ICANN Committees and Working Groups

Internationalized Domain Names Internal Working Group (Board of Directors)

(in operation March — November 2001)

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Committee

(in operation September 2001 — October 2003)

ICANN Correspondence

ICANN has posted correspondence relevant to IDNs here.

ICANN Workshops and Presentations

ICANN has facilitated numerous workshops on IDN topics. Materials from these sessions are available here.

Presentation: International Domain Name Committee Report

28/30 October 2002 (Shanghai, China)

Presentation: IDN Authorization for TLDs with ICANN Agreements

26 March 2003 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Workshop: Internationalized Domain Names

21 July 2004 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Workshop: Internationalized Domain Names

1 December 2004 (Cape Town, South Africa)

Workshop: Internationalized Domain Names

13 July 2005 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

IDN-Discuss Mailing List

As the deployment of IDNs proceeds, ICANN expects that many issues will be circulated within the IDN discussion list and encourages as many interested registries as possible to contribute to these discussions.

IDN Discussion Registration and Instructions

Internationalized Domain Names Discussions Archives

IDN Homograph Concerns

Homograph domain name spoofing works by exploiting the visual resemblance, or near- resemblance, of certain characters and symbols. ICANN is concerned about the potential exacerbation of homograph domain name spoofing as IDNs become more widespread, and is equally concerned about the implementation of countermeasures that may unnecessarily restrict the use and availability of IDNs. ICANN's public comment forum on this topic is available here.

ICANN Statement on IDN Homograph Attacks and Request for Public Comment

gTLD Communique: Potential of IDN for malicious abuse

APTLD: Statement on phishing

CENTR: Statement on homograph attacks

Click here to submit comments regarding IDN homographs

Click here to view comments regarding IDN homographs


RFC 3454 Preparation of Internationalized Strings ("string-prep")

RFC 3490 Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications

RFC 3491 Nameprep: A Stringprep Profile for Internationalized Domain Names

RFC 3492 Punycode: A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications

RFC 3743 Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines for IDN Registration and Administration for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean