List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
NAF FA00953469 Aug 2000  ith.comName transfer
NAF FA00953477 Aug 2000  familyvaluestour.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00953584 Aug 2000  hpweb.comName transfer
NAF FA00953594 Aug 2000  photosmart.orgName transfer
NAF FA00953837 Aug 2000  photosmart.netDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009538410 Aug 2000  kiehls-since1851.comName transfer
NAF FA009539010 Aug 2000  gunguard.comName transfer
NAF FA00953919 Aug 2000  dollarcar.netName transfer
NAF FA009539214 Aug 2000  christiesrealestate.comName transfer
NAF FA009539314 Aug 2000  christiesgreatestates.comName transfer
NAF FA009539417 Aug 2000  fairfaxjournal.comName transfer
NAF FA009539517 Aug 2000  princegeorgesjournal.comName transfer
NAF FA009539610 Aug 2000  computerdoctor.netName transfer
NAF FA009539715 Aug 2000  telemarshal.comName transfer
NAF FA009539817 Aug 2000  stoneyriver.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009539914 Aug 2000  waltercribbins.comName transfer
NAF FA009540014 Aug 2000  accuweathe.comName transfer
NAF FA009540114 Aug 2000  accuweather.comName transfer
NAF FA009540214 Aug 2000  espnsportzone.comName transfer
NAF FA009540415 Aug 2000  shopllbean.comName transfer
NAF FA009540722 Aug 2000  statefarm-claimshelp.comName transfer
NAF FA009540815 Aug 2000  trustsource.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009540922 Aug 2000  themuseumcompany.comName transfer
NAF FA009541015 Aug 2000  espnclassic.comName transfer
NAF FA009541117 Aug 2000  radioshackcorporation.orgName transfer
NAF FA009541218 Aug 2000  uncf.comName transfer
NAF FA009541317 Aug 2000  state-farm-insurance-company.comName transfer
NAF FA009541421 Aug 2000  sandalsagency.comName transfer
NAF FA009541521 Aug 2000  800beaches.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009541623 Aug 2000  chefsdepot.comName transfer
NAF FA009541724 Aug 2000  georgeymca.comName transfer
NAF FA009541821 Aug 2000  marubeni.comName transfer
NAF FA009541921 Aug 2000  sandalsresort.comName transfer
NAF FA009542021 Aug 2000  eloan-mart.comName transfer
NAF FA009542121 Aug 2000  sandalsrescenter.comName transfer
NAF FA009542221 Aug 2000  thehpsource.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009542323 Aug 2000  euloanmart.comName transfer
NAF FA009542421 Aug 2000  beachesresorts.comName transfer
NAF FA009542518 Aug 2000  bunn.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009542621 Aug 2000  beachesoutletstore.comName transfer
NAF FA009542817 Aug 2000  prudentialinvestor.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009542921 Aug 2000  ibiomatics.comName transfer
NAF FA009543011 Sep 2000  1800beaches.comName transfer
NAF FA009546121 Aug 2000  viasatellite.comName transfer
NAF FA009546229 Aug 2000  artsource-hawaii.comName transfer
NAF FA009546323 Aug 2000  friendsatstatefarm.comName transfer
NAF FA00954646 Sep 2000  statefarmnews.comName transfer
NAF FA009546523 Aug 2000  karlalbrecht.comName transfer
NAF FA009546923 Aug 2000  seganet.comName transfer
NAF FA009547123 Aug 2000  netlearning.comName transfer
NAF FA009547224 Aug 2000  mansplat.comName transfer
NAF FA009547324 Aug 2000  precedent.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009547528 Aug 2000  chefsdepot.comName transfer
NAF FA009547630 Aug 2000  epsondirect.comName transfer
NAF FA009547730 Aug 2000  safetpay.comName transfer
NAF FA009547829 Aug 2000  distinctivedesigns.comName transfer
NAF FA00954796 Sep 2000  wwwbofa.comName transfer
NAF FA009548030 Aug 2000  altavisa.comName transfer
NAF FA009548129 Aug 2000  slystallone.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009548229 Aug 2000  sylvesterstallone.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009548330 Aug 2000  ltavista.comName transfer
NAF FA009548413 Sep 2000  fuquaheartcenter.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009548528 Aug 2000  prudentialtrustbank.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009548629 Aug 2000  perothealthsystems.comName transfer
