List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced Date Decided   Domain Name(s) Case Type Status/Panel Decision
NAF FA002153794 Dec 2003   harrahasbenefitsnow.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021538415 Dec 2003   diamoniquejewelry.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021540417 Dec 2003   megafoundation.netUDRPPending
NAF FA002154058 Dec 2003   go4aol.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021540617 Dec 2003   wwwaugmentin.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021676611 Dec 2003   barret-jackson.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021676711 Dec 2003   haverfordhomes.comUDRPPending
NAF FA002167689 Dec 2003   warcraft.netUDRPPending
NAF FA0021677116 Dec 2003   ltdcommidites.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021677515 Dec 2003   americanlibraryassociation.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021679712 Dec 2003   barretjackson.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021679812 Dec 2003   barettjackson.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021679918 Dec 2003   aircanopy.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021680029 Dec 2003   aquafiji.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021680110 Dec 2003   sheratin.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021687216 Dec 2003   lailai-sheraton.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021732017 Dec 2003   uggbootsonline.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021887329 Dec 2003   wwwbancamerica.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021887412 Dec 2003   aladdinvideo.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021890216 Dec 2003   dupontregistry.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021891512 Dec 2003   savanasamson.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021891622 Dec 2003   wilbrosoilcox.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021891718 Dec 2003   kbchelmets.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021892018 Dec 2003   wwwserevent.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0021916515 Dec 2003   wwwvaltrex.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022000616 Dec 2003   marriotthotelreservations.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022000718 Dec 2003   annanicolesmith.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022001415 Dec 2003   bardcollege.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022002519 Dec 2003   skiboatbarbie.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022002619 Dec 2003   museumofscienceandindustry.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022002726 Dec 2003   truthaboutpolandsprings.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022002830 Dec 2003   toplayernetworks.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022002922 Dec 2003   mgn-3.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022003829 Dec 2003   flintstoneshentai.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022003929 Dec 2003   compaqcenter.orgUDRPPending
NAF FA0022004219 Dec 2003   I-loanworks.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022004326 Dec 2003   turningstone.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022004829 Dec 2003   whitneynationalbank.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022005129 Dec 2003   wwwlevel13.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022114829 Dec 2003   wyndhan.comUDRPPending
NAF FA002211717 Jan 200418 Feb 2004   nasalaire.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA0022117230 Dec 2003   money-gram.comUDRPPending
NAF FA0022117430 Dec 2003   buywarhammer.comUDRPPending
NAF FA00920151 Jan 20009 Mar 2000   buyerschoice.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009201611 Jan 200010 Feb 2000   icqsms.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009204814 Jan 200018 Feb 2000   facetime.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009204918 Jan 200022 Feb 2000   omniloan.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009205219 Jan 2000   cunardcruises.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009205319 Jan 20008 Mar 2000   cunardcruise.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009205420 Jan 200029 Feb 2000   fibershield.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009252424 Jan 200029 Feb 2000   destinationpuertorico.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009252524 Jan 200023 Feb 2000   fossilwatch.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009252624 Jan 200016 Feb 2000   puertoaventuras.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009252724 Jan 20001 Mar 2000   heelquik.comUDRPSplit decision
NAF FA009252824 Jan 20002 Mar 2000   plasticdocshop.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009252927 Jan 20007 Mar 2000   philipsindia.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009253027 Jan 20004 May 2000   paytrust.netUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009253126 Jan 200017 Mar 2000   craftwork.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009253226 Jan 200014 Mar 2000   golferswarehouse.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009253326 Jan 20008 Mar 2000   tvazteca.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009297327 Jan 20007 Mar 2000   planetrxx.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009297427 Jan 20008 Mar 2000   botox.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009297527 Jan 20002 Mar 2000   phonespell.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009297627 Jan 200010 Mar 2000   fishtech.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009345914 Feb 200027 Mar 2000   pantyexpress.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009346631 Jan 20003 Mar 2000   westernhay.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00935469 Feb 200010 Apr 2000   thetotalpackage.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935473 Feb 200028 Mar 2000   concierge.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00935483 Feb 200022 Apr 2002   zaploan.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935503 Feb 200028 Apr 2000   sixflag.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00935513 Feb 20003 Mar 2002   jerryorbach.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00935523 Feb 200014 Mar 2000   fieldcrest.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935533 Feb 200014 Mar 2000   usource.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00935543 Feb 20009 Mar 2000   bigdog.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935553 Feb 20009 Mar 2000   euroconsult.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935563 Feb 200014 Mar 2000   steamist.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935573 Feb 200014 Mar 2000   vybar.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935594 Feb 200013 Mar 2000   cybergauge.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935604 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   gilbarcoeclipse.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935614 Feb 200018 Apr 2000   den.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00935624 Feb 200031 Mar 2000   hewlittpackard.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093562 (restart)22 Feb 2000   hewlittpackard.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935634 Feb 200029 Mar 2000   icqguide.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00935644 Feb 200010 Apr 2000   hewlettpackard.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093564 (restart)18 Feb 2000   hewlettpackard.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936287 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   celestialseasonings.netUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA00936297 Feb 200021 Feb 2000   janusfund.comUDRPSettlement, unspecific result
