Matthew A. Zook
592 Jean Street, Apt. 303
Oakland, CA 94610



Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley - Dept. of City and Regional Planning. (Degree expected 2000)
The Role of Regional Venture Capital in the Development of the Internet Commerce Industry - The San Francisco Bay Region and the New York Metropolitan Area. Committee Members: AnnaLee Saxenian (chair), Manuel Castells, Richard Walker.
M.R.P., Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) 1995.
B.A., Earlham College (Richmond, IN) 1989.

Published and Accepted Articles (** = peer reviewed)

Zook, M.A. (2000). Internet Metrics: Using Hosts and Domain Counts to Map the Internet Globally. Telecommunications Policy. forthcoming. **

Zook, M.A. (2000). Old Hierarchies or New Networks of Centrality: The Global Geography of the Internet Content Market. Accepted for a special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist entitled Mapping the Global Web. **

Zook, M.A. (2000). The Web of Production: The Economic Geography of Commercial Internet Content Production in the United States. Environment and Planning A. Vol. 32. 411-426. **

Zook, M.A. (2000) Geography Matters: Differences between venture capital firms in US Cities. in Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital Sources. Securities Data Publishing. New York, NY.

Zook, M.A. (1996). The Unorganized Militia Network: Conspiracies, computers, and community. Berkeley Planning Journal. 11(1): 26-48. **

Academic Honors

1998 California Planning Roundtable Munsell Scholarship Award
1997 Inside Field Exam, Honors (UC Berkeley)
1996 Planning Theory Field Exam, Honors (UC Berkeley)
1995 UC Berkeley Regents Fellowship
1994 National Science Foundation Fellowship (Honorable Mention)
1994 Foreign Language Area Studies Scholarship (U.S. Dept. of Education)
1994 Bartels Fellowship Travel Grant
1993 Sage Graduate Fellowship (Cornell University)
1989 Earlham College Honors

Conference Presentations and other Publications

Zook, M.A. (1999). Internet Cities of the United States and the World: Understanding New Geographies. Paper presented at the Cities in the Global Information Society Conference. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. November 22-24.

Zook, M.A. (1999). Regional Systems of Financing. Paper presented at the Global Networks, Innovation and Regional Development: The Informational Regiona as Development Strategy Conference. Santa Cruz, CA. November 11-13.

Zook, M.A. (1999). Role of Venture Capital in Organizing the US Internet Industry. Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. Chicago, IL. October 22-25.

Zook, M.A. (1998). The Web of Consumption: The Spatial Organization of the Internet Industry in the United States. Paper present at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Conference. Pasadena, CA. November 5-8.

Zook, M.A., C. Benner and A. Kim (eds.). (1997-98). Volume 12 of the Berkeley Planning Journal.

Cohen, S. and M.A. Zook. (1997). Flows, Nodes, and Networks: A Preliminary Look at Asian-Pacific and European Network Geography. Paper presented at Will There be a Unified European Economy Conference sponsored by the Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue and the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy. Vienna, Austria. June 5-6.

Teaching Experience

Co-designer of a graduate seminar on the impact of the Internet on Regional Development to be taught by Professor Castells (UC Berkeley, 2000).

Graduate student instructor for the graduate course, CP220 The Urban and Regional Economy, taught by Professor Saxenian (UC Berkeley, 1997 & 1998).

Graduate student instructor for the graduate regional methodology course CP225 Methods of Regional Analysis, taught by Professor Saxenian (UC Berkeley, 1998).

Teaching Assistant for a two week intensive course for visiting Ugandan Scholars organized by the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) (Cornell University, 1995).

Professional Consulting Experience

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ontario, Canada. 2000. Analyzed the penetration of Internet and E-commerce use in Ontario's cities compared to other North American cities and regions.

ICF Consulting. 1998-2000. Conducted research on a number of areas including company and regional histories, state level economic development policies, the makeup of regional economies; prepared cluster based analyses of regions; and interviewed local business and industrial leaders on the structure and organization of the local economy.

Ford Foundation. 1999-2000. Engaged in field interviews with non-profits, educational institutions, and local governments on workforce development strategies for training disadvantaged adults in information technologies as part of a nationwide study.

The Sedway Group. 1999. Cleaned and geocoded a Dun and Bradstreet database for the City of San Jose, CA; linked the location of businesses to redevelopment zones and analyzed job growth, minority ownership and specialization patterns.

Density Squared. 1998. Linked tabular economic and fiscal datasets on local businesses to spatial land use in order to enable the City of Oakland to evaluate and develop redevelopment policy

Professional Publications

Ford Foundation. 2000. Promising Futures: Promising Practices in IT Training for Disadvantaged Adults. Prepared for the Ford Foundation.

ICF Consulting. 1999. Economic Development in the Global City: Shaping the City of Toronto's 21st Century Economy. Prepared for the City of Toronto.

The Sedway Group and Zook Consulting. 1999. Redevelopment Project Area Employment Assessments. Prepared for the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose, CA.

ICF Kaiser. 1999. Roanoke, Virginia Regional Cluster Analysis. Prepared for the Fifth District Regional Alliance.

ICF Kaiser. 1999. Encouraging the Internationalization Process: Policy Lessons from Two U.S. States. Prepared for Scottish Enterprise Operations.

ICF Kaiser. 1998. The Regional Basis of Global Competitiveness: A Study of Global Companies in Four U.S. States. Prepared for Scottish Enterprise Operations.

Strategic Economics and Density Squared. 1998. Downtown Oakland Strategic Data Assessment. Prepared for the Community and Economic Development Agency of the City of Oakland, CA.

Other Relevant Experience

Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE). Research Associate. Berkeley, Gathered and analyzed data on global flows of telecommunications, travel, data, and money. (1997-99).

University of California, Berkeley. School of Information Management and Systems. Research Assistant. Designed perl scripts to be used as cgi interface for a library retrieval research project. (1996).

University of California, Berkeley. Planning Department. Research Assistant. Estimated yearly levels of employment by city from county business pattern data; modeled employment growth; and produced Geographical Information System (GIS) coverages for modeling future land use patterns by the California Urban Futures project. (1996).

Cornell University, Department of City and Regional Planning. GIS Consultant. Planned and implemented a GIS consisting of a SUN SPARC 20, digitizer, plotter and fifteen Pentium PCs to be used in teaching and research. (1995).

Cornell University, Institute for African Development. Summer Internship in Maputo, Mozambique. Cooperated with the faculty of Eduardo Mondlane University in establishing a Geographical Information System (GIS) and the setup of an electronic mail system. (1994).

Cornell University, Center for Information Technologies. Training Program Instructor. Taught classes for faculty, staff and students on Internet utilities and software packages for IBM, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms and edited instructional materials. (1993-95).

Harvard School of Public Health, Statistical and Data Analysis Center (SDAC). UNIX System Support Coordinator. Installed and configured PCs and UNIX workstations; diagnosed and repaired hardware and software errors in workstation and network functionality; designed and implemented new configurations of UNIX based network; researched, advised, and ordered new equipment and software. (1990-93).

Architects and Planners in Support of Nicaragua (APSNICA) . Volunteer in Matiguas, Nicaragua. Worked in a rural development project including fundraising, construction, and public outreach. (1989-1990).