Registration Dispute Policies

Revision 2.0
29 September, 2000

Registration of a domain name does not confer a legal right to register, renew, transfer or otherwise use that domain name.

Image Online Design does not investigate potential conflicts and makes no warranty as to the legal right of a registrant to a domain name. The registrant bears the full responsibility for establishing their legal right to a domain name.

If you believe that a domain name registrant is using a .Web domain name in a manner that infringes upon, dilutes or otherwise harms any of your rights, you should contact the registrant directly. Image Online Design provides registrant contact information at our WHOIS web site. Registrant contact information may be obtained by sending a written request either by e-mail or United States mail. Requests for information should include the following information:

I. The .Web domain name in dispute;
II. The nature of the dispute; and
III. The name, address and telephone number of an authorized contact person for the party asserting the dispute.

Image Online Design has adopted the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, established and adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on October 24, 1999. Additional details are available at the following URLs:

IV. Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.
V. Rules for Using the Policy.
VI. Dispute Providers.