Sections D1-D11

i                       General Information


Full Legal Name:                                 JVTeam, LLC

Principal Address:                               1120 Vermont Ave., NW

Washington DC  20005

Phone:  202 533 2600

Fax:  202 533 2975

Email: TBD


All Other Business Locations:            * See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.3, Past Business Operations, Entity History


Type of Business Entity:                     Limited Liability Company organized under laws of State of Delaware, USA. 


URL:                                                    TBD


Dun & Bradstreet Number:                 None


Number of Employees:                       See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.6, Management and Section
II.1.7, Staff/Employees


Total Revenue in last-ended fiscal year:




Full Names and Positions of: 

All Directors                                        See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.6, Management

All Officers                                          See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.6, Management

All Relevant Managers                                    See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.6, Management


Point of Contact:                       

* JVTeam is a newly formed, limited liability company created to function as a registry.  Therefore, it is necessary to look to the history of our parent companies, which are fully committed to the success of JVTeam and it’s objectives.  A detailed description of NeuStar, Inc. and Melbourne IT is provided in Section II.1.3 of this document.

Answers to questions posed in Registry Operator’s Proposal Sections I.1 through I.11 are provided for both parent companies.

D2 – D11 — NeuStar, Inc.

Principal Address:                               NeuStar, Inc.

1120 Vermont Ave., NW

Washington, DC  20005

Phone:  202 533 2600

Fax:  202 533 2970


All Other Business Locations:                        NeuStar, Inc.

200 South Wacker Drive

Suite #3400

Chicago, IL  60606

312 928 4500


NeuStar, Inc.

1800 Sutter Street

Suite #570

Concord, CA  94520

925 363 8700


NeuStar, Inc.

1001 Fourth Avenue

Suite #3200

Seattle, WA  98154

206 262 4680


NeuStar UK

Marble Arch Tower

7th Floor

55 Bryarston Street

London, WIH7AJ


+44 020 7868 8581


Type of Business Entity:                     Corporation organized under laws of the State of
Delaware, USA




Dun & Bradstreet Number:                 11-240-3295


Number of Employees:                                   192


Total Revenue in last-ended fiscal year:


                                                            NeuStar is currently preparing audited financial statements for 1999 and the first half of 2000.  NeuStar will provide this additional information to ICANN within 30 days of this submission.


Full Names and Positions of: 


All Directors                                        Jeffrey E. Ganek; Joseph P. Landry; Dr. Henry Kressel; Dr. Kenneth Pickar; Henry Geller


All Officers and Relevant Managers   Jeffrey E. Ganek, Chairman and CEO

Robert Dowski, VP, Chief Financial Officer

Edward G. Freitag, General Counsel

Joseph Franlin, VP and Chief Operating Officer

Mark Foster, VP and Chief Technology Officer

Steven Cory, VP Customer Care

Christine Walker, VP Business Development

Brad Baxter, VP Business Development Technical Ops

Robert Poulin, VP Corporate Development

Jerome Haynesworth, VP, HR and Administration

Matt Wald, VP, IP Services

Martin Lowen, VP Law and Business Development

Gregory Roberts, VP Number Services

Jay Darling, VP Operations Europe


Point of Contact:                                 Ken Hansen

                                                            1120 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Suite 550

Washington, DC 20005

202 533 2685



D2 – D11 — Melbourne IT Ltd.


Principal Address:                               Level 2

120 King Street


Victoria, Australia, 3000

Phone:  +61 3 8624 2400

Fax:  +61 3 8624 2499


All Other Business Locations:            INWW (a division of Melbourne IT) – Virginia, USA

8201 Greensboro Drive

Suite 1000

McLean, VA  22102

Phone:  703 394 8050

Fax:  703 394 8009


INWW (a division of Melbourne IT) – California, USA

1300 Clay Street

Suite 600

Oakland, CA  94611

Phone:  510 464 8074

Fax:  510 464 8079


INWW (a division of Melbourne IT) – Madrid, Spain

C/o Jorge Juan 8

3o A

28001 Madrid Spain

Telephone:  +34 913 192 730

Fax:  +34 913 195 629


Type of Business Entity:                     Melbourne IT is incorporated in Australia as a public company limited by shares.


URL:                                                    Melbourne IT –

INWW (a division of Melbourne IT)


Dun & Bradstreet Number:                 74-450-7200


Number of Employees:                                   176


Total Revenue in last-ended fiscal year:


                                                            AU$14.8m in 1999 (AU$23m for the first half of 2000).

Using an exchange rate of 1.79, that is approximately US$8.27m in 1999

(approximately US$12.85m for the first half of 2000).


Full Names and Positions of: 


All Directors                                        Rob Stewart, Chairman

                                                            Dr. Colin Adam, Non-Executive Director

                                                            Professor Iain Morrison, Non-Executive Director

                                                            Dr. Stephen Gumley, Non-Executive Director

                                                            Kevin Courtney, Non-Executive Director


All Officers and Relevant Managers   Adrian Kloeden, Chief Executive and

Operating Officer

Richard Tindal, Vice President, International Operations

Clive Flory, President, Internet Names WorldWide

Dr. Bruce Tonkin, Chief Technology Officer

Guye Engel, General Manager, Production and Development

Steve Mutabazi, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, New Products

Andrew Field, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary



Point of Contact:                                 Richard Tindal

                                                            8201 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1000

                                                            McLean VA 22102

703 394 8050





u            JVTeam has the proven capacity, experience, and integrity to responsibly manage a critical public resource

u            JVTeam will make a significant, responsible contribution to the evolutionary development of the DNS

u            JVTeam founded its business operations on principles of integrity and neutrality

u            Collaboration, loyalty, and sheer persistence drive our collective success

u            JVTeam brings a comprehensive pedigree to the development of Internet-related software and database applications to the registry operations


                Section D13

                 ii                      Business Capabilities and Plan

The NeuStar/Melbourne IT Joint Venture (henceforth the JVTeam) has the requisite and proven capability, experience, and integrity to meet and exceed the responsibilities and requirements posed by ICANN in its request for a registry for new TLD services to ensure the registry is an incontrovertible success

The domain name system is more complex than most people realize. Although the Internet has grown exponentially over recent years, the growth of the domain name system it relies upon has been hampered by conflicting interests, standards, and opinions which threaten to endanger its future stability and utility. For competition to be introduced successfully at the registry level, the selected registry operator must have a proven ability to function efficiently in this complex environment and facilitate the controlled, systematic evolution of the DNS.  The domain name system is unique; only a handful of organizations in the world specialize in its operation.  Historically, the domain name registry business has not been a competitive one; few registries have successfully provided domain name services in a manner perceived by consumers to be fair and even-handed.  In many cases this is simply a lack of experience and a failure to understand the technical, operational, and policy issues required by the administrators of a domain space.

To be successful, a new TLD registry must incorporate a comprehensive understanding of domain names and their administration. Simply allowing for the establishment of a database record is not enough; it also must address the long term management issues associated with servicing domain names throughout their entire life cycle. These include registrar transfers, renewals, cancellations, policy changes, and all the other administrative issues associated with domain name management.  In addition, to meet previously unmet needs, a registry must be able to design, build, and administer a robust database, requiring extensive software development and infrastructure management capacity that is accessible by multiple, external organizations. A registry is not merely a records repository; it must ensure the security of personal contact data and license holder information, provide the facility for that data to be accessed by multiple customers in real-time, ensure that access to the data is not hampered by system outages or unnecessary downtime, and be capable of maintaining the physical infrastructure to support all of its operations. In addition, the registry operator must be capable of designing and building a database that can scale seamlessly in response to the exponential growth of the Internet.  JVTeam is that registry.

JVTeam offers an intimate understanding of the DNS environment combined with a proven record of registry operations that will ensure the stability of the Internet by providing a reliable, robust, and scalable infrastructure.  JVTeam has a demonstrated history of developing and maintaining complex databases, designing software solutions, and providing effective management and policy implementation for equitable administration of critical public resources.  More importantly, JVTeam understands that to maximize global acceptance and participation, the TLD registry must be administered with integrity.  In order to cultivate a truly competitive registrar environment, the TLD registry must assume the role of responsibly managing the public resource entrusted to its care.  It must do so by demonstrating that it can operate in an entirely impartial manner as a trusted third party.  JVTeam founded its business operations on integrity and neutrality.  Our viability as a company and our reputation is dependent on our neutrality.

JVTeam will leverage its experience and reputation as a trusted third party to ensure that the introduction of new TLDs is an unquestioned success.  We have the credentials, experience, and resources necessary to deliver in accordance with the stated objectives of ICANN.  As described in this document, our strong business and marketing plans will facilitate the broad market acceptance and promotion of diversity in the new TLD namespace, and substantiate JVTeam’s corporate commitment to ensuring the successful introduction and ongoing operation of the new TLD registry.





u            JVTeam provides a level of skill and experience in registry operations that cannot be matched

u            JVTeam’s extensive DNS experience will ensure a stable and secure zone file distribution process which will enhance the stability of the Internet

u            Our rich history in database design and maintenance guarantees the security, privacy and accuracy of registration data

u            JVTeam’s resolute commitment to neutrality will ensure fairness and evenhandedness in the provision of registry services

          SECTION D13.1

          ii.1    Overview of Registry Operator’s Capabilities

                       The JVTeam Story

JVTeam brings to the domain name market the combined capabilities of NeuStar and Melbourne IT in order to provide the next generation domain name registry through technological innovation and proven channel management expertise by delivering the world’s most advanced domain name services on a trusted third party basis.

                        The Beginning

When ICANN announced its intention to initiate a formal process to introduce new top level domains (TLDs), both Melbourne IT and NeuStar saw a unique opportunity perfectly aligned with their individual business goals.  Independently, each company saw itself as a strong competitor.  Melbourne IT is a trusted provider of registry and registrar domain name services and operates a shared registry system to aggregate resellers’ requests and interface to the existing registry system.  NeuStar is a trusted third party provider of critical clearinghouse services that enable communications networks to interoperate.

