List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
NAF FA009610230 Nov 2000  lubbockradiopaging.comName transfer
NAF FA00961038 Dec 2000  mompreneurs.orgDecision for respondent
NAF FA00961064 Dec 2000  wemd.comName transfer
NAF FA00961074 Dec 2000  enronmetals.co.ukDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009610930 Nov 2000  walkman.comName transfer
NAF FA009611130 Nov 2000  moneymart.netName transfer
NAF FA009611218 Dec 2000  realimage.comName transfer
NAF FA009611330 Nov 2000  smartlaw.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009611612 Dec 2000  iciparis.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009611730 Nov 2000  wharfedale.comName transfer
NAF FA00961184 Dec 2000  alleymcbeal.comName transfer
NAF FA00961191 Dec 2000  cisconation.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00961207 Dec 2000  nationalbroadcast.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009612130 Nov 2000  geneautry.comName transfer
NAF FA009612222 Dec 2000  wwwcompusa.comName transfer
NAF FA009612314 Dec 2000  the-hartford.orgName transfer
NAF FA00961244 Dec 2000  shoptv.comName transfer
NAF FA00961264 Dec 2000  carrdaymartin.comName transfer
NAF FA00961274 Dec 2000  hoylecasino.comName transfer
NAF FA00961684 Dec 2000  pressmaster.comName transfer
NAF FA009616914 Dec 2000  hypergalaxy.netName transfer
NAF FA00961778 Dec 2000  validsites.comName transfer
NAF FA00961786 Dec 2000  watchstations.comName transfer
NAF FA00961795 Dec 2000  couponclippers.comName transfer
NAF FA00961805 Dec 2000  couponclipper.comName transfer
NAF FA009618118 Dec 2000  plazalasamericas.comName transfer
NAF FA009618215 Dec 2000  betathollywood.comName transfer
NAF FA009618315 Dec 2000  thecapfactory.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA009618411 Dec 2000  cap-factory.comName transfer
NAF FA009618518 Dec 2000  blackmon-mooring.comName transfer
NAF FA009618620 Dec 2000  gallaxy.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009618713 Dec 2000  wellness-international.netName transfer
NAF FA009618813 Dec 2000  biolean.comName transfer
NAF FA009618913 Dec 2000  wellness-international.comName transfer
NAF FA009619113 Dec 2000  win-ltd.comName transfer
NAF FA00961936 Dec 2000  phattpharm.comName transfer
NAF FA009619411 Dec 2000  cspan2.comName transfer
NAF FA00961958 Jan 2001  lawcheck.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009619611 Jan 2001  filmnet.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00961977 Dec 2000  phatfarmclub.comName transfer
NAF FA00961988 Dec 2000  siliconimage.comName transfer
NAF FA00961996 Dec 2000  waphewlettpackard.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00962027 Dec 2000  hp-invent.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00962036 Dec 2000  hpb2b.comName transfer
NAF FA00962048 Dec 2000  garfield-online.comName transfer
NAF FA009620511 Dec 2000  monymart.orgName transfer
NAF FA00962067 Dec 2000  odie.comName transfer
NAF FA00962078 Dec 2000  money-mart.comName transfer
NAF FA00962088 Dec 2000  garfield.netName transfer
NAF FA009620911 Dec 2000  galluppoll.comName transfer
NAF FA009621111 Dec 2000  teamwhitetail.comName transfer
NAF FA009621318 Dec 2000  theloanmart.comName transfer
NAF FA009621412 Dec 2000  webtoone.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009621514 Dec 2000  lushcosmetics.comName transfer
NAF FA009621714 Dec 2000  lush.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA00962198 Jan 2001  lycralovers.comName transfer
NAF FA009624613 Dec 2000  agricover.comName transfer
NAF FA009624812 Dec 2000  colgatenavigator.comName transfer
NAF FA00962524 Jan 2001  caterpillar.orgName transfer
NAF FA009625313 Dec 2000  stussy.netName transfer
NAF FA009625618 Dec 2000  stateauto.comName transfer
NAF FA009625919 Dec 2000  topdog.comName transfer
NAF FA009626015 Dec 2000  enrononline.tvName transfer
NAF FA009626129 Dec 2000  bloombergmoney.tvName transfer
