List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
CPR CPR-01927 Dec 2000  mountaingear.comRegistration cancelled
DeC AF-006027 Jan 2000  narcoticsanonymous.orgSettlement with transfer
DeC AF-0076 a21 Jan 2000  powrachute.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0076 b21 Jan 2000  powrachute.netDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0076 c21 Jan 2000  powrachutes.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0076 d21 Jan 2000  powrachutes.netDecision for respondent
DeC AF-00903 Feb 2000  theartofshaving.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-00921 Feb 2000  beveragesandmore.comName transfer
DeC AF-00951 Feb 2000  iphones.comProceedings terminated for recommencement
DeC AF-00967 Feb 2000  tourplan.comName transfer
DeC AF-00983 Feb 2000  follicare.comDismissal without prejudice
DeC AF-01003 Feb 2000  benihanaoftokyo.comName transfer
DeC AF-01027 Feb 2000  biofield.comName transfer
DeC AF-01033 Feb 2000  iphone.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-01047 Feb 2000  thyme.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-010616 Feb 2000  computerfutures.comName transfer
DeC AF-0107a11 Feb 2000  kittenger.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0107b11 Feb 2000  kittengerfurniture.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0108a11 Feb 2000  kittinger.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0108b11 Feb 2000  kittingercollector.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-010925 Feb 2000  anneofgreengables.comName transfer
DeC AF-012125 Feb 2000  launchpad.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-012225 Feb 2000  shopzone.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-012323 Feb 2000  paradigm.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-012617 Feb 2000  mikimoto.comName transfer
DeC AF-013125 Feb 2000  fido.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-013329 Feb 2000  rbcinsurance.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-013429 Feb 2000  wwwnationalenquirer.comName transfer
DeC AF-013612 Mar 2000  saffola.comName transfer
DeC AF-013715 Mar 2000  adserve.comName transfer
DeC AF-013924 Mar 2000  travelhost.netDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-014312 Mar 2000  hotmetal.comName transfer
DeC AF-014414 Apr 2000  glenmauranational.comName transfer
DeC AF-014516 Mar 2000  pep-boys.comName transfer
DeC AF-014720 Mar 2000  royalbankfinancial.comName transfer
DeC AF-014824 Mar 2000  spotup.comName transfer
DeC AF-014921 Mar 2000  gassan.comSplit decision
DeC AF-015020 Mar 2000  royalebankonline.comName transfer
DeC AF-015122 Mar 2000  bridalguide.netSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-015221 Apr 2000  hso.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-015328 Mar 2000  westfairfoods.comName transfer
DeC AF-015613 Apr 2000  arcturus.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01574 Apr 2000  batashoes.comName transfer
DeC AF-01594 Apr 2000  dabpump.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01607 Apr 2000  exclaim.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01625 Apr 2000  2ecorp.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01633 Apr 2000  canadiansuperstore.comName transfer
DeC AF-01643 Apr 2000  presidentschoicesocks.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01653 Apr 2000  realcanadiansuperstore.comName transfer
DeC AF-016913 Apr 2000  qtrade.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0170 a3 Apr 2000  presidentchoice.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0170 b3 Apr 2000  presidentchoice.netDecision for respondent
DeC AF-0170 c3 Apr 2000  presidentchoice.orgDecision for respondent
DeC AF-017313 Apr 2000  automobileatlanta.comName transfer
DeC AF-017411 Apr 2000  cignadirect.comName transfer
DeC AF-017613 Apr 2000  spincycle.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01771 Jun 2000  dragonseal.comName transfer
DeC AF-017921 Apr 2000  tampatribune.orgSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-018430 Apr 2000  spacekap.comName transfer
DeC AF-01869 May 2000  dinabase.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-01876 Jun 2000  bayshorevinyl.comRegistration cancelled
DeC AF-018827 Apr 2000  christusrex.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-019011 May 2000  oscarnet.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-019812 May 2000  industrialproductsfinder.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-020018 May 2000  resqdisc.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-020124 May 2000  loblawsonline.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-020212 May 2000  huangshan.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-020329 May 2000  preschoice.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-02045 May 2000  toileduquebec.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-020519 May 2000  whiskeyagogo.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02078 May 2000  universalpictures.netName transfer
DeC AF-02088 May 2000  radio-energie.comName transfer
DeC AF-02092 Jun 2000  chatpop.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02119 May 2000  teenflo.comName transfer
DeC AF-021215 May 2000  tiba.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-021319 May 2000  canbest.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-021425 May 2000  seanmichaels.comName transfer
DeC AF-021515 May 2000  nitrofuel.comName transfer
DeC AF-021631 May 2000  clarkpestcontrol.netName transfer
DeC AF-02179 Jun 2000  businessway.netName transfer
DeC AF-021829 May 2000  peepingmoes.comName transfer
DeC AF-02226 Jul 2000  efads.comName transfer
DeC AF-022425 May 2000  industrialproductfinder.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-022629 May 2000  chemstations.comName transfer