Similarities in experience and principles were identified and discussed in depth.  Neutrality is a major focus of both companies and they are committed to impartiality and fairness.  Both recognize the importance of understanding and working successfully within regulatory environments.  Both companies have registry experience but in different arenas.  Each is committed to developing and cultivating long term relationships with clients.  Both are focused on technological innovation and quality service.  Both see the Internet as a truly international public resource.  In addition to the similarities, complimentary experience was also considered.  Melbourne IT is a recognized industry leader in domain name channel management, and NeuStar is a recognized industry leader in shared registry and data center operations.

Through the course of these discussions it became apparent to both companies that while each was a strong competitor independently, together they could combine their respective talents and resources to serve the Internet community’s need for a stable, experienced registry. As shown in Exhibit II.1-1 it was this mutual recognition of overlapping core competencies and complementary skills, combined with a desire to make a significant contribution to the Internet that was the genesis of JVTeam. 


Team Formation—A Team for Success

In reviewing the evaluation criteria presented by ICANN, Melbourne IT and NeuStar agreed that to address the issues raised in the RFP and comply with the spirit of the request, the successful introduction of new TLDs requires the following:

·         A reputation as a trusted, neutral third party administrator to promote fair and evenhanded competition among registrars

·         Geographical diversity of operations to support a global enterprise

·         Proven registry development and operations experience to ensure the highest levels of quality service to customers

·         Proven, evenhanded policy administration expertise

·         Technological innovation to provide high quality service and new features and functionality

·         Proven channel management expertise to facilitate early and streamlined adoption by the registrar community

They further agreed that a successful registry operator committed to increasing competition in the Internet must:

·         Understand the Internet environment

·         Build on the strength of its DNS experience

·         Have substantial database and distributed network experience

·         Have proven credentials in managing a significant public database

·         Operate the registry with integrity in a consistent, equitable, and neutral manner

·         Develop policy guidelines and long-term solutions for secure management of vital public resources

In addition, Melbourne IT and NeuStar recognized they shared a philosophy which incorporated a commitment to competition with a vision of the Internet as a global resource readily available to individuals as well as organizations.  As these issues continued to be discussed, the two companies realized their vision must become a reality.  Together they would be a formidable team committed to the responsible, evolutionary development of the DNS.  They formed JVTeam.

JVTeam Overview and Structure

JVTeam is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed by Melbourne IT, a public Australian company, and NeuStar, a United States corporation. JVTeam combines the capabilities, experience, and resources of these two outstanding organizations to ensure the stability of the Internet by providing a new generation of registry services that will provide high quality service as well as new features and functionality beneficial to the end user.  JVTeam has the full corporate support and financial backing of both Melbourne IT and NeuStar to successfully support the needs of the Internet industry.

JVTeam will be managed by its own set of officers, and will assume all responsibilities and contractual obligations for the registry services outlined in this proposal.  In this regard we will:

·         Design, build, and/or customize all registry system components

·         Establish and manage the network infrastructure required

·         Deliver all registry services

·         Provide all support services: billing, customer support, etc.

·         Provide overall quality assurance

JVTeam is managed and staffed by experienced, dedicated individuals from within the industry who are keenly aware of the sensitivities and needs of the industry including:

·         Experienced, neutral, and evenhanded third party administration

·         Consistent service and stable systems that are extremely reliable and secure

·         Sensitivity to the demands, timetables, and ever-changing landscape of the evolving Internet environment

·         Subject matter expertise and experience in key technologies

·         Commitment to the ongoing cooperative development of a first-of-its-kind industry capability through a fully open, non-proprietary environment

·         Awareness of the need for flexible, scalable management and technical operations

Neutrality in a Competitive Environment

Neutrality for us is not a platitude; it is our identity, conveying impeccable, high-quality, evenhanded service essential to the central role we will play in the industry.  We will process extremely sensitive and proprietary data to the highest security and confidentiality standards.  We will not provide registrar services in competition with our customers.  JVTeam is committed to the promotion of competition at the registry level and its goal is the equitable treatment of all registrars.  Our previous experience as a registrar provides us the registrar perspective:  We understand their needs, concerns, and issues. This understanding clarifies our responsibility to act in strict adherence to the principles of a neutral third party.  All of our services will be available to all registrars on non-discriminatory terms.  Neutrality is a belief we embrace and have embodied in the JVTeam Code of Conduct we have developed and by which we will abide. 

JVTeam intends to maximize our strengths, and leverage our marketing power, database skills, and investment to pursue DNS related opportunities. We are committed to the long-term viability of this company, and the domain name registry business.  We plan to deliver quality registry operations in the most cost-effective and equitable fashion possible. And we plan to succeed.




JVTeam, L.L.C.

Date of Formation:                            September 21, 2000


Legal Status:                                     Limited Liability Company

Established in the State of Delaware, USA


Primary Location:                              1120 Vermont Ave. NW

Washington, DC  20005



Size of Staff:                                      *See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.7


Formal Alliances:                              *See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.3


References:                                      *See Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.1.3


Corporate or Other Structure:                   Limited Liability Company

Ownership Structure:                      55% owned by NeuStar, Inc.

45% owned by Melbourne IT Ltd. Pty.


*As explained in the preceding section, JVTeam is a limited liability company created to function as a registry.  Therefore, to obtain formal alliance and reference information, it is necessary to look to the history of our parent companies which is described in detail in Section II.1.3 of this document.



Certificate of Amendment to Certificate of Formation



It is hereby certified that:

1.  The name of the limited liability company (hereinafter called the "limited liability company") is NeuDomain LLC.

2.  The certificate of formation of the limited liability company is hereby amended by striking out Article First thereof and substituting in lieu of said Article the following new Article:

"FIRST:  The name of the limited liability company (hereinafter called the "limited liability company") is JVTeam LLC."


Executed on September 29, 2000.


Edward Freitag                                    

Name:  Edward Freitag

Title:  Authorized Person








The undersigned, an authorized natural person, for the purpose of forming a limited liability company, under the provisions and subject to the requirements of the State of Delaware (particularly Chapter 18, Title 6 of the Delaware Code and the acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, and known, identified, and referred to as the "Delaware Limited Liability Company Act"), hereby certifies that:

FIRST:  The name of the limited liability company (hereinafter called the "limited liability company") is NeuDomain LLC.

SECOND:  The address of the registered office and the name and the address of the registered agent of the limited liability company required to be maintained by Section 18-104 of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act are The Corporation Trust Company, Corporaiton Trust Center, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801.

Executed on September 21, 2000.

Edward Freitag

Name:  Edward Freitag

Authorized Person







            Melbourne IT Limited, an Australian corporation, hereby subscribes for forty-five (45) units of membership interest ("Units") of JVTeam LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, (the "Company" at a total purchase price of forty-five dollars ($45.00).  Upon receipt of such purchase price, the Company shall issue to Melbourne IT Limited a stock certificate or stock certificates representing such forty-five Units.


Dated: September 29, 2000







By: ___Clive Flory_______________

Name:  Clive Flory

Title:    General  Manager



Accepted and Agreed on this 29th day of September, 2000






By: __Edward Freitag__________________

Name: Edward Freitag, Authorized Person







            NeuStar, Inc., a Delaware corporation, hereby subscribes for fifty-five (55) units of membership interest ("Units") of JVTeam LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, (the "Company" at a total purchase price of fifty-five dollars ($55.00).  Upon receipt of such purchase price, the Company shall issue to NeuStar, Inc. a stock certificate or stock certificates representing such fifty-five Units.


Dated: September 29, 2000







By: _Robert Poulin_________________

Name: Robert Poulin

Title:  Vice President



Accepted and Agreed on this 29th day of September, 2000






By: ___Edward Freitag_________________

Name: Edward Freitag, Authorized Person




Services and Products Offered

Because JVTeam was formed for the specific purpose of developing a domain name registry, it is necessary to look to the services and products offered by our parent companies as well as the duration of their provisioning to understand fully, the depth and breadth of our core capabilities.  This information can be found in Section II.1.3 of this document.

Core Capabilities

The core capabilities of JVTeam are summarized on the following chart.  Our personnel have the experience, skills, and expertise to successfully develop, manage, and maintain a complex database required for TLD registry operations and to effectively create, organize, and implement the comprehensive operations plan necessary to introduce new TLDs into the marketplace successfully.




Critical Success Factors

JVTeam Capabilities

Development of a Robust, Full-featured Registry

·         Experience in the design, development, implementation, and operation of registry

·         Experience in the design, development, implementation, and operation of NPAC SMS Master Registry

Channel Management Expertise

·         Manages over 250 User Agreements, manages, interfaces with over 4,000 Service Providers

·         NeuStar’s management of over 700 telcos

·         Melbourne IT’s management of over 700 channel partners worldwide

Management of vital public resources

·         North American Numbering Plan Administrator providing solutions and working to delay the exhaust of the Numbering Resource for the U.S., Canada, and some Caribbean countries

·         Management of the domain name space for the commonwealth of Australia

Even-handed policy expertise

·         NeuStar is the only neutrality-certified entity in the world

·         Melbourne IT’s even-handed policy administration of the space

Unquestioned neutral administration of registry operations

·         JVTeam’s combined experience will build a robust, reliable and fully scalable system that will effectively compete with the current gTLD system

Enhancement of competition for registry services

·         JVTeam will effectively address the current flaws with the TLD registry, thus offering additional functionality to the end user and bringing confidence to the new registry


Section D13.1.3

II.1.3           Past Business Operations/Entity History

JVTeam fuses the DNS management expertise, registry operations experience, and technical database management capabilities of its parent companies and is dedicated to ensuring the stability of the Internet by providing a new generation of high quality registry services incorporating new features and functions beneficial to the end user. 