NAF FA009626318 Dec 2000  nationalgeographics.comName transfer
NAF FA009626414 Dec 2000  bloombergchannel.comName transfer
NAF FA009626519 Dec 2000  vwbeetles.comName transfer
NAF FA009626628 Dec 2000  premiercommunitybank.comName transfer
NAF FA009626715 Dec 2000  wwwhp.comName transfer
NAF FA009626818 Dec 2000  laserjetprinters.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009627129 Dec 2000  supportsock.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009627214 Dec 2000  century21-realty.comName transfer
NAF FA009627920 Dec 2000  myredback.netName transfer
NAF FA009628020 Dec 2000  vernonhoward.comName transfer
NAF FA009628222 Dec 2000  wwwcnn.comName transfer
NAF FA009630020 Dec 2000  b3.orgName transfer
NAF FA009630427 Dec 2000  downstreamexchange.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963054 Jan 2001  bbloomberg.comName transfer
NAF FA00963062 Jan 2001  psychicreadersnetwork.comName transfer
NAF FA009630722 Dec 2000  selectspecialty.comName transfer
NAF FA009631129 Dec 2000  vitoriassecretdirect.comName transfer
NAF FA009631329 Dec 2000  postoffice.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963145 Jan 2001  e-calvinklein.comName transfer
NAF FA009631528 Dec 2000  soulfly.comName transfer
NAF FA009631610 Jan 2001  chrismas.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00963172 Jan 2001  worldmusicawards.comName transfer
NAF FA009631827 Dec 2000  turbonetics.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963194 Jan 2001  relivlawsuits.comName transfer
NAF FA009632029 Dec 2000  groceryoutlet.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963324 Jan 2001  mapsupply.comName transfer
NAF FA00963333 Jan 2001  koalawebdesign.netName transfer
NAF FA00963363 Jan 2001  myoracle.comName transfer
NAF FA00963372 Feb 2001  emoney.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963392 Jan 2001  personalplaymates.comName transfer
NAF FA00963444 Jan 2001  bloomberg24.comName transfer
NAF FA009634711 Jan 2001  berkleysprings.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963485 Jan 2001  stlouiscountycab.comName transfer
NAF FA00963509 Jan 2001  chesapeakebaypacking.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009635112 Jan 2001  russianjersey.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009635217 Jan 2001  500callstatefarm.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009635510 Jan 2001  broadcomcorporation.comName transfer
NAF FA00963569 Jan 2001  broadcom2000.comName transfer
NAF FA009635817 Jan 2001  divorceplanner.comName transfer
NAF FA00963618 Jan 2001  mbnanetacess.comName transfer
NAF FA009636311 Jan 2001  wbez.comName transfer
NAF FA009636410 Jan 2001  yourenergysource.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00963719 Jan 2001  pepsikings.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009637211 Jan 2001  1800bloomberg.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009637419 Jan 2001  clbooks.comName transfer
NAF FA009637515 Jan 2001  roboenterprises-litigation.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009637610 Jan 2001  alenusa.comName transfer
NAF FA009637711 Jan 2001  northwestairlines.netName transfer
NAF FA009637815 Jan 2001  americanexpress.netName transfer
NAF FA009638115 Jan 2001  tctaste.comName transfer
NAF FA009638324 Jan 2001  luckymoney.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009643816 Jan 2001  bloombergasia.comName transfer
NAF FA009643922 Jan 2001  staceyvalentine.comName transfer
NAF FA009644316 Jan 2001  advantor.netName transfer
NAF FA009645123 Jan 2001  land-o-lez.comName transfer
NAF FA009645219 Jan 2001  ptcruiserclub.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009645322 Jan 2001  roseelectronics.comName transfer
NAF FA009645419 Jan 2001  bbva-bancomer.orgName transfer
NAF FA009645522 Jan 2001  bbva-bancorner.comName transfer
NAF FA009645724 Jan 2001  seminarsuccess.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009646122 Jan 2001  oldsturbridgevillage.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00964645 Feb 2001  premiere.tvName transfer
