested and as the Board may from time to time agree, provided that the cost of any such additional language shall be borne by the requesting Member(s).




These Articles may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of Active Members registered and voting at a General Meeting, provided the proposed amendment has properly come before the Meeting in accordance with these Articles.




IATA may be dissolved solely by resolution of a General Meeting, approved in writing by two-thirds of all the Active Members, which resolution shall set the effective date for dissolution. In such event any net remaining assets of IATA shall be disbursed to the United Nations. Members shall be responsible for outstanding and contingent liabilities in the same proportion as their last dues relate to the total amount of annual dues assessed.














Attachment C1.F


IATA Board of Governors




Attachment C1.F -  IATA Board of Governors




[as at 07 July 2000]



Full Name:                                    Mr Thomas Coleman Andrews

                                                    Chief Executive

                                                    South African Airways


Year of Birth:                                 1954


Date of Appointment:                      4 September 1998


Nationality:                                    American


Directorships:                                None



Full Name:                                    Dr Herbert Bammer


                                                    Austrian Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1940


Date of Appointment:                      1 November 1994


Nationality:                                    Austrian


Directorships:                                Chairman of AEA




Full Name:                                    Dr Khaled A. Ben-Bakr

                                                    Director General

                                                    Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation


Year of Birth:                                 1954


Date of Appointment:                      11 April 1994


Nationality:                                    Saudi Arabian


Directorships:                                None





Full Name:                                    Mr Federico Bloch

                                                    President and Chief Executive Officer

TACA International Airlines

Year of Birth:                                 1954


Date of Appointment:                      1 November 1994


Nationality:                                    Salvadorean


Directorships:                                Latinpass Chairman

                                                    Chairman AITAL





Full Name:                                    Mr Philippe René Paul Bruggisser

                                                    President and Chief Executive Officer



Year of Birth:                                 1948


Date of Appointment:                      27 January 1997


Nationality:                                    Swiss


Directorships:                                None





Full Name:                                    Mr Donald J. Carty

                                                    Chairman, President and CEO - AMR Corp. and

                                                    American Airlines, Inc.


Year of Birth:                                 1946


Date of Appointment:                      21 May 1998


Nationality:                                    U.S.A.


Directorships:                                Dell Computer Corporation Board of Directors


                                                    Brinker International Board of Director

                                                    Canada-U.S. Foundation for Educational Exchange

                                                    Family Gateway Advisory Board





Full Name:                                    Mr Fausto Cereti

                                                    Chairman and Chief Executive

                                                    Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane S. p. A.


Year of Birth:                                 1931


Date of Appointment:                      12 April 1996


Nationality:                                    Italian


Directorships:                                None





Full Name:                                    Dr Cheong Choong Kong

                                                    Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    Singapore Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1941


Date of Appointment:                      30 October 1990


Nationality:                                    Singaporean


Directorships:                                Singapore Broadcasting Corp. - Chairman

                                                    Singapore Airport Terminal Services

                                                    Singapore Engine Overhaul Centre (Pte) Ltd.

                                                    Abacus Distribution Systems Pte Ltd.




Full Name:                                    Mr Roderick Ian Eddington

Chief Executive Officer

                                                    British Airways


Year of Birth:                                 1950


Date of Appointment:                      19 May 2000


Nationality                                     Australian


Directorships:                                News Corporation

                                                    Non-Executive Director of John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd.



Full Name:                                    Mr Mohammad Abdel Rahman El Hout

   Chairman and President

                                                    Middle East Airlines Airliban


Year of Birth:                                 1959


Date of Appointment:                      9 June 1998


Nationality                                     Lebanese


Directorships:                                Member Board of École Supérieure des Affaires - Beirut

                                                    Head Social Reform Association - Beirut




Full Name:                                    Mr James Edward Goodwin

                                                    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    United Air Lines


Year of Birth:                                 1944


Date of Appointment:                      13 July 1999


Nationality:                                    U.S.A.


Directorships:                                UAL Corporation

Attachment C1.F -  Board of Governors  (Cont.)



Full Name:                                    Mr Xabier de Irala

                                                    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    IBERIA Líneas Aéreas de España


Year of Birth                                  1946


Date of Appointment:                      2 October 1996


Nationality:                                    Spanish


Directorships:                                AVIACO Chairman




Full Name:                                    Mr Isao Kaneko


                                                    Japan Airlines Co.


Year of Birth:                                 1938


Date of Appointment:                      3 August 1998


Nationality:                                    Japanese


Directorships:                                None




Full Name:                                    Mr Jan Litwinski

                                                    President and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    LOT Polish Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1948


Date of Appointment:                      1 June 1999



Nationality:                                    Polish


Directorships:                                Chairman of the Supervising Board of EUROLOT




Full Name:                                    Mr Nashiruddeen Mallam-Hasham

                                                    Chairman and Managing Director

                                                    Air Mauritius


Year of Birth:                                 1952


Date of Appointment:                      1 June 1999


Nationality:                                    Mauritian


Directorships:                                Air Mauritius Holding

                                                    Pte Coton Resort Hotel Co. Ltd.

                                                    Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority




Full Name:                                    Mr Michael Prem Mascarenhas

                                                    Managing Director



Year of Birth:                                 1943


Date of Appointment:                      1 June 1999


Nationality:                                    Indian


Directorships:                                Member Board of Directors of Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA)

                                                    Member Board of Directors, Air Maurtius Ltd.and Air Mauritius Holdings Ltd.

                                                    Member Board of Directors, Hotel Corporation of India Ltd.

                                                    Member Board of Directors, Indian Airlines Ltd.

                                                    Member Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management 




Full Name:                                    Mr Robert A. Milton

                                                    President and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    Air Canada


Year of Birth                                  1960


Date of Appointment:                      10 September 1999


Nationality:                                    American


Directorships:                                Air Transport Association – Associate Member

                                                    Business Council on National Issues – Member

                                                    Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Committee on Canada/US Relations

                                                    Conference Board of Canada – Member of the Board

                                                    Canadian Tourism Commission – Member

                                                    IATA – Member of Board of Governors

                                                    The Japan Society – Board Member

                                                    Canadian-American Business Council – Board Member

                                                    The Toronto Board of Trade



Full Name:                                    Mr Leo Francis Mullin

                                                    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    Delta Air Lines


Year of Birth:                                 1943


Date of Appointment:                      4 November 1997


Nationality:                                    US Citizen


Directorships:                                Inland Steel

                                                    Northwestern University




Full Name:                                    Mr Valery Mikhailovich Okulov

                                                    Director General and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    Aeroflot Russian International Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1952


Date of Appointment:                      9 June 1998


Nationality:                                    Russian


Directorships:                                None




Full Name:                                    Mr Alfonso Pasquel

                                                    Chairman of the Board and President

                                                    Aerovias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.


Year of Birth:                                 1947


Date of Appointment:                      9 June 1998


Nationality:                                    Mexican


Directorships:                                Chairman of the Board Aerolitoral

                                                    Chairman of the Board Aeromexpress





Full Name:                                    Eng. Mohamed Fahim Rayan

                                                    President and Chairman of the Board




Year of Birth:                                 1928


Date of Appointment:                      30 October 1989


Nationality:                                    Egyptian


Directorships:                                Cairo Airport Authority

                                                    Misr Aswan Tourism




Full Name:                                    Mr Juan Emilio Posada


                                                    Aerolíneas Centrales de Colombia S.A. – ACES


Year of Birth                                  1959


Date of Appointment:                      6 June 2000


Nationality:                                    American


Directorships:                                Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Colombia S.A.,TELECOM

Camara de Comercio de Medellín, Chamber of Commerce

Compañia Agricola de Seguros de Vida S.A., Bogotá

Compañia Agricola de Seguros Generales S.A., Bogotá

Corporacion Calidad*, Bogotá, National Quality Board

Oduperly S.A., Medellin, Photo Labs  

Corporación Minuto de Dios*

Corporación Colombiana de Logística

Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá*

Asociación de Transportadores Aéreos Colombianos, ATAC*

Flores La Campiña, Medellín, Flower Exporter

Asociación Internacional de Transportadores Aereos Latinoamericanos, AITAL*Trade Association

Colegio Benedictinos de Santa Maria's Alumni Association, EXBEN*, Medellín, Chairman

Agrícola Futuraba S.A.