JVTeam’s vision to make a significant, responsible contribution to global communications by serving as a trusted, neutral Internet domain name registry operator is derived from the high standards and business ethics fundamental to our parent companies. Likewise, JVTeam’s entrepreneurial spirit and the confidence of our skilled, talented workforce in their ability to deliver is an innate part of the culture from which we came. JVTeam’s passionate commitment to integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality while providing high quality products and services to its clients is directly attributable to the values shared by our parent companies—Melbourne IT and NeuStar.

Melbourne IT Ltd.

Date of formation:                          April 1996

                                                            Listed on Australian Stock Exchange on December 14, 1999


Legal Status:                                   Proprietary limited company (Australia)


Primary location:                            Level 2, 120 King Street

Melbourne, Victoria

Australia 3000


Size of staff:                                    161


Formal alliances:                            1.   Verio Inc.

2.   Ericsson Australia Pty. Ltd.

3. International

4.   Digital Envoy Inc.

5.   eSign


References:                                     Please see Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.4.2, References


Corporate or other structure:     Limited Corporation

Ownership structure:                    Melbourne IT is incorporated in Australia as a public company limited by shares. Melbourne IT’s largest shareholder is Melbourne Enterprises International Ltd., a Melbourne University Company.

History and Overview

Melbourne IT was founded on a simple yet powerful idea. Melbourne IT is a place where highly skilled, uniquely talented people utilize leading edge technologies to produce innovative, first-of-a-kind technology solutions. Melbourne IT was founded in 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Melbourne. At that time the company’s focus was to commercialize the University’s immense IT and telecommunications expertise. From a humble beginning, this quickly evolved into one of Australia’s most respected and successful information technology companies. This success continued in all areas of operation throughout the late 1990s and in 1999, Melbourne IT became a publicly traded company, expanding its customer and product base on a global scale. 

Melbourne IT is a unique technology company that constantly seeks to learn, explore, and improve. It has an established culture of research and knowledge, where staff members are actively encouraged to explore ideas, to experiment with new technologies, and constantly expand the application and usefulness of information technology.  Melbourne IT employees are given every opportunity to try new things, to be creative, to make mistakes, to learn and grow. It is a true culture of creativity and innovation.

Melbourne IT has played a leading role in the development of e-commerce in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, participating as a subject matter expert in forums on many of the technology areas in which it currently operates. It has also fostered the development of innovative technologies through an incubator program, providing many young software engineers with an opportunity to turn creative ideas into commercial solutions.

While technological innovation has permeated Melbourne IT’s product development, integrity and responsibility have characterized its ongoing involvement with the global community. Melbourne IT has built its global reputation on the strength of its interaction with customers and the community at large. Melbourne IT has cultivated long-standing, positive relationships with all of its clients, partners, and industry bodies throughout the world. In addition, Melbourne IT has actively participated in the development of standards and policies which serve to institute fairness and openness in the application of information technology. Melbourne IT has developed leading edge products through innovation and creativity and has built a global, successful business on the strength of strong and trusted relationships.     

Services and Products

Melbourne IT offers a diverse range of technology products and services which can be broken down into four main categories:

1.      Domain name registration, maintenance, and related services and products

2.      Advanced telecommunications services and products

3.      Incubator program

4.      Research and Development.

Domain Name Registration, Maintenance, and Related Services and Products Domain names—On October 8, 1996 Melbourne IT became the delegated administrator of the domain space. Melbourne IT leveraged its application development, project management, database, and networking experience to produce a domain name registration system that is automated, scalable, and eminently reliable.

Prior to Melbourne IT becoming the administrator of the domain space, fewer than 5,000 domains were registered. Because the space is tightly restricted by the domain allocation policy, every application required manual verification for accuracy and completeness. This resulted in long delays and threatened to hamper the growth of e-commerce in Australia. Melbourne IT developed both front-end and back-end components of an automated registration system and within a very short space of time registrants enjoyed much faster service and a domain name became an integral part of doing  business in Australia. Melbourne IT currently processes up to 12,000 applications each month and the space has grown to over 190,000 domain names, making it one of the largest, most highly prized ccTLD spaces in the world.  Melbourne IT has continued to innovate by providing the world’s first, live trademark check for new domain name applicants, implementing automated policy validation, and by providing registration services to a network of more than 500 Australian channel partners.  All of Australia’s top 500 companies actively promote their address in preference to .com because Melbourne IT has successfully differentiated as a domain space specifically for genuine Australian registered businesses. Australian and international consumers have come to trust as a domain space that has maintained the highest standards of integrity both commercially and technically.

generic Top Level Domains—In April 1999, Melbourne IT was selected to be one of five test-bed registrars for the introduction of competition in the .com, .net, and .org domain spaces. On July 1, 1999, Melbourne IT launched a domain management system called SPIN (System for Processing Internet Names) that is unique in the industry. Unlike the highly manual legacy systems of other vendors, SPIN, the synthesis of four and a half years experience in domain management, is a multi-million dollar software investment engineered to be highly scalable and rapidly adaptable to new naming rules and domain products. SPIN supports multiple interfaces allowing channel partners of many varying technical standards and backgrounds to easily interface to a real-time registration system. Melbourne IT has been a pioneer in the introduction of new TLD features such as 63-character domains, enhanced domain name security, and excellent 24-hour multi-lingual help desk support.  It is continually and rapidly customizing the registration platforms to meet the needs of its channel partners.




Advanced Telecommunications Services and Products

Melbourne IT has also played a significant role in the development of advanced telecommunications technologies through The Advanced Services Application Centre (ASAC). ASAC began as an unincorporated joint venture between Melbourne IT and Ericsson Australia. Based in Melbourne, ASAC was established in 1995 to bring together IT and telecommunications competencies to build intelligent network (IN) and mobile data applications.

The following is a summary of some of the achievements of ASAC since 1995:

v      Development and Installation of an Infoserver Product—ASAC developed, integrated and supported an Infoserver product known as Smart Message Services (SMS) from concept through to commercial operation in the Telstra network in Australia. The associated applications allow the delivery of personalized information to a GSM subscriber using the SMS facility. The product first went into service in 1996.

v      Development and Support of an Enhanced Service Node—ASAC played a leading role in the development and support of the Enhanced Service Node (ESN) platform and the Personal Assistant (PA) application. ASAC was subsequently selected by Ericsson Sweden to build a commercial version of Personal Assistant on an industrialized service node.

v      Development and Deployment of an Internet Gateway Platform—ASAC developed an Internet Gateway (ING) product that allows web-based control of network intelligence applications. This product currently supports the operation of a number of Telstra’s IN services.

v      Development and Delivery of IN Services to Regional Telephone Companies—ASAC has successfully developed and delivered fully integrated IN and IT applications to Ericsson customers globally and within the Asia Pacific region.

v      Joint Development of a Standard Infoserver Product—ASAC has worked with Ericsson Germany to develop the Web-on-Air Infoserver core platform and recently has been responsible for the successful development of the meta-service ‘Channel Studio’ that will allow the development of simple information style services.

Incubator Program

Since 1996, Melbourne IT has operated an Incubator program to support and develop new enterprises seeking to commercially develop information and communication technologies, particularly in relation to e-commerce. The Incubator program seeks to support new enterprises by providing them with access to low cost facilities, mentoring, and business networks.

The initial Incubator program was run over a three-year period, from 1996 to November 1999. Melbourne IT has maintained a continuing relationship with three companies that successfully graduated from the program during this period.

The majority of these incubator businesses are Internet-focused and all are premised on technological innovation and imagination. One program fostered the development of the extremely successful web-tracking tool, FunnelWeb. Another incubator company, Interactive Worldwide, specializes in Multimedia development. The Melbourne IT incubator program also fostered an online education tool that was one of the first software applications to utilize Java based technologies to interface with a database via a web-based client.    

Research and Development

Melbourne IT is at the forefront of Internet technologies and maintains constant research and development in a wide range of applications that are complementary to the eCommerce solutions provided to its clients. Working together with the University of Melbourne, Department of Computer Science, and key strategic partners, Melbourne IT is able to maintain and deliver the latest developments in Internet technologies to its clients.

Key areas of research and development include:

·         Metadata - XML tools, B2B XML schemas, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Document Extraction

·         Automated Distributed Database Integration

·         Automated online registration systems

·         eCommerce B2B software applications

·         eCommerce fully integrated fulfillment and delivery systems

·         Online instructional training management systems

·         Interactive online business-to-business communities

·         Mobile data application.

NeuStar, Inc.

Date of formation:                          December 8, 1998

Legal Status:                                               Corporation
                                                            Incorporated in State of Delaware, USA

Primary location:                            1120 Vermont Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20005

Size of staff:                                                192 employees

Formal alliances:                            None

References:                                     Please see Registry Operator’s Proposal Section II.4.2, References

Corporate or other structure:                 Corporation

Ownership structure:                    68% owned by Warburg Pincus Equity Partners and affiliates
4% owned by Lockheed Martin Corporation
3% owned by Universal Telecommunications, Inc.
25% owned by NeuStar management

History and Overview

Rampant change is underway throughout the communications industry worldwide. With the proliferation of new technologies, services, providers, competition and regulatory change, as well as globalization, ensuring interoperability between networks has become a huge challenge. Yet, interoperability is essential to providing ubiquitous service, whether calling any phone or sending an Internet packet to any device on the planet. NeuStar, Inc., is the leading provider of critical clearinghouse services that enable communications networks to interoperate.

The challenge of enabling the interoperability of networks is great and unprecedented.                                  

Increasingly, the industry relies on the unique power of NeuStar's clearinghouse solutions to fundamentally solve these challenges and pave the road ahead. Whether administering crucial public resources (telephone numbers), managing vital real-time network routing databases (number portability routing registry), or exchanging data for provisioning and billing, fiercely competing communications service providers rely on NeuStar as their trusted third-party provider of these services.