DeC AF-022812 Jun 2000  westportonline.comName transfer
DeC AF-022919 Jun 2000  things-engraved.comName transfer
DeC AF-023031 May 2000  smokymountainsknife.netName transfer
DeC AF-02315 Jun 2000  blackweb.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-02325 Jun 2000  sugoi.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-023321 Jun 2000  packagingworld.comName transfer
DeC AF-02356 Jun 2000  chemco.comName transfer
DeC AF-023715 Jun 2000  spiegles.comName transfer
DeC AF-02389 Jun 2000  newportnews.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02407 Jun 2000  presidents-choice.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-024119 Jun 2000  canhost.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02427 Jun 2000  loblaws.orgDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-024315 Jun 2000  eddiebauercamping.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-024513 Jun 2000  loblawssupermarketslimited.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-02469 Jun 2000  eddiebower.comName transfer
DeC AF-024715 Jun 2000  athletesworld.comName transfer
DeC AF-024829 Jun 2000  multifax.comName transfer
DeC AF-024919 Jun 2000  sampati.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02509 Jun 2000  jobpostings.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-025219 Jun 2000  granapadano.comName transfer
DeC AF-025410 Jul 2000  gulasidorna.netName transfer
DeC AF-025728 Jun 2000  irenegari.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-026229 Jun 2000  travelmichigan.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-026329 Jun 2000  hotlinecommunications.comName transfer
DeC AF-02647 Jul 2000  multimatic.comName transfer
DeC AF-026520 Jul 2000  onlinelowestfare.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-02665 Jul 2000  maupintours.comName transfer
DeC AF-026712 Jul 2000  bamberg.netDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02684 Jul 2000  web2you.comName transfer
DeC AF-027020 Jul 2000  oddsonline.comName transfer
DeC AF-027125 Jul 2000  vascutek.netName transfer
DeC AF-02726 Jul 2000  para-flite.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02737 Jul 2000  myespace.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-027414 Jul 2000  russellstoll.comName transfer
DeC AF-027513 Jul 2000  globalprintexchange.comName transfer
DeC AF-027820 Jul 2000  innersense.comCase suspended, other
DeC AF-027919 Jul 2000  isyndicate.orgSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-028221 Jul 2000  vincentlecavalier.netName transfer
DeC AF-02833 Aug 2000  megatel.comName transfer
DeC AF-028431 Jul 2000  thelowestfare.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-028528 Jul 2000  vincentlecavalier.comName transfer
DeC AF-028631 Jul 2000  starfrit.comName transfer
DeC AF-028710 Aug 2000  parkerorings.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-028811 Aug 2000  safaricasino.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-02892 Aug 2000  powershoes.netName transfer
DeC AF-029011 Aug 2000  bharathmail.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-029114 Sep 2000  industrialproductsfinder.comName transfer
DeC AF-029311 Aug 2000  nkf.orgDecision for respondent
DeC AF-029424 Aug 2000  fabrilok.comName transfer
DeC AF-02974 Aug 2000  eminter.comSettlement, unspecific result
DeC AF-02984 Aug 2000  satelliteikonos.comName transfer
DeC AF-03009 Aug 2000  hongdou.comName transfer
DeC AF-030212 Aug 2000  croatiaairlines.comName transfer
DeC AF-03038 Aug 2000  annemclellan.comName transfer
DeC AF-030816 Aug 2000  ecast.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-031021 Aug 2000  blueridgeknife.comName transfer
DeC AF-031224 Aug 2000  telpay.comName transfer
DeC AF-031319 Sep 2000  kenyaairways.comName transfer
DeC AF-031425 Aug 2000  naturwood.comName transfer
DeC AF-031523 Aug 2000  asseenontheinternet.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-031624 Aug 2000  dynojet.comName transfer
DeC AF-031829 Aug 2000  jazzalley.comName transfer
DeC AF-031922 Aug 2000  soundandvibration.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-032122 Aug 2000  tocqueville.netName transfer
DeC AF-03357 Sep 2000  californiahardbodies.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-033630 Aug 2000  cibconline.comName transfer
DeC AF-033829 Aug 2000  bubblegummers.comName transfer
DeC AF-034312 Sep 2000  host.comName transfer
DeC AF-034531 Aug 2000  2pac.comName transfer
DeC AF-034631 Aug 2000  tupacshakur.orgName transfer
DeC AF-03474 Sep 2000  tupaconline.orgName transfer
DeC AF-03484 Sep 2000  tupac.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-03494 Sep 2000  2pac.orgName transfer
DeC AF-03514 Sep 2000  tupacshakur.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-035221 Sep 2000  trophyview.comName transfer
DeC AF-03697 Sep 2000  etax.netDecision for respondent
DeC AF-038812 Sep 2000  rosevilleonline.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-040212 Sep 2000  vinidex.comName transfer
DeC AF-040428 Sep 2000  aviva.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-041513 Sep 2000  fitall.comName transfer
DeC AF-041612 Sep 2000  vanillafields.comName transfer
DeC AF-042115 Sep 2000  publi-sac.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-042220 Sep 2000  tombola.orgDecision for respondent
DeC AF-042719 Sep 2000  mysteryshoppers.comDecision for respondent
DeC AF-043426 Sep 2000  skanemejerier.nuName transfer
DeC AF-045010 Oct 2000  worldwideradio.comName transfer
DeC AF-04514 Oct 2000  videotron.tvName transfer
DeC AF-04603 Oct 2000  hayes.comDismissal, unspecified
DeC AF-047310 Oct 2000  tradesite.comDecision for respondent

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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