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Internationalized Domain Names Meetings

2010 Schedule of Meetings with Significant IDN Content

Date Location IDN Activity/Event Organizers Links
6-7 September 2010 Eastern Europe Regional ccTLD conference .ru ccTLD/
13-14 May 2010 Moscow, Russia Russian IGF .ru ccTLD, government, businesses
12-13 April 2010 Garmisch, Germany ICANN-Russia annual meeting Institute for Information Security
7 January 2010 (tbc) Sofia, Bulgaria IDN ccTLD round table Bulgarian Government


2009 Schedule of Meetings with Significant IDN Content

Date Location IDN Activity/Event Organizers Links
21-27 November 2009 Dakar, Senegal AfriNIC 11 AfriNIC
16-18 November 2009 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt IGF meeting IGF
8-13 November 2009 Hiroshima, Japan IETF meeting IETF coming
26-30 October 2009 Seoul, Korea ICANN meeting ICANN coming
24-27 August 2009 Beijing, China APNIC meeting APNIC
26-31 July 2009 Stockholm, Sweden IETF meeting IETF
21-26 June 2009 Sydney, Australia ICANN meeting ICANN
10-12 May 2009 Cairo, Egypt AfriNIC meeting AfriNIC
13-16 April 2009 Tanzania AfTLD African ccTLD Event & AGM AfTLD
1-3 April 2009 Amman, Jordan ASIWG ASIWG
23-27 March 2009 San Francisco, USA IETF meeting IETF
19-20 March 2009 Barcelona, Spain CENTR General Assembly CENTR
1-6 March 2009 Mexico City, Mexico ICANN meeting ICANN
23-24 February 2009 Manila, Philippines APTLD meeting APTLD
21-22 January 2009 Rome, Italy Regional gathering ICANN  


2008 Schedule of Meetings with Significant IDN Content

Date Location IDN Activity/Event Organizers Links
2-7 November 2008 Cairo, Egypt ICANN Annual meeting ICANN
20-22 October 2008 San Francisco, USA IQPC Web globalization conference IQPC
10-12 September 2008 Seoul, Korea ICANN regional gathering ICANN  
8-10 September 2008 Sofia, Bulgaria First International conference for CIS, Eastern and Central Europe ccTLD registries and registrars .ru ccTLD, .bg ccTLD, ISOC-Bulgaria
1-5 September 2008 Panama City, Panama LACTLD meeting LACTLD
25-28 August 2008 Tunisia International Festival of Internet    
28-31 July 2008 Dublin, Ireland IETF meeting, IDN WG sessions IETF
22-27 June 2008 Paris, France ICANN meeting ICANN
26-30 May 2008 Salvador Bahia, Brazil LACTLD/LACNIC meeting LACTLD/LACNIC
22-24 May 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia APTLD meeting APTLD Association
22-24 April 2008 Beijing, China W3C track, WWW 2008 Conference W3C
1-3 April 2008 Dubai, UAE Protocol revision, regional experiences, and ccTLD Interim Report ICANN and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of UAE


2007 Schedule of Meetings with Significant IDN Content

Date Location IDN Activity/Event Organizers Links
12-15 Nov 2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Towards International Standards for a Truly Multilingual Global Internet Workshop organized by UNESCO and ICANN  
29 Oct - 2 Nov 2007 Los Angeles, USA Internationalized Domain Names ICANN
24-25 Oct 2007 Bangkok, Thailand TBD APTLD  
19-21 Oct 2007 Taipei, Taiwan Day 2 of the event (20 Oct) is dedicated for IDNs TWNIC and ICANN  
9-10 Oct 2007 Paris, France TBD CENTR
10-11 Sep 2007 Moscow, Russia Internationalized Domain Names Russian Association of Networks and Services (RANS)
25-29 June 2007 San Juan, Puerto Rico Internationalized Domain Names ICANN
7-8 June 2007 Helsinki, Finland IDN Update CENTR, General Assembly
3-4 June 2007 Dubai, UAE IDNs - What's happening in the Root APTLD
28-30 May 2007 Cairo, Egypt Panel discussion on IDNs AFTLD  
7-11 May 2007 Tallinn, Estonia IDN Update RIPE NCC, Ripe54
3-5 April 2007 Manama, Bahrain IDN Introduction and Update RIPE NCC, MENOG1
26-30 March 2007 Lisbon, Portugal Internationalized Domain Names ICANN
1-3 March 2007 Copenhagen, Denmark IDN Technology and Developement LinuxForum
25-27 February 2007 Bali, Indonesia IDNs - Update from ICANN & Members APTLD
8-9 February 2007 Baden, Switzerland Discussion on IDN at the Top Level Domain Pulse
31 January - 2 February 2007 Hollywood, USA Panel discussion on IDNs DOMAINfest Global 2007


2006 Schedule of Meetings with Significant IDN Content

Date Event IDN Activity Organizers Links
2-8 December 2006 ICANN Meeting in Sao Paolo
  • IDN tutorial program with basic information about domain names
  • IDN workshop with status reports and discussions on IDN progress
  • IDN sessions in various constituency meetings
13-15 November 2006 APTLD meeting in Bangkok, Thailand A Themed meeting focused around IDNs (Internationalised Domain Names) Asia-Pacific ccTLD meeting with a themed focus on IDNs -
31 October 2006 IGF Meeting in Athens, Greece Towards a multilingual global Internet: Avoiding the risk of fragmentation IDN workshop organized by Egyptian government, UNESCO, and ICANN IDN Workshop Report
4 October 2006 Baltic Region and Eastern Europe International Seminar The Internet and the Post-WSIS Environment: Enhancing Dialogue Among the Stakeholders Latvian Government and ICANN


Previous ICANN Meeting Workshops and Presentations

Date Event IDN Activity Organizers Links
25 and 27 June 2006 Workshop, Marrakesh, Morocco Policy, Technical, and Regional IDN Activities ICANN

Real-Time Captioning 25 June 2006
Real-Time Captioning 27 June 2006
30 March 2006 Public Forum, Wellington, New Zealand IDN Status Report ICANN

Real-Time Captioning
30 November 2005 Workshop, Vancouver, Canada Internationalized Domain Names ICANN

Real-Time Captioning
13 July 2005 Workshop, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Internationalized Domain Names ICANN

Real-Time Captioning
1 December 2004 Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa Internationalized Domain Names ICANN

Real-Time Captioning
21 July 2004 Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Internationalized Domain Names ICANN

Real-Time Captioning
26 March 2003 Presentation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil IDN Authorization for TLDs with ICANN Agreements ICANN
28/30 October 2002 Presentation, Shanghai, China Presentation: International Domain Name Committee Report ICANN

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