Since its founding in 1996, originally as an independent Communications Industry Services business unit within Lockheed Martin, NeuStar has been selected time and time again by the industry in open competitive procurements to provide first-of-a-kind mission critical services. In this capacity, NeuStar designed, built, and manages one of the largest data bases in the world and now serves as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA). It operates the telephone numbering registry for the North American Numbering Plan as a public numbering resource. NeuStar is also the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for the U.S. and Canada, operating the enormous routing registry, the Number Portability Administration Center Service Management System (NPAC SMS) for North America. The integrity and accuracy of this service is essential for virtually every telephone call placed within North America.

The "Neu" in NeuStar refers to its trusted, neutral third-party role. All of its services are available to all service providers on non-discriminatory terms.  Its entire staff is sworn to a corporate Code of Conduct and voluntarily subjects itself to independent quarterly audits, reported publicly, of its compliance to this Code.  The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has affirmed NeuStar as a neutral third party in FCC 99-346, CC Docket No. 92-237.  No other entity or company has undergone such a thorough assessment and resounding endorsement of its neutrality.  The criticality of the industry functions NeuStar has been entrusted with leads it to serve all stakeholders: regulators, standards bodies, industry and public interest groups, as well as all segments of the communications industry itself. It does so in a policy-neutral manner, providing instead important technical and operational subject matter expertise. Its mission is to remain the trusted, neutral third party that all these stakeholders have come to rely upon.

The "Star" in NeuStar refers to this central role as a trusted clearinghouse, the hub to which all communications networks connect. NeuStar’s systems are engineered and operated to connect with all networks, providing high volumes of reliable transactions and its mission requires it.

Since 1996, NeuStar has been the company that the communications industry turns to for neutral, trusted support. It demonstrates its reliability in managing large databases, consistently executing millions of transactions daily, maintaining secure and confidential data, and enabling the secure exchange of network and business information to ensure interoperability between next generation networks.  The Federal Communications Commission as a result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 sanctioned NeuStar to provide essential, secure clearinghouse and database administration services.


Services and Products

NeuStar offers a diverse range of the products and services that can be broken down into three main categories:

1.      Regulated Services

2.      Deregulated Commercial Services

3.      NeuStar Worldwide Services.

Regulated Services

North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA)—NeuStar operates the telephone numbering registry for the North American Numbering Plan as a public numbering resource, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and many of the Caribbean islands. It is the centralized source for assigning all area codes and central office codes, and coordinating area code relief as the demand for numbers increases. NeuStar became the NANPA on October 9, 1997 for a five-year period that began formally on February 21, 1998. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the North American Numbering Council (NANC), an industry group advising the FCC on numbering issues, selected NeuStar through a competitive bidding process. As designated in NeuStar's agreement with the FCC and the NANC, NeuStar ensures timely, equitable, and efficient administration of the rapidly growing number of requests for area codes and central office codes.

Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC)—In April 1996, NeuStar was chosen to serve as the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) through 2003. In that role, NeuStar operates the call and signaling/routing registry for North America that allows customers to keep their existing phone numbers when changing local service providers. NeuStar’s development and operation of the NPAC in Chicago, Illinois, provides a master registry of routing information that interfaces with local carriers. Through this center, NeuStar coordinates the porting of local telephone numbers between carriers in North America, serving more than 250 service providers daily and porting more than 700,000 numbers each month.  For its innovative design, on-time delivery, and quality database, the company was presented the Supercomm Award in 1998 for excellence in Operational Support Systems.

Number Pooling Administration—As proven by NeuStar, number pooling has the potential to extend the North American Numbering Plan’s (NANP) life well into the next century.  NeuStar has been the Pooling Administrator for over two years for U.S. pooling trials in several states and numbering plan areas. Number pooling, also known as thousand-block pooling, allows for the disbursement of numbers to service providers in 1,000 number parcels.  NeuStar worked with the telecommunications industry to develop the initial Pooling Administration guidelines in New York and Illinois in 1997-1998. The current guidelines are based upon those findings and have spurred the demand for pooling implementation in several other states. NeuStar continues to work with the Industry Numbering Council (INC) to suggest and modify changes to current pooling guidelines based upon NeuStar's actual experiences with pooling trials. Number pooling is a rapidly expanding service that requires a knowledgeable, experienced staff like that of NeuStar.   

Deregulated Commercial Services

NeuStar’s commercial services build on the company’s strength as a neutral third party in developing and managing complex database systems and network elements.  New commercial services are designed to help the industry improve operational efficiencies while saving time and money.

CARE Clearinghouse—An industry solution for Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE), the Clearinghouse simplifies the mechanized exchange of customer information between long distance and competitive local exchange carriers.  NeuStar’s CARE Clearinghouse service supports CARE industry standards. CARE Clearinghouse participants benefit from expedited CARE processing and reduced costs.

IdentiBaseÔ—A solution to number registry problems resulting from deregulation, number portability, pooling, and local competition.  With IdentiBase, the Local Service Provider of any telephone number—ported, pooled, or not—can be identified whenever it is needed, in whatever format is desired. Information from IdentiBase can help improve billing, provisioning, order entry, trouble management and universal emergency services. IdentiBase’s flexible, easy-to-query, timely data allows each department to better serve the customer base, increase revenue, decrease costs, and reduce customer churn.

NeuStar Worldwide

NeuStar is rapidly expanding its service offerings beyond North America. In Europe, initial offerings include:

Number Portability Administration Service—providing centralized, standardized access to multiple in-country number portability administrations.

Intelligent Network Services—providing C7 switch and transport services, Pan-European intelligent network number portability database and other intelligent network services such as carrier pre-selection, indirect access and freefone, even in non-intelligent network countries.

Inter-Carrier Clearinghouse Services—providing a transaction clearinghouse for exchanging number portability service orders and unbundled network elements with other operators.

Internet Protocol Services—providing intelligent network services for Internet protocol-based network elements for number portability and telephone number directory services.


JVTeam is the synthesis of two companies who value innovation and integrity above all else. NeuStar and Melourne IT have each thrived in their respective fields as neutral, third party providers of word-leading technology solutions. The composite business experience of JVTeam’s parent companies has produced an organization replete with the people, skills, knowledge, and vision to deliver the next generation domain name registry.



JVTeam brings a comprehensive pedigree in the development of Internet based software and database applications to the registry operations by combining the extensive DNS experience it inherits from Melbourne IT with the unparalleled registry database know-how of NeuStar.

Effective and responsible management of a new registry requires that its operator understand the fluid, innovative environment of the Internet and build on the strength of its DNS experience to ensure the successful introduction of new TLDs.  A registry operator must have substantial experience and proven credentials in managing a significant public database, the ability to facilitate discussions about standards development and technical issues between competing parties, and a commitment to the security of proprietary data to ensure competition.  In addition, a registry operator must have demonstrable evidence of its ability to design, build, and maintain a robust, responsive, scalable, and secure database to ensure the highest levels of quality and flexibility in the changing world of global communications.  NeuStar and Melbourne IT are leaders and innovators in their respective fields and are instrumental in the effective management, solution development, and policy guidelines for managing critical public resources. 

Internet and Domain Names

Melbourne IT is dedicated to supporting innovative technological development and responsible management of the Internet.  Since its inception in 1996, it has:

·         Operated as a proactive member of the Internet community especially through its involvement with DNS.

·         Played a leading role in the growth of eCommerce and online activities within the Asia Pacific region through its role as the delegated administrator of the domain space.

·         Been active in the development of solutions exploring the convergence of telecommunications, IT, and multimedia in producing online applications using technologies such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

·         Actively supported technological innovation through its development of and commitment to its Incubator Centre which sponsors and fosters the innovative ideas of talented young businesses.

·         Been at the forefront of the latest and emerging Internet technologies by maintaining constant research and development in areas such as metadata, automated distributed database integration, three-tier web based systems, e-Commerce applications, and mobile data applications.

In addition, Melbourne IT has had a substantial involvement with and dedication to the Internet.  It has been actively involved in key industry associations, including:

·  Appointed Administrator October 8, 1996

·         Internet Society of Australia:  Founding member, 1997

·         Internet Industry Association:  Founding member, 1997

·         ICANN Domain Names Support Organization (DNSO):  Participant since 1998

·         ICANN:  Participant in meetings, 1998-2000

·         ICANN Test-Bed Registrar: Appointed April, 1999

·         ICANN President’s Task Force:  Staff member appointed, 1999

·         DNSO Names Council: Staff member elected, 1999

·         Australian Domain Name Administration (ADNA): Member, 1997-98

·         auDA (.au Domain Administration): Founding member, 1999

·         auDA Board:  Staff members elected, April, 1999 and re-elected October, 1999

·         Asia Pacific Top Level Domains Forum (APTLD):  Member 

·         IETF: Contributor and participant, on-going

·         MINC (Multilingual Internet Names Consortium):  Staff member elected to board, September, 2000

·         W3C (World Wide Web Consortium): Member since 1999

·         ITU:  Contributor to network standards relating to ATM

JVTeam will leverage the intimate domain name knowledge of Melbourne IT into development of the next generation registry facilitating automation of every component of domain name registration and management. JVTeam will create a TLD registry service which takes zone file creation and distribution into the next stage of evolution with near real-time updates, enabling an active web site and/or email address within an hour of registration.  JVTeam’s experience with the DNS, zone file management, and distribution make this possible.

JVTeam and Registry Operations

One of the most significant benefits of a domain name is its portability and free movement between Internet Service Providers. With the introduction of the Shared Registry System, domains may also be moved between registrars. Parallels exist between the DNS and telephone number portability. Prior to 1996, consumers were unable to enjoy the benefits of telephone number portability because of the monopoly environment at the Local Service Provider (LSP) level. In April, 1996, NeuStar was selected by the Illinois Commerce Commission SMS/RFP Subcommittee to develop a Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) and provide turnkey and operational NPAC services initially within Chicago.

The Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) Service Management System (SMS) is a master Registry of routing information that interfaces with the local carrier’s administration systems. The NPAC SMS interfaces directly to Local Exchange Carriers’ key operational systems and operation processes. The NPAC SMS developed and maintained by NeuStar coordinates the porting of telephone numbers between carriers and downloads routing information to carrier’s local systems which in turn updates local databases.

Since the introduction of NPAC, Local Number Portability has revolutionized the U.S. telecommunications industry. Through competitive procurement processes, NeuStar was selected to provide telephone number registry services for a five-year term in four regions of the U.S. The competing vendor was selected in the three remaining U.S. regions and Canada. In early March, 1998, the other three regions - Southeast, Western, and West Coast - terminated their vendor contracts due to poor performance and executed contracts with NeuStar for NPAC SMS services, with Canada following soon after. Consequently, NeuStar now provides telephone number portability services to all of the United States and Canada, processing in excess of tens of millions of transactions per day, and serving more than 4,000 service providers across North America.

As the operator of the NPAC master telephone registry, NeuStar:

·         Facilitates technical discussions and standards development between competing carriers.

·         Safeguards sensitive information.

·         Ensures equal and fair access to vital network routing data.

·         Provides impartial data measurement and analysis.

·         Coordinates Local Number Portability implementation and testing.

·         Provides independent and impartial certification of systems and databases.

·         Provides impartial opinions (technical, policy, schedule) to industry regulators.

·         Provides services under industry agreed guidelines and performance standards.

·         Provides full billing and collections services to over 4,000 service providers.

NeuStar’s unparalleled experience in developing and administering a master registry for a significant public resource provides the JVTeam the background and knowledge to administer the proposed TLD Registry.

NeuStar is an active member of the following trade associations:

·         Association for Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS)

·         Competitive Telecommunications association (CompTel)

·         Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA)

·         Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies (OPASTCO)

·         United States Telephone Association (USTA)

·         International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

·         Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

·         European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

·         Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)/Industry Numbering Committee (INC)/Operations and Billing Forum (OBF)

·         Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum)

·         TeleMessaging Industry Association (TMIA)

JVTeam blends NeuStar’s comprehensive telephone registry experience with Melbourne IT’s four and a half years worth of experience in managing registry operations for the domain space. Since 1996, Melbourne IT has been responsible for management of records stored within the centralized .au database referred to as AUNIC (Australian Network Information Centre). Melbourne IT administers registry updates by facilitating entry of new registration records, contact modifications, license holder changes, and re-delegations. Melbourne IT has developed unique internal systems, processes, and security procedures to assist registrants in the secure management of their domain names.

As the administrator of the domain space, MelbourneIT:

·         Provides efficient domain registration services for the entire Australian business community.

·         Actively participates in the global DNS community to evolve the DNS.

·         Administers a tightly restricted allocation policy in a fair and impartial manner.

·         Provides effective and neutral dispute resolution mechanisms.

·         Develops innovative back-end software solutions to enhance domain registration and maintenance services.

·         Supports more than 500 Australian channel partners providing critical registration and maintenance interfaces along with integration and change management assistance.

·         Provides domain name maintenance and support services to more than 190,000 end users.

·         Plays an ongoing role in the evolution of a competitive environment for the .au domain space.

·         Provides information and impartial advice to industry regulators.

·         Actively explores means for improving DNS and related technologies through its research and development unit.

JVTeam can provide a level of skill and experience in registry operations that simply cannot be matched. Since 1996, NeuStar has developed technologies to provide telephone numbering services within the United States and globally. The registry systems developed by NeuStar to administer telephone numbering are directly analogous to a domain name registry. The telephone numbering system in North America is broken down by area codes and a second set of three digits referred to as the NXX component of a phone number. It is a hierarchical delegation system which directly mirrors the DNS.

The JVTeam offering represents substantial registry experience and knowledge in delivering solutions for the management and distribution of information in a distributed user environment. Melbourne IT and NeuStar have ten years combined operational knowledge and skill in providing neutral and fair administration of registry services for critical public resources. Only JVTeam is capable of bringing this level of knowledge to the new TLD registry.

JVTeam and Database Management

NPAC SMS Database

JVTeam’s database design and management expertise will facilitate a TLD registry which is robust, responsive, scalable and secure.

NeuStar is broadly acknowledged as an industry leader in distributed database solutions, systems design and implementation, as well as ongoing administration and change management. The database components of the current NPAC SMS have provided the framework for supporting telephone number portability and pooling throughout the U. S. and Canada.

·         NeuStar delivered the first of its kind NPAC SMS system for all regions on time.

·         The NPAC database operates as the master registry for number portability and pooling services and provides support for these services to over 250 Local Service Providers (LSPs).

·         NPAC SMS is a mechanized, high volume, fault tolerant, transaction processing service.

·         NeuStar is the original developer of the NPAC/SMS and continually improves its service through a significant level of functional enhancements and refinements to meet industry standards, as Local Number Portability continues to mature.

Key achievements in the development of the NPAC/SMS systems include the following:

·         NPAC supports and interfaces with large, complex, and diverse systems.

·         NeuStar developed and implemented an interoperable interface specification for the NPAC/SMS system as a non-proprietary standard.

·         NPAC is fully operational throughout the United States and Canada with possible expansion of NeuStar solutions throughout Europe.

·         The database servicing NPAC acts as a central (Golden Database) electronic repository of Local Number Portability routing information for its users in all regions of the U. S. and Canada.

·         NeuStar continues to provide responsive requirements management, process improvement, system and software development to the industry in its support of number portability administration.

·         NeuStar successfully developed the requirements specification document following consultation with several hundred competing service providers.

JVTeam will benefit from the unparalleled design, implementation, and management knowledge of NeuStar’s database solution for North America’s telephone numbering systems.

Whois Database

Melbourne IT became one of five test bed registrars for the .com, .net, and .org domain names in April, 1999. Under the Shared Registry System (SRS), each registrar is required to maintain and publish a Whois database containing all domain names under its management. Melbourne IT developed a database incorporating a set of fully automated fail-over and backup procedures. The Melbourne IT Whois database currently holds more than one million records and has been tested to accept up to six million new registrations per month.  The underlying architecture will allow scaling to several times this tested volume.

Features of the MelbourneIT gTLD Whois database:

·         Real time user level update facility

·         User level modification via secure password access

·         Strict and secure staff access and change management procedures

·         Automated, real time access to all key domain name operations

·         Fully automated fail over mechanisms and 7x24x365 automated monitoring and alerting system

·         Extensive logging of all database transactions

·         Additional security levels for critical operations such as ownership changes and registrar transfers.

·         Automated auditing and reporting components

·         Fully integrated within a 3-tier, trans-continental architecture

The combination of NeuStar’s unparalleled database management experience and Melbourne IT’s Whois database knowledge will enable JVTeam to produce a robust, secure, next generation registry database capable of meeting current data requirements and seamlessly scaling for future needs.



II.1.5           MISSION

Our mission is to provide the next generation domain name registry and to contribute positively to the evolution of the domain name system. We will innovate by building on the strengths of the existing DNS and will ensure its integrity by acting as a responsible member of the Internet community. 

The JVTeam registry will pave the way for the successful introduction and expansion of competition in the top level domain marketplace. Our expansive knowledge of domain name services, database management, registry services and distributed networks makes JVTeam the only choice.  

The domain name system is at a crucial turning point in its evolution. In many ways the DNS has not changed significantly since it first entered the commercial world in 1992 with the award of the gTLD contract to Network Solutions Inc. In those early years, the domain name system was predominantly a tool for larger businesses and technically oriented organizations, but now the playing field has changed and the Internet is utilized by small businesses from all industries and service types as well as individuals of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Like the telecommunications system before it, the underlying architecture of the DNS must grow to meet the changing needs of a new and expanding Internet community. JVTeam believes that the process of introducing new top level domains in a commercial environment is a critical milestone in this process.

History has taught us that competition is the single most powerful driver for effecting innovation and growth and the domain name system provides a perfect opportunity for it.  One of the reasons the environment has not changed dramatically to date is that the world’s dependence on a stable domain name system has grown in direct proportion to the world’s dependence on the Internet itself. So even with the introduction of competition, change is a process that must be carefully planned, tested and evaluated to ensure that the stability of the DNS is never undermined. At the same time however, the DNS must be allowed and encouraged to evolve through innovative solutions and applications. The controlled introduction of competition into the TLD marketplace is certain to foster creativity, improved service and to introduce new directions for domain names generally. JVTeam is committed to playing an active, positive and responsible role in this process.

JVTeam is conscious that substantial efforts have been made by many different organizations to build the domain name system into what it is today. The value of work undertaken by organizations including IANA, The Department of Commerce, ICANN and its supporting organizations, standards bodies such as the IETF and IAHC, national governments, the scientific and academic institutions as well as countless individuals cannot be underestimated. JVTeam wishes to build on the outstanding achievements of these entities and continues to participate as a responsible, active member of the Internet community in providing the next generation domain name registry.

This next step for the DNS will not be an easy one, nor is it by any means clearly defined. Like evolution in nature, this process should build on what already exists and be directed by the pressures and requirements of its environment. Such change must be undertaken by an organization that understands the environment in its entirety and has the ability to implement the solutions required for DNS evolution.  JVTeam is that organization.