                                            * Non Profit Corporations




Full Name:                                    Mr Frederick Wallace Smith

                                                    Chairman, President and CEO

                                                    Federal Express Corporation


Year of Birth:                                 1944


Date of Appointment:                      25 August 1989


Nationality:                                    U.S.A.


Directorships:                                Air Transport Association

                                                    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

                                                    E. W. Scripss Co.




Full Name:                                    Mr Jean-Cyril Spinetta


                                                    Air France


Year of Birth:                                 1943


Date of Appointment:                      4 November 1997


Nationality:                                    French


Directorships:                                None


Full Name:                                    Mr James Alexander Strong

                                                    Chief Executive Officer

                                                    Qantas Airways Limited


Year of Birth:                                 1944


Date of Appointment:                      1 November 1993


Nationality:                                    Australian


Directorships:                                Goldfields Limited




Full Name:                                    Mr David Muir Turnbull

                                                    Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive

                                                    Cathay Pacific


Year of Birth:                                 1955


Date of Appointment:                      1 June 1999


Nationality:                                    British


Directorships:                                Abacus International Pte Ltd.

                                                    Cathay Pacific Catering Services Ltd.

                                                    Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co Ltd.

                                                    John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd.

                                                    Swire Pacific Ltd.




Full Name:                                    Mr Thamnoon Wanglee


                                                    Thai Airways International


Year of Birth:                                 1939


Date of Appointment:                      1 June 1999


Nationality:                                    Thai


Directorships:                                Royal Orchid Hotel (Thailand) Pcl

                                                    Donmauang International Airport Hotel Co. Ltd.

                                                    Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Pcl

                                                    Phuket Air Catering Co. Ltd.

                                                    Fuel Pipeline Transportation Ltd.

                                                    Thai Information Solutions Co. Ltd.

                                                    Thai Amadeus Southeast Asia Co. Ltd.









Full Name:                                    Mr Jürgen Weber

                                                    Chairman of the Executive Board

                                                    Lufthansa German Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1941


Date of Appointment:                      1 September 1991


Nationality:                                    German


Directorships:                                Condor Flugdienst GmbH

                                                    German Cargo Services GmbH

                                                    AFS Aviation Fuel Services GmbH

                                                    Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation AMECO, Beijing

                                                    Shannon Aerospace Limited

                                                    Belzer-Dowidat GmbH Werkzeugunion




Full Name:                                    Mr Leo Martin van Wijk

                                                    President and Chief Executive Officer

                                                    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Year of Birth:                                 1946


Date of Appointment:                      4 November 1997



Nationality:                                    Dutch


Directorships:                                Board of Directors of Northwest Airlines

                                                    Supervisory Board of Martinair

                                                    Supervisory Board of Koninklijke Frans Maas Groep N.V.

                                                    Supervisory Board of Tui The Netherlands N.V.

                                                    Supervisory Board of the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism

                                                    Supervisory Board of Aegon The Netherlands N.V.



Full Name:                                    Mr Gary L. Wilson


                                                    Northwest Airlines Corporation


Year of Birth:                                 1940


Date of Appointment:                      9 June 1998


Nationality:                                    U.S.A.


Directorships:                                Northwest Airlines Corporation

                                                    The Walt Disney Company

                                                    On Command Corporation

                                                    CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

                                                    Veritas Holdings GmbH

                                                    Duke University

                                                    Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

                                                    The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania

                                                    NCAA Foundation
















Attachment C3.A

Director General and Division Heads




Attachment C3.A - Director General and Division Heads



Pierre Jean Jeanniot O.C.

Director General & Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Pierre Jeanniot assumed the post of Director General of the International Air Transport Association on January 1, 1993.


Mr. Jeanniot had previously been President and Chief Executive of Air Canada, retiring in August 1990 after a distinguished 35-year career with the airline.


While at Air Canada, he held various executive positions in virtually all areas of the Airline including sales, marketing, technical, information services, planning, as well as subsidiary companies. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1984 and was reconfirmed in that position in 1988 when the Airline was privatized.


Mr. Jeanniot was Chairman of the Board of the University of Quebec for seven years and President of its Foundation for 14 years. He is a member of the Board of the Scotia Bank and several other companies.


Mr. Jeanniot received a Management Achievement Award from McGill University's Faculty of Management in 1988 and an honorary doctorate from the University of Quebec. In 1989, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada and Chevalier dans l'Ordre de la Légion d'Honneur by the French Government in 1991.


In 1995, he was awarded the Independence Medal (First Order) of the Kingdom of Jordan by His Majesty King Hussein and, was also appointed Chancellor of the University of Québec, Canada.


He was born in Montpellier, France, in 1933, moving to Canada in 1946.  Mr. Jeanniot is married and has three children.

Lorne S. CLARK

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Mr Clark was born in Arvida (Quebec) Canada and educated in economics at McGill University Montreal; and in law at the University of London; the London Institute of World Affairs; The Hague Academy of International Law and Harvard University.


He spent over 20 years in the Canadian Government, principally in diplomatic and legal positions, serving at Canadian Embassies in West Africa, Italy, the USA and Spain and at the Canadian Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva.  He was a Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and served as Ambassador of Canada to Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, and Canadian Representative to the WTO.


Mr Clark had an outstanding career in Government legal service as Head of the United Nations Section, Director of the Legal Division in the Canadian Foreign Ministry and Legal Counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC.  He was Head of Delegation to numerous international conferences and negotiated many international agreements, both bilateral and multilateral.  He served on several inter-ministerial committees, including those concerned with education, aviation, transfer of technology and privatisation, and was involved in cases before the International Court of Justice in The Hague on behalf of Canada.


Following his Canadian Government service, Mr Clark headed a strategic consultants group in Brussels for 2 years and acted as Director of Policy to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).


Mr Clark was appointed to his present position in January 1994.  He is a member of IATA’s Senior Management Committee, Secretary to the Board of Governors and to the IATA Annual General Meeting and its Nominating Committee.  He is the Shareholder’s designated representative for all IATA subsidiary companies including the Cargo Network Services Corporation, the International AirlinesTravel Agent Network, IATA Netherlands BV, and Aviation Industry Reporting System Inc.


Mr Clark is a member of the American and International Bar Associations, the International Law Association, the American Society of International Law and several other professional associations.  He is a Director of GlobalInFlight Services Limited and of two European environmental technology firms and is the author of numerous publications and articles on international law, air law, environmental law, international terrorism and asset-based financing for high value mobile equipment.


Mr Clark lives in Geneva with his wife and 7 year old daughter



(Lorne S. Clark)


Division:                       Legal & Corporate Secretary

Title:                            Vice President Legal Affairs & Corporate Secretary

Activities:                     General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

                                    Internal Legal Affairs

                                    Industry Legal Affairs

Governance:                Board of Governors, Annual General Meeting, Nominating Committee and Legal Advisory Council


Roles and Responsibilities:


·         Provides leadership and expert advice to the Industry in legal matters.

·         Actively monitors legal developments pertaining to the airline industry, keeps IATA and Member airlines informed on a pro-active basis, and develops appropriate policy advice.

·         Provides appropriate supporting legal services to IATA Committees and Conferences on legal aspects of agreements including conditions of carriage, agreements relating to technical documents and relevant procedures and practices, interpretation of Conference Resolutions, implications of bankruptcy cases with respect to the IATA Clearing House, the BSPs, the CASSs, and other IATA programmes, and agreements and matters generally affecting international air transport.