NAF FA009548729 Aug 2000  theprudential.comName transfer
NAF FA009548929 Aug 2000  marblemania.comName transfer
NAF FA009549128 Aug 2000  wevd.comName transfer
NAF FA009549229 Aug 2000  casinoparislasvagas.comName transfer
NAF FA00954936 Sep 2000  internetsecuritysystems.netName transfer
NAF FA00954956 Sep 2000  gordonrush.comName transfer
NAF FA009549631 Aug 2000  manhattan-office-space.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00954975 Sep 2000  catparts.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00954985 Sep 2000  integritysystems.netName transfer
NAF FA00954997 Sep 2000  www-altavista.comName transfer
NAF FA00955006 Sep 2000  altavizta.comName transfer
NAF FA00955016 Sep 2000  silverplatters.comName transfer
NAF FA00955056 Sep 2000  netright.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00955066 Sep 2000  emeralddowns.comName transfer
NAF FA00955075 Sep 2000  ss8.comName transfer
NAF FA009550811 Sep 2000  neuberger.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009550931 Aug 2000  prudentialamerica.comName transfer
NAF FA00955415 Sep 2000  northcoastmedical.comName transfer
NAF FA009554311 Sep 2000  stanforduniversity.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00955447 Sep 2000  kapalua.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009554511 Sep 2000  caltavista.comName transfer
NAF FA00955476 Sep 2000  ibills.comName transfer
NAF FA00955486 Sep 2000  bital.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009554911 Sep 2000  altavistas.comName transfer
NAF FA009555618 Sep 2000  xandria-collection.comName transfer
NAF FA009555812 Sep 2000  batteryplanet.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009555911 Sep 2000  idiotsguide.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009556013 Sep 2000  brooklynmuseumofart.comName transfer
NAF FA009556112 Sep 2000  jollibee.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009556213 Sep 2000  brooklynmuseum.orgName transfer
NAF FA009556412 Sep 2000  beaumonthospital.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009556513 Sep 2000  d-l-j.comName transfer
NAF FA009556718 Sep 2000  firstgenetictrust.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA009556814 Sep 2000  alyavista.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00955693 Oct 2000  attavista.comName transfer
NAF FA009557018 Sep 2000  nationalpennbank.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009557119 Sep 2000  timeblock.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009557218 Sep 2000  almsys.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA009557319 Sep 2000  wwwmarriott.comName transfer
NAF FA009557418 Sep 2000  paedia.orgName transfer
NAF FA009557518 Sep 2000  alravista.comName transfer
NAF FA009560619 Sep 2000  accessaz.comName transfer
NAF FA009560720 Sep 2000  informedinvestor.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009560825 Sep 2000  bridalrings.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009560919 Sep 2000  methodisturology.comName transfer
NAF FA009561022 Sep 2000  swisher-sweets.comName transfer
NAF FA00956113 Oct 2000  teleconfusioinremoval.netName transfer
NAF FA009561222 Sep 2000  teleconfusionremoval.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009561319 Sep 2000  petebaurpontiac.comName transfer
NAF FA009561419 Sep 2000  stocksplus.comName transfer
NAF FA009561921 Sep 2000  effectivenesscenter.comName transfer
NAF FA009562325 Sep 2000  catsurplus.comName transfer
NAF FA009563322 Sep 2000  paulmccartney.comName transfer
NAF FA009563425 Sep 2000  buyperot.comName transfer
NAF FA009563622 Sep 2000  metallica.orgName transfer
NAF FA009563922 Sep 2000  homeproperties.orgName transfer
NAF FA009564122 Sep 2000  princessdi.comName transfer
NAF FA009564322 Sep 2000  cybercoupons.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009564525 Sep 2000  dianaspencer.comName transfer
