List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
eRes AF-11172 Nov 2001  broad.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA0010012326 Sep 2001  jewel-osco.comName transfer
NAF FA0010012425 Sep 2001  intelilink.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA0010012527 Sep 2001  broadcom.netName transfer
NAF FA001001272 Oct 2001  shrinerspfld.orgName transfer
NAF FA001001351 Oct 2001  backstagefashion.comName transfer
NAF FA0010013628 Sep 2001  broadcomusa.comName transfer
NAF FA001001371 Oct 2001  wachoviabank.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA001001381 Oct 2001  civicdevelopmentgroup.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA001001391 Oct 2001  veteranadvantage.comName transfer
NAF FA0010014210 Oct 2001  oscarsbetexchange.comRegistration cancelled
NAF FA001001432 Oct 2001  hpprinters.comName transfer
NAF FA001001458 Oct 2001  wgir.comName transfer
NAF FA001001683 Oct 2001  kinkoids.comName transfer
NAF FA001001742 Oct 2001  trumprewards.comName transfer
NAF FA001001772 Oct 2001  trumpbarter.comName transfer
NAF FA001001785 Oct 2001  internationalplaythings.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA001001792 Oct 2001  contentaware.netName transfer
NAF FA001001808 Oct 2001  niketown.netName transfer
NAF FA001001812 Oct 2001  hermsprenger.comName transfer
NAF FA001001824 Oct 2001  prudntial.comName transfer
NAF FA0010023517 Oct 2001  lenderstree.comPending
NAF FA001002374 Oct 2001  neimanmarcusonline.comName transfer
NAF FA001002383 Oct 2001  trumpinternational.netName transfer
NAF FA001002468 Oct 2001  tonyorlando.comName transfer
NAF FA0010024811 Oct 2001  mountainmud.comName transfer
NAF FA001003019 Oct 2001  moviefon.comPending
NAF FA001003099 Oct 2001  sketchers.tvName transfer
NAF FA001003109 Oct 2001  pennfederal.comName transfer
NAF FA001003118 Oct 2001  lexissystems.comName transfer
NAF FA001003129 Oct 2001  oddworldinhabitants.comName transfer
NAF FA001003139 Oct 2001  icqteen.comName transfer
NAF FA0010034931 Oct 2001  zodiacstone.comPending
NAF FA0010036211 Oct 2001  labsmith.comName transfer
NAF FA0010048515 Oct 2001  mountainmudd.comName transfer
NAF FA0010048617 Oct 2001  frigidnorth.comName transfer
NAF FA0010048712 Oct 2001  18003333333.comName transfer
NAF FA0010048811 Oct 2001  mayodiet.comName transfer
NAF FA001004899 Oct 2001  statefarmroofing.comName transfer
NAF FA0010049010 Oct 2001  cigarettescheap.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA0010049215 Oct 2001  spence-chapin.comName transfer
NAF FA0010049311 Oct 2001  sharp-electronics.comName transfer
NAF FA0010049416 Oct 2001  greatoutdoorgames.comName transfer
NAF FA0010049715 Oct 2001  hotmerchant.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA0010050615 Oct 2001  expresspersonal.comName transfer
NAF FA0010050911 Oct 2001  fieldturf.netName transfer
NAF FA0010051417 Oct 2001  experttraders.comName transfer
NAF FA0010056822 Oct 2001  dunlop-tire.comName transfer
NAF FA0010056917 Oct 2001  mynetzero.comName transfer
NAF FA0010057022 Oct 2001  itthartford.orgName transfer
NAF FA0010057119 Oct 2001  harrahs-online-casino.comName transfer
NAF FA0010057222 Oct 2001  buycelebrexonlinenow.comName transfer
NAF FA0010057517 Oct 2001  shopfootlocker.comName transfer
NAF FA0010057819 Oct 2001  internet-celebrex-directory.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA0010060831 Oct 2001  cyberimprints.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA0010063217 Oct 2001  valeria.comName transfer
NAF FA0010063317 Oct 2001  wwwcelebrex.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA0010064722 Oct 2001  celebrexclarityinpharmacy.comName transfer