·         Reviews all major contracts; negotiates status agreements with governments in countries hosting IATA offices.

·         Provides legal counsel to IATA and subsidiaries with respect to international law and relevant Canadian and Swiss law and, with input from local counsel as appropriate, the laws of other nations in which IATA maintains offices; counsel includes advice on antitrust matters, labour laws, pension plans, corporation law, and interpretation of Headquarters and other agreements with governments affecting IATA’s status and privileges.

·         Co-operates with ICAO, Unidroit and other intergovernmental organisations with respect to legal implications of positions developed by the industry in preparation for meetings of such organisations.

·         Serves as Corporate Secretary and is one of three corporate IATA officers.

·         Provides legal advice on matters affecting the overall direction of IATA, particularly in areas of commercialisation and corporate structure. 

·         Maintains official corporate records; processes applications for IATA membership; and ensures that all-statutory filings and reports are fulfilled as required by governmental agencies around the world.

·         Acts as the Designated Shareholder for IATA Subsidiaries including IATAN, CNS, and AIRS.



Vice President, Member Relations & Communications



Kevin Dobby is IATA's senior executive responsible for Member Relations and  Corporate Communications.  He is responsible for IATA’s  Environment programme and relations with ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organization.  He also is responsible for IATA’s Corporate Projects activity, co-ordinating action on major multi-disciplinary issues.


He is responsible for co-ordinating IATA's corporate strategy and is Secretary of the Strategy and Policy Committee of the Board of Governors.  This develops and recommends long-term strategies and policies to IATA's Board, and oversees the performance of IATA's Standing and Special Committees.


Kevin Dobby has been with IATA for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in government and industry affairs.  He is a graduate of McGill University.




Kevin Dobby


Division:                       Member Relations & Communications

Title:                            Vice President, Member Relations & Communications

Activities:                    Member Relations and Liaison

                                    Industry Strategy

                                    Corporate Projects


                                    Corporate Communications

                                    ICAO relationship

                                    Air Transport Action Group

Governance:    Strategy & Policy Committee and Environmental Task Force


Roles and Responsibilities:



·        Ensures IATA identifies, assesses and responds effectively to the needs of members.

·        Maintains effective high level communications with members on IATA’s priorities, activities and services.

·        Maintains communication with non-member airline and co-ordinates the recruitment of new members.

·        Responsible for governance support and operation of Board’s Strategy and Policy Committee, which provides policy direction to IATA and the industry.

·        Advises the Director General on industry strategy and corporate priorities.

·        Leads IATA corporate projects to address key industry issues and respond to emerging multidisciplinary issues and opportunities.

·        Co-ordinates corporate governance activities of IATA Standing and Special Committees.

·        Leads development of industry environment policy and strategy, and provides direction for the communication and implementation of industry positions.

·        Responsible for media strategy and IATA’s Corporate Communications activities.

·        Responsible for ensuring a productive relationship between IATA and ICAO.

·        Provides administrative interface for the Air Transport Action Group and FANS Stakeholders Group.

Robert E Hutt –

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


Joined IATA in 1986 as Senior Manager Industry Automation responsible for airline industry automation projects as well as internal IATA automation activities.


Managed IATA’s Marketing and Production group with responsibility for developing and marketing a wide variety of travel related products to markets world wide. Instrumental in introducing electronic publishing.


Appointed CIO in 1992 and introduced the Internet and WWW to IATA. Worked extensively with the IATA Information Management Committee (airline CIOs) to progress connectivity standards in the airline industry.


Appointed Senior Director Products & Services in 1996 with responsibility for IATA’s commercial activities including publishing, training, financial services and aviation information research and consulting.


Appointed VP Corporate Services & CFO in 1998 with responsibility for Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Audit. Currently overseeing a number of e-business initiatives.


Prior to joining IATA, co-founded and managed a consulting company in Ottawa, Canada. This company focused on management consulting with a heavy emphasis on business process redesign and the use of automation to improve corporate efficiencies.


Studied Mathematics & Computer Science and Economics at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Further studies at the London Business School.




(Robert E. Hutt)


Division:                       Corporate Services & CFO

Title:                            Vice President Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer

Activities:                     Human Resources

                                    Information Technology Services

                                    Corporate Finance & Treasury

                                    Administration & Central Travel Services


                                    Risk Management, Insurance & Taxation

Governance:                Chair Committee, Information Management Committee and Council on Human Resource Development


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Develops and recommends short and long range corporate financial plans and strategies within IATA’s overall corporate objectives, including subsidiaries.

·        Oversees the corporate accounting function which is carried out by a geographically disperse finance team.

·        Co-ordinates the preparation of the consolidated annual budget and reviews this with key airline CFOs prior to presentation to the Board of Governors.

·        Directs and co-ordinates all corporate administrative and premises activities in the headquarters and 80 regional offices worldwide to assure the most advantageous allocation of fiscal resources.

·        Responsible for the development and administration of IATA’s Human Resources, including recruitment, systems, compensation and benefits, job evaluation, staff training, performance measurement and leadership and secession planning.

·        Responsible for Internal Communication, including corporate newsletter and wellness programmes.

·        Responsible for the development of technology strategies and provision of Information Technology Services across all IATA entities.

·        Develops, recommends and administers corporate travel policies.

·        Responsible administratively for IATA’s internal audit activities.

·        Develops and recommends taxation strategies for all IATA entities.

·        Responsible for corporate treasury and cash management practices across IATA, including annual foreign exchange purchases of US$ 150 million.

·        Develops and recommends strategies and policies to ensure business risk is minimised and IATA is adequately insured.

·        Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with IATA’s bankers.

·        As CFO, is one of three corporate IATA officers, and has overall fiduciary responsibility for the consolidated budget of US$ 300 million in revenues and US$ 296 million in expenses plus pension plans and various financial instruments and trust funds in IATA’s name.

·        Provides financial advice on matters affecting the overall direction of IATA, particularly in areas of commercialisation and corporate financial structure. 


Vice President – Industry Financial Services

IATA, Geneva



Tony Kelly is the senior executive responsible for a number of IATA’s major business activities, which provide cost-effective financial services to Members and third parties.  These include the $33 billion IATA Clearing House, the $10 billion IATA Currency Clearing Services and the $400 million ATC and Airport Enhancement & Financing services.   He is also responsible for activities to minimise the cost to the industry of user charges, aviation fuel, taxation, currency transfers and insurance, activities which cost the industry over $30 billion per year.


Tony Kelly is Secretary of the IATA Financial Committee, the senior standing committee dealing with all industry financial and economic matters.  This includes the development of revenue and financial accounting standards and procedures.  He is a senior economic advisor to the industry.  He is a Director of Airline Mutual Insurance Ltd., Bermuda, the airline-owned insurance company, which he helped establish in 1986.


Tony Kelly has over 40 years experience of the economics and finance of the air transport and tourism industries.  He has also held various positions in the financial management of Aer Lingus – Irish international Airlines.  He is a graduate in Accounting and Economics of the National University of Ireland (UCD).


An active sportsman in many fields, he has recently completed 20 years as a Swiss association football (soccer) referee.





(Tony Kelly)


Division:                       Industry Financial Services

Title:                            Vice President, Industry Financial Services

Activities:                     Industry Clearing Services

                                    Industry Treasury Services

                                    Lobbying (Currency, Taxation, User Charges)

                                    Infrastructure Enhancement & Financing (ATC & Airport)

                                    Fuel  Services

Governance:    Financial Committee


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Provides leadership and expert advice to the Industry in financial and economic matters.

·        Provides IATA members and other interested parties with cost effective services to improve the fiscal well being of the Industry in the form of cash management, currency clearances and revenue accounting and reconciliation.

·        Bills and collects air navigation charges on behalf of States, facilitating the remittance of funds and by assisting in the financing of new equipment, ensures that air navigation charges are used for aviation infrastructure.

