List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced Date Decided   Domain Name(s) Case Type Status/Panel Decision
WIPO D2003-045920 Jun 200327 Oct 2003   bocawest.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-046124 Jun 200311 Aug 2003   alamo-car-rentals.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04622 Jul 20037 Jul 2003   darmkrebs.infoUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-046325 Jun 20039 Aug 2003   terrellowens.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-046425 Jun 200315 Jul 2003   bayernmunchen.netUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-046525 Jun 200322 Aug 2003   berlitzsucks.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04662 Jul 200321 Aug 2003   littlegym.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-046725 Jun 200311 Aug 2003   sxs4all.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-046925 Jun 200330 Jul 2003   teka.tvUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-047030 Jun 200325 Aug 2003   holidayinnsearcy.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-047124 Jun 200322 Jul 2003   comericapark.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-04721 Jul 200317 Sep 2003   richsdepartmentstores.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-047323 Jun 200318 Jul 2003   wzbhrocks.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-047425 Jun 200315 Aug 2003   parma-schinken.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-047526 Jun 20038 Aug 2003   wwwbbva.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-047725 Jun 200329 Jul 2003   bfg-fus.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04783 Jul 2003   finanzia.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-047925 Jun 200314 Jul 2003   www-launch.comUDRPDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2003-04809 Jul 200322 Aug 2003   citifinancial.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-048124 Jun 20034 Aug 2003   msnindia.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-048230 Jun 2003   denso.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-04839 Jul 2003   zegnaermenegildo.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-048426 Jun 200324 Sep 2003   de-dietrich-process-systems.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04853 Jul 2003   edifil.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-048622 Jul 20033 Sep 2003   cheriefm.infoUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-048830 Jun 200315 Sep 2003   chemoform.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04891 Jul 200312 Aug 2003   www-adidas.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04901 Jul 200312 Aug 2003   wwwadidas.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04912 Jul 20039 Oct 2003   justbulbs.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-04922 Jul 20031 Aug 2003   mrigrammercy.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04931 Jul 20035 Aug 2003   careerbuilder.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-049427 Jun 20032 Aug 2003   citibankonline.bizUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-049530 Jun 200311 Aug 2003   buydifferin.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-049615 Jul 200328 Aug 2003   lanerieagnona.netUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-04979 Jul 200315 Aug 2003   worldnetattnet.netUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-049827 Jun 200323 Jul 2003   gidasa.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05001 Jul 200325 Jul 2003   northridgefashioncenter.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05019 Jul 200318 Aug 2003   xboxmagizine.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05029 Jul 20033 Oct 2003   fullsailsucks.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-050314 Jul 200327 Aug 2003   bedra.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-050429 Jul 20034 Sep 2003   harods.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05063 Jul 20032 Sep 2003   micr0soft.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-05073 Jul 20038 Aug 2003   hondaindia.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-050922 Jul 200331 Aug 2003   kanjang.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05109 Jul 200318 Aug 2003   wwwmatch.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05119 Jul 200318 Aug 2003   uhaultruckmoving.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05139 Jul 200320 Aug 2003   nutellaferrero.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05141 Jul 2003   bohin.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-05168 Jul 200314 Aug 2003   adameve.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-051711 Jul 200326 Aug 2003   nastyadameve.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-05189 Jul 200322 Aug 2003   frequenceplus.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05199 Jul 200327 Aug 2003   piercebrosnan.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05207 Jul 200311 Aug 2003   consitex.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05224 Jul 20034 Aug 2003   yamahaeurope.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05238 Jul 200320 Aug 2003   wwqvc.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-052424 Jul 20034 Sep 2003   viagradrinks.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-052516 Jul 20039 Sep 2003   tenerife.infoUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-052615 Jul 20032 Sep 2003   voguechina.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05278 Jul 20032 Oct 2003   svenskaspel.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-052818 Jul 200325 Aug 2003   descargasmsn.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-052921 Jul 2003   caesarsgrandcasino.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-053010 Jul 20038 Sep 2003   wwwbellsouth.netUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-053115 Jul 20035 Sep 2003   fish4mortgage.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-053230 Jul 200310 Sep 2003   rotta-pharm.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-053314 Jul 2003   pagemate.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-053415 Jul 200326 Aug 2003   thrive.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-053514 Jul 200322 Aug 2003   alamocar.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-053614 Jul 200322 Aug 2003   alamocarrental.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-053825 Jul 200317 Sep 2003   msnporno.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05399 Sep 2003   lavanguardia.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-054015 Jul 20031 Sep 2003   glenfiddich.infoUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-054121 Jul 200324 Aug 2003   porno-oscar.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