JVTeam and Expansion into the Registry Operation Field

JVTeam’s mission is more than just words. It is a resolute commitment to the advancement of the domain names system for the benefit of all. JVTeam is committed to the successful introduction of new TLDs in a manner that ensures stability and sustainability. This will benefit the whole Internet community by providing greater consumer choice, enhancing the uses and performance of domain names and facilitating growth so the DNS can continue to meet the needs of all who rely on it. As such, JVTeam’s mission is founded on a number of key precepts. These are:

·         The registry will maintain the stability of the Internet

·         The registry will pave the way for the future introduction of new TLDs

·         The registry will enhance competition for registration services at all levels

·         The registry will enhance the utility of the DNS

·         The registry will provide solutions to previously unmet needs

·         The registry will enhance the diversity of the DNS and of registration services

·         The registry will support effective and manageable policies and dispute resolution mechanisms.

The Registry Will Maintain the Stability of the Internet

The world depends on the Internet for communication and commerce at all levels. Since the Internet relies on the DNS, the global community simply cannot afford a domain name system which is unreliable in any way. An unstable DNS would have disastrous effects, many thousands of businesses would be unable to communicate and trade with their customers and individuals would be unable to communicate with each other. In addition, there are many core infrastructure systems which are entirely dependent on the DNS for their operations. JVTeam is acutely conscious of the immense responsibility attached to the administration of such a significant public resource and will undertake all measures required to ensure the continued stability of the DNS and the Internet.

1.      By providing a stable and secure zone file distribution network—The JVTeam registry will not impact the operation of the existing root network. Our solution will be entirely interoperable with the DNS in its publication and distribution of TLD zone files. Our zone file distribution network (described in detail in Registry Operator’s Proposal, Sections III.2.4 and III.2.5) will operate in parallel with the existing root server network.

The zone file network will be eminently secure. The root servers for the network will be protected by software and hardware protection mechanisms at all levels (described in detail in Registry Operator’s Proposal, section III.2.9). The JVTeam zone file distribution network will also ensure the integrity of name resolution within its own space through provision of extensive security, redundancy, and self-correcting mechanisms. The JVTeam system will be developed and tested to more than adequately meet the requirements of today and will scale seamlessly to provide TLD name service for many years to come. The JVTeam zone file distribution network will not only maintain the stability of the Internet, it will improve it.

1.      By preserving the unique global domain name system—The JVTeam design will be developed on the principle of maintaining consistency and interoperability with existing standards such as those described in RFC 1034 and RFC 1123. In addition, JVTeam is committed to working closely with the Internet Engineering Task Force and other relevant organizations to ensure the stable evolution of the domain name system. JVTeam is also supportive of implementing policy restrictions to exclude certain second level strings such as those described by ISO-3166-1. JVTeam is committed to the administration of new top level domains in a manner that preserves the current system’s strengths and acknowledges the DNS as a critical, public resource.

2.      By acting according to sound business practices and operational management—JVTeam is founded on principles of strong management, a tight user focus, and a clear vision. Market analysis and understanding will at all times be the driver for JVTeam solutions. We believe that doing a great job for customers means giving the right people the right responsibilities and direction. The JVTeam executive team brings an abundance of experience in designing, implementing and maintaining technology products especially in an Internet environment.      

The JVTeam registry solution will provide exceptional services well beyond the initial phases. We are acutely conscious that support for domain names extends far beyond the initial registration and into the domain name’s entire life cycle. By providing effective, long term operational solutions, the domain space will thrive ensuring its own stability and encouraging the improvement of service levels within existing domain spaces.

1.      By providing dedicated and responsive channel management—The JVTeam registry will deliver its solutions via the registrar community. In this context, it is critical that a strong, open business and technical relationship be established and maintained between the registry and registrars. JVTeam understands the importance of providing an absolutely neutral third party registry service to facilitate the advancement of effective relationships in an extremely competitive environment. In addition, the JVTeam registry will not undertake products or services which compete directly with the registrar community ensuring there are no conflicts between the interests of a neutral registry and registrars.

JVTeam will also provide dedicated account managers to ensure active two-way communication and close personal relationships between the registry and registrars. In this way, customer needs will drive the registry in all areas of operation ensuring the commercial success and stability of the domain space.   

The Registry Will Provide an Effective “Proof of Concept” for the Future Introduction of New TLDs

JVTeam understands that there is little knowledge or experience of introducing a new top level domain. We are also conscious of the importance of this first round of TLDs as a means of providing valuable information for the future, stable expansion of the DNS. JVTeam’s mission is to extend and enhance the existing DNS environment in a measured, even- handed manner and will collect and share its experiences with ICANN and the Internet community generally. In this way the DNS can continue to evolve by building on the strengths of each progressive step forward without endangering the Internet’s stability or growth.   

1.      By capturing, measuring, and analyzing customer feedback— JVTeam understands the importance of gathering as much information as possible for use in launching future TLDs. The JVTeam will actively encourage registrars and end users to provide feedback, criticism and suggestions as to how the various components of the JVTeam registry are meeting their requirements. This data will then be compiled and provided to ICANN so that the launch of future TLDs will benefit from the sum of our experiences. Continuous self-improvement, precipitated by this feedback will be intrinsic to all of JVTeam’s technical systems, processes, and people. 

2.      By providing an effective solution to anticipated start-up issues—The JVTeam registry will ensure the smooth introduction of the new TLD with an innovative solution to the complex technical and policy issues associated with the initial registration period. Our strategy is to moderate the allocation of domains with the round robin solution – this is described in more detail in Registry Operator’s Proposal Section IV.4. The round robin solution provides a mechanism which not only manages the predicted volumes of registrations for this period but is also scalable to support volumes far in excess of those predictions. After implementation, the results of this solution will be gathered and provided to ICANN and all other interested parties for consideration in effectively managing the start-up period for future TLDs. This will ensure the ongoing stability and evolution of this process. 

3.      By providing a mechanism that assists in the protection of intellectual property—There is no one, easy solution to the issues of intellectual property protection. In addition, JVTeam believes these issues should be resolved within appropriate forums such as those described in the UDRP. However JVTeam acknowledges the importance of the registry’s role in facilitating the effective application of the UDRP. With this in mind, the JVTeam registry will offer an Intellectual Property Notification Service. This service will offer holders of registered national trademarks an opportunity to monitor registration of domain names which they believe infringe upon their intellectual property rights. While we look forward to open discussion of this service during the proposal evaluation and negotiation periods, we believe the concept is viable and will discourage the registration of domain names in “bad faith”.

4.      By carving a trail for the multiple registry environment—The JVTeam’s suite of registry solutions will provide a competitive alternative to the existing registry. Registrants will have access to a domain name which is more secure and easier to administer. Additional functionality such as near realtime zone file updates and increased domain name security mechanisms also offer significant competitive advantages over .com. In offering broader and more reliable registry services, registrars and ultimately consumers will reap the benefits of competition and consumer choice.

5.      By participating in ongoing ICANN consultation—JVTeam will meet regularly with ICANN representatives to review the success and progress of stated goals for the operation of the TLD.  JVTeam recognizes the importance of the first round release of TLDs in the success of a multiple registry system and will provide feedback regarding its experiences to ICANN. This will constantly improve the new TLD roll-out phases and ensure that any TLD being administered by the registry is successful in achieving stated goals.

JVTeam will seek to cultivate a strong relationship between the registry and ICANN. Open communication will guarantee the ongoing success of the introduction of new top level domains and ultimately will benefit the Internet community in paving the way forward for the continuing evolution of the domain name system.

The Registry Will Enhance Competition For Registration Services At All Levels

JVTeam is committed to the principles of fair and open competition. As a neutral third party, the JVTeam registry will facilitate competition amongst registrars as well as at the registry level. JVTeam will effectively compete with existing registry services by providing a high quality, clearly differentiated option. Competition will facilitate the further evolution of the DNS and ensure the provision of high quality, stable registry services now and well into the future.

1.      By acting as a neutral third party registry—JVTeam welcomes competition at all levels and believes that the domain name system can only benefit from the development of a multiple registry environment. The key to the success of competitive registries, however is absolute and uncompromising neutrality. To this end, all activities undertaken by the JVTeam registry will be governed by a strict code of conduct. Policies, processes and all commercial operations will function in compliance to that code. JVTeam will not compromise the neutrality of the registry. The registry code of conduct may be read in full in Policy Proposal section I, General TLD Policies.    

2.      By cultivating a more diverse pool of registrars—JVTeam will provide an enhanced registry service which will significantly reduce the technical barrier to entry for registrars. This will enable a more diverse and expanded registrar community, thereby increasing competition and improving price and service standards. As applications for domain names continue to merge into new arenas, we anticipate that registrars will emerge from many areas other than the traditional Internet Service Provider field. The eXtensible Registry Protocol (XRP) solution will facilitate this expansion and diversification of the registrar community by extending the abilities of the registry/registrar interface. An expanded registrar community is certain to further enhance competition amongst providers and propagate choice for consumers.

3.      By providing a true competitor for the existing registry—By offering a technically and functionally superior registry solution, the JVTeam registry will ensure that the TLDs it services can be marketed on the strength of additional functionality such as an XRP interface, a centralized Whois service, advanced security options for registering and managing domain names as well as greatly improved performance for key domain name operations. Through fair and open competition, the standards and scope of registry services will be enhanced. The domain name system will forge ahead and the whole Internet community will benefit.

4.      By implementing a carefully researched marketing plan with long term goals—JVTeam realizes that the successful roll-out of any new TLD must meet a market need identified by research and consultation. To ensure the viability and sustainability of the new TLD, JVTeam has, with the assistance of an outside firm, developed an extensive marketing plan. The purpose of the plan is to maximize market awareness of the domain space, ensure the market understands the key benefits and differentiators of the TLD, and ensure that the new domain space continues to hold a competitive place amongst other domain spaces. Effective marketing operations will guarantee the competitiveness of the registry and any TLD for which it provides services.