·        Drive and foster industry co-operation in the fields of User Charges, Taxation, general aviation accounting policies, Revenue Accounting standards and procedures, Currency transfers, and Risk Management & Insurance with the goal of minimising the costs of these activities to the membership.

·        Ensure the financial viability and growth of the current financial services: the IATA Clearing House ($30 billion in Industry funds), the Currency Clearing Service ($10 billion in Industry funds), the ATC and Airport Enhancement & Financing Services ($300 million in third party funds) and the Credit Card Services.

·        Develop new financial services for the benefit of the membership and to strengthen IATA’s financial situation.

·        Provide public support for industry financial positions.

·        Co-ordinates industry Fuel Services activities relating primarily to quality and availability issues.




Vice President Operations & Infrastructure



Günther Matschnigg is IATA Vice President Operations & Infrastructure since 1 January 2000.


Mr. Matschnigg formerly was Vice President Technical Base Maintenance Organisation within Austrian Airlines.  He joined IATA on 1 September 1999, as Senior Director designate, Operations & Infrastructure.



(Günther Matschnigg)


Division:                       Operations & Infrastructure

Title:                            Vice President, Operations & Infrastructure

Activities:                     Safety


                                    Engineering & Maintenance


                                    Flight Operations

                                    Airport Development


                                    Flight Safety Foundation

Governance:    Operations Committee


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Provides leadership and expert advice to the Industry in operations and infrastructure matters.

·        Overall responsibility for operations and infrastructure expertise focused on improving safety & security.

·        Develops activities to provide financial benefits to the industry in the form of reduced operating costs.

·        Maintains contacts with the Members, Civil Aviation Authorities, ATS providers and ICAO.

·        Primary responsibility for IATA's Safety and Security goals.

·        Co-ordinates infrastructure developments on a world-wide basis through the Regional Offices.

·        Responsible for airport development and non-Cargo related facilitation services.

·        Co-ordinates Technical activities relating to new developments in the field of aircraft engineering and maintenance and technical matters relating to noise and emissions.

·        Responsible for developing and implementing the Operational Quality Audit programme.

·        Responsible for developing new business initiatives.



Managing Director, IATA Distribution Services


Tom Murphy joined IATA twenty-one years ago, bringing with him a wealth of experience from previous posts within British Airways and BOAC.


In IATA he was responsible for IATA Passenger Services activities in Montreal from 1980 to 1983.  He moved to Geneva in 1984 when he became responsible for IATA's Industry Automation activities.  In 1987 he became head of IATA's Traffic Services Division and in August 1991 his responsibilities were broadened to include Financial Services, Industry Monetary Affairs and Management Information.


In January 1992 he became the head of the Industry Automation and Financial Services Department which expanded his responsibilities to include Information Technology Services.


In 1998 he became the Managing Director of a new business unit within IATA, IDS - IATA Distribution Services) which is responsible for managing the airline industry’s distribution systems.


This business unit, which includes agent accreditation and the settlement systems, operates in 134 countries.  90,000 agents are accredited by IATA and the Settlement Systems processed US$126 billion in 1998.


Tom Murphy is a Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Transport and a Member of the Institute of Marketing.




(Tom Murphy)


Division:                       IATA Distribution Services

Title:                            Managing Director, IATA Distribution Services

Activities:                     IATA Settlement Systems

                                    Agency Distribution System

                                    Passenger & Cargo Procedures (Services & Agency)

                                    Airport services

                                    Fraud prevention


                                    Inflight Services

                                    Commercial Standards Development

                                    IATAN & CNS subsidiaries

Governance:                ISS Board, Cargo Committee, Scheduling, Passenger and Cargo Conferences


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Overall responsibility for the IATA Settlement Systems (turnover of US$126 billion), Agency Accreditation and Commercial Standards activity.

·        Leads the industry drive for the most effective passenger and cargo distribution systems.

·        Provides a central point of expertise for the cargo and passenger issues including developing and maintaining Services and Agency standards, procedures and policies.

·        Responsible for the development and operation of IATA’s scheduling, inflight services and EDI standards.

·        Responsible for new business development in the areas of industry settlement systems and cargo and passenger agency programmes and other related areas.

·        Under the guidance of IATA Settlement Systems Board has overall responsibility for ensuring the IATA Settlement Systems (ISS) operate efficiently and effectively. The system operates through 80 world-wide offices serving 154 countries.

·        Acting as the IATA Agency Administrator and working with the Passenger and Cargo Agency Conferences, IATAN Board and CNS Board, has overall responsibility for the Agency Distribution System which includes managing the licensing of 100,000 travel and cargo agents world-wide. These agents account for 80% of airlines total revenues.

·        Working with the Cargo Committee, Scheduling Conference and Services Conferences has overall responsibility for the development of the industries commercial standards (Scheduling, Ticketing, Reservations, Airport Handling, Cargo Handling etc) and associated products. In addition the position has a bottom line responsibility for some of the revenues accounted for within the IAMS Division.

·        Board Member of ISS, IATAN, CNS and IATA Netherlands.




Vice President External Relations



Koki Nagata joined IATA in December 1997 after an extensive 32-year career with Japan Airlines.  He was appointed Senior Director, External Relations in July 1998 (title subsequently changed to Vice President, External Relations w.e.f. January 2000).


At Japan Airlines Mr Nagata held various executive positions including corporate planning, government affairs, finance, sales and marketing.  He represented JAL at such organisations as ICAO, IATA, AAPA, PATA and ASTA.  During his career with Japan Airlines Mr Nagata also held positions in Washington, D.C. and Rome, Italy.  He was a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Management Committee and Chairman of the Carrier Category Division of PATA.


Mr Nagata was seconded to Kansai International Airport Company in 1984 to head their Public Relations and International Affairs office, participating in government negotiations in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo during the initial years of construction.


From 1989 he spent over three years at Hawaiian Airlines in Honolulu, initially as Vice President Sales, then Vice President Corporate Planning, where he played a crucial role in Washington, D.C. for the company’s Japan route case award.  He served on the Board of Directors in 1993.


Born in Shizuoka, Japan, Mr. Nagata graduated from Chiba University in March 1965 with a BA in Law.  The Japanese Ministry of Education awarded Mr Nagata a special title that authorised him to give cross-cultural guidance to foreign students who were invited on national scholarship programmes.






(Koki Nagata)



Division:                       External Relations

Title:                            Vice President, External Relations

Activities:                     Membership Liaison in regions

                                    Regional Airline Associations

                                    Regional Co-ordination

                                    Government Relations

                                    Tariff Co-ordination and Prorate Agency

                                    Consumer Forum

                                    International Airline Training Fund

                                    IAP Subsidiary

Governance:    Industry Affairs Committee


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Responsible for ensuring Traffic Conference Provisions are immunised and exempted where necessary.

·        Responsible for managing IATA’s tariff activities and for the ongoing transformation of Tariff Services into a more business driven activity.

·        Oversees the IAP Subsidiary.

·        Oversees the Prorate Agency.

·        Manages the International Airline Training Fund.

·        Provides leadership and expert advice to the Industry in matters relating to Industry Affairs.

·        Overall responsibility for regional relationship with governments, Members and Regional Associations through the External Relations regional offices.

·        Co-ordinates external liaison activities ensuring a common regional approach.

·        Co-ordinates government relations and lobbying activities.

·        Determines strategic regional approach.

·        Arranges senior level visits to the regions.

·        Identifies, assesses and responds effectively to the high-level needs of IATA Members.

·        Works closely with Member Relations & Communications to assure a unified approach to all IATA constituencies.


Vice-President, Marketing and Commercial Services


On July 1, 2000, Louise Roy was appointed Vice-President, Marketing and Commercial Services and IATA Representative Canada.  IATA is the trade association of the world’s international airline industry.  IATA serves the airline industry in providing high quality products and services and promote safe, reliable and secure air services.