WIPO D2003-054322 Jul 2003   coffeenation.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-054417 Jul 20037 Sep 2003   iogen.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-054522 Jul 2003   transmilenio.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-054615 Jul 200320 Aug 2003   oberture.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05477 Aug 200324 Oct 2003   novotelhotel.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-054824 Jul 200310 Sep 2003   dream-works-llc.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-054914 Aug 200313 Oct 2003   todoboda.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-055017 Jul 20032 Sep 2003   holidayinnpriorityclub.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-055322 Jul 20038 Sep 2003   chadbourneparke.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-055523 Jul 200310 Sep 2003   toyotafinacial.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-055729 Jul 2003   elenamiro.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-055822 Jul 200310 Sep 2003   simedarby.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-055921 Jul 200316 Jul 2003   lipitorinfo.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-056022 Jul 2003   cronicasmarcianas.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-056129 Jul 20031 Sep 2003   mercurehotel.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-056224 Jul 200329 Oct 2003   tmobileusa.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-056428 Jul 200323 Sep 2003   aer-lingus.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-056529 Jul 200310 Sep 2003   isowizard.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-056624 Jul 2003   maltinpolar.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-056728 Jul 200313 Oct 2003   homedesigner.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-056830 Jul 2003   microbex.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-05696 Aug 200330 Sep 2003   rolexgroup.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-057030 Jul 20031 Sep 2003   launionalcoyana.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-057131 Jul 20036 Oct 2003   arizonagolfproperties.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-057229 Jul 200315 Sep 2003   oppoddo.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05826 Aug 2003   vwag.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-05834 Aug 2003   usdocuments.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-058516 Sep 2003   shuuemura.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-05868 Aug 200314 Sep 2003   unmondeenor.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05878 Aug 200314 Sep 2003   polygone-or.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-058925 Aug 2003   statsmanjournal.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-05925 Aug 200316 Sep 2003   krys.orgUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05937 Aug 2003   stopleselfes.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-05944 Aug 200316 Sep 2003   kelemata.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05955 Aug 200324 Sep 2003   bestkosher.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-05966 Aug 200319 Sep 2003   wachovia-sucks.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05977 Aug 200317 Sep 2003   sparcosrl.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-05986 Aug 2003   2m12.orgUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06008 Aug 200324 Sep 2003   bridgetriley.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06017 Aug 20039 Oct 2003   volvopolska.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06027 Aug 200328 Sep 2003   revlonstore.infoUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06036 Aug 200323 Sep 2003   legal-and-general.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-060612 Aug 200329 Aug 2003   california-closets.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-060820 Aug 200329 Aug 2003   californiacloset.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-060925 Aug 2003   bancointerfin.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06107 Aug 2003   roto-jet.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06117 Aug 200318 Sep 2003   cancertreatmentcenterofamerica.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061212 Aug 20039 Sep 2003   salliemae.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061315 Aug 2003   spreewald.orgUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-061415 Aug 200317 Oct 2003   spreewald.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061515 Aug 200330 Sep 2003   caesarsentertainments.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061612 Aug 200329 Sep 2003   sonydesign.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061725 Aug 2003   madrid2012.orgUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06188 Aug 200323 Sep 2003   edizionipiemme.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-061913 Aug 200326 Sep 2003   deloite.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-062014 Aug 2003   qosmedixgroup.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-062113 Aug 200316 Sep 2003   evacchair.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-062215 Aug 200315 Oct 2003   pfizerliving.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-062316 Oct 2003   lexusmail.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-062415 Aug 2003   lexusmichaels.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-062514 Aug 20036 Oct 2003   fryelectronics.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-062718 Aug 20032 Oct 2003   bmwtelematics.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-062825 Aug 20038 Oct 2003   airfranceairlines.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-062922 Aug 200316 Oct 2003   lazord.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-063021 Aug 200314 Oct 2003   mitelnetworks.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-063126 Aug 200314 Oct 2003   shopwal-mart.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-063221 Aug 200325 Sep 2003   nicabate.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-063321 Aug 200325 Oct 2003   atttelephone.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-063422 Aug 200325 Oct 2003   attphonecard.netUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06363 Sep 2003   madame.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-063821 Aug 2003   tnuva.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-063926 Aug 20038 Oct 2003   wwwairfrance.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-064016 Sep 200315 Oct 2003   peoplespharmacy.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-064120 Aug 20033 Oct 2003   nsyncfilm.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-064220 Aug 20038 Oct 2003   sbclaboratories.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06434 Sep 2003   figirugby.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-064426 Aug 2003   porschebikes.comUDRPProceedings terminated for recommencement
WIPO D2003-064519 Aug 200327 Oct 2003   britishmeat.comUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO D2003-064621 Aug 20037 Oct 2003   geert-hofstede.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-064725 Aug 200323 Oct 2003   arthuritis.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-064820 Aug 20031 Oct 2003   volvo.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06492 Sep 2003   porscheloan.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06505 Sep 200327 Oct 2003   casapropiafalabella.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-06523 Sep 200320 Oct 2003   rimadyl.orgUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-065327 Aug 20037 Oct 2003   national-panasonic.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-065425 Aug 200329 Sep 2003   letsdrive.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06551 Sep 200317 Oct 2003   applevaction.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-065629 Aug 200314 Oct 2003   alfransi.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06571 Sep 2003   msnkw.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-065829 Aug 200316 Oct 2003   holidayinnmichigan.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-065927 Aug 200314 Oct 2003   holidayinnsunspreeresort.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-066028 Aug 200314 Oct 2003   meissen.