NAF FA00936307 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   almanauta.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936317 Feb 200010 Apr 2000   soundchoice.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00936327 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   adventurecity.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936337 Feb 200025 Feb 2000   buypc.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936348 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   cnnheadlinenews.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936358 Feb 200021 Mar 2000   gigantor.netUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093635 (restart)16 Feb 2000   gigantor.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00936369 Feb 200012 Mar 2000   sound-choice.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009363710 Feb 200030 Mar 2000   marriott-hotels.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093637 (restart)24 Feb 2000   marriott-hotels.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936669 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   faithnet.orgUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009366710 Feb 200013 Mar 2000   fanuc.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936689 Feb 200021 Mar 2000   oicq.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936699 Feb 20001 Apr 2000   youaskedforit.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093669 (restart)25 Feb 2000   youaskedforit.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00936709 Feb 200013 Mar 2000   marriott-hotel.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936719 Feb 20007 Mar 2000   loanmart.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00936729 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   halegroves.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367310 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   southernbank.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367410 Feb 200023 Mar 2000   aeroturbine.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367510 Feb 200028 Feb 2000   aeroturbine.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367610 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   indianamulch.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367710 Feb 200016 Mar 2000   mckennaandcuneo.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009367911 Feb 200016 Mar 2000   americanonline.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009368011 Feb 2000   namethattune.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009368111 Feb 200031 Mar 2000   dogs.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009368211 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   cartoys.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009370811 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   websterhall.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009370911 Feb 200017 Mar 2000   firefoam.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009371011 Feb 200014 Mar 2000   hambletonian.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009375715 Feb 2000   netgrocer.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009375815 Feb 200018 Apr 2000   atti.netUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009375915 Feb 2000   seventysix.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009376115 Feb 200018 May 2000   foxhomevideo.comUDRPSplit decision
NAF FA009376317 Feb 200013 Apr 2000   esquire.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009376417 Feb 200015 Mar 2000   borderpatrol.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009376517 Feb 20005 Apr 2000   clarins.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0093765 (restart)1 Mar 2000   clarins.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009376617 Feb 200024 Mar 2000   go2aol.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009376717 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   obagi.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009376817 Feb 200022 Mar 2000   netgrocer.netUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009376917 Feb 2000   thinkquest.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009377021 Feb 200030 Mar 2000   soloinsurance.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009388417 Feb 200029 Mar 2000   stainmaster.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009410721 Feb 200030 Mar 2000   hollywood-casino.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009410821 Feb 200014 Apr 2000   hydraroll.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009411022 Feb 20005 Apr 2000   cordstrap.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009418323 Feb 200030 Mar 2000   aopa.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009418423 Feb 200031 Mar 2000   kingsofcomedy.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009418725 Feb 200011 Apr 2000   jamesdean.netUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0094187 (restart)3 Mar 2000   jamesdean.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009418825 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   networksystems.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009418925 Feb 20006 Apr 2000   superpawn.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009419025 Feb 200019 Apr 2000   latinohealthcare.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
NAF FA0094190 (restart)21 Mar 2000   latinohealthcare.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009419728 Feb 20004 Apr 2000   northwestplumbing.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009420328 Feb 20007 Apr 2000   colgatepalmolive.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009420428 Feb 200021 Mar 2000   sidchrome.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009420528 Feb 200031 Mar 2000   bonide.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009420629 Feb 200020 Mar 2000   calstore.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009420729 Feb 200011 Apr 2000   netgrocer.orgUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00942171 Mar 2000   improv.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00942191 Mar 20005 Apr 2000   epsonstore.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942321 Mar 20004 Apr 2000   playnetwork.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942332 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   stanleyworks.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942342 Mar 200011 Apr 2000   venusswimwear.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00942353 Mar 200012 Apr 2000   bodyandsoul.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942363 Mar 2000   whypaymore.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00942373 Mar 20004 Apr 2000   sahajmarg.orgUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00942437 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   youtv.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942607 Mar 200011 Apr 2000   targon.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00942626 Mar 2000   netmetrix.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00942637 Mar 200020 Apr 2000   mariahboats.comUDRPDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00942659 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   aolmoviefone.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942669 Mar 200010 Apr 2000   beautyco.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00942679 Mar 200026 Apr 2000   astrocartography.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009426810 Mar 2000   matalan.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00942699 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   khoros.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429010 Mar 200018 May 2000   strasburgerandprice.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429210 Mar 200019 Apr 2000   avidia.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429310 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   leanbodysportswear.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429513 Mar 200012 Apr 2000   vitamist.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429613 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   gardensalive.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009429813 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   channel-d.