NAF FA009646530 Jan 2001  chevronenergy.comName transfer
NAF FA009646622 Jan 2001  hoylecasino.netName transfer
NAF FA009646731 Jan 2001  bbva-bancomerwap.comName transfer
NAF FA009647829 Jan 2001  drtavel.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00964792 Feb 2001  bloombergcomm.comName transfer
NAF FA009648030 Jan 2001  best-western.comName transfer
NAF FA00964822 Feb 2001  bloombergfn.comName transfer
NAF FA009648323 Jan 2001  automaticdataprocessing.comName transfer
NAF FA009648426 Jan 2001  automaticdataprocessing.netName transfer
NAF FA00964856 Feb 2001  incon.comName transfer
NAF FA009648625 Jan 2001  victoriassecretlive.comName transfer
NAF FA00964871 Feb 2001  bloombergjapan.comName transfer
NAF FA00964885 Feb 2001  judylarson.comName transfer
NAF FA009649125 Jan 2001  victoriasecrete.comName transfer
NAF FA009649230 Jan 2001  victoriassecretexposed.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009649329 Jan 2001  wwwvictoriasecrets.comName transfer
NAF FA009649626 Jan 2001  victoriassecreats.comName transfer
NAF FA009649725 Jan 2001  victorias-secret-forever.comName transfer
NAF FA009649926 Jan 2001  quantumbattery.comName transfer
NAF FA009650030 Jan 2001  shopvictoriassecret.comName transfer
NAF FA00965022 Feb 2001  pacificamtel.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009650326 Jan 2001  victoriassecrettv.comName transfer
NAF FA00965045 Feb 2001  lbeans.comName transfer
NAF FA00965321 Feb 2001  furrytails.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00965341 Feb 2001  baileybanksbiddle.comName transfer
NAF FA00965355 Feb 2001  sealstore.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009653631 Jan 2001  victoriassexsecret.comName transfer
NAF FA00965371 Feb 2001  victoriasecret.comName transfer
NAF FA00965381 Feb 2001  victor-victoriassecret.comName transfer
NAF FA00965391 Feb 2001  evictoriasecrets.comName transfer
NAF FA00965401 Feb 2001  victoriasxxxsecrets.comName transfer
NAF FA00965417 Feb 2001  800victoriassecret.comName transfer
NAF FA009654231 Jan 2001  victoriasecretcasino.netName transfer
NAF FA00965501 Feb 2001  dynamicphysicaltherapy.comName transfer
NAF FA00965511 Feb 2001  miamihearld.comSplit decision
NAF FA00965525 Feb 2001  victoriasecretsshoes.comName transfer
NAF FA009655331 Jan 2001  victoria-secret-models.comName transfer
NAF FA009655413 Feb 2001  penthaus.comName transfer
NAF FA00965555 Feb 2001  collegetown.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA00965565 Feb 2001  victoriassecretoutlet.comName transfer
NAF FA009655716 Feb 2001  bestwestern.tvName transfer
NAF FA009655812 Feb 2001  ouimagazine.comName transfer
NAF FA00965596 Feb 2001  victoriasecretsex.comName transfer
NAF FA009656012 Feb 2001  victoriasseret.comName transfer
NAF FA00965618 Feb 2001  urn2victoriassecrets.comName transfer
NAF FA009656214 Feb 2001  naturalizer.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009656412 Feb 2001  cdmg.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009656512 Feb 2001  primoincense.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009656716 Feb 2001  retingency.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00965686 Feb 2001  navarro.comName transfer
NAF FA009656919 Feb 2001  wwwradioshack.comName transfer
NAF FA009657012 Feb 2001  bloombergkorea.comName transfer
NAF FA00965711 Feb 2001  ohiolotterygames.comName transfer
NAF FA009657212 Feb 2001  castandcrew.netName transfer
NAF FA009657319 Feb 2001  broadcomtech.comName transfer
NAF FA00965746 Feb 2001  grandcircletravel.comName transfer
NAF FA00965766 Feb 2001  thebloombergmarket.comName transfer
NAF FA00965777 Feb 2001  vaporblast.netName transfer
NAF FA00965786 Feb 2001  termquote.comName transfer
NAF FA00965798 Feb 2001  spaline.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00965808 Feb 2001  valuetrip.comName transfer