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-066127 Aug 200321 Oct 2003   parmigiano.orgUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06629 Sep 2003   keeper.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06633 Sep 2003   holidayinnexpress.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-066428 Aug 20038 Oct 2003   applevacations.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06655 Sep 2003   eltour.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06668 Sep 2003   mcays.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-066728 Aug 20038 Oct 2003   elservier.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06688 Sep 2003   voguedress.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06713 Sep 2003   cinecolombia.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06729 Sep 2003   heidi.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06753 Sep 2003   iberdrolagas.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06761 Sep 2003   hoenywell.comUDRPDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2003-067824 Sep 2003   summitracing.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-067912 Sep 2003   cebit.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-068010 Sep 2003   baciperugina.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-068216 Sep 200330 Sep 2003   xeroxsupplies.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-06835 Sep 200320 Oct 2003   nationacity.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-068422 Sep 2003   utadahikaru.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-068512 Sep 200329 Oct 2003   hikaruutada.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-06878 Sep 200329 Oct 2003   medselect.netUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-06889 Sep 200321 Oct 2003   tele-kom.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-068919 Sep 2003   astrocard.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-069016 Sep 2003   bookapplecamp.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06918 Sep 200320 Oct 2003   museumofscienceboston.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-06929 Sep 200329 Sep 2003   volvobus.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-06937 Oct 2003   pepsi-smash.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06948 Sep 200319 Sep 2003   pepsipoker.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-069510 Sep 2003   betandwincasino.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-069615 Sep 2003   pepsimoto.netUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-06979 Sep 200321 Oct 2003   attcom.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-069817 Sep 2003   attcom.bizUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-069910 Sep 2003   zegnaermenegildo.orgUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-070015 Sep 2003   dialaphones.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-070116 Sep 2003   lasy.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-070217 Sep 200327 Oct 2003   worldwideflightservices.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2003-070326 Sep 2003   winemonthclub.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-070517 Sep 2003   moonpalace.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-070718 Sep 2003   yurticicargo.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07092 Oct 2003   thairedbull.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-071012 Sep 200317 Oct 2003   spartrelleborg.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-071112 Sep 2003   acorhotel.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-071315 Sep 200327 Oct 2003   staplesrebate.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-071531 Oct 2003   kinderferrero.infoUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-071618 Sep 2003   expediua.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-071719 Sep 2003   germciba.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-071817 Sep 200327 Oct 2003   innotown.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-071918 Sep 2003   neighborhoodmarket.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072119 Sep 2003   accutane-acne-treatments-medication.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07222 Oct 2003   iharrods.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07232 Oct 2003   harrodsuniveristy.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072430 Sep 2003   chicagoharrods.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072525 Sep 2003   porschepartx.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072625 Sep 2003   tennesseelottery.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072723 Sep 2003   gea.bizUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-072825 Sep 2003   tnlottery.bizUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-072926 Sep 2003   syr.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073026 Sep 2003   lundbergs.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073218 Sep 200321 Oct 2003   bellsouth-hosting.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-073330 Sep 2003   lipostabilusa.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073428 Oct 2003   groveartmusic.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073521 Oct 2003   televisaespectaculos.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073623 Sep 2003   harrodsjewelry.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07371 Oct 2003   sandraberlergallery.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07382 Oct 2003   sporttruckworld.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-073925 Sep 2003   iso-audit.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-074025 Sep 200315 Sep 2003   lanificiofratellicerruti.comUDRPName transfer
WIPO D2003-07413 Oct 2003   fcbotiga.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-074214 Oct 2003   nettster.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-074326 Sep 2003   e-globex.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07442 Oct 2003   t-onlinetv.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-074526 Sep 2003   wwweurobet.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-074614 Oct 2003   samsungplaza.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07471 Oct 2003   eravissant.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-074814 Oct 2003   yellowroadway.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07502 Oct 2003   hackingxbox.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-075129 Sep 2003   betfairpoker.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-075431 Oct 2003   essenzadizenga.bizUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-075514 Oct 2003   mtvdesign.comUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-07563 Oct 2003   <hq-3blas6n6.com>UDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07571 Oct 2003   pradaboji.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07591 Oct 2003   lipostabil2u.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-076113 Oct 2003   southwestairlinetickets.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07633 Oct 2003   sanofi.netUDRPCase suspended, other
WIPO D2003-07656 Oct 2003   holidayinnmotel.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07677 Oct 2003   marieclaireonline.comUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07688 Oct 2003   jilsander.infoUDRPPending
WIPO D2003-07697 Oct 2003   kodakmobile.comUDRPPending

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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