The JVTeam Registry Will Enhance the Utility of the DNS

If the domain name system is to prosper, it must be given every opportunity to expand into new and unexplored areas. The service provided by the registry for a new TLD will play a significant role in facilitating this expansion. If the registry offers static, undifferentiated legacy solutions, then new top level domains will be more of the same, leading to further dilution of the top level domain space. If on the other hand, the registry builds on the strengths of the existing system and facilitates an evolutionary step for the DNS, then the new top level domains will represent a new choice for consumers and a new direction for the domain name system. Then, how the internet community utilizes the DNS is limited only by imagination.

1.      By providing an extensible registry solution— JVTeam is proposing a new open standard for transactions between the registry and registrars. The XRP will facilitate the introduction of many new domain name services and applications. While some of these are mentioned within this proposal, it is expected that an XRP facilitate many and varied applications of domain names outside of the traditional uses. Any member of the global Internet community can develop these applications because XRP will be a non-proprietary standard. More than this, XRP will have the capacity to grow and expand with the needs the Internet community for many years to come and the domain name system will continue to evolve as a medium for any number of imaginable uses.

2.      By enhancing and simplifying the domain name experience for end users—The JVTeam registry will simplify the end user experience by providing consistency and clarity in all registry processes and by ensuring that registrars have access to comprehensive business information and educational material. The JVTeam registry will be in constant communication with registrars, listening to their experiences and incorporating their suggestions into the ongoing development of the registry. Domain names ultimately exist for end users and even though the registry will not have direct contact with domain name license holders, JVTeam will undertake every effort to develop services that meet those needs as communicated through the registrar community.

3.      By providing a fully automated, real-time experience for end users—Once a registrar has full access to the functions provided by the registry, end users will be able to register, update, and re-delegate their domain name in real time. This means that an end user may register a new domain name and have a fully functioning web site within less than one hour. As with many utilities, the provision of a near real-time service can have run on effects in how that service is used. For instance, the result of a sporting event can be delivered online via an event specific domain name within an hour of its happening.

The Registry Will Meet Previously Unmet Needs

Historically the domain name system has focused on servicing a technically oriented community. Since the user base of the Internet has now broadened significantly, the DNS must expand to meet the needs of a new type of user. In addition, there are several important domain name operations which currently are not being efficiently managed. The JVTeam solution will grow and expand with the changing needs of the Internet community. The following principles illustrate key areas in which the JVTeam solution will meet previously unmet needs.       

1.      By providing simple and secure domain name management—The current registry / registrar system is laden with complicated and ineffective domain name management processes. For example, the current process for transferring domains between registrars has created immense confusion and has opened the door to domain hijacking. The JVTeam registry system will simplify the process and solve these problems by centralizing and standardizing the authentication procedures for these key domain name operations. Consequently domain name management will be simpler and faster; in many cases real-time or near real-time operations will be possible.

2.      By providing user-driven improvements and innovations—The JVTeam approach is to listen to needs of both registrars and end users. Registrars and domain name registrants will have access to discussion lists and feedback forms to provide constant feedback. This feedback will be compiled and carefully considered in determining the ongoing development of the registry’s systems, procedures and services. 

3.      By providing live delegation/re-delegation of domains—Utilizing a record-based update solution, delegations and re-delegations will be enacted in the zone file within one hour of submission. The current DNS can at best achieve 24 hour updates because the entire zone file must be reloaded to implement even a single modification. This commonly means that registrants must wait between 48 and 72 hours before their domain name is activated. The JVTeam solution will only modify the specific records that are being changed without affecting the rest of the zone file thereby removing the necessity to reload the entire zone file in each update.

4.      Through ongoing consultation of the registrar community—For any product to be successful it must meet the needs of its users and for this to happen, users must participate in the development of that product. Domain names are no different. One of the keys of the registry mission is to develop and grow a system in close consultation with the registrar community. JVTeam will measure registrar satisfaction through surveys with the goal of achieving very high levels of satisfaction in areas such as system performance, customer service and policy.

The Registry Will Enhance The Diversity Of The DNS And Of Registration Services

If the DNS is to continue to prosper as a tool for global communication and commerce, it must be capable of constantly expanding its usefulness as well as its user base. For this to occur, registries must be capable of identifying and delivering new domain name services and applications. JVTeam’s registry solution will innovate through developments such as the XRP, a centralized Whois and an Intellectual Property Notification Service. The JVTeam will constantly explore new arenas for the DNS so the Internet community continues to enjoy a domain name system that grows with their needs.

1.      By adding functionality for domains in the new top level domain space—As the next generation registry, the JVTeam solution will be developed to easily incorporate new domain name functionality. This functionally will be exposed directly to the registrar community who will then be able to offer it to registrants under their own branding. JVTeam will continually evaluate new functionality and will actively discuss proposed functionality with ICANN and the registrar community on a continual basis. Imagination and innovation will be encouraged within JVTeam team members in an ongoing program of improvement and enhancement.  

2.      By cultivating an international focus in all of the registry’s operations—JVTeam is committed to making the top level domain space accessible by the entire Internet community.  JVTeam brings to the registry environment a rich cultural background both in terms of people and in business operations. JVTeam’s parent companies currently provide services to organizations spread across 20 different countries spanning Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and India. JVTeam will leverage this international focus and experience in providing a registry that is truly global with multi-lingual support staff, documentation and web site communications. In addition, JVTeam will constantly review its decisions within a global context and through business development activities actively pursue registrar relationships in non-English speaking nations and communities.

The Registry Will Protect The Rights Of Others And Provide Effective Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

As the administrator of a significant public resource, it is imperative that the registry maintains fairness in all of its undertakings. The registry must maintain a sensitivity and commitment to policy, legal and privacy issues. Within the JVTeam registry Code of Conduct are provisions to ensure the privacy and security of registrant data. JVTeam recognizes the substantial progress already made on these issues in the UDRP, registrar accreditation procedures, and registration agreements. JVTeam intends to build on and enhance these existing mechanisms to ensure fluidity and consistency across domain spaces. This approach will benefit all stakeholders by incorporating the experiences gained from development of the existing TLDs. Registrants, registrars and the Internet community will enjoy stable legal, policy, privacy and dispute resolution mechanisms which make best efforts to ensure the rights of all parties.  

1.      By providing an Intellectual Property Notification Service—JVTeam is aware of the issues involved with domain names and intellectual property.  JVTeam will implement an innovative solution to the intellectual property issue by providing an Intellectual Property Notification Service to holders of registered national trademarks. JVTeam will also support the implementation of the Uniform Charter Dispute Resolution Policy as a mechanism for resolution of intellectual property disputes. 

2.      By protecting the privacy of registrants—JVTeam has more than ten years experience in managing the security and privacy of large end user databases. JVTeam will draw on the research and recommendations developed by relevant public bodies to implement a privacy policy and technical solution which adequately addresses these needs. In particular there will be provision for an opt-out of certain personal contact details appearing in the public Whois record. 

3.      By adopting a strict code of neutrality—Reflecting the established business models of both of JVTeam’s parent companies, the registry will operate with a resolute commitment to neutrality. As the administrator of a substantial and critical public resource, the JVTeam registry will operate according to clear, stringent guidelines for all staff, procedures, and interactions. These basic principles will be incorporated into a JVTeam registry Code of Conduct (see Registry Operator’s Proposal section I, General TLD Policies). In addition, the registrar arm of Melbourne IT will be governed by a code of conduct to ensure all interactions between these two entities occur within strict guidelines. The neutrality of the registry will not be compromised.

4.      Supporting effective policy development and implementation—JVTeam’s parent companies have an exemplary history in policy development and execution with a particular emphasis on establishing policies which protect consumers and ensure neutrality and evenhandedness. The JVTeam registry will have the benefit of this unique knowledge in providing registry service. This experience and neutrality will permeate the registry in all its operations - especially policy formulation and implementation. 

JVTeam’s mission is to provide a registry service which is technically and functionally superior to the current registry - one which facilitates the ongoing evolution of the DNS, better services the needs of end users and the registrar community, and paves the way for the successful introduction of a multiple registry environment.


II.1.6           MANAGEMENT

JV Team is the only neutral supplier of registry services with proven management experience in the provision of registry system solutions, data center operations, and ongoing neutral administration of a vital public resource.

The successful introduction of new TLDs is replete with challenges.  By the very nature of the space and the requirements set forth by ICANN, the proposed solutions must be innovative and creative.  The solutions must, at a minimum:

·         Lead to an effective proof of concept for ways in which the DNS might evolve in the future

·         Enhance competition for registration services; responsibly enhance the utility of the DNS

·         Meet previously unmet needs of the Internet community

·         Enhance the diversity of the DNS and of registration services in general

·         Ensure the appropriate protection of third party rights in connection with the operation of the TLD

In addition, and this is where the challenges lie, it is absolutely critical that while meeting the aforementioned requirements, any proposed solution ensure the continued stability and integrity of the Internet and DNS.  Anything less is failure.  This is not an endeavor to be entered into lightly.  JVTeam fully understands this, and for us, failure is not an option.  We are ready to meet and effectively overcome any challenges to ensure the success of this opportunity.  

It is our experience that the single factor having the highest correlation with the success of a complex program such as this is the quality of the management team. Superior technology, skilled staff, and effective operational procedures are all important ingredients in a successful service supplier, but the essential component is effective leadership capable of galvanizing all other components to ensure the requisite ICANN objectives are met.

JVTeam Management Team 

The JVTeam Management Team is made up of outstanding professionals with the right blend of industry experience, technical capability, and customer service orientation to manage a critical public resource.

In accordance with our management philosophy, we have identified a highly competent and experienced management team  (Exhibit II.1-2) with directly relevant experience in successfully managing similarly complex projects of this scope and size. Their vast experience covers financial planning, operations, communications, channel management, systems development and deployment, and resource management.  Equally important, our managers have proven experience in achieving results in a highly competitive and politically sensitive environment where volumes fluctuate, technical sophistication of the players varies, and continual market/operational assessment and decisive, timely courses of actions are required.  Further, we are confident that the high quality of our key managers, each of whom is highlighted below, will be evident during the selection interview process.