Between 1997 and 2000, Louise Roy was President and Chief Executive Officer of Telemedia Communications Inc., a leading Canadian company in the fields of media, broadcasting and until recently publishing.


Between 1994 and 1997, she was Executive Vice-President of Air France, and was based in Paris.  She managed the Americas division of Air France, being responsible for the operating and commercial results of this business unit.  She also managed the global Marketing & Quality division spearheading improvements in the airline products and services.


Between 1992 and 1994, Mrs. Roy was Senior Vice-President of the Laurentian Group Corporation, a banking and insurance institution offering services in Canada, the United States and England.  She was responsible for developing and coordinating human resource policies, public affairs and general administration at the holding level.


From March 1985 to 1992, she was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Urban Community Transit Corporation (MUCTC).  The MUCTC is the transport authority operating a surface network of buses, a subway system and connecting commuter train lines in the Montreal region.


Before 1985, Mrs. Roy served in a variety of capacities with the Quebec Department of Transport, including a period in which she directed that Department’s planning agency.  She was a lecturer at the Université de Montréal between 1978 and 1981.   Furthermore, she has authored several publications on urban transit policies in Quebec.


In her career, she has received numerous awards and distinctions, amongst which, in 1988, she received the Award of Distinction of the Concordia University’s Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration.  In 1992, she was recipient of the University of Montreal Foundation Edouard Montpetit Medal attributed to a Quebec personality for outstanding achievement in the economic, social and political fields.  In 1994, the Public Policy Forum gave her the Award of Distinction for her contribution, leadership and role as the senior managing officer of a large public organization.


Over the last few years, Louise Roy has demonstrated her leadership in the Montreal community through countless speeches before a variety of prestigious audiences, such as the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, The Canadian Club and numerous economic and community associations.  She is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Telemedia Corporation, Domtar, the University of Montreal, the Conference Board of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Chambre de Commerce Française au Canada.


Born in Quebec City in 1947, Louise Roy resides in Montreal.  After graduating from the University of Montreal in 1971 with a B.Sc. in Sociology, she obtained an M.Sc. in 1972 from the University of Wisconsin and completed her Ph.D. studies in Sociology in 1974.  In the course of her academic career, Mrs. Roy was awarded scholarships from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Canada Council and the Quebec Department of Education.







(Louise Roy)



Division:                       Marketing and Commercial Services

Title:                            Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Services & IATA Representative Canada

Activities:                     New business development

                                    Statistics, economics, forecasting and market research

                                    Conferences & Events

                                    Information & Publishing

                                    Product Marketing and Production

                                    Aviation Training

Represent the Director General at various levels of government

                                    Canadian Corporate Affairs

Governance:                Council on Human Resource Development


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Develops, produces and sells IATA commercial products and services in co-operation with other Divisions. In addition, develops and produces non-commercial products and services for the benefit of IATA’s Members.

·        Responsible for developing new business initiatives.

·        Serves as a central source of data and information on the air transport industry for IATA members, other airlines and the air transport industry, in general.

·        Provides market research and analysis services for IATA and its members.

·        Provides centralised customer service and order fulfilment.

·        Responsible for IATA’s corporate marketing and brand management.

·        Responsible for a comprehensive training organisation providing life long learning from entry level skills training to an MBA programme for air transport related companies.

·        Shared responsibility for developing targeted commercial conferences and exhibitions for the air transport industry.

·        Responsible for the major part of IATA’s publishing business with over 100 titles and selling in excess of 500,000 publications a year. Also responsible for ensuring this business is in line with the move to dynamic on-line products.

·        Shares revenue budget responsibility with other Divisions.

·        Director General’s representative in Canada, liaising with senior officials in Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. Also other organisations such as Montréal International and Centre Financier International.

·        Responsible for corporate decisions on behalf of Montreal office when problems occur such as power failure, storms, etc.

·        With Finance, monitors special programmes from various levels of government that IATA could take advantage of. Examples are tax status for non-Canadians, corporate exemption from various taxes and job creation grants.














Attachment C4.A


Simplifying  Passenger Travel (SPT)  Program




Attachment C4.A –Simplifying  Passenger  Travel  (SPT)  Program



A joint initiative

>         Airports Council International (ACI)

>         Air Transport Users Council (AUC)

>         IATA/Control Authorities Working Group (IATA/CAWG)

>         International Air Transport Association (IATA)

>         International Biometric Industry Association (IBIA)

>         International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

>         Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA)

>         World Customs Organisation (WCO)


A vision


Passengers, equipped with a multi-functional device, utilizing a biometric ID, provide information in a “one-stop” check process which, together with other information generated from the journey and shared between all involved parties, would facilitate subsequent processing, and allow controls to be effected on a risk assessment basis.


A unique program

It brings together all the key parties involved in the passenger journey with the objective of collectively making significant improvements to passenger satisfaction, reductions to infrastructure and operation costs.


In order to promote, test and develop the SPT Vision, an SPT Interest Group (SPTIG) has been formed.  The SPTIG is self-funding and brings together parties who have the expertise, resources and interest to drive the program forward:


Air France

Air New Zealand

British Airways

Delta Air Lines

KLM Systems Services

Lufthansa Consulting

Qantas Airways


Virgin Atlantic Airways


SPTIG Membership is currently open to new members.



Aéroports de Paris

Amsterdam Airport Schipol

British Airport Authorities

Flughafen Frankfurt Main

Singapore Changi Airport


Control Authorities

Australian Customs Service

Citizenship & Immigration Canada



Technological Suppliers

AiT Corporation


Atraxis Ag

Dynjab Technologies

EyeTicket Corporation

Genicom Sweden Ab

Imaging Automation Inc.

Kale Consultants Ltd.

MDC Ticket Group

Motorola SSG

Sabre Inc.


Sonera Corporation

Texas Instruments
















Attachment C4.B


IATA Airline Consumer Forum




Attachment C4.B – IATA Airline Consumer Forum



The IATA Airline-Consumer Forum, founded in 1985, provides a forum for discussing issues of common interest to IATA Airlines and Users.  Members are:


Consumer Organisations

Airline Representation

Air Transport Users Council (AUC/UK)

Air France

Consumers International (CI)


European Travel Commission (ETC)

British Airways

Federation of Air Transport Users in Europe (FATURE)

Canadian Airlines Int.

International Business Travel Association (IBTA)


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


International Federation of Airline Passenger Associations (IFAPA)

TAP - Air Portugal

Universal Federation of Travel Agents Associations (UFTAA)





Industry Associations

Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO)

African Airlines Association (AFRAA)

Airport Council International (ACI)

Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA)

Association of European Airlines (AEA)

European Regions Airline Association (ERA)

International Association of Latin American Air Transport (AITAL)


















Attachment C4.C







PSC(21)762 Expiry: Indefinite

Type: B

RESOLVED that, the following rules shall apply to the assignment and use of airline designators for the entire airline and travel and tourism industry:

For the purposes of this Resolution,

“AIRLINE” means: an enterprise operating aircraft for commercial purposes which (i) performs scheduled or non-scheduled air transport services, or both, which are available to the public for carriage of passengers, mail and/or cargo and (ii) is certified for such purposes by the civil aviation authority of the state in which it is established.

“PUBLISHED SCHEDULE” means: a listing of the timing of air services and other schedule information available to the public in standard air transport industry guides.


Those companies assigned an airline designator are to use such designator for reservations, schedules, timetables, telecommunications, ticketing, cargo documentation, legal, tariffs and/or other commercial/traffic purposes. Codes for use in baggage handling applications are defined in Resolution 769.


Carriers and CRSs recognise the necessity of processing three-letter airline/CRS designators at some future date. All organisa-tions having an IATA assigned two character designator shall continue to use such designator until such time as ATA and IATA Members agree on a conversion date for the use of three-letter designators by such organisations. All organisations receiving an IATA assigned two-character designator, shall notify IATA of their desired three-letter designator, and subsequently IATA will reserve an available designator.

