Privacy Policies

Revision 2.0
29 September, 2000

I. INTRODUCTION. We at Image Online Design appreciate the premium our customers place on their individual privacy. This agreement is our commitment to honor those concerns by giving advance notice to our customers of the information that we collect, how that information is secured, used, and managed.
II. INFORMATION OWNERSHIP. Image Online Design owns all of the information that we collect through our web sites and by providing our services. We are not responsible for information acquired from third-party sites, even those to whom we may link. Each customer is encouraged to be aware of when they leave Image Online Design's web sites and to investigate the privacy policies of each web site they visit before disclosing personal information.
III. SECURITY. Image Online Design uses a combination of technical and administrative processes to provide a secure environment for the storage of your personal information. Transmitted communications between customers and Image Online Design may be encrypted to provide added security to sensitive information such as passwords and credit cards numbers. The system on which we store registrant information are designed to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of that information. In addition, access to these systems and the information stored thereon is restricted to personnel authorized by Image Online Design.
A. Registration Information. Image Online Design acquires information about its customers when they register for our services. During registration, customers will be asked to provide their name, billing address, telephone number, fax number (if applicable), e-mail and credit card number, and the IP addresses and names of two nameservers. If the name on the credit card used for payment is different than name of the person registering for services, then Image Online Design may request additional billing information, as needed, to process the credit card transaction. This information is mandatory and must be accurate and updated.
B. Customer Communications. In order to address our customer's technical and service questions Image Online Design may retain records of communications with our customers.
C. Log Files. Image Online Design may maintain records of site traffic. These records may include traffic patterns and how users access site files, browser types, information and services provided on the web site. To protect your privacy, this information may be accumulated and evaluated in the aggregate, but will not be kept in a format that allows any correlation with particular web sites or domain names or users.
D. Cookies. When visiting the Image Online Design web site, cookies may be used to maximize customers' experience. A cookies is a small data file stored on the hard drive of those who visit our web site that anonymously tracks user traffic patterns. Cookies do not give us access to your hard drive or any of your personal information.
A. Corrections and Updates. Customers may make corrections or updates to the personal information stored by Image Online Design or by providing us with notice either by e-mail or United States mail
B. Opt Out. Customers have a limited right to opt out of certain uses of their personal information. If you would like to limit the information published in the WHOIS database to be limited to the minimum required information; to choose to not receive any marketing e-mails; or choose to not receive any e-mails whatsoever (including those of a technical nature), contact us at
A. Registration. Image Online Design will use the registration information to register your selected domain name.
B. Zone File Data. Image Online Design may disclose zone file data (the registered domain name and associated IP addresses) to interested persons who agree to not use the information for improper purposes, including the transmission of unsolicited commercial e-mail. This information also allows us to handle billing matters and provide the services we have contracted with you to provide.
C. Announcements. From time to time, Image Online Design may utilize the information in our databases to notify you of recent developments, changes in our service, and other announcements of interest to our customers. These announcements are one means by which we meet our service requirements and provide you important information affecting your service or account.
A. Contractors and Sub-contractors. Image Online Design utilizes the services of outside contractors and subcontractors in order to provide the best possible domain name services. To the extent that it is necessary for these parties to perform their services, we will share personal information.
B. Business Affiliates. Image Online Design has forged strategic alliances with a number of carefully screened business affiliates who offer products and services that we believe to be of interest of our customers. On occasion, we will provide these affiliates with information necessary to contact you with special offers, announcements and news items.
C. Adjudicative Proceedings. In response to formal requests for information made in connection with litigation or arbitration proceedings arising out of a domain name dispute or other services provided by Image Online Design, we will comply with all applicable federal and state law and provide information as directed.
D. Policies. Image Online Design may disclose information as needed to comply with our own policies, including our dispute policy.
VII. THIRD PARTY INFORMATION WARRANTIES. When registering a .Web domain name with Image Online Design, you represent that you have received the consent of any third party whose information you provide to us with regard to the following issues: (1) the reasons their personal data has been collected; (2) the intended recipient of the collected data; (3) the nature of the third party's data (that which is mandatory and that which is not); and (4) how the third party may access and make corrections to their information.
A. Employees. Employees of Image Online Design who access customer information files without the proper access or for an improper purpose may face disciplinary action and possibly termination of their employment.
B. Contractors and Sub-contractors. Contractors and sub-contractors in the employ of Image Online Design are not authorized to use personal information beyond the scope of what is necessary to fulfill their service obligations to us.