NAF FA009564627 Sep 2000  hublot.comName transfer
NAF FA009564726 Sep 2000  mariottrewards.comName transfer
NAF FA009564826 Sep 2000  marriotrewards.comName transfer
NAF FA00956504 Oct 2000  lucksmusic.comName transfer
NAF FA00956519 Oct 2000  statefarmclaims.comName transfer
NAF FA00956832 Oct 2000  picdesign.comName transfer
NAF FA00956843 Oct 2000  parcar.netName transfer
NAF FA00956853 Oct 2000  aavs.orgName transfer
NAF FA009568627 Sep 2000  jumbotron.comName transfer
NAF FA009568728 Sep 2000  tiaacret.comName transfer
NAF FA009568828 Sep 2000  northwest-airlines.comName transfer
NAF FA009569028 Sep 2000  wellfargo.comName transfer
NAF FA00956912 Oct 2000  garystuxshop.comName transfer
NAF FA009569427 Sep 2000  teleplace.netName transfer
NAF FA00956953 Oct 2000  amaricanairlines.comName transfer
NAF FA00956964 Oct 2000  victorias-secrets.netName transfer
NAF FA00956975 Oct 2000  victoriasectrets.comName transfer
NAF FA009569828 Sep 2000  retailengine.comName transfer
NAF FA00957029 Oct 2000  yageo.netName transfer
NAF FA009573312 Oct 2000  musicmatchjukebox.comName transfer
NAF FA00957353 Oct 2000  altavisza.comName transfer
NAF FA00957363 Oct 2000  wwwhead.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00957405 Oct 2000  chuckeecheese.comName transfer
NAF FA00957414 Oct 2000  hollywoodcasino.netName transfer
NAF FA009574429 Sep 2000  harryanddavids.comName transfer
NAF FA00957459 Oct 2000  commodores.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00957469 Oct 2000  markwarner2001.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00957473 Oct 2000  lexistech.comName transfer
NAF FA009575113 Oct 2000  pingpongmania.comName transfer
NAF FA009575213 Oct 2000  iciparis.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA00957535 Oct 2000  bayareavw.comName transfer
NAF FA00957544 Oct 2000  murphysoilsoap.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00957555 Oct 2000  dljdirecte-union.comName transfer
NAF FA009575617 Oct 2000  panasiabank.comName transfer
NAF FA009575710 Oct 2000  post-office.orgName transfer
NAF FA009575811 Oct 2000  dljibanks.netName transfer
NAF FA009575912 Oct 2000  accudexa.comName transfer
NAF FA009576212 Oct 2000  victoriasecerts.comName transfer
NAF FA009576313 Oct 2000  dermatique.comName transfer
NAF FA009576512 Oct 2000  aflactexas.comName transfer
NAF FA009576610 Oct 2000  walsin.comName transfer
NAF FA009576711 Oct 2000  safetymart.comName transfer
NAF FA00957689 Oct 2000  prudentialonline.comName transfer
NAF FA009577212 Oct 2000  lovethyneighbor.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA00957736 Nov 2000  tsingtaobeer.comName transfer
NAF FA009578413 Oct 2000  householdbank.comName transfer
NAF FA009581416 Oct 2000  lincolnjournalstar.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009581617 Oct 2000  mrsfieldscandy.comName transfer
NAF FA009582117 Oct 2000  hpgarage.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009582224 Oct 2000  hewettpackard.comName transfer
NAF FA009582320 Oct 2000  123-domainit.comName transfer
NAF FA009582417 Oct 2000  dljdirectbanking.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009582518 Oct 2000  runyeltell.comName transfer
NAF FA009582620 Oct 2000  artavista.comName transfer
NAF FA009582719 Oct 2000  hartfordnetinsurance.comName transfer
NAF FA00958283 Nov 2000  faoswartz.comName transfer
NAF FA009582925 Oct 2000  aaflightservice.comName transfer
NAF FA009583118 Oct 2000  itenchevrolet.comName transfer
NAF FA009583226 Oct 2000  davidtaylorcadillac.comName transfer
NAF FA009583423 Oct 2000  bloombergl.comName transfer
NAF FA009583526 Oct 2000  teleplace.orgName transfer
NAF FA009583620 Oct 2000  loans-mart.comName transfer
NAF FA009583726 Oct 2000  friendsofnra.orgName transfer
NAF FA009583826 Oct 2000  activecard.comName transfer
NAF FA00958391 Nov 2000  alienmovies.comName transfer
NAF FA009584030 Oct 2000  abcsportswager.comName transfer