NAF FA0010064819 Oct 2001  ftd.orgDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA0010065022 Oct 2001  mccallytool.comName transfer
NAF FA0010065118 Oct 2001  footlocker.tvName transfer
NAF FA0010065222 Oct 2001  wardburton.comName transfer
NAF FA0010068023 Oct 2001  jivefootlocker.netName transfer
NAF FA0010068123 Oct 2001  alphaxidelta.comName transfer
NAF FA0010070522 Oct 2001  newsnudes.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA0010070622 Oct 2001  footlockerinc.comName transfer
NAF FA0010070724 Oct 2001  broadcomtv.comName transfer
NAF FA0010070823 Oct 2001  broad.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA0010070924 Oct 2001  cnnarabic.comName transfer
NAF FA0010071124 Oct 2001  lasvegasaol.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA0010071226 Oct 2001  icqmultipager.comName transfer
NAF FA0010071325 Oct 2001  smokeyjoescafe.comPending
NAF FA001007567 Nov 2001  nigeriagalluppoll.comPending
NAF FA0010115724 Oct 2001  autocad3d.comName transfer
NAF FA0010116129 Oct 2001  powellbooks.comName transfer
NAF FA001012466 Nov 2001  genart.comPending
NAF FA0010126726 Oct 2001  icq-friends.comName transfer
NAF FA0010126815 Nov 2001  otokar.comName transfer
NAF FA0010127025 Oct 2001  wintrump.comName transfer
NAF FA001013141 Nov 2001  pensacolachristiancollege.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA001013172 Nov 2001  zmass.comName transfer
NAF FA0010146331 Oct 2001  ruggedwearhouse.comName transfer
NAF FA0010146529 Oct 2001  hpcopier.comName transfer
NAF FA0010150631 Oct 2001  wwwfootlocker.comName transfer
NAF FA0010150729 Oct 2001  hbcards.comName transfer
NAF FA001015081 Nov 2001  clubtrumptajmahal.comName transfer
NAF FA001015092 Nov 2001  porntrumps.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA001015145 Nov 2001  aquamassage.comName transfer
NAF FA001015162 Nov 2001  saturnofsalem.comPending
NAF FA001015182 Nov 2001  shorelinecommunitycollege.comName transfer
NAF FA001015335 Nov 2001  cybertrumpcardcasino.comName transfer
NAF FA001015345 Nov 2001  latinoboxing.comName transfer
NAF FA001015355 Nov 2001  eprudential.comName transfer
NAF FA001015362 Nov 2001  monsantos.comName transfer
NAF FA001015705 Nov 2001  ruggedwearhouse.netName transfer
NAF FA001015717 Nov 2001  cottoncordell.comPending
NAF FA001015726 Nov 2001  trumpmarinacasino.comName transfer
NAF FA001015738 Nov 2001  saleicq.comName transfer
NAF FA001015745 Nov 2001  aquamassage.comPending
NAF FA001015785 Nov 2001  trumpssportsbook.netName transfer
NAF FA001015795 Nov 2001  googld.comName transfer
NAF FA0010158013 Nov 2001  greatschools.infoName transfer
NAF FA0010179028 Nov 2001  verisoft.comPending
NAF FA001017929 Nov 2001  wwwagilent.comName transfer
NAF FA001018009 Nov 2001  pru.comPending
NAF FA001018039 Nov 2001  usedhp.comPending
NAF FA0010180413 Nov 2001  notevision.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA001018129 Nov 2001  clubingo.comName transfer
NAF FA001018148 Nov 2001  wwwtrumptaj.comName transfer
NAF FA0010181821 Nov 2001  leonrussell.orgName transfer
NAF FA0010181913 Nov 2001  pepsistuf.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182013 Nov 2001  aolbox.comPending
NAF FA0010182112 Nov 2001  trumpcardcasino.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182212 Nov 2001  trump-casino-online.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182313 Nov 2001  nakednew.comPending
NAF FA0010182421 Nov 2001  bostondental.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182515 Nov 2001  studyworkonline.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182615 Nov 2001  abcdistrbuting.comName transfer