JVTeam’s Executive Management Team reports directly to the JVTeam Board of Directors and consists of Clive Flory in the role of Chief Executive Officer and Andrew Field, Chief Financial Officer. Together, they have overall responsibility for managing all aspects of the business.

Our Board of Directors consists of highly experienced and seasoned industry professionals. For added insurance, we have assembled a Management Review Board to oversee all operations and ensure immediate access to any additional resources that may be required for implementation and ongoing operations.


 Senior Management Team

Members of the Senior Management Team bring a wealth of professional experience to their new roles with JVTeam.



II.1.7           STAFF/EMPLOYEES

Staff Resources

The JVTeam Registry Operations Team will be staffed with dedicated, highly qualified personnel to ensure a timely implementation and smooth transition to effective ongoing operations.

JVTeam’s philosophy is that the company achieves its business goals through its people. It promotes the philosophy among its employees that they are individually and collectively critical to the company’s success and will share in its rewards. A sense of ownership is encouraged among employees – ownership of their own work, as well as responsibility for the overall performance of the company. JVTeam will consistently maximize its business goals by hiring staff members who are highly productive and of high caliber, ensuring the highest levels of service.

JVTeam will be a reliable, skilled, competent, experienced group of individuals who will embody the qualities of true customer service, teamwork, and innovation. We will seek individuals who are customer-focused and perform their job in a results-oriented, efficient manner. We will use best efforts to augment our English-speaking staff with speakers of French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean in order to effectively service our international registrar customer base. In addition to technical skills, we recognize the need to screen for intangible qualities such as capacity to learn, motivation, and a customer-service orientation, all of which are key traits for success.

JVTeam will begin operations with a core management team made up of highly qualified, proven staff members secured from our parent companies. (JVTeam’s senior management team is described in Registry Operations Proposal Section II.1.6, Management). JVTeam can and will draw upon an enormous reserve of managerial and technical skills from within the parent company environments to provide highly qualified staff. The executive management teams of the parent companies have a firm commitment to ensuring that JVTeam is amply staffed with experienced personnel who will perform the activities described in the Implementation Plan provided in Registry Operations Proposal Section IV.2, Project Plan.

To staff the operational team, JVTeam can today draw upon the combined strength of more than 353 people. 238 of those employees are actively engaged in technical disciplines, including systems integration, software engineering, database design and maintenance, and network engineering.

Staffing allocations may need to be adjusted as demand for our services increases. Adjustments could include overall staff size or refinements to required technical skills. Cross-training will be used in all positions to promote job interest and esprit de corps. It also allows for back-up staffing, and provides a better overall understanding of our systems and services across the organization. Our parent companies have an unmatched depth of relevant systems experience which will be drawn upon when required. Specific factors which could affect staffing levels include:

·         Increase in the number of registrars

·         Higher than anticipated system activity

·         Higher than anticipated demand for our services

·         Increase in the complexity of our services

·         Increase in newly defined work that requires an increase in management and/or administrative staff

Additional staff requirements will be met through a rigorous recruitment process. JVTeam is in the unique position of being able to draw liberally upon both the human and physical resources of NeuStar on an ongoing basis. A breakdown of current staffing resources and their functional areas of expertise follow.



Current Staff

Executive Management


Research and Development




Sales and Marketing


Customer Service & Production Support


Finance and Administration


To ensure we satisfy the requirements of ICANN to provide high quality, consistent, reliable, and even-handed service, we have adopted the following organizational structure (shown in Exhibit II.1-3).


Staff Organization

First and foremost, the JVTeam organization is structured to meet the needs of its customers: ICANN registrars, registrants and the Internet community at large which will address the overall needs of ICANN. In designing our functional organization, we placed four key requirements on ourselves:

·         Prominent quality assurance and neutrality. Overall quality assurance, and strict operational adherence to the JVTeam Code of Conduct ensuring neutrality is our highest priority. Hence, those involved in quality assurance supervision report directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

·         Dedicated and centralized customer relations and support. Superior customer service is critical for registry success. Registrars are assigned to a dedicated Account Manager. All customer service functions share a manager.

·         Equally strong, yet distinct engineering and operations teams. To further ensure quality product development focus on the part of the Engineering Team, final system integration testing is performed by the Operations Team before system deployment. This provides a healthy check-and-balance approach ensuring stable and successful deployment of new systems into production.

·         Strong project management. JVTeam has a firm belief in a strong, structured project management approach to reaching business goals. We adhere to a strict methodology for project planning, scheduling, progress tracking, and reporting.

As shown in the following table, each functional group is responsible for providing a distinct set of services.


Functional Group


Key Responsibilities

Management Review Board


·         Oversee all business operations at a high level

·         Provide assistance and guidance as required.

·         Provide additional subject matter expertise

Senior Management Team


Chief Executive and Operating Officer

·         Provide company leadership

·         Responsible for ensuring the success of all business operations


Chief Financial Officer

·         Manage all financial aspects of the business


Legal Counsel

·         Manage all legal aspects of the business

·         Advise on matters of policy adherence and supervision


Product Development


Product Development Engineers

·         Work with customers and other stakeholders to define new system features and functionality

·         Work with System Engineering Team in designing appropriate implementations

Standards Engineering


Standards Engineers

·         Define and propose industry standards

·         Work with standards bodies to evaluate options

Project Management


Project Managers

Technical Writers

·         Manage the planning, execution, and delivery phases according to project objectives

·         Deliver projects on time and on budget

·         Manage technical writers

System Engineering


System Architects

Software Engineers

System Engineers

Software Programmers

Test Engineers

·         Requirements management

·         System design

·         System development

·         Software and system testing

·         System integration

·         3rd party product evaluation

·         Development system configuration and release management


Human Resources

Human Resource Officers

Clerical Support Staff

·         Manage the recruitment and induction process

·         Manage staff development

·         Manage staff training

·         Manage the provision of clerical support to the rest of the organization

Billing and Collections

Billing and Collections Officers

·         Manage registrar accounts

·         Provide registrar reports to the respective Account Manager

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysts

·         Provide financial analysis and reporting to the Executive Management Team

Business Relationship Management

Account Management

Account Managers

·         Develop and maintain relationships with registrars

·         Solicit input from registrars regarding registry product and service improvements


Marketing Specialists

·         Develop promotional materials to market TLDs

·         Develop brand awareness campaigns

Customer Support

Customer Support Representatives

·         Provide 1st line support to registrars

·         Registrar integration

·         Problem resolution


Production Support

Production Support Engineers

Web Developers

·         System integration testing

·         Provide 2nd line support problem resolution

·         Systems monitoring and maintenance

·         System documentation

·         Production system configuration and release management

Database Administration

Database Designers

Database Administrators

·         Database design, administration, and maintenance

Network Administration

Network Designers

Network Administrators

·         Network design, administration, and maintenance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Specialists

Neutrality Supervisors

·         Monitor all operations for adherence to neutrality guidelines

·         Develop and deploy quality assurance initiatives, and monitor performance against them

Hiring Policy

The Internet industry requires an employment process that is timely, responsive, reliable, competent, and customer service focused. Any process should also handle information in a secure and proprietary manner.  Accordingly, we propose:

·         Our staffing strategy is designed to ensure the highest levels of service. JVTeam staff will meet or exceed the stated requirements in skills, competence, and experience. The staff will be augmented during the implementation phase and thereafter, as necessary, by subject-matter experts.

·         All of the key management positions will be staffed with employees who have demonstrated successful previous employment experiences.

·         Our staff will embody the qualities of customer sensitivity and friendly efficiency, crucial to achieving a positive client reception to the registry services.

Like its parent companies, JVTeam will maintain an automated database with a skills inventory on current employees, as well as an automated web-based candidate sourcing and tracking system.  These tools contribute to the expedient identification of required skills for even the most specialized positions.  When necessary, we will use recruiting aids in the form of search firms, using executive search techniques to identify and attract the best individuals for positions at all levels. In addition to technical skills, we recognize the need to screen for intangible qualities such as the capacity to function in a learning organization, a team setting, and an environment focused on impeccable customer service, all of which are keys to success.

Standard background investigations will be conducted on all employment candidates, both permanent and temporary.  We will verify employment and check references with prior employers, perform credit and criminal checks, and explore any employment gaps. 

Staff members will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary information for the JVTeam and its clients as well as the commitment to our code of conduct.

Employee Training

JVTeam recognizes the need for continual training in all technical fields. It is critical that JVTeam engineering and operations staff members in particular are up-to-date with advancements in technology and the release of new hardware and software products and tools.

Ongoing staff training will focus on:

·         Continual upgrading of skills to enable individuals to enhance their career development and promote advancement.

·         Cross-training which will allow for more flexible utilization of staff members across the organization.

In addition to using standard training vehicles, JVTeam will employ web-based employee training for some of its training needs; existing online courseware includes Customer Service, Project Management and Performance Management. Using this vehicle allows us to:

·         Deliver state-of-the-art learning on virtually any topic while dramatically reducing our “time to market”.

·         Create and deliver learning as quickly as the business demands or as new technologies evolve.

Space for Additional Staff

JVTeam will base its operations at the Sterling, Virginia data center. The site is currently equipped to house approximately 160 personnel. Current occupancy stands at fewer than 100 allowing us to accommodate substantial additional growth as circumstances demand.


The JVTeam registry will be much more than a technical solution.  It will be a team of dedicated, talented and qualified individuals working collectively as a customer-driven organization.



Prior to the execution of definitive agreements pursuant to which it will provide registry services, the JVTeam will have in place liability insurance in the amount and coverage appropriate for the activities it is undertaking pursuant to such agreements.