List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced Date Decided   Domain Name(s) Case Type Status/Panel Decision
WIPO DBIZ2002-0017428 May 200231 Jul 2002   femme.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-001755 Jun 20025 Aug 2002   geo.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0017631 May 200218 Aug 2002   royals.bizSTOPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO DBIZ2002-001773 Jun 20027 Aug 2002   management.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-001783 Jun 200229 Jul 2002   ppi.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0017921 Jun 20025 Aug 2002   casco.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018023 May 20026 Aug 2002   postoffice.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-001811 Jul 200223 Jul 2002   buster.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018323 May 200215 Jul 2002   landrover.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018427 Jun 2002   lincoln.bizUDRPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018523 May 20027 Aug 2002   mercury.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018723 May 200230 Aug 2002   speedy.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018823 May 200215 Jul 2002   volvocars.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0018923 May 20022 Jul 2002   panda.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0019010 Jun 2002   24hourfitness.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0019110 Jun 2002   robotron.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-001924 Jun 200231 Jul 2002   hollywood.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-001935 Jun 20021 Jul 2002   bluebook.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-001945 Jun 200227 Jul 2002   galaxy.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0019528 May 200229 Jul 2002   fool.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-001964 Jun 200218 Jul 2002   prince.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-001976 Jun 2002   racebook.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0019812 Jun 2002   casio.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0019917 Jun 2002   cypress.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-002006 Jun 200212 Jul 2002   grace.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002015 Jun 200215 Jul 2002   lee.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020228 May 200230 Jul 2002   softbank.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020313 Jun 2002   chanel.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020428 May 200225 Jul 2002   internet.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020528 May 20026 Aug 2002   hotdot.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020711 Jun 200230 Jul 2002   nordea.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0020828 May 20025 Aug 2002   esun.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002096 Jun 200223 Jul 2002   assist.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021230 May 200218 Jul 2002   123.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021311 Jun 2002   hbo.bizSTOPDismissal, unspecified
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021411 Jul 20027 Oct 2002   wwf.bizSTOPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021528 May 200226 Jul 2002   people.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021628 May 200217 Jul 2002   quicken.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002174 Jul 200219 Aug 2002   fortune.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021816 May 200226 Jun 2002   maverick.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0021923 May 200210 Jul 2002   business2.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0022122 May 200223 Jul 2002   cyclone.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002234 Jun 20021 Aug 2002   euroland.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002245 Aug 2002   zurich.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0022528 May 200211 Jul 2002   farmers.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0022610 Jun 200223 Aug 2002   aegon.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0022912 Jun 2002   ecare.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023026 Jul 20025 Sep 2002   carson.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002311 Jan 200014 Jul 2002   ise.bizSTOPDismissal, unspecified
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023226 Jun 20029 Aug 2002   diamond.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023326 Jun 2002   campus.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023419 Jun 200220 Aug 2002   postbank.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023512 Jun 2002   gala.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023731 Jul 200226 Aug 2002   goliath.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023828 May 200211 Jul 2002   eos.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0023913 Jun 2002   ibm.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024028 May 200212 Jul 2002   ricardo.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002419 Jun 200226 Jul 2002   mit.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024230 May 200210 Jul 2002   image.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024316 Jul 200217 Aug 2002   solid.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002446 Jun 200223 Jul 2002   henderson.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024528 Jun 200212 Aug 2002   shoes.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024611 Jul 200219 Aug 2002   matrix.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024717 Jun 20021 Aug 2002   epaper.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024828 Jun 200214 Aug 2002   mlp.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0024910 Jun 20022 Aug 2002   411.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0025019 Jun 2002   patrick.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0025119 Jun 20027 Aug 2002   broadway.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002524 Jun 200226 Jul 2002   alacarte.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002534 Jun 20026 Aug 2002   viva.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002544 Jun 200222 Jul 2002   admiral.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002554 Jun 200230 Jul 2002   bis.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0025625 Jul 2002   money.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-002571 Jun 20027 Jul 2002   intouch.bizSTOPDismissal, unspecified
WIPO DBIZ2002-002589 Jun 200222 Jul 2002   247.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0025930 May 200222 Jul 2002   menopause.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026013 Jun 20022 Aug 2002   partner.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026113 Jun 200226 Jul 2002   plaza.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-002624 Jun 200215 Jul 2002   games.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026319 Jun 2002   gsm.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-002649 Jun 200226 Jul 2002   abb.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026517 Jun 200216 Jul 2002   animalsex.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026617 Jun 200230 Jul 2002   ego.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026717 Jun 200226 Sep 2002   fisting.bizSTOPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026810 Jun 2002   lexus.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-0026910 Jun 2002   iec.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DBIZ2002-002710 Jul 200210 Sep 2002   escort.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027028 Jun 20022 Oct 2002   newzealand.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027120 Jun 200219 Aug 2002   prima.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027211 Jul 200227 Aug 2002   supreme.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002753 Jul 200212 Aug 2002   atlantic.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027618 Jul 200228 Aug 2002   montblanc.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027710 Jul 200219 Aug 2002   target.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027810 Jul 20023 Sep 2002   golf.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0027928 Aug 20027 Oct 2002   transit.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0028229 Jul 200211 Sep 2002   myob.bizSTOPDecision for respondent
WIPO DBIZ2002-0028321 Aug 20023 Oct 2002   helathywoman.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-0028410 Sep 200213 Oct 2002   volvocars.bizUDRPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-002859 Sep 200222 Oct 2002   metro.bizSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-04435 Jun 200224 Jul 2002   spirit-airlines.comSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBIZ2002-04915 Jun 2002   harrodscorporategift.comSTOPName transfer
WIPO DBZ2003-000111 Aug 20031 Sep 2003   lampeberger.bzUDRPName transfer
WIPO DBZ2003-00029 Jul 200325 Aug 2003   nutella.bzUDRPName transfer
WIPO DBZ2003-00039 Jul 200325 Aug 2003   zegna.bzUDRPName transfer
WIPO DBZ2003-000412 Aug 200311 Sep 2003   ermenegildozenga.bzUDRPName transfer
WIPO DCC2003-000121 Mar 200313 May 2003   officemax.ccUDRPName transfer
WIPO DIBZ2002-0023026 Jul 2002   carson.bizSTOPPending
WIPO DLA2003-000121 Aug 2003   sparco.laUDRPPending
WIPO DLA2003-000221 Aug 2003   ermenegildozegna.laUDRPPending
WIPO DLA2003-00038 Oct 2003   agnona.laUDRPPending
WIPO DLA2003-000427 Oct 2003   helmutlang.laUDRPPending
WIPO DMX2003-000219 Feb 20034 Apr 2003   navision.com.mxUDRPName transfer
WIPO DNAME2002-0000116 May 20028 Jul 2002   salvador.dali.nameERDRPRegistration cancelled
WIPO DNU2002-00036 Sep 2002   volvodele.nuUDRPCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO DNU2002-00047 Jan 20036 Feb 2003   seb.nuUDRPName transfer
WIPO DRO2002-000312 Sep 2002   pizzahut.roUDRPPending
WIPO DRO2002-000412 Sep 20024 Nov 2002   kfc.roUDRPName transfer
WIPO DRO2003-000120 Feb 200325 Mar 2003   praktiker.roUDRPName transfer
WIPO DRO2003-00029 May 2003   casio.roUDRPPending
WIPO DRO2003-000430 Jun 200311 Aug 2003   ermenegildozenga.roUDRPName transfer
WIPO DRO2003-000530 Jun 200311 Aug 2003   agnona.roUDRPName transfer
WIPO DTV2002-000529 Jul 2002   deagostini.tvUDRPPending
WIPO DTV2002-00067 Aug 200217 Sep 2002   europe2.tvUDRPName transfer
WIPO DTV2002-00077 Nov 2002   kronenzeitung.tvUDRPPending
WIPO DTV2002-000815 Nov 200216 Jan 2003   attcomcastcorp.tvUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO DTV2003-000118 Feb 20035 May 2003   codorniu.tvUDRPName transfer
WIPO DTV2003-00027 Mar 200314 May 2003   rugdoctor.tvUDRPDecision for respondent
WIPO DTV2003-000318 Jun 200316 Jul 2003   zenga.tvUDRPDismissal without prejudice
WIPO DTV2003-000427 Aug 2003   madrid2012.tvUDRPPending
WIPO DWS2003-000112 Jun 2003   zenga.wsUDRPPending

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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