NAF FA0010182819 Nov 2001  adultwinamp.comName transfer
NAF FA0010216121 Nov 2001  similac.netPending
NAF FA0010216319 Nov 2001  ameradebt.comPending
NAF FA0010216419 Nov 2001  teammenards.comName transfer
NAF FA0010216519 Nov 2001  bransonlandingconventioncenter.comName transfer
NAF FA0010216719 Nov 2001  espnbets.comName transfer
NAF FA0010217728 Nov 2001  saa-canada.comPending
NAF FA0010217919 Nov 2001  water-front-living.comPending
NAF FA0010218019 Nov 2001  ameridebit.comPending
NAF FA001021814 Dec 2001  rochestermn.infoPending
NAF FA0010218221 Nov 2001  smooth-bor.comPending
NAF FA0010218319 Nov 2001  agilentparts.netName transfer
NAF FA0010218421 Nov 2001  travelzoom.netPending
NAF FA0010224719 Nov 2001  kendallhuntsucks.comPending
NAF FA0010224828 Nov 2001  morningcall.comPending
NAF FA0010245926 Nov 2001  cocacolalight.orgPending
NAF FA0010246026 Nov 2001  homestore.orgPending
NAF FA0010246220 Nov 2001  hpprinterrepairs.comPending
NAF FA0010246327 Nov 2001  naturesfirst.comName transfer
NAF FA0010246430 Nov 2001  streetmap.infoPending
NAF FA0010248121 Nov 2001  gaysextoysareus.comName transfer
NAF FA001024844 Dec 2001  chefscollaborative.infoPending
NAF FA0010248528 Nov 2001  general-casualty.comPending
NAF FA0010249027 Nov 2001  voxamp.comPending
NAF FA0010249230 Nov 2001  bankofamericaresort.comPending
NAF FA001025124 Dec 2001  tvbs.comPending
NAF FA001025136 Dec 2001  tvb.netPending
NAF FA001025156 Dec 2001  tvbj.comPending
NAF FA0010251627 Nov 2001  trumpplazasportsbook.comPending
NAF FA001025174 Dec 2001  tvbs.netPending
NAF FA0010252028 Nov 2001  firstunionbank.comPending
NAF FA0010252112 Dec 2001  tvb.tvPending
NAF FA0010252230 Nov 2001  headroom.comPending
NAF FA001025234 Dec 2001  tvbs.tvPending
NAF FA0010252429 Nov 2001  cspinet.comPending
NAF FA0010252514 Dec 2001  aol-msn.comPending
NAF FA0010260929 Nov 2001  googlesex.comPending
NAF FA001026105 Dec 2001  vvg.bizPending
NAF FA0010261128 Nov 2001  rbx.netDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA001026135 Dec 2001  freedebtconsolidation.netPending
NAF FA0010261429 Nov 2001  trumpcastlecasino.comPending
NAF FA001026155 Dec 2001  bankofamerica.comPending
NAF FA0010261630 Nov 2001  powertrack.comPending
NAF FA001026175 Dec 2001  bankofameric.comPending
NAF FA001026213 Dec 2001  goldencorralrest.comPending
NAF FA0010263612 Dec 2001  bultaco.netPending
NAF FA0010264211 Dec 2001  peterpan-bus.comPending
NAF FA001026435 Dec 2001  trumppoker.comPending
NAF FA001027134 Dec 2001  broadcommpc.comPending
NAF FA001027155 Dec 2001  ameritade.comPending
NAF FA001027165 Dec 2001  musikfest.comPending
NAF FA0010271812 Dec 2001  prescriptiondivemask.comPending
NAF FA0010272311 Dec 2001  javaone.comPending
NAF FA0010272411 Dec 2001  hannoverre.comPending
NAF FA0010272513 Dec 2001  prudentialfundingmortgage.comPending
NAF FA001027266 Dec 2001  amerisourcebergen.comPending
NAF FA001027276 Dec 2001  sextoysrus.infoPending
NAF FA0010273110 Dec 2001  stm.bizPending
NAF FA0010273710 Dec 2001  jerseymortgage.comPending
NAF FA0010273811 Dec 2001  roncato.comPending
NAF FA0010273911 Dec 2001  synagis.comPending
NAF FA0010274012 Dec 2001  winemate.comPending
NAF FA0010274110 Dec 2001  burnhamcorp.comPending
NAF FA0010274511 Dec 2001  worldofaol.comPending
NAF FA0010274611 Dec 2001  stevierayvaughan.comPending
NAF FA0010274812 Dec 2001  mrsamerica-pageant.comPending
NAF FA0010274910 Dec 2001  fullswinggolf.comPending
NAF FA0010275114 Dec 2001  ftds.comPending
NAF FA0010275614 Dec 2001  theymca.comPending
