Fackson Shamenda




Fackson Shamenda is the current President of the Zambian Congress of Trade Unions and the ICFTU President. He is the first African trade unionist to hold the ICFTU post.

He was nominated by Christian Agyei, Secretary General of the Ghana Trades Union Congress. His nomination was seconded by a representative from RENGO, Japan, followed by members representing all the ICFTU regions. He was elected by the ICFTU Executive Board at its meeting which was held immediately following the 17th World Congress which took place in Durban, South Africa, April 3 -7, 2000.

Brother Shamenda has been a long time leader of the Zambian postal workers union which also enabled him to become active at the continental and international levels in the post and telecommunications sector. He became the Co-ordinator in Africa for Union Network International in 2000.

An active leader of the Zambian national trade union centre, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), he succeeded the outgoing ZCTU President Fredrick Chiluba when the latter was elected President of Zambia in 1991. Prior to his election as ICFTU President, Brother Shamenda was closely involved in the work of the ICFTU and its regional organisation for Africa, the ICFTU/AFRO, in his capacity as member of the Executive Board of both organisations