NAF FA009584125 Oct 2000  gold-toe-sucks.comName transfer
NAF FA009584226 Oct 2000  sanforized.comName transfer
NAF FA009584324 Oct 2000  arbormortgage.comName transfer
NAF FA009584424 Oct 2000  myhp.comName transfer
NAF FA009584524 Oct 2000  iesabroad.comName transfer
NAF FA009584725 Oct 2000  4you.comName transfer
NAF FA009584827 Oct 2000  laserminipeel.orgName transfer
NAF FA009584930 Oct 2000  siliconserver.comName transfer
NAF FA009585124 Oct 2000  bigtexsports.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009585227 Oct 2000  designjet.netName transfer
NAF FA009585610 Nov 2000  treeforms.comName transfer
NAF FA009585716 Nov 2000  roboenterprises-investors.comName transfer
NAF FA009585831 Oct 2000  atrtreehouse.comName transfer
NAF FA009585910 Nov 2000  sr-motorsports.comName transfer
NAF FA00958602 Nov 2000  tracktime.comName transfer
NAF FA009586130 Oct 2000  alliedvanlines.comName transfer
NAF FA009589230 Oct 2000  foamy.comName transfer
NAF FA009589430 Oct 2000  rosshenryperot.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00958956 Nov 2000  altavistao.comName transfer
NAF FA009589610 Nov 2000  out2themovies.comName transfer
NAF FA009589715 Nov 2000  hollywoodnetwork.tvName transfer
NAF FA00958986 Nov 2000  fordsfancyfruits.comName transfer
NAF FA009590522 Nov 2000  agzone.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00959063 Nov 2000  designerforaday.comName transfer
NAF FA00959076 Nov 2000  motoroladigitaldna.comName transfer
NAF FA00959082 Nov 2000  ratemaker.comName transfer
NAF FA00959098 Nov 2000  showmenow.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00959103 Nov 2000  espninteractive.comName transfer
NAF FA00959117 Nov 2000  householdloans.comName transfer
NAF FA00959123 Nov 2000  ficoscore.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00959136 Nov 2000  weeones.comName transfer
NAF FA00959147 Nov 2000  roisolutions.comName transfer
NAF FA00959179 Nov 2000  prutrade.comName transfer
NAF FA00959199 Nov 2000  etradebloomberg.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00959377 Nov 2000  supersolutions.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00959408 Nov 2000  michealholligan.comName transfer
NAF FA00959509 Nov 2000  entergy-shaw.comName transfer
NAF FA009595114 Nov 2000  melonbank.comName transfer
NAF FA009595214 Nov 2000  compassioninaction.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA009596110 Nov 2000  kinkoaol.comName transfer
NAF FA009596215 Nov 2000  jbweld.comName transfer
NAF FA009596314 Nov 2000  calvinklein-on-line.comName transfer
NAF FA009596410 Nov 2000  nationscapitalfunding.comName transfer
NAF FA009596517 Nov 2000  pheonixgold.comName transfer
NAF FA009596616 Nov 2000  vincecombardi.comName transfer
NAF FA009596714 Nov 2000  mycisco.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009596827 Nov 2000  buzzer.comName transfer
NAF FA009597015 Nov 2000  sandhillwholesale.netName transfer
NAF FA009600130 Nov 2000  ripleysbelieveitornot.comName transfer
NAF FA009600216 Nov 2000  helenoftroy.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009601327 Nov 2000  thepalaceofauburnhills.comName transfer
NAF FA009607627 Nov 2000  gutterbolt.comName transfer
NAF FA009607717 Nov 2000  desguacescaterpillar.comName transfer
NAF FA009607827 Nov 2000  educationworld.orgName transfer
NAF FA009607927 Nov 2000  h2design.comName transfer
NAF FA009608128 Nov 2000  georgehoracegallup.comName transfer
NAF FA009608228 Nov 2000  advancefamilymedicine.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009609729 Nov 2000  garthbrooks.comName transfer
NAF FA00960981 Dec 2000  islandair.comName transfer
NAF FA00960994 Dec 2000  thrashermagazine.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA009610029 Nov 2000  infobeam.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009610115 Dec 2000  auto-loan-mart.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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