NAF FA0010276017 Dec 2001  pervasive.bizPending
NAF FA0010278113 Dec 2001  peachtree.bizPending
NAF FA0010278713 Dec 2001  tufts.bizPending
NAF FA0010279213 Dec 2001  pelephone.bizPending
NAF FA0010279718 Dec 2001  perukinkos.comPending
NAF FA0010280313 Dec 2001  trumpcasino.netPending
NAF FA0010280913 Dec 2001  trumpcasinosonline.comPending
NAF FA0010281013 Dec 2001  trumpcasinos.netPending
NAF FA0010281413 Dec 2001  donaldtrumpcasino.comPending
NAF FA0010282018 Dec 2001  cspantv.comPending
NAF FA0010282128 Dec 2001  goodlott.netPending
NAF FA0010284117 Dec 2001  wwwbankofamerica.orgPending
NAF FA0010284214 Dec 2001  etchasketch.comPending
NAF FA0010284314 Dec 2001  netx.comPending
NAF FA0010285714 Dec 2001  footlocker.netPending
NAF FA0010285918 Dec 2001  marshalfields.comPending
NAF FA0010286019 Dec 2001  adamsandreese.comPending
NAF FA0010286118 Dec 2001  staciscookiebouquet.comPending
NAF FA0010294318 Dec 2001  davemattews.comPending
NAF FA0010296828 Dec 2001  weatherpos.comPending
NAF FA0010296918 Dec 2001  gerryicq.comPending
NAF FA0010297317 Dec 2001  menards.netPending
NAF FA0010303618 Dec 2001  misstransamerica.comPending
NAF FA0010305218 Dec 2001  tx-lottery.comPending
NAF FA001030533 Jan 2002  rollingstones.comPending
NAF FA0010306418 Dec 2001  enetexchange.orgPending
NAF FA0010312718 Dec 2001  idlj.comPending
NAF FA0010312918 Dec 2001  footlockers.comPending
NAF FA0010313119 Dec 2001  urn2footlocker.netPending
NAF FA0010313519 Dec 2001  dlj.netPending
NAF FA0010313820 Dec 2001  wwwcampmor.comPending
NAF FA0010318221 Dec 2001  hpcovision.comPending
NAF FA001031863 Jan 2002  pacatello.comPending
NAF FA001031882 Jan 2002  schoolgirlsrus.comPending
NAF FA0010336331 Dec 2001  tokheim.netPending
NAF FA0010336426 Dec 2001  aolutility.comPending
NAF FA001034412 Jan 2002  3xwarehouse.comPending
NAF FA001034713 Jan 2002  deltamri.com deltaopenmri.commPending
NAF FA001035233 Jan 2002  pncinsurance.comPending
NAF FA009201511 Jan 2000  buyerschoice.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009201611 Jan 2000  icqsms.comName transfer
NAF FA009204814 Jan 2000  facetime.comName transfer
NAF FA009204918 Jan 2000  omniloan.comName transfer
NAF FA009205219 Jan 2000  cunardcruises.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009205319 Jan 2000  cunardcruise.comName transfer
NAF FA009205420 Jan 2000  fibershield.netName transfer
NAF FA009252424 Jan 2000  destinationpuertorico.netName transfer
NAF FA009252524 Jan 2000  fossilwatch.comName transfer
NAF FA009252624 Jan 2000  puertoaventuras.netName transfer
NAF FA009252724 Jan 2000  heelquik.orgSplit decision
NAF FA009252824 Jan 2000  plasticdocshop.comName transfer
NAF FA009252927 Jan 2000  philipsindia.comName transfer
NAF FA009253027 Jan 2000  paytrust.netDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009253126 Jan 2000  craftwork.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009253226 Jan 2000  golferswarehouse.comName transfer
NAF FA009253326 Jan 2000  tvazteca.orgName transfer
NAF FA009297327 Jan 2000  planetrxx.comRegistration cancelled
NAF FA009297427 Jan 2000  botox.netName transfer
NAF FA009297527 Jan 2000  phonespell.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009297627 Jan 2000  fishtech.comName transfer
NAF FA009345914 Feb 2000  pantyexpress.orgName transfer
NAF FA009346631 Jan 2000  westernhay.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA00935469 Feb 2000  thetotalpackage.comName transfer
NAF FA00935473 Feb 2000  concierge.comDecision for respondent

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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