NAF FA009658212 Feb 2001  bankofamericia.comName transfer
NAF FA009658412 Feb 2001  investmentbankamerica.comName transfer
NAF FA009658522 Feb 2001  petexpo.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009658612 Feb 2001  northwestairlines.orgName transfer
NAF FA009659113 Feb 2001  cambridgetechnologypartners.comName transfer
NAF FA00965948 Feb 2001  coldwarmuseum.comName transfer
NAF FA00966008 Feb 2001  bloombergpa.comName transfer
NAF FA009660413 Feb 2001  advanstar.orgName transfer
NAF FA009660616 Feb 2001  absolut-vodka.comName transfer
NAF FA009660714 Feb 2001  bloomburge.comName transfer
NAF FA009660814 Feb 2001  bloomberger.comName transfer
NAF FA009660916 Feb 2001  davidweekleyhome.comName transfer
NAF FA009661014 Feb 2001  americamexpress.comName transfer
NAF FA009661112 Feb 2001  wsib.comName transfer
NAF FA009661221 Feb 2001  berger.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009661316 Feb 2001  downeastmagazine.comName transfer
NAF FA009663214 Feb 2001  notebook-city.comName transfer
NAF FA009663320 Feb 2001  usrelocation.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009663422 Feb 2001  benox.comName transfer
NAF FA009663519 Feb 2001  mallfordummies.comName transfer
NAF FA009663615 Feb 2001  chinadiesel.netName transfer
NAF FA009663722 Feb 2001  lonewolfguideservice.comName transfer
NAF FA009663816 Feb 2001  eyesys.comName transfer
NAF FA009663915 Feb 2001  bloombergproductions.comName transfer
NAF FA009665915 Feb 2001  bloomsberg.comName transfer
NAF FA009666019 Feb 2001  polaroid.netName transfer
NAF FA009666119 Feb 2001  stussystuff.comName transfer
NAF FA009666228 Feb 2001  steamboatchamber.comName transfer
NAF FA009666322 Feb 2001  estreetcommunications.comName transfer
NAF FA009666621 Feb 2001  dupontregistry.orgDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009666719 Feb 2001  varietymagazine.comName transfer
NAF FA009666821 Feb 2001  crystalball.comName transfer
NAF FA009666921 Feb 2001  harleyboat.orgName transfer
NAF FA009667027 Feb 2001  washingtonpost.comName transfer
NAF FA009667122 Feb 2001  johnunitas.comName transfer
NAF FA009667420 Feb 2001  sorel.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009667523 Feb 2001  rosebowlgame.comName transfer
NAF FA009667622 Feb 2001  usaloanmart.comName transfer
NAF FA009668128 Feb 2001  bloombergradio.tvName transfer
NAF FA00966821 Mar 2001  depuyace.comName transfer
NAF FA009668326 Feb 2001  broadcomasia.comName transfer
NAF FA009668422 Feb 2001  enetfolio.comName transfer
NAF FA00966855 Mar 2001  elle2000.comName transfer
NAF FA009668627 Feb 2001  thestatepaper.comName transfer
NAF FA009669112 Mar 2001  sunglasseshut.comName transfer
NAF FA009669428 Feb 2001  bodybyvictoria.comName transfer
NAF FA009669522 Feb 2001  pepsicola.comName transfer
NAF FA009669927 Feb 2001  waterpik.netName transfer
NAF FA00967001 Mar 2001  dewalt-power-tools.orgName transfer
NAF FA009670127 Feb 2001  mnlottery.comName transfer
NAF FA009670226 Feb 2001  bankoamerica.comName transfer
NAF FA009670327 Feb 2001  marubeni.netName transfer
NAF FA009670427 Feb 2001  goldenhollywood.comName transfer
NAF FA00967482 Mar 2001  homesandland.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009674928 Feb 2001  fisher.comName transfer
NAF FA009675027 Feb 2001  grouplink.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00967605 Mar 2001  bloombrg.comName transfer
NAF FA009676128 Feb 2001  post-office.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00967626 Mar 2001  bloomberk.comName transfer
NAF FA00967657 Mar 2001  mayoinfo.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00967662 Mar 2001  cornerstore.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00967681 Mar 2001  customcommerce.comName transfer
NAF FA00967707 Mar 2001  householdlending.comName transfer
NAF FA00967752 Mar 2001  shoploanmart.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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