It is also recognised that IATA will deplete all available two-character designators and that three-letter designators will need to be also processed. Therefore, when IATA exhausts the available supply of two-character designators, airlines/CRSs will be placed on a waiting list for an available two-character designator. Until such time as a two-character designator becomes available, the airline/CRSs will use its assigned three-letter designator for the purposes defined in paragraph 1. When a two-character designator becomes available the airline/CRS will have the option of using the two character-designator or three-letter designator, but not both. If the airline/CRS chooses not to use the two-character designator, it will become available for reassignment. The airline/CRS must decide whether it wishes to use the two-character designator within thirty days of it becoming available.

The Joint ATA Passenger Council/IATA Passenger Services Conference shall annually review the airline industry requirements for airline designators.


Railway, ferry, and bus companies with requirements for a designator for passenger transportation, for use in reservations, schedules, timetables or, tariff publishing, may be assigned a three-letter designator. Until such time as three-letter designators can be handled by airlines and computer reservations systems, such non airline companies shall also be assigned a duplicated two-character numeric-alpha designator in a controlled environment drawn from designators assigned to non-scheduled passenger or cargo airlines.



4.1 The following new applicants for airline designators shall be assigned a two-character (two-letter, if available, or numeric-alpha, alpha-numeric) designator and a three-letter designator:

4.1.1 ATA and IATA Member Airlines, and airlines which are parties to the ATA Interline Traffic Agreement — Passenger (Resolution 5.65), the IATA Interline Traffic Agreement —Passenger (Resolution 780/780e), or the IATA Interline Traffic Agreement — Cargo (Resolution 660);

4.1.2 non-ATA/non-IATA Member airlines publishing and operating scheduled air service in accordance with the definition of a scheduled air service contained in IATA Recommended Practice 1008 in standard air transport guides. However, if such airline does not intend to conclude an interline traffic agreement within 90 days of assignment, the two-character designator shall be recalled and it shall be assigned a three-letter designator; until such time as three-letter designators can be handled by airlines and Computer Reservation Systems, such airlines shall also be assigned a duplicated airline designator in a controlled environment.

4.1.3 airlines not qualifying under 4.1.1 or 4.1.2, with a requirement for an airline designator to participate in an airline industry shared telecommunication facility shall be assigned a Banded Code for message addressing and a three-letter designator.

4.1.4 a new entrant which does not yet meet the definition of “airline” for purposes of this Resolution may be granted a provisional airline designator code assignment when written notification is received from the civil aviation authority of the state in which it is established advising that the enterprise is substantially meeting the state’s requirements for the issuance of a licence to operate commercial air transport services; such provisional assignment shall be valid for a non renewable period of six (6) months. Failure of the enterprise to meet the definition of “airline” for purposes of this Resolution within six (6) months of provisional assignment of the airline designator code will result in the formal recall of the code. A non-refundable processing charge shall apply to requests for provisional assignments of airline designator codes, in addition to all fees otherwise applicable.

4.2 Non-scheduled passenger or non-scheduled cargo airlines not qualifying under 4.1.1, 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 with a requirement for an airline designator shall be assigned a three-letter designator; until such time as three-letter designators can be handled by airlines and Computer Reservation Systems, such airlines shall also be assigned a duplicated airline designator in a controlled environment.


4.3 Non-airline Unit Load Device (ULD) owners who participate in the Interline ULD Control User Group (IULDUG) (two-letter controlled duplication and a three-letter beginning with “X”). Non-airline ULD owners who do not participate in the IULDUG will not be eligible for a unique or controlled duplicate code but shall be assigned a Banded Code and a three-letter code beginning with “X”).

4.4 Computer Reservations Systems (CRS) suppliers with a requirement for participation in airline industry shared telecommunication facilities. Such CRS suppliers shall only be assigned two-character numeric-alpha or alpha-numeric designators using the figure “1” and letters “A–Z”. Such designators can be used in interline reservations messages. They shall not be used for the interline transmission of PTAs nor shall they be used for any other ticketing purpose, (except for the optional identification of the CRS controlling the PNR. This identification should be shown in the “Airline Data/Booking Reference/PNR” box on the ticket). These codes shall not be duplicated.

4.5 The two-character and three-letter airline designators shall be used for the purposes outlined in Paragraph 1, (except where expressly stated otherwise in this Resolution), and in accordance with the instructions issued by IATA. Notwithstanding anything in this Resolution, three-letter designators will not be used by airlines until such time as the Joint ATA Passenger Council/IATA Passenger Services Conference reaffirms the requirement for the use of such three-letter designators.


5.1 During the interim period, two-character designators may be duplicated in a controlled environment.

5.1.1 The following criteria shall apply to controlled duplicate designators: The same code will not be duplicated if the companies: publish passenger schedules; or publish cargo schedules; or participate in the industry shared telecommunication facilities except under Banding as defined in RP 1008; or at the time of assignment, it is known by IATA that the companies serve the same general geographic area. 5.1.2 In the event that one of the companies with a duplicated designator changes its status, and falls into one of the criteria listed above, the company which had the designator first shall continue to have the use of the code and IATA will change the designators of the other companies which shared the designator.

5.2 If an airline has nominated a pre designated point that airline’s two-character designator will not be duplicated.


The following combinations shall not be assigned to individual airlines or companies qualifying for airline designator:

6.1 these designators are to be used for communications purposes only:

     Commercial Category                              Designator

     a. Car Rental Companies/Miscellaneous      CR

     b. Hotel/Motel Companies                          HL

     c. Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC)             XA

     d. International Air Transport Association(IATA)XB      

     e. Air Transport Association of America (ATA)   XD

     f. Special Ground Handling Service              XH

     g. International Aeradio Ltd. (IAL)                XI

     h. SITA                                                     XS

      i. Government Civil Aviation Authorities       YA

      j. General Addressing                                YY

     k. Computer Tests                                     ZZ

     l. Miscellaneous (reserved for industry use)  2X,6X, 7X, 8X

     m. non-scheduled Air Transportation            X2,X6

     (Reserved for Banding — see Paragraph 4.1.3)


6.3 three-letter combinations with CZ, NN or ZC;

6.4 an airline’s or CRS’s three-letter designator shall not be the same as the location identifier for that airline’s or CRS’s head office location.


Companies requesting the assignment of a designator or a change to an existing designator shall submit a request (using the application form which is published separately) to the IATA Office, as shown on the application form.


Upon receipt of a request for the assignment of an airline designator, the IATA Office will:

8.1 determine the eligibility of the applicant and, if eligible, will assign and authorise the use of an airline designator, coordinating assignments to avoid possible uncontrolled duplications;

8.2 introduce an effective date for the use of the airline designator so assigned by means of a circular letter to ATA/ IATA Members, CRSs and to the Airline Guides;

8.3 publish all assignments in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.

8.4 The order of priority in assigning two-character airline designators is as follows:

8.4.1 an airline which requires a change to its designator because of an operational problem caused by the designator it has been assigned, including conflicts associated with controlled duplicate designators;

8.4.2 an airline which has been assigned a three-letter airline designator and who has been placed on a waiting list for a two-character designator in accordance with Paragraph 2, will be offered a two-character designator according to the date the airline requested to be placed on that waiting list established for this purpose. If the airline refuses to accept the first two-character airline designator which becomes available, that airline will move to the bottom of this waiting list;

8.4.3 an airline which does not currently have an airline designator;


8.4.4 an airline which requests a voluntary change to its airline designator. Assignments will be made from a waiting list in order of the date the airline requested to be placed on this list.



9.1 Except as provided in Paragraph 9.2, airline designators shall not be changed without strong justification, including changes made in accordance with Paragraph 2 and with regard to the priority as specified in Paragraph 8.

9.2 Two or more airlines already holding a unique two-character designator, except controlled duplicate designators, may voluntarily exchange such airline designators using IATA as an intermediary. IATA may establish fees for acting as an intermediary. When an airline designator is assigned or changed, IATA will establish its effective date and undertake to co-ordinate this assignment or change with all parties concerned.