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009429913 Mar 200012 Apr 2000   bestwestern-hotels.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009430014 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   current.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009430114 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   morrisonandfoerster.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009430214 Mar 200014 Apr 2000   aolinstantmessenger.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009430415 Mar 2000   architext.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009430615 Mar 200026 Apr 2000   lobobasketball.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009430814 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   technicard.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009430915 Mar 200025 May 2000   guggenheimmuseum.comUDRPDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009431016 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   electronicdaytrader.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009431116 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   blueridgeknife.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009431217 Mar 200014 Apr 2000   heraldsun.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009431317 Mar 200017 Apr 2000   samsonite.orgUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009431417 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   succesories.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009431517 Mar 200012 Apr 2000   certifiedfinancialplanner.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009431717 Mar 200014 Apr 2000   babbitt.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009431817 Mar 200025 Apr 2000   universalgiftcertificate.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009432020 Mar 2000   mrsworld.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009432120 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   mrsworld.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009432220 Mar 200018 Apr 2000   bigtoys.orgUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009432321 Mar 200026 Apr 2000   soundscape.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009432420 Mar 200018 Apr 2000   bigtoys.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009432521 Mar 2000   prubank.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009432621 Mar 2000   destinationtechnodome.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009432722 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   americansportsnetwork.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009432822 Mar 200016 May 2000   dak.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009432922 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   pokemon2000.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009433022 Mar 2000   aristotle.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009433323 Mar 200016 Jun 2000   bassets.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009433422 Mar 200026 Apr 2000   hallpass.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009433523 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   statefarmdirect.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009433723 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   pueblo.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009433824 Mar 2000   wwwhois.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009434124 Mar 200011 May 2000   comingattractions.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009434224 Mar 20009 May 2000   victoriassecrets.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434324 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   coloradoprime.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434424 Mar 20009 May 2000   victoriasecret.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434524 Mar 200026 Apr 2000   tillamook.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434624 Mar 20005 May 2000   ultrapurewater.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434727 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   donutman.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434824 Mar 200019 Apr 2000   chemrod.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009434927 Mar 200015 May 2000   victoriassecret.orgUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435027 Mar 2000   lotionsandlace.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009435127 Mar 2000   theguggenheimmuseum.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009435228 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   radio-shack.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435327 Mar 2000   groceryworks.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009435427 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   unicode.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435528 Mar 200017 May 2000   daf.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009435627 Mar 200019 May 2000   microsort.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435727 Mar 200027 Apr 2000   netvista.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435828 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   bloom-berg.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009435928 Mar 200012 Apr 2000   turquoisebuffalo.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009436129 Mar 200025 May 2000   soccerzone.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00943623 Apr 200029 Apr 2000   planetearth.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009436330 Mar 200026 May 2000   pharmore.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009436429 Mar 200024 Apr 2000   dagmedia.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943654 Apr 200016 May 2000   papiros.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00943665 Apr 2000   springfieldarmory.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009436729 Mar 20002 May 2000   piper.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009436829 Mar 200028 Apr 2000   openview.orgUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00943691 Feb 200013 Apr 2000   iphones.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943706 Apr 200011 May 2000   sunglasshot.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009437129 Mar 200028 Apr 2000   openview.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009437229 Mar 200028 Apr 2000   openview.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943734 Apr 20008 May 2000   emeril.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943744 Apr 2000   naturalorganics.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00943753 Apr 200011 May 2000   lumena.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA00943764 Apr 200027 Apr 2000   wrestlemaniacs.comUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009437731 Mar 200015 May 2000   mrsamerica.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA009437830 Mar 20001 May 2000   mrsamerica.orgUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943796 Apr 20003 May 2000   milkywaymidnight.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943805 Apr 20008 May 2000   davemathewsband.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943815 Apr 20008 May 2000   davemattewsband.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943826 Apr 200011 May 2000   datastream.netUDRPDecision for respondent
NAF FA009438331 Mar 200011 May 2000   hewlett-packard.netUDRPDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00943845 Apr 20007 Jul 2000   quesrico.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943855 Apr 20007 Jul 2000   ethnicgrocers.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943863 Apr 200011 May 2000   morrisonandhecker.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943877 Apr 20001 Jun 2000   penthouse.netUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943884 Apr 20008 May 2000   traditions.comUDRPName transfer
NAF FA00943897 Apr 2000   billelliott.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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