9.3 The effective date of any change (except additions and deletions) to current airline designators, except controlled duplicate designators, shall not be less than ninety (90) days following the date on which the change is agreed.

9.4 When making a request for changes, airlines and CRSs shall ensure that such request is sent to the IATA Office shown on the Application form (which is published separately).



To encourage airlines who do not need a unique two character designator for operational reasons to surrender it, or to encourage airlines to move to banding, IATA may assess a fee as part of the annual review process in addition to any assignment or administration fee. This fee shall apply to all non-IATA, non-ATA companies, except to members of the IATA Registered Supplier Programme, IATA Travel Partners Programme and airlines assigned a Banded Code. Failure to complete and return the annual review form and/or pay any airline designator fee shall result in that airline designator being recalled by IATA for reassignment.


11.1 If at any time it is determined by ATA or IATA that an airline or non-airline company no longer qualifies for a designator under the criteria established in paragraph 4 of this Resolution, the designator will be recalled. A company will cease to use the designator upon notification by IATA of the recall of the designator.

11.2 The IATA Secretariat will advise the IATA/ATA Members, CRSs and other interested parties by way of a circular letter and in the regular transmittal of the IATA Airline Coding Directory of any changes in airline designators. Recalled airline designators should not be reassigned for a period of at least sixty (60) days.

11.3 An airline designator is not considered the property of the airline to which it is assigned. Once an airline no longer meets the criteria for the assignment of an airline designator, that designator is recalled. After 60 days from the date of recall, the designator may be reassigned. Should the carrier which has had its designator recalled demonstrate within 60 days of the recall that it does meet the criteria for an airline designator, that designator will be reallocated to it. If the carrier demonstrates that it satisfies the criteria for an airline designator more than 60 days from the date of the recall of its airline designator,


it shall be considered a new applicant and IATA will assign an available airline designator. In these circumstances IATA can not guarantee to assign the original airline designator to the applicant.

For a copy of an application form for an airline designator contact the:

Code Administration Co-ordinator

International Air Transport Association

 800 Place Victoria

P.O. Box 113

Montreal, Quebec

Canada H4Z 1M1

Tel: +1 (514) 874 0202

Fax: +1 (514) 874 9633





Order 77-12-32 dated 5 December 1977:

Resolution 762 is approved provided that ATA and IATA include interested non-member U.S. certificated air carriers in their administration of the two-letter airline designator system.















Attachment C4.D






PSC(21)763                                  Expiry: Indefinite

Type: B


Members and CRSs shall use the location identifiers published in the IATA Airline Coding Directory. Assigned three-letter location identifiers are considered permanent. They shall not be duplicated. They shall not be changed without strong justification primarily concerning air safety. The following procedures shall apply for the assignment of three-letter location identifiers (city/airport codes) for airlines’ purposes, other than Air Traffic Services1 applications (the following codes are not available for assignment: CPY, DDL, DPC, HDQ, IAT, NIL, NUC, QAA, QAB, QAF, QEN, QES, QQQ, QSP, QTA, QTB, QTQ, QTV, QUK, QXA, QXL, QXM, QXN, QXS, QXT, QXU, QZY, QZW, XXX, ZZW, ZZX, ZZY, ZZZ. The following codes are reserved for use as a fictitious points only in the text of a Schedule Exchange Data Message according to the IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual: QFP, QMX, QMY, QPX, QPY, QZW.

The following codes are reserved as fictitious points for use in Charge Card and Credit Card billings: XAA, XAE, XAF, XAO, XDF, XCA, XOT, XPC, XPE, XTD and XUP.


1.1 Members and CRSs may only request the assignment of a unique three-letter code to identify one of the following locations:

1.1.1 an airport receiving scheduled air services by a Member airline;

1.1.2 an airport receiving charter air services by a Member airline;

1.1.3 an alternate airport available for use by Member airlines;

1.1.4 an airline headquarters when HDQ or an existing city/ airport code cannot be used;

1.1.5 a location which must be identified for airline communications routing or airline scheduling purposes or airline schedule exchange data messages and for which no existing airport or city code is available.

a location which must be identified for intermodal transportation, served by a railway, ferry or bus company having an intermodal agreement with an airline. For the purposes of this Resolution, intermodal transportation means transportation provided by an airline and one or more other modes of transportation, documented on a single accountable traffic document, with a reservation, and distributed via an airline reservation system and/or CRS. Code assignment requests received from railway, ferry or bus companies will be subject to a charge set by IATA.

1.2 To satisfy the criteria listed under 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4 and 1.1.5, the following shall apply:

1.2.1 for scheduled service airport location identifiers, consult the current issue of the IATA Airline Coding Directory in order to avoid requesting an identifier which is already in use; 1.2.2 as a first choice, select an unassigned mnemonic using the first three letters of the location name; 1.2.3 as a second choice, select an unassigned mnemonic preferably starting with the first letter of the location name. 1.3 Codes are assigned under 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 as follows: 1.3.1 if only one airport serves an area, only one code will be assigned to both the airport and the area; 1.3.2 when an area is served by more than one airport, each airport will be assigned an individual code. The area will be assigned a metropolitan area code which may be the code of one of its airports or an individual code; provided that the above criteria is without prejudice to currently existing unique metropolitan area codes as published in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.

1.4 An airport will not be listed in or de-listed from the IATA Airline Coding Directory under a metropolitan area location identifier unless a specific request for such action is submitted to the IATA or ATA Head Office, as appropriate.

1.4.1 If a request requires the creation of a new metropolitan area (from one to two airports), the airport operators of each airport concerned as well as the airlines serving those airports shall be included in the poll, as per 1.5. This provision shall also apply for a request to remove an airport from a metropolitan area comprising only two airports and the consequential dismantling of that metropolitan area.

1.4.2 However, if a request requires the listing/de-listing of an additional airport to/from a metropolitan area (comprising two or more airports), only the airport operator as well as the airlines serving the additional airport shall be included in the poll as per 1.5.


1.5 Listing or de-listing of an airport under a metropolitan area location identifier shall only be actioned if it is established by the IATA or ATA Secretariat that:


1Air Traffic Services — ICAO Annex 11 definition: a generic term meaning, variously, Flight Information Service, Alerting Service, Air Traffic Advisory Service, Air Traffic Control Service, Area Control Service, Approach Control Service or Aerodrome Control Service

1.5.1 the operator(s) of the airport(s) in question support(s) such action; 1.5.2 the aeronautical authorities of a European Community country do not object to such action. These authorities of an EC country will be notified of any proposed amendment to a metropolitan area listing by the IATA or ATA Secretariat and be asked to advise of any objection to such a proposed listing in writing with justification. If no reply is received within 60 days it will be assumed that the aeronautical authorities do not object to the amendment; 1.5.3 a majority of responses from a poll of carriers operating scheduled air transport services serving the airport(s) concerned support such action. For the purpose of determining which air carriers serve such airport(s), the IATA or ATA Secretariat as appropriate will consult the airport authority(ies) concerned. For the purposes of compiling the list of carriers serving an airport(s), the airport authority(ies) is to include the teletype address of the carriers presently operating scheduled air transport services or which have operated to the airport during the previous 12 month period. For the purposes of conducting a poll, the following criteria shall apply; 1.5.4 the poll will be conducted not more than once per year for a given airport; 1.5.5 the poll will be sent by teletype to: the Passenger Services Conference Accredited Representative of IATA Member carriers or the interline contact of Member carriers participating in the MITA but not represented in the Passenger Service Conference, the interline contact for non-IATA carriers which are party to the IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements, the chief executive (head office teletype address) of any other carrier(s) indicated as concerned by the airport author-ity(ies) concerned;

1.5.6 a majority shall be considered as a simple majority of carriers responding to the poll, with non-responses and abstentions not counting in the poll.

1.5.7 Requests received from non-IATA and non-ATA airlines for listing an airport under a metropolitan area location identifier will be subject to a charge set by IATA.

Note: The criteria set forth in this paragraph shall not apply to listings as they appeared in the IATA Airline Coding Directory prior to 1 December 1987.



Members and CRSs requiring the assignment of an identifier for an additional location or a change to an existing identifier, shall submit a request (using the pro forma Attachment ‘A’) for an acceptable identifier, to the IATA or ATA Head Office, as appropriate.



Upon receipt from a Member or a CRS of a request for the assignment of an additional location identifier or for a change to an existing identifier, the appropriate Secretariat of the IATA or ATA Head Office will:

3.1 co-ordinate recommended changes or additions to location identifiers with ATA or IATA, as the case may be, to determine availability and to ensure conformity with the criteria shown in 1.2;

3.2 co-ordinate agreement on the proposed identifier from the headquarters of all other Members and CRSs having activities at the location concerned;

3.3 if the recommended location identifier is mutually acceptable, ATA and/or IATA will:

3.3.1 assign the requested scheduled service airports location identifier or an alternate thereto,

3.3.2 assign identifiers in the ‘Q’, ‘X’ and ‘Z’ groups to locations other than scheduled service airports defined under 1.1.5,

3.3.3 establish an introductory date of each new location identifier;

3.4 authorise the identifiers so assigned by means of a circular letter to all Members and CRSs and to the Airline Guides. The introductory date of a new location identifier shall normally be the first day of a month and not less than sixty (60) days from the date of the circular issued by ATA and IATA;

3.5 include such amendments in the next issue of the IATA Airline Coding Directory.



Upon receipt of a request from a non-Member operating scheduled air services for the assignment of a location identifier, the appropriate Secretariat of the ATA/IATA Head Office shall do so in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution.


At any given time for any location, airlines should use only the one identifier which is effective on the date of travel to/from that location. The first date on which the new location identifier must be used for reservation purposes will be advised by IATA, but never less than sixty (60) days before the actual date of effectiveness of the changed location identifier. When making a recommendation for such changes, Members shall ensure that such notice is sent to the appropriate Secretariat of the IATA or ATA Head Office at least seventy (70) days before such effective date.


When recommending the cancellation of an existing code, Members and CRSs shall submit the proposal to the IATA or ATA Head Office, as appropriate, giving reasons to substantiate the recommendation. Co-ordinating action shall be taken by IATA or ATA Head Office which shall authorise such cancellation by the same procedure as outlined in Paragraph 3.

















Attachment C4.E







PAC2(33)814                                                                    Expiry: Indefinite

PAC3(33)814 (except China, Japan, Orient and South          Type: B

West Pacific


WHEREAS the Passenger Agency Conference (‘the Conference’), in consultation with the travel agency community, wishes to provide consumers with a network of reliable and professionally managed sales outlets for air transportation products in an efficient and cost-effective manner responsive to evolving individual marketplace requirements, it is

RESOLVED that, the following provisions are adopted and implemented in all member states of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland; provided that the Conference may authorise their implementation at any time in any other country, or group of countries (area), where an IATA Billing and Settlement Plan operates, upon request from a flag carrier of such country (or area), placed before the Conference in accordance with the Provisions for the Conduct of IATA Traffic Conferences. Notification of the date of implementation of this Resolution in any country shall be given to all Members by the Agency Administrator. Such countries, not being member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, are listed in Paragraph 4 of this Resolution.

1.  ORGANISATION in each country (or area) where implementation of this Resolution is sought, the following bodies shall be established and shall continue to operate after implementation:

1.1  Agency Programme Joint Council (‘the Council’) each Member eligible to participate in the Billing and Settlement Plan of the country (area) concerned and each Airline which participates in such Plan may, by written notification to the Agency Administrator, nominate a person of senior management standing (the nominee) to serve as its representative on the Agency Programme Joint Council for that country (area):

1.1.1  Composition the Council shall consist of: Members and Airlines designated from time to time by the Agency Administrator, from those having designated a nominee, bearing in mind the local market conditions, representatives, who are Accredited Agents, designated by an association recognised as a national agents’ association or, where applicable, by a combination of such recognised associations, and who shall constitute half of the Council’s membership, the Agency Services Manager as an ex officio member; provided that the numbers of Members, Airlines and Agents’ representatives as provided in and above shall be determined by the Agency Administrator in proportion to their respective numbers in the country (area) of the Council and shall be included in his recommendation to the Conference; provided further that the total voting membership of the Council shall not exceed 18;

1.1.2  Authority and Terms of Reference the Council may consider all aspects of the Agency Programme in the country (area) and make recommendations thereon in the form of agenda proposals to the Passenger Agency Conference which shall inform the Council of action taken, with reasons therefor. Conversely, the Agency Administrator shall refer to the Council for comments and recommendations all proposals submitted to the Passenger Agency Conference which fall within the Council’s authority, the Council shall determine, in conformity with the guidelines set forth by the Conference in Attachment ‘A’ to this Resolution, the local objective criteria for accreditation and retention of Agents in respect of the following qualifications:

— financial standing,

— staff competence and experience,

such local criteria shall be published in the Travel Agent’s Handbook,

1.1.3  Procedures the Council shall meet when required and shall elect its Chairman from its membership. A simple majority of the Council shall constitute a quorum and recommendations or decisions shall be adopted when a majority of the air carriers and a majority of the Agents present vote in favour of the proposal. Except as provided herein, the Council shall establish its own procedures and submit a report of its activities to each meeting of the Conference;

1.2  Agency Services Office the Agency Services Office shall be headed by the Agency Services Manager appointed by the Agency Administrator to manage the accreditation programme in the country (area), including administrative actions and reviews associated therewith and also, when so decided by the Agency Administrator, to act as the local representative of ISS Management. The Agency Services Manager shall propose to the Agency Administrator recommendations for the annual budget of the accreditation activities of the Agency Services Office. The Director General, in consultation with the Agency Administrator shall review the recommendations and determine and approve the final budget.

2.  RULES AND PROCEDURES the relationship between Members and their Accredited Agents is governed by the rules and procedures adopted

by the Passenger Agency Conference and published in Attachment ‘A’ hereto



3.1 notwithstanding Resolution 001:

3.1.1 the following Resolutions shall become and remain effective only if all such Resolutions become and remain effective,


PAC3(19)814 (except China, Japan, Orient and South West Pacific)


PAC3(19)814e (except China, Japan, Orient and South West Pacific)

PAC1(22)820d (except USA)



3.1.2 if, in any country where the Resolutions listed in Subparagraphs 3.1.1 of this Paragraph have been implemented, any of such Resolutions or amendments thereto is disapproved, or rescinded, or a Government approval is deferred or withdrawn, all such Resolutions or amendments shall be simultaneously voided, rescinded or deferred, as the case may require, in that country; provided that such action shall not affect the validity of such Resolutions or amendments in respect of other countries where they have been, or may become, implemented;

3.1.3 upon all Resolutions listed in Subparagraph 3.1.1 of this Paragraph being implemented in a country,


PAC2(02)800 (amended)

PAC3(02)800 (except China, Japan, Orient and South

West Pacific) (amended)


as applicable, shall be suspended with respect to such country; provided however that if the Resolutions listed in Subparagraph 3.1.1 of this Paragraph are subsequently voided, rescinded or deferred in such country pursuant to Subparagraph 3.1.2 of this Paragraph, the Resolutions listed above shall be reinstated and the status quo ante restored in such country; provided further that the provisions of this Subparagraph shall not apply to member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area;


4.1 in addition to the member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, the provisions of this Resolution are implemented in the following countries, or territories:




Central/West Africa

Channel Islands


Czech Republic





Isle of Man












Russian Federation*

San Marino

Saudi Arabia


South Africa







(*) on full implementation of the BSP